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Let us now start licensing Cannabis farmers-Mujajati

Headlines Let us now start licensing Cannabis farmers-Mujajati

Zambia Medical Association President Aaron Mujajati says Zambia should now start licencing Marijuana farmers in order to reap benefits from the cultivation of the crop.

Last week, Home Affairs Minister Steven Kampyongo clarified in Parliament that cultivation of Marijuana under licence is legal in Zambia.

Dr Mujajati who has emerged as a key proponent of Marijuana cultivation for medicinal purposes said the Minister’s clarification is welcome and timely.

“Now that it is legal, let’s get down to work. Enough has been said. Let’s put are paper work through to the Ministry of Health for licensing as advised by the Ministry of Home Affairs and reap the benefits,” Dr Mujajati wrote on his Facebook page.

Last month, Dr Mujajati caused a stir when he public backed the cultivation of Marijuana in Zambia to be used for medicine.

Dr Aaron Mujajati
Dr Aaron Mujajati

“Who or what are we waiting for? One hopes that by the time we wake up and smell the coffee time will still be waiting for us,” he warned.

He suggested that the Military or Zambia National Service would be better placed to cultivate the crop in a secure and controlled fashion.

“How soon can we have an open and objective evaluation of the process of getting our home grown marijuana to the market? Medicinal marijuana works. Am not an economist so i cannot speak intelligently on the economic benefits. The risks can be managed, legalise medicinal marijuana,” he said.

Opposition Green Party President Peter Sinkamba was the first to publicly call for the legalisation of Marijuana for medicinal use when he first ran for the republican presidency in 2015.

Mr Sinkamba has consistently argued that Zambia could reap around US$10 billion annual if the country started commercial production of medicinal Marijuana.

According to the 2014 United Nations Annual World Drug Report, Zambia was ranked second highest Marijuana consuming nation, second only to Iceland.

The report said, despite Marijuana usage being illegal in Zambia, the country had 17.7 percent of its population as active users of the drug.

Jamaica was ranked the tenth weed consuming nation with 9.86 % of its population smoking Marijuana.

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    • I dumped my first boyfriend because of Marijuana

      Cannabis can harm your mental health. Regular use is associated with an increased risk of developing a psychotic illness, such as schizophrenia. A psychotic illness is one where you experience hallucinations (when you see things that aren’t really there) and delusions (when you believe things that aren’t really true).
      Cannabis ALSO affect your fertility. Research done in animals suggests that cannabis can disrupt sperm production in males and ovulation in females.

      Please join me in condemning the vice and insist of banning the vice.



    • @mushota
      Your ex boyfriend was either a boy or a man with a small brain! Weed is for solid grounded people like me,,,,, this mwaiche majajati knows what he is talking about, the world in cashing on weed lol! Copper has stolen and used build Switzerland,,, its time to rebuild with gold weed,,,but not with Edgar as president! In short am saying, only president Sinkamba is legally able to give out those medical licences

    • @Ndobo please stop encouraging us to smoke just to prove that we are not wimpy.
      I never smoked anything. I never used any medicine. So I will only obtain licence for cultivation. I sell fresh leaves only!!!

    • Well said Doctor. We should be affraid to tfy things out that would undoubtedly contribute towards our GDP. As long as the licencing is properly managed, we will certainly reap the benefits. But seeing how lazy is failing to manage affairs in this country, it’s only PF cardres that will be licenced.

    • Malawi gold. Swati, white widow, blue cheese, Durban poison, ..zed magwalala… I’m making Dobo imagine the various tastes….

    • The good doctor should tell us what diseases chamba is for and whether this is the policy of all dokotaz in Zambia.

  1. I am ready to apply for licence, as we are losing out on forex..Malawi is already cashing in!!

  2. Shut up Mujajati! You dog! What are talking about? Who doesn’t know in this country that the little money you have you a dealer in cannabis? Useless!

    • Dont you know that you have Dutch millionaire cafe chain owners who go in the outskirts rural Zambia looking for seeds to take to their greenhouses and labs in Holland.

    • And breweries are better where you make Boers more wealthier yet they can not even let you sit with them in the front of their cab pickup!!

  3. Surely the benefits out do the risks, if properly managed. In Zambia you surprise me, we have allowed people to licence and own fire arms (guns; yet a resource such as marijuana we fail. It is time we formulated a system and a policy, that will allow farming of marijuana and regulate the sell and distribution of products coming from it.

    • @Chishimba John, honestly, when have you ever seen anything WELL MANAGED in Zambia? The gov’t is struggling with keeping a cohesive country in check as it is.


  5. If we will allow #corrupt #politicians to run wild with this idea and irresponsibly, corruptly start issuing cultivation licenses in respect of this crop, we will have a major social disaster in this country. The #GreenParty have a working policy on this matter, #consult them on the implementation aspect. Also, let us look to eventually devolve the process of production to municipalities while keeping a centralised but transparent marketing and selling system so that each municipality gets their fair share of revenues realised.

  6. Oh these New Fancy Bow tie wearing Zambians! WHAT PLANET ARE YOU ON? Zambia with all it’s social problems and poverty dies NOT need a lax Drug Culture. Hashish/Cannabis is a danger to psychological health. We can’t entertain it. We are too POOR, to set aside Medical help for druggies. Most of those Farmers will probably smoke it all by themselves to self-medicate from effects of financial ruin after Army Worms, late inputs, bad weather………etc. etc.

    • Does this mean that Peter sinkambas green party policies are fulfilled and the party can close down now?

    • Jay Jay: my buddy, no need for Bible busters. This is Ceaser activities so let’s leave them to him. Medicinal purposes????. I can also hear the sound of making money and changing our economy. It’s a combination of issues so in my view let it be dealt by Ceaser.

  7. It’s time, albeit too late. Trump is about to smash the industry. They say it’s never too late. Every herb the GOOD LORD created has a role. Only the wise reap the full potential. The wayward ones lose out, misuse or abuse. Medical science has an abundance of medicinal benefits of THC. Do your own research. Don’t just wait on imported research! Bravo Mujajati! We can as well leave our copper in the ground and cash in big time on THC while the window of opportunity is still open!

  8. This is generally a good idea and victory to progressive thinkers if implemented!

    Next thing we want to see happen is the banning of Luxury SUVs in govt! That would save millions of USDs!

    Only the dull Lozi UPND Dec officers will be dissapointed with this if implemented as they are used to harrassing innocent farmers and bana mayo over tuma one ball!

  9. LT is this the time you can report this statement. I heard about it last week on QFM. You are indeed behind in reporting.

  10. Right on Dr Mujajati. Please Zambians apply for these licenses and enrich yourselves. Don’t even wait for the paper work, flood the Health Minister’s office with letters applying for licenses so he can move quickly. Show enthusiasm and the rest will follow.

  11. Zambia under pf doesn’t have the capacity to regulate marijuana cultivation. If they can fail to ensure safe distribution of food to hungry people thereby causing loss of life, you will just lead to country turning into a drug den. Already we have pf thugs controlling bus stations. These thugs will have monopoly over marijuana and when they start killing each other lungu will say let us have national prayer. Wake up to reality

    • Spot on – he is fully fledged Gay or Homosexual!! This is the kind of sh.IT stuff of smoking Lubanje that Homosexuals like Mujejejejeti have got time to champion.

  12. Where is the 10 billion market exactly? Dutch know very well how to grow their own stuff, so tionjeza masamu

  13. Look at this GAY man Dr Aloni Mujejejeti – he has been smoking Marijuana since his second year at UNZA!! He now doesn’t even care that the smoke will ruin many lives in Zambia – amazing for this Gay Witch Doctor!!

  14. I am gripped with a mixture of shock, disbelief and puzzle as to why some prominent Zambians have fallen into a trap of aping ideas that were championed in a South African Parliament. This strange idea of championing the legalization of Marijuana was mooted by a white Parliamentarian. He has since passed on. Marijuana is NOT indigenous to Africa. The plant originates from Asia. Why on Earth should Zambia promote this plant when Asian countries have banned the cultivation and marketing of the Mbanje, ‘Nyaupe’ or dagga?

    The plant has several compounds that include phenolic terpenoids, Tetrahydrocannabinol. Some compounds have

  15. Zambia, a “christian” nation … surpassing Jamaica in the consumption of cannabis? What is the position of the Church regarding this legalizing of cannabis, for whatever reason, in Zambia?

  16. Cannabis plants contain many bioactive compounds that include terpenoids, Tetrahydrocannabinol etc. Some medicinal properties are taken as remedies for analgesic (pain killer), anti-emetic, bronchodilatory, spasmolytic effects. But the most deadly is Tetrahydrocannabinol that has psychotropic effects, prominent for having sent many men roving on the streets of Zambia. Champions of legalizing Cannabis must prove if they have analytical equipment that can isolate compounds of medicinal value from a PSYCHTROPIC DRUG. Why subject Zambians to embarassing searches in foreign countries. Medical Doctors must respect the role of Pharmacologists who can research on our indigenous medicinal plants.

  17. You people condemning this don’t know that weed is readily available in zambia at nearly every Street Corner??

    Why not just make genuine money from it.
    Only when the west legalises it will you see fit to follow. Actually naturall grown under the sun weed is in high demand as opposed to the genetically modified varieties that are making people mad.

    Well done zambia. Grow the best varieties.

  18. Myles Munrole once said “it is strange how people move quickly to censure drugs such as cocaine and heroine and yet they leave a more dangerous project “the media” uncensored. If you look at the damage that internet through social media and pay tv is doing to the young ones, you can not compare it to marijuana! If you want to prove it, just scroll through the many channels on offer and assess which ones are “teaching good morals” to your children!

  19. We aren’t going fo make huge profits in forex because the rest of the world it is ILLEGA. so whomdo u sell jt too.
    All we are going to do is attract crimjnal gangs to come and then smuggle.. read mexican and colombisn drug lords.

  20. Very few people in Zambia don’t smoke marijuana. Most do it in secrecy. But anyway, lets do some business with weed. Its long overdue.

  21. @Masalamuso, weed is legal almost everywhere in Europe and America. Read or travel, you seem to be ignorant.

  22. You Mujajati, you want to tell us that Zambians will only grow and export and not consume the stuff? How will you make sure that Zambians will remain safe and not a nation of marijuana consumers? Are your children and grandchildren going to remain safe? A Marijuana nation? No any other crop to rely to? *****!

  23. Cannabis has alot of economical benefits
    1.Textile industry it is used to make tents,Khaki material,Canivass is other name for cannabis.
    2.Cannabis can be used to make Fiber.The first fiber car ford was made out of cannabis .
    3.Cannabis is used to make very quality paper( Paper Industry ).
    4. Medicine for cancer
    5.Edible oil from the seeds
    6.Bio energy
    The benefits are enormous ,I wonder why we have concentrated on the negative effects when the benefits can be seen.This is the key to industrialization.Paper industry,Textile,Fiber plants ,Pharmaceutical Industry,Food Industry,Cosmetic industry etc to many to mention

  24. Proud to stance that am among the “17.7 percent of the population” actively using the drug! Who is this bald Jah Man with much wisdom?? Good doc!

  25. Sinkamba see what you have done now. The main and cardinal reason anyone can advocate for legalizing the sale of dagga is unfettered and unrestricted personal consumption of the same. From only consuming a few balls, they wish to have backyard gardens and personal barns. This dagga is that addictive.

  26. If not the craving to be filled with the dagga ‘aroma’ when in any car, what else would anyone want to make the body of a car out of dagga, as someone above alludes?

  27. @mushota!!!!
    maybe your first boy friend was just a [email protected] head by default and not because of cannabis, ive been smoking weed the past 20yrs for medicinal purposes of course and am still good and working well and I have 3 healthy kids. so you bollocks is sh#t mate.

  28. To authorize the use of cannabis for its claimed therapeutical benefits will indeed scale up the antisocial effects that has been proven over the long time the drug has been accessible to the people.

    Precaution measures have not yet been investigated and put to official observation. To authorize the use of cannabis without necessary highlighting precautions to its use will highly be a risk factor to promote its undesired medicinal effects:

    Medical Cannabis is used for a range of diseases and conditions, including:
    1. Easing nausea and vomit.
    2. Stimulating appetite in chemotherapy and/or AIDS patients.
    3. Reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients.
    4. Treating gastrointestinal diseases.
    5. Managing chronic pain.

    Recent analysis has also suggested that a number of the…

    • To authorize the use of cannabis for its claimed therapeutical benefits will indeed scale up the antisocial effects that has been proven over the long time the drug has been accessible to the people.

      Precaution measures have not yet been investigated and put to official observation. To authorize the use of cannabis without necessary highlighting precautions to its use will highly be a risk factor to promote its undesired medicinal effects:

      Medical Cannabis is used for a range of diseases and conditions, including:
      1. Easing nausea and vomit.
      2. Stimulating appetite in chemotherapy and/or AIDS patients.
      3. Reducing eye pressure in glaucoma patients.
      4. Treating gastrointestinal diseases.
      5. Managing chronic pain.

      Recent analysis has also suggested that a number of the…

  29. From which Province is Mujajati? Cos that is a Zulu name from either Zimbabwe or South Africa. No wonder this guy is lound mouthed. He is even fighting to be MOH PS.

  30. @ Shaka you probably have never travelled. Get in a plane go to Uk USA Australia Indonesia malaysia with 2 ounces of marijuana and I will see u in 5 to 10 years after your butt has been sitting un aprison in any of those countries.

  31. @ zambian eye, good thinking but canvass is made out of cotton
    Fabric from cannabis plant is hemp.
    If zambia is serious there are companies that want to grow cannabis for hemp..used in clothes, makes the best rope
    Not sure about a car. The cannabis plant they use doesnt have enough THC to get u high
    Medicinal marijuana is grown and used under strict control in the rest of the world.
    Are we really proud of being big users of marjuana. Zambia where are we heading

  32. @shaka you ignorance has really annoyed me… why do they have dogs with the customs at airports . to lick your testicles. Travel, if nor, if you have a television watch what happens at international airports. I have been frisked at Bangkok Abu Dhabi had dogs check bags in South Afrca, Melbourne, Sydney Perth Bal
    And you

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