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With improved Electricity supply and Copper prices, Luanshya mine recalls workers

Economy With improved Electricity supply and Copper prices, Luanshya mine recalls...

CNMC Luanshya Copper Mines has started re-calling its workers who were sent on unpaid leave over one year six months ago owing to low copper prices and increased cost of production.

LCM Public Relations Manager Sydney Chileya said the company has decided to recall the workers following in increase in copper prices coupled with the increase in energy supply which has resulted in low cost of production.

In September 2015 over 900 workers were sent on forced leave following LCM management decision to suspend operations at its Baluba underground mine and at the slag treatment plant.

The operations were suspended due to the drop of the price of copper on the international market, the energy deficit the country was facing and also the escalating cost of production.

Equipment at the Luanshya Copper Mine and Muliayashi Mine, which are one of Zambia’s mines promising a profitable future.

Mr. Chileya disclosed that so far, 50 workers have been reinstated and the company targets to recall 150 workers by the end of March 2017.

Among the workers who have been called back consist of artisans, who include boiler makers, plant feeders and electricians.

Mr. Chileya further noted that the number of workers who have been called back is quiet small because the mine was undergoing rehabilitation as the first step in recovery.

He however indicated that by the end of this month the mining plant will be up and running and the number of the workers who have been called back will rise from 50 to 150.

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  1. As predicted copper prices to improve and this is what is happening, more jobs expected and this is what is happening (USD 1 billion being pumped into the economy by First Quantum), even LCM expected to increase production, inflation at single digits, mealie prices droping and will drop further once the bumper harvest begins after May, USD dropping now at ZMW 9.5 and expected to reach 8 then 7 and finally 6 in a month or so! Let the United Dunderhead continue to eat their tongues and suffer from depression!

    • Sorry 20/20, that is just a drop in the baskets. We can’t be celebrating 5 percent when 95 percent unemployed are out there languishing only God knows how they are surviving. Prices are high as we are talking all this mealie meal prices you talking about is almost a lie. People are being told prices have reduced only to find the opposite. people are struggling now, you just saw the minister begging and donating tickets for people to fill up the stadium. Inflation is way too high than the way PF found it and interests rates are ridiculous high.

    • 20/20, like they day, every step starts with a dream, may we wake up and find what you are saying shall have come to pass. Meanwhile, for starters, please guide us to where we can pick up some affordable mealie mill.

  2. @2020 VISION international credit rating organizations have our economy ar B- same experts forecasts are that the kwacha will be in ranhe 9.5 to 10.2 to US $ .
    I recall your prediction of 5 by march.. not looking good my friend. Some DC s are predicting average yields yet you still say bumper. Maybe exportz are banned because of food stability causec by not bumper crops.We all postulate but only time will tell on all of Zambia’s problems. Gods time not ours

  3. I know some pipo celebrate when others are suffering… please lets appreciate when things are doing better… I hope the kwacha comes to at least 8-7kwacha per US$…
    Factors: (1) Electricity is at least stable now, less than 2hrs of load-shedding, … at least where I stay.. from 12hrs of load shedding..imagine… Thanks be to God…

    2). Good rainfall despite army worms… at least at my 3 Acre farm plot… I will harvest, god willing 150bags, just for consumption… I ma not selling any…LOL, but I can donate…

    Take care folks!!!

  4. At least with me I am expecting 200+ bags for consumption too much will sale some. Many thanks to the All might Jehovah.

  5. So Luanshya mine can act independently without Chishimba Kambwili’s unwarranted utterances…….

    Great move!…..


  6. Comment: that’s some good development, especially for the children whose parents have been recalled. Hoping the number of people increases though

  7. Great news. This is timely development. This and many more developmental programs are welcome. We expect more to be recalled.

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