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American government to give Zambia $420 m under the PEPFAR programme

Health American government to give Zambia $420 m under the PEPFAR programme

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya(l) and United States of America Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schutz(r) chats after a Press Briefing at Ng'ombe Health Centre in Lusaka
Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya(l) and United States of
America Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schutz(r) chats after a Press
Briefing at Ng’ombe Health Centre in Lusaka

Zambia is due receive 420 Million US dollars from the American government under the Presidents Emergency Fund for Aids Relief – PEPFAR.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says the country has secured preliminary approval for the funding from PEPFAR Management.

The Minister also says government has continued to increase funding towards the health sector in order to fight diseases such as HIV and AIDS.

Dr. Chilufya says Zambia can eliminate the disease way before 2030 if it implements various strategies effectively.

He says in order to achieve this target government will soon launch ‘The know your child status’ campaign among other initiatives.

Dr. Chilufya says government will also support the program of putting people on treatment immediately after they are diagnosed with the virus.

He said this during a joint press briefing with American Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schultz held at Ngombe clinic in Lusaka.

Speaking at the same function the US Ambassador urged government to continue investing in education and the health of citizens.

Mr. Schultz said it is good that several Zambians have continued to benefit from PEPFAR program.

He was however quick to state that no assistant program lasts forever hence the need for countries that benefit from the program to increase their allocation towards the fight against HIV/AIDS.

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  1. Why are we still receiving aid after 52yrs as a nation? That’s $420m shameful of dependency why can’t we be free,self reliant and prosperous like Singapore?

    • Very true. Singapore gained independence the same time as Zambia and they are one of the most advanced countries in the world ! Note that it is only a preliminary approval – I doubt Trump will agree as he has said he is cutting aid…………………..

    • Very shameful indeed, a sign of some mental malady that after all these years (53 and counting) they still haven’t figured out how to look after themselves! It’s like a baby who just won’t allow himself to be weaned. But then the feeling of shame means you are at least conscious of your stup!d actions or behavior and might do something to rectify it. This is impossible with lungu and his govt. Instead they are salivating over this money already and calculating how to split it among themselves. The countries that continue to donate do it on humanitarian grounds not because they expect Zambians to make good use of the money. But they know that the Zambian govt is just incapable of growing up and become mature adult. They are perpetually in delinquent stage of irresponsible youth.

  2. Has Donald Trump been told about this? Oh, Oh, I see another Executive Order coming cancelling treatment for all potential ISIS sympathisers until someone out there figures who the hell is getting treatment. BTW USD420Million is still a lot of dough and the gesture is appreciated. Is this some sort of payment for cozying up to Israel?

  3. Even after they receive such colossal sums of money without shame, clinics and hospitals still remain without medicines,beds,beddings etc. Only the famous panadol is found in these health institutions with very arrogant nurses. Service delivery bwana minister has to improve. Random inspections the way late MCS got those people working and looking over their shoulders to perform. Its not only HIV to be fought but all other health problems as well. Use that money wisely, that is if it comes, with Trump in the White house beware!

  4. Ichisungu ba Lt chachilamo: Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya(l) and United States of
    America Ambassador to Zambia Eric Schutz(r) chats. How can two people “Chats”? Its chat!Even Primary school pupils know that!

  5. We need to learn to stand on our own two feet! This loan should be rejected- we have the means and the resources within ourselves to be able to manage these hospitals!
    Firsty the nurses we have a danger to human life! Fire these women that kill so that the lesson hits home- we need better nurses that actually know how to care about people.
    The Late Great MCS made it clear if you can’t do the job don’t govt’s time!
    Secondly let’s be more careful in how we use our funds, we need more accountabilty especially in the Ministry of Health!

  6. the seems to be a lot of ignorance being exhibited here.we have to understand that even after 52 years we still need aid.zambia does not have the financial muscle to sustain itself and no country in the world has that.thats why every country imports and exports to survive.zambias major asset is copper and that is having issues of price and production.even the states gets assistance in many forms,it imports oil,it needs outside mafuterers for components even food its fruits like avocadoes ,chillies and many others it imports from mexico,fish from the Asian nations even our honey gets there.what are they so called Zambian rich people doing apart from campainginhg anjust buying cars,how many Zambian have set up NGOs to support infrasture development or has any blogger here done anything or…

  7. Just about enough for Lungu to make as many foreign trips this.
    By now Kalaba is busy calling around to have Lungu invite himself to some country.

  8. “Zambia is due to receive $420 Million US dollars from the American government under the Presidents Emergency Fund for Aids Relief – PEPFAR”.

    The American President right now is Republican, and American Constitution gives him the power to grant this aid to Zambian Government, but they give credit back to the American people not to the Republican Party.

    What I call Low uncertainty.

  9. @daniel chisebwe….. Even in democracy if you get something from the Govefnment it is not from the ruling party.

    Recognition lf the state/nation should always come before the ruling party

    A DEMOCRACY …Of the people, by the people for the people

  10. This is a govt that has gone bankrupt, its borrowing left right centre and does not care what happens in future as it will not be there. Anyway we voted for this so lets enjoy.

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