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40% of Income generated in North Western Province should be used to develop the Province

Rural News 40% of Income generated in North Western Province should be used to...

File:The Mining industry contributes 65 percent to Zambia’s national treasury and the major mining operations are in North-Western Province where, among the mining firms, are world-renowned mines like Kansanshi Ming PLC owned by First Quantum Minerals (FQM) and Barrick Gold’s Lumwana Mining Company. However, the road to Solwezi from the Copperbelt is in a deplorable condition and motorists are having challenges on the highway which is riddled with huge potholes. And in avoiding potholes, some motorists are causing accidents. But children from the villages on the Chingola-Solwezi road have resorted to patching up the road using mud, in exchange for money from the motorists as can be seen above

The Development Partnership International in North-western province is appealing to government to renew its interest towards development of the province.

North-western provincial coordinator, Sinclair Kapijimpanga said government, through the provincial financial controller, Zambia Revenue Authority and the local councils, should come up with terms to allow at least 40 percent of income generated in the province to remain for development in the province.

Efforts to get Northwestern Province Permanent Secretary Ephraim Mateyo for a comment on the matter were futile as his mobile phone was unreachable by broadcast time.

However, Mr. Kapijimpanga said the region was conducive for the development since it has vast untapped natural resources.

He said the province has continued to lag behind in most beneficial infrastructures such as roads, universities hospitals and office space, among others.

Mr. Kapijimpanga said this in a statement made available to Zambia News and Information Services in Solwezi , yesterday.

He said if an industry is developed in the province, thousands of jobs can be created which can result into a buildup of a middle class to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor.

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  1. Ba kaonde bafi ka. la they don’t want development. Pf has on many occasions tried to pump sense in these retards but they always choose to be lead by opposition parties with no access to the developmental agenda.

    • iwe chi kala cha noko na wiso who told people have to vote for me to see development, do you even understand what democracy means, wanza wehyi.

    • This should be done in all provinces. We are slowly getting fed up and watching. Don’t be surprised when a revolution occurs.

  2. 5-10% yes 40% it’s to much revenue to remain there ba mwata! But make your Solwezi Council accountable,a lot of royalties has been paid to that council and ended up in senior management pockets!

  3. @HH OVAL HEAD. Makutu yobe. Representative of the tribal and selfish monkeys. Your parents called my parents basa mazai in the copper belt during your days of glory and thought it was all you who mattered in the society, from which circumstance you developed stupid pride, stinking tribalism, selfishness and hatred of other ethnic groups ever experienced in this country. Do I need to belong to the (Bembas or Nyanjas grouping in order to deserve development and feel a proud citizen?? Evil hearted creatures and generation of migrant laborers/settlers. From today, I respect my cousins, the Lozis, they knew what was coming and what they are for is genuine, Such a society is not worth living in. Full of evil egocentric inhuman morons.

    • The Bemba-Ngoni cousinship is
      well documented. What is the history of cousinship between Lozi and Kaonde/lunda?

  4. What the Lozis are fighting for is genuine. N/W Copper resources, Barotseland oil and Diamond, Tongaland Agriculture, tourism + our principled values and traditional character of hard work, NOT STEALING, would make a great society to live in. Not these lawless cursed thieves, that characterize modern Zambia. SHAME.

    • -Go and preach about Lozi terrorism to Nkoyas. They will tear you apart.
      -Why did Tongas terrorize Lozis after Mazoka’s death?
      -Do Nkoyas support the Baroste terrorist ideology?
      -Why do Lundas and Luvales keep fighting?
      -Kavindele was vice President, what did he do to improve NW province?
      -You have Mps/Ministers in your province. What have they done so far?
      -What is common about the so called NWR is irrational jealous-envy, bitterness, terrorist ideology and collective hatred for those who refuse to embrace their dirty ideology.
      -The Tonga agenda is to float their tribesman to statehouse= envy
      -The Lozi ideology is self centerdness + terrorism=confusion
      -NW province ideology is to hate whoever is seemly better than the other= irrational jealous, self-centredness=confusion

    • @Bibo: you are hurting! You are one of those [email protected] monkeys without culture and morals, who thrive on thieving. Your pride, ego and avarice is your downfall. You are not superior to the people you insult. Enjoy the moment when you are in front and in the sun. It won’t last forever.

    • never you overlook the colonialist legacy. have you ever asked yourself how the bemba speaking people you have come to hate so much found themselves on the copperbelt? seemingly you will soon start killing your brothers for the copper and diamonds which you may never own

    • Are you not ashamed to know that the mode of communication in Solwezi is Bemba? This doesnt mean that Bemba as a tribe has invaded Solwezi but Bemba as a language is now the most widely used in Solwezi. Careful brother. There is no history of cousinship between the Tongas and people of NWP. They are just using you. You are from the Luba-Lunda Kingdom and not Sudan.

    • @Bibo

      Kavindele facilitated the initial electrification of Manyinga thru Rural Electrification Authority and now more parts of Kabompo and Manyinga like many other parts of rural Zambia are connected. So don’t just yap about what you don’t know!

  5. Abatonga and bakaluchazi fye nabo awe! It’s sad that these guys have not realised up.to now that as long as they incline to their minority and upside thinking, they will continue crying whilst the intelligent Northerners, Luapulas and Easterners rule and build stronger bases for their children.
    The day Southern and North Western Provinces will wake up from their denial and vote for a Bemba or Easterner will they see development and change!

  6. @ Malinso. Go to hell, you evil being. It is stupid characters like you who will force us to vote for separation this time around. We blame the British for selling us to these devils, through this stupid union of NW/NE Rhodesia federation. Let BA 64 be pushed forward please. We tired of this nonsense.

  7. The issue of wealth distribution is always a thorny one.It requires sober mindedness to deliberate on.
    Zambia unfortunately is one country with unequal distribution of wealth due to a number of factors,mostly stemming from its central system of governance.When you look at the economic back-bone of the country,its anchored on mining.The copperbelt has been a major driver for the country’s economy for decades now,but look at the copperbelt at its social economic status,there is totally nothing to show that it’s the producer of the country’s wealth!Where does the wealth go,who benefits?The economic status is poorly developed,such that any slight shock in copper prices,the copperbelt suffers the first and the badly hit.

  8. Unfortunately,the inhabitants take pride in being king makers in this country,while they fall for crumbs.This has silently excited politicians for ages,whilst they toast champagne behind the scenes,because they know people in this region do not perhaps understand their worth,therefore they can’t hold them accountable.Ask your self this question,why should lusaka,where there is no mining,be developing at a faster rate,than where the wealth of the nation,the copperbelt,comes from?
    N/W has shown the way,abena kopala,demand for your real stake in the wealth of this country,or else after mining,towns in this region ALL risk becoming real GHOST TOWNS.

    • NWP has not shown the way. If it had, they would not be complaining. Actually Copperbelt was the most developed for a long time, with 6 big towns within a 100km radius from Kitwe. The failure of Copperbelt was not to diversify before privatisation. The new investors are not interested in developing sustainable towns. It is worse in NWP where, for example, Lumwana has constructed prefabs (with less than 10 year lifespans) as the main housing units in their township. Don’t count on the PF govt which is sucking all the wealth into Muchinga and Eastern Provinces. Lungu is now constructing a $2.3bn railway from Chipata to Serenje with no target cargo to carry.

  9. blame Kapita and Kavidele for campaigning for PF which has taken all the money from NWP to Muchinga and Eastern province. Next time vote wisely if you want real development in NWP

    • Fellows, the proceeds from the sale of copper on the LME go to the companies that own the mines. The people of NWP get taxed salaries and GRZ gets tax. The people from the east are farmers, the money they make from grain sales goes straight into their own pockets, un taxed. The great east road funds are a loan from the EU.
      Do not kid yourself and others that EP is gobbling up your money. Far from it. You fellows need to become more productive at SME level and quit whining like unfed babies. Go and look at the tobacco, maize, cotton, sunflower, soybean, onions and other crops that are being sold from EP. Till you quit blaming others, you will be broke-a$$-brothers. Come check, the marketing season starts in a months time. COME AND SEE.

    • The words and sentences you are using is the way sore losers in life speak. People that are complaint specialists and just sour to the bone marrow. In the east people speak whatever they feel comfortable speaking. You can speak Lozi, Tonga, Luvale, Chokwe, Lunda or whatever you want here. We have people from all over the country here. SERIOUS PEOPLE that want to work and earn money.
      Xenophobes like you usually get exactly what you preach. Nothing but hot air and hatred. If you want your lingo spoken, speak it. Speak up, speak loud, speak proud, sing songs and make it relevant to everyone including your kids and their friends. You want people to speak words that mean nothing to them. Change the mining terms to Kaonde words, Luvale words and Lunda words. simple.

  10. @ kapita kavindele. I was also shocked last week when I was passing through solwezi mabanga to Lumwana to realize that indeed the language of these monkeys has taken over Kaonde. Let’s call for a meeting to discuss this urgent issue and find a lasting solution. Am very disturbed.

    • Interestingly, You people are closer to the Bemba speaking people than you are to the Lozi. You actually hail from the same migratory root. Your customs are based on similar roots as well. Your hatred of all things Bemba is a sorry excuse for mediocrity. Try looking up the term “cognitive dissonance”. You will see that whenever a person or people want to do something evil to another, their better nature will not allow them. To get around their better nature they have to give people names, foul names that will allow their minds to no longer associate people as humans. Hitler did it to the jews, the Rwandans did it too and so are the South Africans. Where did it get them? Where will it get you. If you are unprepared for management but still want it then there is something wrong in your…

  11. #Kapita Kavindele and Pushii; very true. Solwezi is an eyesore. Like the Muslims these Bemba thieves want to impose their language all over Zambia, but they won’t succeed in Barotseland. NWP should unite with Barostland if they want to be free from Bembanization of Zambia.

    • Let me tell you something, the best way you can tell how intelligent and how evolved and developed someone’s brain is how fast they can grasp language, before man started holding tools,if only monkeys would grasp other languages apart from the bubugaga dialect, they would have been human, the first thing man grasped was language, one scientist said failure to grasp other languages is a sign of a small undeveloped brain, language has made it easy for man to interact and develop his neighborhood, unfortunately for our friends that’s not the case, for them when you are in Rome do what the Romans do does not apply. A luvale will visit luapula and in two weeks he will be able handle the bemba without any hustle, ask a bemba to go to kasempa, he will take forever to grasp how to greet in…

    • Amusing sentiment! You are way off base and the level at which you think betrays your lack of education and enlightenment. Sadly, you seem to think of life and times as static. We are in a dynamic world. Language is a means of communication and dominion over situations, not people. Go ahead and remain insular and see how far it takes you. Instead of learning and adapting, you want to remain in the same place and in the same state of mind. THE WORLD WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU!! Nature has basic rules. In a changing environment an organism either adapts or dies. The choice is yours. ADAPT and be useful or perish.

    • Hi Bob. 1. This is a message board and not a blog. A blog is short for web log. Like a diary of things that you want the universe to know that you have done over a particular period. A message board is where (like I’m doing now) people leave messages for other to read (imagine a notice board). 2. Kindly provide context about the Bemba “blogger”. Is there something special about the way they deliver their message?
      Don’t get anoid because the Bemba people were more strategic than your forefathers were. Your best solution is to start being strategic and telescopic in your planning and activities. Do what you must for your kids and their kids. This involves schooling yourself and your children at the best facilities. That’s what they did!! That’s why all the top jobs seem to go their…

  12. These mandingos should learn to speak other Zambian languages, after all bantu languages are so similar, bukopo bwashani.

  13. Development MUST mean decent accommodation for villagers with toilets constructed in all plots. It MUST not mean fancy government office with 4 x 4 vehicles for civil servants. The logic of spending 40% of revenue from minerals extracted in North-Western Province being spent in the province must also apply to ZESCO and all provinces benefiting from the Kariba Dam ZESCO generation facilities. Southern Province must get 40% of all revenues so that the villagers can also benefit from this infrastructure.

    • Development is a mental state that recognises deficiency and innovates for change. Development is not piped water or brick and mortar houses unless your make the brick and cement yourself. If you take a backward person and expose them to a beautiful house, they will still draw water from the latrine and fill the house with filth. Their mind is not developed. So if you want to see NWP developed start with yourself. Do you live like a rodent? what are you doing to change your circumstances and options? Wanting a Benz without the money or knowledge of how to use, care, repair and maintain it is madness. Do you give pearls to swine? Show that you are not swine by making your habitat that of a developed person. Now you want to blame Bemba people for your unpreparedness. What poppy cock!!

    • Development is a mental state that recognises deficiency and innovates for change. Development is not piped water or brick and mortar houses unless your make the brick and cement yourself. If you take a backward person and expose them to a beautiful house, they will still draw water from the latrine and fill the house with filth. Their mind is not developed. So if you want to see NWP developed start with yourself. Do you live like a rodent? what are you doing to change your circumstances and options? Wanting a Benz without the money or knowledge of how to use, care, repair and maintain it is [email protected] Do you give pearls to sw1ne? Show that you are not sw1ne by making your habitat that of a developed person. Now you want to blame Bemba people for your unpreparedness. What poppy c0ck!!

    • Yes there is division in Zed. Not by tribe but by mentality and attitude. We all have the same bite at the apple. Some people want a welfare state and benefit without work. They want to receive because they are. Life rarely rewards nobility by birth or location. Even those nobles had forefathers that fought for position. You want stuff to you on a silver platter. The ony things that come that way are death and pregnancy.
      If people that are willing to work and are qualified for the work are Bemba speaking then your option is to become more qualified for the job than the next dude. If you can’t, then sut the heck up and die or find something else to do.

    • Lozi speaking people assume that they can keep their wealth by making their society exlusive and being hostile to all but those that hail from their country. I can understand this because of their history of being walloped by the Suthu and losing their Luiyana lingo and men to the the Suthu women. Now they speak Suthu. (Read your F#cking history!, I’m not lying).
      The insular Barotse (A tswana term), have only ensured that they remain backward and stuck in a world where they have a ‘house nigga’ state of mind. (ever notice how Lozi people listen to the BBC religiously and dream of England like Congolese dream of France/Belgium). Most Lozi’s flee WP and never return because they know that there is nothing to return to.

  14. We are seperating ourselves from eachn other very soon. Let those who feel that they are superior and outnumber others rule themselves. But Kavindele and Kapita must be hanged

    • A person like you would chase everyone from his land and then sit under a tree and be a Muzungu’s slave.

      With your attitude, I suspect that you and people like you would either be at each otehrs throats within a month or would be alone and curse God for not raining manna down on you.

      A sad, sorry negroid. Devoid of gumption and ten minutes to reverting to a cave dweller. Only a cave man thinks like you. You need to attend school and get education for more than counting your pineapples.

  15. I respect all people of Zambia and should coexist without calling names.
    Zambia is incomplete without any of the 73 tribes.
    Howeverfairness is needed, meaning must present facts about the needs of the people in the areas they represent.

    • In discussing intelligently , I believe people have to be rational and present sober arguments. Semantics are for the foolish and deception- minded or thugs if you like. Those that are expert PLUNDERERS will come up with all sorts of detractors to divert attention from the real subject.
      Thing is this. You do not need to belong to the Ruling Party to get development otherwise we would want to say that No Resources from opposition strongholds should be tapped by the ruling party with strong holds in other areas. It is of Political and Social irrelevance to plunder in the name of ‘Belonging to this or that tribe’. That is archaic and honestly speaking the so called partnership in tribes is a very dangerous trend which must stop right away. We know that the Dual Citizenship clause is…

  16. We know that the Dual Citizenship clause is intended to offer sanctuary to the plunderers as they intend to ‘RUN’ as soon as things turn ‘bitter’ and that means that these people stealing the money will not even invest in Zambia at all. This is retrogressive and someone will definitely pay the price weather to God or Zambians. God can never be mocked and mind you, money is like mist no matter how much it may be. Development must be an Obvious thing for North Western Province and it must start like RIGHT NOW! Forget any meaningless influence on the people of North Western province because they are Honest People and want Honest Leadership. That is where their Wisdom lies and that really gives them Dignity.

    • The funny thing is that the way you feel right now is xactly what N Rhodesians felt about Southern Rhodesia. We were the mine and back yard and all the money went to S Rhodesia. Even with Mugabe doing his thing, Zim has a literacy rate of 92% and towns and cities that make Lusaka look like a backwater.
      Till Zambians (including yourself) start being productive for yourselves and not excavators for Muzungu’s you will complain and gripe. What the f#ck are you doing today to make your area better? What have you invested in your area? Where are you spending your money and on what? Your kind of complaint is that of a slave that wants a change in masters and not freedom.

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