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Zambia’s cooperate governance is improving- Chibamba Kanyama

General News Zambia’s cooperate governance is improving- Chibamba Kanyama

ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama
ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama

Chibamba Kanyama
Chibamba Kanyama

An expert in governance says Zambia has made strides in organized cooperate governance.

Former International Monitory Fund (IMF) Communication Advisor Chibamba Kanyama has observed that the future seem to be bright in cooperate governance in the country with the establishment of Industrial Development Cooperation (IDC) to regulate government run institutions.

Mr. Kanyama pointed out that poor cooperate governance, uncertainty in tenure of office by institutions’ Chief Executives and lack of ethical leadership in the past led to the collapse of several institutions in the country.

Mr. Kanyama who is also former Zambia National Broadcasting Cooperation (ZNBC) Director General said this on the sidelines of the inaugural conference on good governance in Lusaka yesterday.

He stated that there is need to apply good governance for the success
of every organization.

He pointed out that days are gone when Board Members just waited for allowances at the expense of making critical decisions that could drive the agenda of an organization.

And the Institute of Directors President Esther Munalula said good governance is a cornerstone upon which trust can be built.

Professor Munalula further said good governance is a vital ingredient for attracting and retaining customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The conference was organized by the Good Governance Institute in
Association with the Institute of Directors.

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  1. I have always said Mutati,s polices are working. The only challenge for Mutati is to see to it that Line ministries are equalling the service delivery and money is used prudently….On a Lighter note…These Tpin are making non complaint companies not to bid government contract coz when its time to pay Govt will deduct all the taxes you owe…#talkingfromexperience#….

  2. I don’t think what he saying is really true. Most of the corporate decisions are being made to tow politically expedience stances. the reason why you see board members being fired in Zambia is not because of inefficiencies but because they have not respected the party in power. in saying so I am not saying its right to go against the party in power, but when they are wrong, one should stand their ground. on the IDC I think this is just another wrong move that will take us backwards. ideals are far removed from practice in Zambia and unfortunately the performance of an economy is based on practice not ideals.

    • Phew! Chibamba, I hope you did not say that. IDC is not a REGULATOR, by no means, it is a holdind company and an investment vehicle for our so called parastatals (SOEs). So what does this make of your statement about good corporate governance and the government run institutions…?

  3. Attention seeking, shout out some unsolicited praises and you are soon out of unemployment.
    Either he has no clue what he’s saying or he’s lying to himself and a few others.

  4. Is he looking for a job from the PF government after failing to impress the IMF? Didn’t this self proclaimed expat (not to be mistaken with a real expat) in everything leave a lucrative job at ZNBC where he was being paid for doing nothing to join IMF?

  5. Chibamba is s little bit schooled but he has so much yet to learn. Unfortunately he behaves like he knows it all. Since when did he become a governance expert?

  6. I think the IDC is there to control and supervise the remaining parastatal entities and spearhead the industrialisation in the country. Chibamba Kanyama is right about corporate governance of all organisations whether private or government. The corporate governance in Zambia should be enhanced and especially in parastatal companies and other government entities. Appointing authorities of boards in government institutions should ensure people appointed have the technical know how of a company is managed and what management strategies are employed. Gone are days when board members just go to wait for allowances. The board assembled at Zambia Railways by LATE MCS was very much alive to the management of Zambia Railways and Chirwa as CEO at the time found it very difficult to cheat them hence…

  7. @Ulubunda, if looked to you with a different skin you could not have asked if he was an expert or not! Ubututu!

  8. mr kanyama,you are not patriotic and serious hence in your quest to attract personal favours you are capable of saying anything to praise others just to have favours sir zambia is suffering terriblely the pain of unemployment and luck of sustainable jobs

    • He didn’t want anything to do with chishimba kambwili, remember how kambwili ran berserk when deadNBC cameras didn’t show up when he was addressing one of his numerous press briefings, only muvi TV showed up and this kambwili was so furious and lambasted maduma and chibamba on phone for not sending deadNBC people.

    • No normal person can manage that organisation…how could you run a company with BUFFOON CK and State House bootlickers barking in your ear every morning

    • No normal person can manage that organisation…how could you run a company with BUFFOON CK and State House bootlickers barking in your ear every morning

  9. How can you talking about good governance in country where there is no rule of law? Where an election was stolen and everybody wants to just brush the issues aside and pretend it did not happen? These are the things you should be talking about Chibamba Kanyama and stop pretending that you live in a country where there is law and everything is fine. Right now Zambia is jungle.

  10. Isn’t the IDC operating with a South African Company, is it CARGILL. If so why do we need an outsider to overseer OUR parastatals

  11. @@vizugu think I recall that when IDC formed alliance with CARGILLS (google them very interesting if the same worldwide one linked to the FREEMASONS) that their role was to oversee the operations of of parastals and envourage investment What has happened to Andrew Chipwende the CEO of IDC?
    Vizungu hope your project gets out of the ground. Could not garner interest in australia. Not a lot kf money for investment at the moment. Its not a TIN-POT idea if we are talking the same. Good luck

  12. He is one of those guys who quit any job as soon as their true performance indicators of ineptitude start showing! This guy is a self propelling grenade which fluffs off in mid-air before reaching his target! He quits in good time before being discovered as being lazy and incompetent! But soon the PF will see glory in hiring him because they are so poorly by also incompetent people that they will see him as being one of them! Remember that birds of the same feather attract each other!

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