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President Edgar Lungu concludes his 5-days Israel Visit

General News President Edgar Lungu concludes his 5-days Israel Visit

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu pose after he Planted a Tree at The Grove of the Nation in the Jerusalem Forest on Tuesday 28-02-2017
President Edgar Chagwa Lungu pose after he Planted a Tree at The Grove of the Nation in the Jerusalem Forest on Tuesday 28-02-2017
President Edgar Lungu says his five-day official visit to Israel at the invitation of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has opened doors to enhance cooperation with Israel.

In an interview in Jerusalem before departure for Zambia, the Head of State said he will follow up with keen interest agreements made with Israel in various sectors of the economy.

The President said the level of progress recorded by Israel can be achieved by Zambia because it has good rains, water and land.

President Lungu said Government will continue to create a favourable environment for the private sector to thrive.

President Lungu said he is happy to note that his entourage included the private sector that needed to create linkages with their Israeli counterparts.

President Lungu has since left Israel for Zambia. The Presidential Challenger jet left Ben Gurion International Airport in Tel Aviv at 10:36 hours Zambian time.


    • When is Inonge going to be given chance to see world too like Dora & Margaret?
      She is just be going to be doing humble jobs like funerals of Regina Chuluba etc.
      Its time she is rested too, she needs a holiday.

  1. Which investors will go to a country knowing the IMF is about to force austerity measures for a sick economy and your eurobond repayments are not far off ???

    Lungu should find other excuses for his travels..there will be no investors until the IMF puts your spending in order.

  2. I look forward to the day we have an interview with the president were his asked difficult questions by serious journalists like the BBC. Oh wait, he couldn’t make it for that one. Clearly austerity measures are not in place. 3 foreign trips in 2 months. That’s quite a record.

  3. “At the invitation of Israeli Prime minister “whom he met for only 30 minutes but spent 4.5 days visiting water treatment plants. Green houses where they grow vegatables not to memtion the source of the bible.I stand corrected I did not see any of his ministers signing agreements like they did with the Moroccan delegation. Its like they were just following him to every where he wanted to go, of course his praise singer Bangwe Neville attempted to spice his stories with statements like ECL’s military background etc etc

    • Visiting water treatment factories which he can not afford, most of the projects are funded by donors in Zambia…him he would rather build useless overpriced $1million per kilometer roads!!

    • @kulibonesha ta: Its like u invite your uncle from Kaputa to visit u in Lsk & after he travels for 12hrs, he arrives when u not even home. Then u decide to meet him only for 5-minutes. It doesn’t add up. Then he stays in your house for 5days. What an embarrassment to our country.

      This Kalaba spends his entire timeat MoFA writing to leaders around the world begging for state visits. This trip was begged for in Uganda at Museveni’s inauguration. Obviously Netanyahu wasn’t interested, that’s why he gave Lungu 30mins.

  4. Normally, the official presidential camera men and journalists give updates on the signing of various agreements during a state visit. But on this trip, no news or pictures of signing agreements were posted, instead it was “Lungu at tomb of Jesus; Lungu prays in church; Lungu rededicates his life to Jesus; bla bla bla. No single signing reported. So Lungu must stop cheating us. This was purely a tourist adventure.

  5. The visit finished as soon as 30 minutes meeting with Netanyahu ended, Lungu and team should have left the next day. 4 days perambulating around Israel was Zambian tax payers wastage of money. Netanyahu was working while Lungu was instructing PF cadres to besiege and hound out LAZ offices and its officials.

  6. Zambian GDP equals $20.48bn versus Israeli GDP of $327bn.Now we can see which leaders really work hard and which ones occupy public office and tour mostly for prestige.

  7. Total waste of much needed scanty resources. Those fake prayers by these heartless bums in Israel didn’t go further than the roof. God is watching all this circus and will soon bring it to an end.

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