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Kambwili threatening to sort me out because he thinks I cancelled his Tender-Freedom Sikazwe

Headlines Kambwili threatening to sort me out because he thinks I cancelled his...

President Edgar Lungu speaks with his Specail Assistnace for Press and Public Relatuions Amos Chand flanked by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe shortly after his arrival from Ghana yesterday 08-01-2016. Picture by Ennie Kishiki/ZANIS
File: President Edgar Lungu speaks with his Special Assistance for Press and Public Relations Amos Chanda flanked by Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe (L)

“A TENDER I supposedly cancelled against Roan Patriotic Front (PF) member of Parliament Chishimba Kambwili is the cause of bad blood and altercation in Parliament on Friday,” Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe has revealed.

The grudge, he said, was the reason why Mr. Kambwili had taken every opportunity to attack and insult him publicly.

“I have now decided to write to the secretary general David Mwila to complain about his behavour towards me,” Mr. Sikazwe said.

In an interview with the Sunday Nation, Mr. Sikazwe confessed that there was actually a big problem between him and Mr. Kambwili following accusations of cancelling a contract.

“I received a text message from Kambwili accusing me of cancelling his contract,” Mr. Sikazwe has revealed.

And when asked whether it was true, Mr. Sikazwe denied cancelling Mr. Kambwili contract.

Mr. Sikazwe, who is Mpulungu Patriotic Front member of Parliament, said he was not aware of the contract which his Roan counterpart was accusing him of cancelling.

Mr. Sikazwe said he would be officially writing the secretariat to complain over the way Mr. Kambwili has been treating him.

“I will be writing to the secretary general Davis Mwila to complain about his behavour toward me.

“He has to tell the secretariat what wrong I have done to him because it is like I am becoming an injury to him where he thinks maybe I am against him to the extent that whatever I do he is against it,” he said.

Mr. Sikazwe said whatever words Mr. Kambwili used on him in Parliament on Friday was as a result of anger that his contract was cancelled.

“That outburst by Kambwili in Parliament on me is as a result of the same contract which he has been accusing me of cancelling but I have never cancelled his contract and do not know it,” Mr. Sikazwe said.

On Friday, there was an altercation between Mr. Kambwili and Mr. Sikazwe.

Mr. Kambwili, dismissed Information and Broadcasting Services Minister, branded Mr. Sikazwe a thief, saying he was stupid and threatened to sort him out.

The incident happened when Mr. Kambwili wanted to find out from Vice President Inonge Wina what had happened to the PF government’s pro-poor policy of leaving casual jobs to Zambians and not the Chinese nationals.

The Roan MP was annoyed when Mr. Sikazwe interjected and appeared to suggest that Mr. Kambwili was anti-Government.

Mr. Kambwili retorted angrily, referring to the minister as “kabolala iwe”, meaning ‘‘you are a thief’’.

Mr. Kambwili told Mr. Sikazwe that the PF did not belong to his father and that he would suffer after he leaves Government.

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  1. “I have now decided to write to the secretary general David Mwila to complain about his behavour towards me,” Mr. Sikazwe said.

    These shameless kaponyas fighting over GRZ tenders that are single sourced to themselves…its no surprise that most works are substandard. What chance has an honest company with a reputable track record have against these PF proxy firms that are less than 2 years old.
    By the way what can that corrupt SG do about this since he publicly encourages corruption.

    • If BUFFOON CK can accuse a Presidential Affairs Minister for cancelling his contract then its further reinforces why everyone points to State House and Lazy as the main source of corruption…this the reason why these people are doubling their net worth every 6 months as they are short changing the taxpayers.

    • Indeed Sikazwe needs to be sorted out. He has become too excited. Kambwili, go ahead and sort him out. Afterall, you are both thieves and thugs. Who ever thought PF officials would reach such a low level of insulting each other? Keep on destroying your party. Also keep on running to your Grade 7 SG who has no capacity to settle any dispute wisely. Kikiki.

    • Freedom sikazwe!!!! This chap needs to wash with boom washing detergent, the man looks very dirty…. as for kambwili its about time you said sorry and reconcile with your big brother GBM,, your insults Kambwili to zambians are haunting you

    • Mr Kambwili please leave Mr Freedom Sikazwe. I like ba sikazwe because he knows how to play cards. He is one loyal boot licker I have never seen before and it is very difficult for any president to leave him out. He is ever smiling everytime when talking to Mr Lungu. He is a yes bwana and praise and worship kind of man and in politics if you are yes bwana plus a bit of praise and worship then you will succeed .
      But please Mr Lungu please note the weakness of Mr Sikazwe noted above. Don’t make him sign things in the office of the president ministry so that you leave him alone when time to see ba ACC and DEC comes. Please Mr Lungu don’t use ba sikazwe pantu bapuba puba lionse nisimylo.

    • The real question is being avoided here. Why are the Chinese allowed to do jobs that Zambians should be doing?

    • Corruption – Wikipedia
      Corruption is a form of dishonest or unethical conduct by a person entrusted with a position of authority, often to acquire personal benefit.

      Even a 12 year boy knows that the above is clear corruption…but ACC are waiting for Lazy to instruct them…what a country.

    • Cry babies, give us a break !!!
      We are not interested, instead of solving serious issues, these babies are crying over who first pricked a finger into the other and now going to report to uncle Davis. Shame !!

      Kambwili boyi, whether you like it or not, your days are numbered in PF. They are doing everything possible to irritate you so that you get expelled from PF. You will not last into 2021, they know ECL will not stand, and you are a threat to many PF members as they view you as next PF President.

    • Kambwili is an imposter who was in it for his personal gain. That’s why his wife and kids live abroad. Government must not appoint people into cabinet that educate their children abroad. Cabinet members must be committed to Zambia. It is called ethics.

    • Kambwili used then dumped in the dustbin. Edgar had a mop in 2016 stolen elections, Fake Doctor Kambwili.

    • Yes! Bwana Kambwili, sort him out. Next to be sorted out shud be Dodora Bokosi over the Malawi Maize saga since the manfriend is delaying to take action wen the Malawi counter has already been axed.

    • There should be a code of conduct, these ministers / MPs should not be given contracts, its a conflict of interest and they use such contracts to steal from the Government.

  2. Both of you are a shame to our beloved PF. You don’t even know what to debate about. For sure we getting the most embarrassing moments within ourselves like we not in power. You two are behaving like children for sure sometimes fortune favors fools. Why can’t you talk about the poor people you represent and the voiceless. Please Mr president save our party kick these two out or distant yourself from these cows.

    • You seem to more concerned about the Party than the taxpayers funds these Kaponyas are stealing from your children and grandchildren.

    • Bemba Man, like the P.F dreamer you are,
      How can your President get rid of these 2 corrupt thuggish officials, when Edward Chagwa himself is “Cut from the same cloth” if at all you understand the meaning.
      Chagwa already said Leather Face Mwila “Is going nowhere” when citizens with reasoning capacity asked for Leather Face to be sacked for encouraging lawless Cadre thuggish behaviour against fellow citizens.
      Have you forgotten this incident, or is your non evolved Stone age P.F brain again failing to analyse situations, & reason??
      PROBLEM IS YOUR TYPE SHOUT LOUD, THROW STONES @ HELICOPTERS & GET REWARDED WITH MINISTERIAL JOBS, then we wonder why Zambia has quickly deteriorated to a Pit Latrine?

  3. As the saying goes, there is no honour among thieves. You are all now revealing yourselves. He called you a thief and you are saying he is corrupt. You will begin to knock each other out as we watch.

    • This is enough evidence for ACC to move in but no we are not in Malawi..how is it that BUFFOON CK is now losing contracts which were dubiously obtained in the first place through abuse of power. If he can have all these contracts just imagine the other ministers and what chance does a honest Zambian contractor who pays is tax have in competing for contracts with these rats.
      Corruption is like termites eating your house from the inside of the wood work…its a rotten cancer!!

  4. Once P.F is out of power, these disgraceful Corrupt P.F Vampire Cadre /Officials will go for one anothers jugular veins, & Chakolwa will not be spared, as bazayamba Kuwulula. The rotten tenderprenuers will begin to quickly jump ship, looking for the next party to infest!!

    • PF get kicked out and they will be replaced by some other rats as the system allows it…we need to sort out Governance issues first…Tanzania is on the road to prosperity because they have a leader who has the will to stamp out corruption..in Zambia its the opposite.

  5. You You are all corrupt thugs and even you sikazwe once lungu uses you and has no use for you the next man in charge will cancel your tenders and contracts. While genuine Zambians work hard to apply for tenders these guys in pf are awarding each other contracts. This is proof of corruption under pf. We need these animals out

  6. MPs, ministers should not be allowed to have this level of conflict of interest. It is as if there are no educated people in Zambia at all. You cannot have lawmakers owning government contracts. Unbelievable country. I don’t believe Edgar is truly educated, what kind of a lawyer is he?

    • Under this regime there is no need to even disguise that by forming a Proxy company through your wife or mother, the simply register in their name like this BUFFOON CK and awards himself all these contracts. You would be shocked how all these ministers have accrued so much wealth since they came into power in 2011.
      Greedy corrupt ba$tards!!

    • P.F thugs will argue all day that they are educated,& the sky is Pink not Blue.
      Surely from the above issue, theres enough evidence for anyone with a functioning Brain to know that this falls under “Abuse of Office” but in Zambia the officials abusing office even give evidence freely, while if we were in Malawi, the officials would settle such differences /disputes in secrecy.
      P.F & its Cadres will then tell you “We have an able Lawyer @ the helm of our Party” It’s NO LONGER laughable.
      In Zambia we are WELL & TRULY DOOMED!!

  7. An army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. ~ Ghanaian proverb

    Zambians need to wake up from their docility and fight corruption!

  8. Nearly every one PF MP is a theif. We told you these unashamed thieves go to get rich.

    Kambwili has no political future because lungu has a bucket of corruption shi.t waiting to be poured on him as soon as he makes any political moves.
    For now he can only fight for contracts.

    When we say all PF think about is stealing while they are being cheered on by the kaponya suppoters , you think we are joking.

    An MP should be happy with his pay and other benifits and serve the country. But not the PF businessmen in parliament.

  9. These Bemba names sure PF SG Davis Chimpazi Mwila, Chishimba Buffoon Kambwili, Kelvin Bwalya Fube,Nathan Chanda Kabwe, Godfrey Bwalya Mwamba, Alecxander Bwalya Chikwanda,Lombe Chibesa Kunda the list goes on and on.

  10. Chishimba Kambwili: bitter and honestly stup.id.
    Freedom Sikazwe: rather foo.lish and childish old man.
    UPNDdonkey MPs: no better. Put in the same shoes as ministers, would actually be much worse if their donkey party had won the elections and they had become ministers. Just look at the likes of Gary Nkombo, ministerial material? Not by any stretch of your imagination, whether human or donkey imagination.

  11. You don’t agree with me? Well, you don’t have long to wait to prove me right, just watch the UPNDonkeys at parliament this Friday 17th.

    No presidential nor ministerial material among UPNDonkeys. Ati we don’t recognise the President, and yet they are the first ones to criticise what they claim are “too many trips” by the President. Doesn’t make too much sense if you are not one of them.

    • The thread is about 2 PF theives calling each other theives and the kaponyas without shame try to divert attention to UPND ?

      Discuss the 2 PF bandits calling each other theives Bwana, no one mentioned UPND.

  12. This stealing is what PF do best. At no time in zambias history has division, corruption and thuggery been so entrenched as is the case with the 5 years of PF rule.

    To compound matters lungu does not act decisively on corruption and thuggery like when mwila advised PF unemployed youth to steal concil plots and take over public places from concils. He actually breaths corruption and thuggery.

  13. Only in Zambia: To be minister means – unbridled access to govt tenders and contracts; to be councillor means – scramble for plots; to be president means – unrestrained dipping of fingers into the national vault. Matters on national interest are an afterthought and die on the inauguration podium. If this happens elsewhere, is none of my business; my business is Zambia. Having changed govts more than any of our neighbours, about time we developed a good eye to see through selfish interests of these he/she goats. Shame on us if we are cheated repeatedly!

    • Previous Convictions of fraud or theft should automatically bar one from running for the presidency or MP position would be a good start.

  14. Freedom Sikazwe should not run to Davies Mwila. Answer the question why you have chosen to favour chines people over Zambia kwasila.

  15. If Sata was not blocked for a decade Zambia would have been opened but corruption would have been at it’s pick.
    Dubious contracts are awarded among themselves.
    For the first time Edward Lungu and his cabinet will go to jail

  16. When Edgar chose chimp face Sikazwe as presidential affairs minister i was left buffled and it appears for good reason.How does the chimp make such public nonsenses.He is actually telling us that he controls the award of tenders.We all know Kaminamisa wants to surround himself with dull characters so that he looks intelligent but the foolish plann will backfire.

  17. Kambwili epitomizes everything that’s wrong with Zambia’s political landscape; arrogance, foul mouthing, uncouth characteristic – oh the stench is simply overpowering. No sensible person would want to associate with the creature.

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