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Police launch man hunt for suspected criminals who broke into clinic

Health Police launch man hunt for suspected criminals who broke into clinic

Police in Mwinilunga district of North-Western province have launched a man hunt for suspected criminals who broke into a min-laboratory at Kanyihampa Clinic stealing equipment worth over K280, 000.

Provincial Police Commissioner Auxensio Daka who confirmed the incident in a telephone interview with ZANIS in Mwinilunga today, said unknown people broke into a min-laboratory at Kanyihampa clinic a subsidiary of Mwinilunga district Hospital over the weekend and stole one olympus light microscope worth K200, 000.

Mr. Daka said other equipment stolen include a PIMA CD4 Analyzer and one Himicue HB Analyzer valued at K80, 000 and K7, 000 respectively.

He said the suspected criminals got entry and exit into the mini-laboratory through the door.

He added that no arrest has been made but police have pick up two classified daily employees to help with investigations. 


    • Know you Zambia game show is brought to you by…..
      Mwinilunga is lunda territory not lozi, this could be an inside job, only those government workers opening private clinics would be interested in such equipment cd4 analyzer, and microscope.

    • You want to look sharp on your do kanshi you just an empty head. Go bad to grade 5. Besides here in Zambia all tribes live in any province freely

  1. Stupid and foolish! Luna ma Lozi aluyo kwabusholi, more so that Mwinilunga is in Northwestern province of Zambia which is home ground of our tribal cousins Kaondes

    • Cat power didn’t read the article.LOL. He went straight to the comments sections to show off his extensive knowledge in Geography. LOL.

  2. The worst thing is that these thieving ignoramuses will sell this microscope for $10,000 or less, just enough for them to buy two bags of mealie meal or two big bombs of kachasu!

  3. But Africans people kaya.. u steal your Own meat from your pot. and tomorrow u start crying that Boma inlaganempo…. NdanjiDavies

  4. Not surprised at all. This province has been invaded by all sorts of thieving monkeys from the northern part of this country

  5. Comment 10 you will die of your inferiority complex. You think your own relatives do not steal! You must be ashamed of yourself to mention people who are not part of your dirt game in your province. Go back to church and ask God for forgiveness for your hate words!!!!

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