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Tear Gas Incident at the AFCON Under 20 Semi Final between Zambia Vs South Africa



    • Violent PF bandits & PFolice were~drilling~on each others throats with teargas~in dununa regret. Unfortunately, visionless Lungu’s PF sees this anarchist behaviour as entertainment. Even the judiciary~con~court~ECZ,PFolice,DeadNBC etc have welcomed this hooliganism & anarchy under PF as entertainment!
      When there is no vision, everything is fate.
      How much is mealie meal?
      The Skeleton Key

    • Edgar Lungu has tolerated his incompetent police for longtime. Thank God there was no stampede at the the stadium yesterday. The other day the world was reading of loss of life due to food stampede today the world was watching how useless our police are…all because of a failed leader, edgar lungu. The buck stops at him, he appoints Police IG

  1. First the stampede, now a wanking pforce gate man letting a tear gas go off, bamalonda aba umusebanye ubukulu, next time just give them nkoli no tear gas.

  2. Zambia is on Autopilot with this useless visionless, & lawless Government.
    How many more evidence does one require??

    • There is a government and a legitimate President. Even in developed countries, you will find this like this happening. What is important is the ability the handle problems as they come. Any government is there to solve problems and issues. HH would not be able to handle them as Lungu is doing because he has no experience. many UPND member fail to clean their own homes and surroundings, and you want to clean Zambia? As I walk in my community, I see how organised UNPD people are. Some even keep their children like they have no parents or nkhukhu za loan!!!! No leadership in their homes and you want to lead a country? never!!!

  3. Welcome to Zambia under pf . A dictatorship. Now when south African unions comment on Zambia current horrible political and security situation and poor democratic environment can you surely blame them. The safety of their people is at risk due to trigger happy pf police.

    • Some people like you live like wild animals need a dictator otherwise there will be no sanity. You need a serious leash, which PF is providing for benefit of well meaning Zambians.

    • Cry my beloved country it’s all well and we in control and our cattle are grazing well. Just the noise is getting out of handle. For sure they belong in the bush.


  4. If they is a party is going to die without coming in power its upndonkey,unip died from power, mmd died after ruling now its pf.upndonkey will die silence shiiiiii!!!!!!

  5. Appalling security procedures …that match should have IMMEDIATELY been stopped and players ordered to go in the safety of the dressing room. You can not host AFCON with lax security like that where anybody can squeak in a tear gas canister…clearly we are not well versed with how much insurance cover is taken out by clubs for their players.

    • Heaven isn’t perfect my friend. Remember, That’s where the first confusion started. We have not received the latest report about rebellious angels. Tune in.


    • You are a shame to Zambia your own country and this is why you people you will never be in power cause you care less for your own people and the country at large. How can one wish for his own country to be disqualified. This is why some leaders are crying for presidency thinking that are the ones who are the chosen.

    • Sure, that’s why they celebrated when the army worms invaded our crop. PF is just a party but to extend your hatred for it to wishing your country bad luck is difficult to understand.

    • it is not that anyone who is objective and critIcal in thinking is UPND. what happened yesterday was uncalled for to say the least and it does not happen in civilized societies. what would happen if we were to host a bigger competition! mind you CAF and FIFA have taken note of this senseless blunder, and Lungu and his charade of f00ls cant see that. to them it is UPND causing confusion and tarnishing the name of the country. what id!ots!

    • @Davis KAPUTO you’re a liar. Hundreds of people have been killed at any given event in the so called civilized world. Do sink so low.

  7. @ skeleton u like eating your comment reached at food work hard you will buy food,does hh distribute food to poor people no!!!!!

  8. I was at the stadium at the time the teargas was fired. It was the first time for me to inhale and experience teargas. It is terrible, someone can actually choke to death. The police could not have fired teargas for nothing. There must have been a big problem outside the stadium premises. It’s unfortunate that it affected the players. The police should give us details about exactly what happened. They owe us an explanation.

    • @TTruth, hope crowd control will be improved on for the final. I can the whole copperbelt and NWP descending on Lusaka. These games are a test for bigger tournaments such as the Senior Cup.

  9. But what has Lungu or pf to do with the teargas being fired at the stadium? Y are upnd supporters so negative that they would always wish bad lucky to Zambia? Are these people Zambians I wonder? Let’s wait for a police report on wat prevailed before making unwarranted attacks on innocent people.

    • munene same could be said. what has HH and UPND got to do with the teargas saga lots of uneducated bloggers here. the fact is that Zambia police has no control over PF cadres and it were the cadres that fired off the tear gas. total break down in law when unskilled people are given firearms. the police have no power over a PF cadre he is the boss.

  10. Some of you criticizing the police should get the details of what transpired before you post your negative comments. A group of soccer fans gathered outside the stadium when the match was in extra time. Their intention was to force their way into the stadium. Had they entered the stadium, there would have been a stampede resulting in deaths. In order to avoid such danger, the police had to use tear gas to disperse the unruly soccer fans. It was unfortunate that people inside the stadium got choked but it was necessary to avoid bigger problems.

    • Are there no other ways of crowd control in Zambia? are there any considerations on wind direction before firing? We have seen recently canisters being fired even in courts. Dont you think this may confirm the negative preaching from opposition to the outside world about unprofessional police force? That is my biggest concern. It is time ZP revised their curriculum on crowd control.

  11. UPND, UPND what is wrong with you? Even when the Police are trying hard to avoid deaths you criticize which sane PF can throw a tear gas when the President is in attendance? And why should they do that only you haters can do that actually it was UPND supporters who did that just to find a reason to talk nonsense, malabishi cheap politicking.

  12. This is treasonable. Launching tear gas (or causing it to be launched) toward the president is inexcusable whatsoever. The president’s life was endangered and so were thousands of lives inside the stadium who could have perished in a stampede, only days after many others met their deaths similarly in the same vicinity! Let’s not gloss over this serious national security. I can only hope that the president won’t gloss over this matter as he so often does or the perpetrators will be emboldened to repeat the filth act.

    • hope the president will order kanganja to disarm unqualified PF cadres now that he has had a taste of tear gas. let our country return to sanity with proffessionals being left to do their work instead of fitting in bad eggs.

  13. Surely now UPND is wishing our Young Chipolopolo boys to be kicked out of CAF U20 competition?what kind of hatred is this?is it the first time UPND heard about police using tear gas to control the huge crowd at a stadium?there were more than 80 000 soccer lovers who wanted to enter the stadium when its capacity is 60 000.INDEED UPND IS A CURSED PARTY!!ITS LEADERS AND CADRES KEEP ON ANNOYING VOTERS DAY IN,DAY OUT!!PLEASE KEEP UP UPND AND YOU WILL SEE IF YOUR HH WILL EVER WIN!!WELL DONE YOUNG CHIPOLOPOLO BOYS AND CONGRATS FOR REACHING THE FINAL!!

  14. Zambians please let us for once act in a civilized way. If you do not have money stay home and watch the games from there. That stadium looks splendid! Some metal bars were removed from the wall fence last evening by some people trying to force their way in.Let’s not destroy our own beautiful infrastructure unnecessarily. Don’t we feel proud to see how splendid our stadium looks?

    • @The Truth, that’s what they call checks and balances in Upnd : destroy then criticize government for “failure “.

  15. Davis Kaputo and his colleagues want to make a mountain out of a molehill. Yes what happened was bad but to such things don’t happen in so called advanced countries is a sign of ignorance by oneself or of thinking that we the rest don’t know what’s happening in the rest of the world. Not a long time a go gunmen stormed a stadium in France and killed dozens of people there. In Brazil a year doesn’t end without such incidents at stadiums. You can say what you want but these things will always happen even when they’re not expected.

  16. This was indeed organized by bitter people who are still in campaign mood.Shame them,great galu could be part of it.Was in the ground?

  17. Ba LT.. do not miss-present facts… The tear gas was not thrown in the stadium, but just gas itself spread into the stadium … no physical gadget was thrown in there… dull chaps..

  18. The people or a person who thrown teargas at the stadium is or are not good the Almighty God will punish severely because their criminal of lives of people, what a foolishly person or people are they, this people or person must dealt wealth. Government also should screen them and deal with them.

  19. Abena Chipata bambuya ukutemwa ifya mahala forced police officers to tear gas innocent people in the Heroes Stadium!

  20. Very embarrassing at heroes stadium. And as usual the POLICE FORCE will continue defending themselves. The game has an international audience then you start discharging tear gas at will. We know you are used to tear gassing opposition leaders but have some sense of judgement. Very useless

  21. just advising the FAZ to print or sell the tickets according to the capasity of the stadium especially for heroz stadium coz this will never stop,I know you want money BT impiya tashifula,,nabamandevu plz be have, if u don’t money to buy a ticket, just watch da game via TV after low kulina slomotion

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