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Amos Chanda to use his media briefings to update the nation instead of attacking HH-FDD

Headlines Amos Chanda to use his media briefings to update the nation instead...

Mr Amos Chanda
Opposition FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza has advised State House Spokesperson and Presidential Aid for Media and Public Relations Amos Chanda to use his media briefings to update the public on the state of the nation as opposed to giving free publicity to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

Mr Mwanza said it was worrying that Mr Chanda, whom he described as the President’s mouthpiece has turned the platform which he is supposed to use to put a spot light on the President and his government into launch pad for missiles for attacking Hakainde Hichilema.

He said Mr Chanda has continued to make the opposition leader as a subject matter instead of his boss something he said was free publicity for the opposition leader.

“Since President Lungu was elected in office, comrade Amos Chanda, the President’s mouthpiece has held a number of press briefings. What is worrying, is that instead of using these press briefings as a the people on platform to update the state of the nation and as a tool for him to push a narrative that his Government wants the people to hear and believe, he has turned these press conferences as launch pads to fire missiles and bitter savor at Hakainde Hichilema.

“Instead of putting the spot light on his boss and put a very positive glow on him, he always lamentably puts the spotlight on HH, making him the subject of discussion at the expense of his own boss and his Government. Why should you be giving your “opponent” free publicity? That is bad strategy. You don’t help President Lungu by always discussing his opponent at every given opportunity; in fact you are doing him a disservice by highlighting his opponent,” he said.

He said Mr Chanda should realise that his strategy of attacking his opponent has been used before and has led to losses such as that of Rupiah Banda in 2011.

“My humble advice to Comrade Amos Chanda and his boss is that they must realise that they are in power and thus people expect nothing but leadership from them. People are not really interested in hearing state house talking about HH or any opposition leader, they are interested in solutions; they want answers from their leaders; they don’t expect cheap politicking from their leaders.

“Spending too much time talking about HH, and forcing him to recognise President Lungu only makes the Government look unsure about them; it makes them appear to be frightened little men who are not really convinced of their own victory. It confirms HH’s narrative that they didn’t win the elections,” he said.


  1. Ka big head Chanda equates himself to HH, Chanda should let his insecure boss do his own rants. Chanda and his forever travelling boss should be given job descriptions.
    For once they need to stop campaigning and get back to work for the Zambian people.

    • The more Vodiga, Amos and Kaizer steal, the more they want to silence anyone who will expose their stealing. They get more and more desperate to remain in power because being kicked out will reveal their tracks. Hence the very personalised attacks against HH, the Post / Mast and any who will get in their way. It is the the kind of desperation that does not think twice about taking life, the kind of desperation that begets tyrants.

    • I wonder whether UPND supporters have ever asked HH what was in his mind when he was generating those preliminaries as a delay tactic?

      Or do these UPND supporters assume that HH had no idea what the constitution says regarding his petition in terms of timeframe?

      Or, did UPND think they were fixing ECL by willingly expiring the petition?

      Now, Mumbi used the word ‘disingeneous’ when referring to HH’s behaviour, while Amos used the term delusion when referring to the same man.

      Do you think they were wrong or correct? Give reasons for yiur arguments.

    • Actually now like Chanda because every time he talks he gives us updates about HH. He is doing very well in indirectly campaigning for HH. Keep up the spirit Chanda.

    • @ 1.8 Spaka like lilo,

      If 14 days was a scam, then the entire of HH’s petition was a scam.

      This so because the idea of petition comes from the same Constitution as the 14 days which governs the petition process.

      It is like HH saying I don’t eat the head of a cow, so when raring cows I will just rare the body of the cow and immediately it is born I will remove the head so that I can raise only pure meat.

  2. Bravo Antonio Mwanza. Surely “it confirms HH’s narrative that they didn’t win the elections,” said Antonio Mwanza.

    Bandits Chanda is scared of his own fearful shadow. This Chanda & Lungu the visionless dude are having sleepless nights after stealing HH’s victory. PF bandits & Chanda are hiding behind the skeletal con~court judges who refused to hear the presidential petition b’coz of being corruptly compromised.
    Judges are fearing blind Lungu when they have powers of forcing Dagama handing over power to the speaker & allow UPNDs presidential petition be heard without PF tactics.
    Without the presidential petition being heard, PF & Lungu remain illegally, illegitimate, undemocratically & fraudulently elected~simple!
    The Skeleton Key

  3. He should brief us on how the nation was embarrassed yesterday, discharging tear gas indiscriminately at a soccer match and now CAF have asked for a thorough report. They are used to tear gassing opposition leaders, but some body should have the common sense that such a tournament has an international audience from the TV perspective. We don’t see such things anywhere. How do you fail everything including the naming of the same stadium. Crowd control is not always about tear gassing, PLEASE

  4. He had the same free advice on this forum and he did not make use of it. Now you Antonio Mwanza, you are giving him this free advice, hope he will use it.
    In any case, this advice was supposed to be directed to ECL, he should have been aware that Chanda`s briefings were useless.
    Should I believe this word most used here frequent concerning “Cluelessness”? Is it so serious that he doesn’t know what his spokesperson is supposed to say to the public? Or they have nothing to offer, except giving directives in public.

  5. I wonder whether UPND supporters have ever asked HH what was in his mind when he was generating those preliminaries as a delay tactic?

    Or do these UPND supporters assume that HH had no idea what the constitution says regarding his petition in terms of timeframe?

    Or, did UPND think they were fixing ECL by willingly expiring the petition?

    Now, Mumbi used the word ‘disingeneous’ when referring to HH’s behaviour, while Amos used the term delusion when referring to the same man.

    Do you think they were wrong or correct? Give reasons for yiur arguments.

    • Peace for Zambia

      As a lawyer lungu should know the country is very divided. With many citizens refusing to recognise him. He has been accused of stealing votes.

      Now if lungu genuinely won, don’t you think he would want to move on and prove once and for all he won with out cheating ? Instead we have lungu using a 14 day technicality to dismiss the UPND petition, will 14 days change the evidence ?

      Pleas most the people know 14 days will not change the truth of who won, we want to see the evidence no matter how long it takes.

      Healing the nation by proving the doubters wrong is what lungu should be doing not hiding behind 14 days.

    • @peace for Zambia? I think you should ask your doctor to revise your medications. You have been asking the same question for almost a week now.

    • @ 3.1 spaka like lilo,

      I think that HH has been doing very poorly politically because of wrong advice and guidance from people like you.

      When you accuse someone of stealing, it is your duty to prove that the person stole. It is NOT the duty of that person to prove that he did not steal. Which law are you using – jihadist?

      Lungu has nothing to prove, he won the election period.

      Instead it is HH who accused Lungu of losing the elections, who should have proved the ECL lost the elections.

      But what did HH do? He avoided discussing his petition, diverted to preliminaries and chose to expire the petition, only to claim he had not been heard.

      Now it is clear – in those 14 days, HH expected Lungu to prove that he won instead of him (HH) proving that Lungu lost. Hence the missery…

    • Contd…

      Now it is clear – in those 14 days, HH expected Lungu to prove that he won instead of him (HH) proving that Lungu lost. Hence the missery on the part of HH.

      Look, Lungu remains the winner unless proven otherwise (within 14 days).

      Now that 14 days ellapsed, Lungu remains the winner till August 2021.

    • @ 5.6 ECL-Endless Crying Lunatics BREAD HEAD,

      You have become the reading couch?

      You can stop everyone from reading my comments and feel comfortable that they will hid your advice.

      Wish you the best in your self-employmemt.

    • @ Peace for Zambia

      You have become monotonous like badly trained parrot. Change subject and tell us about “unprecedented development” which requires your “anointed and visionary” (LOL) idol to spend more time out of the State House than any of his predecessors? Tell us about his CONVICTION as embezzler or how he has become suddenly rich whilst Zambians are dying for food parcels?
      By the way, have you prepared red carpet for IMF and will convicted embezzler lead welcoming traditional dance-troupe at KKIA?

    • @ 5.8 ECL,

      I tell you about what…, unprecedented development?

      So if you know already why do you want me to tell you about.

      It like someone saying show me this green orange tree that am seeing here don’t show me any other which I want yet seen.

      This is the logic that exists with many people of a certain class here.

  6. Good advice which I hope Amos will take. He should be talking about his boss’s plans and achievements, if any.

  7. Be fair guys. How do you expect him to talk about plans and achievements when theren’t any?! Bunch of jokers.

  8. @Peace for Zambia. U don’t understand law. There is nothing wrong in raising preliminary issues. The Petition was not heard. Concourt purports to have dismissed the Petition but they have no law or power to dismiss the Petition. The “dismissal” of the Petition by Concourt is NULL and Void and the Reason given for the dismissal of the Petition is also Null and Void. The law abhors the use of technicalities to block Justice and therefore also Null and Void. Lungu breached the Constitution by refusing to handover power to the Speaker of Parliament. With all these breaches of laws Lungu was not legally, democratically and Constitutionally elected and inaugurated as President. The Petition remains to be heard by an Independent Tribunal and after weighing the evidence the Tribunal will…

    • I know there is nothing wrong in raising preliminaries, people are entitled.

      Just like in an exam, there is nothing wrong in writing introduction.

      But if you will spend all the three hours on your introduction and hope to be given extra time for main answers then you are a Hollywood star; a pure joker.

      This is what HH did, spent all the 14 days raising preliminaries, knowing full well the case was limited by the constitution to 14 days. Thereafter claim he was not heard.

      Look, you claiming I don’t understand law is amazing, because you portray a picture that you do understand it, but people reading our comments will make a judgement.

      There was nothing wrong in HH generation preliminaries, but what is wrong is to claim the examiners are unfair by saying time-up when you…

    • There was nothing wrong in HH generation preliminaries, but what is wrong is to claim the examiners are unfair by saying time-up when you have spent all your three hours on introduction.

      Of course you are not wrong to write you introduction, but by spending all your time on it you fail the exam.

      No one will condemn your introduction – infact they will say excellent introduction but failed the exam.

      This is what am calling wrong advice if you were advising HH to proceed with preliminaries saying after all the law allows.

      Yes HH was legally correct to raise the preliminaries but it worked against his petition and in favour of the defendants.

      So with your knowledge you can fail a case if application is dilusioned.

      Just like with your knowledge you can fail an exam if…

    • And nobody has told you that they had dismissed any petition.

      That petition was persuaded by HH to expire. All that the ConCourt did was to announce that the petition had expired, as it’s legal timeframe had ended.

      They then stated, ‘this court has no jurisdiction anymore over this case’s.

      They never said we gave dismissed the petition who told you that?

      If any of the judges used that terminology at home or privately when you met them, please ignore the statement – instead follow the language and statement that was legally and formally used at the bench in ConCourt.

  9. Amos Chanda should learn from Richard Sakala,Dickson Jere and George Chella.All these men were once ‘powerful and untouchable’ mouthpieces of state house. Where are they today? Remember time is ticking.The only state house press aide who was very humble is the late Arthur Yoyo. Emulate Arthur Yoyo

  10. Amos Chanda is abusing his office. Maybe we can say he spends more time talking about the President HH coz there is nothing to talk about his appointing authority. Such individuals should be subjected to courts of law concerning abuse of authority beginning with George “Duck” Chellah. Days have got numbers Chanda n use the office to build relationships not to destroy

  11. I thought Antonio is also supposed to be talking about Nawakwi’s plans and achievements.

    Similarly HH and GBM are supposed to be talking about their plans and achievements instead of talking about ECL’s election victory.

    Antonio please, let’s hear more about Nawakwi’s plans and achievements

    HH na GBM please, let us hear more about your plans and achievements.

    At least for Amos he is balanced – talks about ECL’s plans as well as clearing accusations against ECL.

    Therefore, Amos, job well done.

  12. @peace you are just troubling yourself explaining to these stupid cretins and wankers over their stupid petition. Your reasoning is above their iq level. I wonder how they even claim to be educated (if at all its true) and whether they have sat for any exam. 8 questions in 3hrs and pass mark 80% and someone spends all the allocated time answering the example. The examiner says time up and hand in your papers and OVAL HEAD refuse saying he needs for time because he has rights to answer the question as a student. Alabane ubukopo bubii. See how stupid look now.

    • @ HH OVAL HEAD,

      When reading the comments here I have never laughed before, but you have successfully and adequately made me laugh.

      The examiner says time up and the guy is ‘still answering the EXAMPLE’

      Haha haha haha, oh my! This can only be done by UPND.

      You know, it was amazing that the petitioner is the one who was playing delay tactics.

      I never knew why until I read UPND supporters comments right here.

      They thought Lungu needed to prove that he won, they didn’t know that they were the ones to prove that he did not win according to their claim.

      As a result they resorted to preliminaries to waste time so that in the end ECL is left with no time to ‘prove’ that he won. What they did not know was that they were authenticating his win.

      It is do nice to have a…

    • Only time will tell. It’s said he who laughs last, laughs loud!!seriously speaking some people are not comfortable.

    • @ 12.3 Zambian,

      Keep waiting, you will laugh at the end.
      In other words you will laugh in your old age.

    • Peace for Zambia mwalembako naka novel kaili, you have been wanking over the same crap all day.

      Ba LT you can’t notice his duplicate comments.

  13. Hearing the petition is a case of national well being for the nation. You can come with all lame excuses of why to adopt 14 expiry period but the people know that hearing the petition is more important than any 14 day time frame.

    No one will buy your 14 day time scam. The results won’t change in 14 days.

    • HH is not a nation.

      Which national interest?

      The entire nation, the entire SADDC, the entire COMESA, the entire Africa, the entire world was happy with the results except for HH and GBM plus few tribal supporters.

      When did HH become a nation?

      Moreover, HH run away from talking about his own petition and now you want to hear.

      You can go and hear him speak at his home, since he was unwilling to talk about in the courts.

      What you heard HH speak about (preliminaries) is all he had, and he failed on each if his so-called ‘preliminaries’.

      You are going to hear this at his verandah not the courts of law, he has nothing to say so he is just teasing you because he has found a soft spot in you his supporters.

    • No one buys your 14 day scam
      Let’s hear the petition which is more important that any 14 days.

      More than Half of zambia voted for HH and non of them see how a 14 day technicality can deny them the truth of who won, if it is lungu fare enogh.

      You are now looking like a f001 trying to convince us that 14 days will change the number of votes. It won’t. So why the fear ?

    • @ 13.2 Spaka like lilo,

      Without 14 days there can be no petition.

      The same Constitution that empowers citizens like HH to make a petitions is the same that gives it context – it defines the environment and boundaries.

      You can’t embrace the petition only and ignore the boundaries.

      It is like saying ‘i don’t want exams, I just want to be warded the degree’. Oh, where on earth do you obtain that one?

      For a period of five years, you will be singing,

      Petition eeh!
      Petition eeh!

      Pet… Eeh.

  14. Well put @ Peace of Zambia but trust me these people choose what they want to hear. A three hour question paper and just on your intro and expecting to pass your exams lol!! They know the truth but they have chosen to believe their lies.

  15. The fact that they spend so much time rebutting what HH shows how much this illegitimate government is scared of him.They spend so much time trying to see what he is doing or saying that its almost like HH is the man in office and they are the opposition.His insecurity stems drom the fact that he is not even half the man HH is in terms of caliber. HH is head and shoulders above ECL in all aspects one only has to see what ECL has done for himself before he became minister and president he was just a simple drunk being wheel barrowed in chawama after his many drinking sprees that have continued in state house.

  16. No amount of lies, technicalities will convince the majority of zambians that 14 days can change the number of votes.

    14 days or when ever can not change the number of votes of who won, why the fear ?

    Lungu remains illigal until the courts say he won and the evidence of rigging is seen to be false.

    • Lies were rejected by Maureen Mwanawasa.

      She could not accept the lie that she found HH’s votes in a bin.

      She told HH that she was above that level of thinking, that she was a genuine lawyer and she could not indulge in falsehood.

      Meanwhile Mushipe was doing pretty press-ups, ready to take on the list of falsehood prepared by HH.

      Come hearing no witness was ready to defend falsehood. As such preliminaries became the escape route.

    • And just agree with you,

      No amount of lies will make HH go to statehouse.

      He will live with lies for five years till 2021.

      After 2021, he will have to decide on another list of lies or recycle the same if he so wishes.

      But none of that will take home to State House.

      All Presidents that have gone to State House have used ballot box votes not ‘votes in a bin’.

      They have done so by calling for peace, not telling people rise and fight.

    • You still duplicating your novel, how are the sales going for your friend anton mukwita’s book?

    • @ 16.3 ECL-Endless Crying Lunatics BREAD HEAD,

      You see everything as a duplicate.

      Could this be the reason HH managed to ready the constitution in a matter if hours, thinking everything after page 1 was a duplicate?

      That explains why he thought it was Lungu who had the duty to prove that he won the election, than seeing from the angle of HH having the duty to prove that he lost as he alleged.

      HH spent time raising preliminaries as a delay tactic to waste the 14 days so that, in his view, Lungu would fail to prove that he won. He didn’t realise that it was his duty as plaintiff to prove the his claim that Lungu lost was true.

      PF song saw all of this in advance – DUNUNA REVERSE

      Indeed HH takes all things in reverse.

  17. How many times has “Peace for Zambia” mentioned HH since his initiation to blogging? Sounding like a scratched ‘LP’ of the years gone by. Another character obsessed with HH without adducing clear substance. Hallucinating while shaking like a leaf. Clear fear. You need to be sedated as soon as possible for your own well-being and mental stability.

    • If what am saying does not make sense or carry substance, why are you bothered?

      May be am praising HH, but you are not just able to tell since my statements are unclear to you.

      Just ask your online neighbour to say, ‘why is this guy saying?’

      May be I am praising you, just that it is not clear to you what I say.

    • But bottom line is,

      If what I say does not make any sense, why bother.

      Just ignore it, it has no effect on you or anybody.

      It is as good as bra bra bra – no meaning. Just skip it.

      Read postings that make sense to you.

      Even in life, you don’t waste time on everything you see but only those things that matter to you.

      I don’t expect any normal person to waste time on things that don’t make sense, things that are neither here nor there.

      Just ignore them. Unless you have a problem.

      That is what I do. I don’t waste time on everything, but respond to only those that matter to me.

  18. @peace for Zambia, please see your Doctor for more therapy and get your proscriptions in order. The amount of time you have spent typing the same bizarre crap is insane. You could use your time productively.

    • He is explaining to you zealots why your stupid petition is irrelevant at this stage. If you have understood then kudos. Go now and tell your delusioned OVAL HEAD that he is misleading you with his petition. @peace has told you that the same constitution clause which talks about the petition is the same one which talks about durations 14days. Why do you want to pretend that 14days is not in the clause. And which constitution are you going to use to hear your stupid petition because the one we all know only gives you powers to petition 7days after winner is declared and 14days to hear and determine it. In short 21 days to overturn ecz declaration. In other words gbm and OVAL HEAD acknowledged Ecl as winner that’s why they petioned.

    • @ 18.1
      “… 14days to hear and determine it…”?

      1mbecile, you just said “… 14days to hear and determine it…”

      WHERE IS DETERMINATION you d1ck head?

    • I don’t use you formula before posting comments.

      When you are doing grade 12 it will be wrong to tell everyone you meet saying let’s go and study exams are around the corner. You may end up telling your examiner.

      So if you have on medication and have been changing prescription and courses from one to the other, it will be wrong to assume everyone is on drugs.

      What a simplistic way of looking at life.

  19. What preliminaries? In an exam the time spent on preliminaries is never part of the duration for the exam. E.g. When the invigilator says “The duration for this exam is 3 hours, make sure you write your name and details bla bla bla…” These are the preliminaries which are never part of the time allocated to the exam. What a fraud if the invigilator says after finishing his brief, “You now have exactly 2 hours and 36 minutes left to write this paper. You may START.” That’s what the Concourt did they refused to hear any amount of the case even on the last hour of the 14th day by claiming that one hour was not enough to hear the case. What if HH was capable of unleashing an important facet of the case with compelling evidence within that last hour? Was it their business to decide if…

    • Unfortunately when it comes to court hearing preliminaries form part of the process of hearing.

      So to help with understanding you must have noticed that nobody compared preliminaries of court proceedings with preliminaries of exams. Instead we compared it with you writing introduction which is part of the exam process.

      We also compare it with someone tearing and rewriting his name for three hours and writing nothing.

      I did not expect anybody to be troubled with following the simple example.

      This explains why some people spend the entire three hours answering the EXAMPLE.

      Because even the example they are an able understand it

  20. HH could unleash a powerful facet of his case with compelling evidence within that same last hour? Was it the Concourt’s business to decide if that was possible or not? What was important was any amount of the case to be heard and not necessarily the whole petition. Just like in an exam the instruction may be that the “candidate may attempt 5 questions only” but most of us have passed the pass the exam attempting only 4. But the judges refused to hear the case in the remaining few minutes and deceived HH that they would allocate more time to hear the case but later claiming they had no jurisdiction to do so.

    • So why didnt he unleash in the last hour, when the ConCourt went on trying to hear HH up to 23:59.

      And instead he now started focusing on extending the timeframe instead if unleashing what you have termed unleashables.

      So the very last minute was given to HH to unleash but he still refused. And through his lawyer kept claiming time was not enough to unleash.

  21. @ 19

    Well put however in a wrong way. Just refer to what happened last year and you will believe us. OVAL HEAD is just misleading you. Why did all the 13 lawyers he hired dropped the case? They were more served with tangible evidence of election malpractice. All the witnesses refused to give testimony. That’s why OVAL HEAD was busy with preliminaries trying to prolong while waiting for real evidence. To his surprise no evidence claim came forth within the 14days. Am sure he has now gathered proper evidence but at a wrong time coz concourt has already thrown out that case. It will be illegal and criminal for any court to hear his petition now. What high court want to hear is the claim by OVAL HEAD that he was not heard according to the bill of rights not to hear the petition ba fimbwi.

  22. Until the nation hears the evidence lungu remains illigal in the eyes of many.

    You can not use a 14 technicality to brush aside such an important event for the more than half of zambians who voted.

    You give exam examples bla bla bla but for the country to move forward the petition must be heard. 14 days will not change the evidence, so why fear ?

    • Lungu will be illegal in your eyes until 2021.

      So what is easier for you, to accept or to endure?

      From the behaviour portrayed so far I know that you prefer endurance.

      So, you will endure for 5 years. And in 2021, we will again elect ECL. If you accept at that point your endurance ends; if not again, then further endure till 2026.

      So are you going to try HH again even in 2026?

      One more question,
      What would you do if HH was not born – I mean if there was no HH or if he never entered politics?

      I ask because you look stack and stranded.

  23. If lungu wants to carry the tag of stealing the elections for the rest of his life by using a 14 day technicality to block the nation from hearing the truth….that is up to him.

    Until the courts prove he is the valid winner, he stole the election.

    • @ 23 Spaka like lilo,

      It is this same unimaginable thinking that caused HH to petition and then run away.

      You know what @HH OVAL HEAD, these guy have proven to us that they are determined to display their lack of understanding at all costs.

      Imagine someone accuses a friend of stealing his cow.

      After they go to court he expects that the accused friend shout prove that he did not steal, instead of him (the accuser) proving that the accused did steal.

      That is UPND for you and I. With such thinking who would train these people.

  24. There was only one evidence required to be proven and…bang HH could have had his case heard and won viz. there was no dully signed Form 12 and 13 from Lusaka Province. The Judges could have had no option but to nalify the whole polls going by the Law. And judges knew this hence deploying their delaying tactics. Even in the last hour of the 14th day, the case was capable of being heard but the judges claimed that they could not possibly do so in the last hour but would allocate more time outside the 14days and they have not (yet) done so to date.

    • So how did the lack of form 12 disadvantage HH?

      It could only become evidence if what was witnessed at the totaling centre by all observers differed with was announced by ECZ.

      And I mean it – witnessed by all observers (not just UPND out of all the thousands of observers) differed with what ECZ announced.

      Otherwise it was a minor shortcoming which could not be categorized as a specific disadvantage to any candidate.

      It is like in a game of football, when it is played in rainy weather.

      The losing team will extremely naive and in reverse-thinking to claim they lost because it was raining.

      Unless they prove that the said rains were selectively falling on their heads and not on those of their opponents.

      And that the ground was equally selectively wet only where they…

    • Contd…

      And that the ground was equally selectively wet only where they were stepping and not where their opponents were stepping. And that the state of the ground was dynamic as they kept running about.

      So now, narrow thinking does not help anyone. I prefer to think wide and ahead.

  25. Do you guys have lives? Please move on. the elections are over till 2021 August!!! Its farming season, do something on that piece land in your yard. We don’t want you to be victims of a stampede next time someone will be offering free food.

  26. The advice is very wise. All presidential spokespersons have been useless attackers of the opposition instead of giving us updates. Can someone please give the nation a job description for this job? It is a civil service post that is misused by ruling parties.

  27. I agree with Mr. Mwanza that the presidential spokes person must use the public media to sell the plans and achievements president of Lungu. People might opt to ignore or even rubbish his speeches if he leans on politicising his post. Let him be sober in his approach, and as nuetral as possible.

    • That is the point, the only plans are borrowing, closing independent media and harassing individuals.

      There are also no archivement to sing about.

    • So if we can’t talk about achievements such road infrastructure, hospitals, etc, what do you want us talk about?

      Do you want us to talk about ripping wealth from privatisation of mines and thereafter using the money to acquire abundance of cattle?

      and then calling on people to rise and fight so that we can get to State House?

      and telling people falsehood, that Maureen Mwanawasa has found HH’s votes in a bin?

      and getting stranded when Maureen Mwanawasa refused to indulge herself in falsehood?

      playing delay tactics after filing our petition, using preliminaries to waste time?

      and claiming that our rights were denied, having consumed our allowable time?

      Is that what you want us to talk about?

  28. He could even have told us about the the new christian in town, Edigar Chagwa Lungu, the former drunkard,pensioner swindler,vote stealing thieves,the oppressors,the inept and vision less wet chicken IQ illegal president.we hope with the word GOD of the Holy bible now his boss will be behaving like a normal human being. He must be helping his boss the chronological order of the holy bible books/verses .with GOD nothing is impossible.Amen.



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