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CEEC beneficiary Mungomba sets up first ever milling plant in Nakonde

Rural News CEEC beneficiary Mungomba sets up first ever milling plant in Nakonde

A Citizen Economic Empowerment Commission (CEEC) Beneficiary in Nakonde District of Muchinga Province has set up the first ever milling company in the District.

A check by ZANIS found production going on well at the newly opened milling plant.

Mr. Wila Mungomba, said the milling plant produces 700 hundred bags of mealie-meal per day, adding that a bag of a 25kg mealie-meal from Nakonde milling is selling at K 90 while similar brands are fetching K 110.

Mr Mungomba said his company is trying to support Government by selling mealie-meal at a cheaper price in line with its wish for millers to sell the commodity at a cheaper price.

Mr Mungomba said his company has also employed 20 youths to work at the milling company.

The Director however lamented that the company is facing a major challenge of accessing maize in order to increase production.

And Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga called on the youths in the District to emulate the proprietors of Nakonde milling and seek guidance on how to get funded by CEEC.

Mr Simwinga also appealed to farmers in the District to grow more maize so that they can in turn sell it to the milling company who is currently facing the challenge of access to maize for increased production.

The milling equipment was bought at a total cost of k 1,356,000.


  1. Willa Mung’omba? Mable Mung’omba was CEO of CEEC at some point. Well, I hope the loan was given on merit. Well, if money has been used for the purpose it was intended and results are there, I have no problem.

    • Here we go again with these names mwanakatwe, kapwepwe, musokotwane, wina, chibesakunda, chona etc is he related to marble mung’omba, nkandu luo’s niece the former CEEC boss?

      I think i need kufuna ka gelo from these families, am sure a ka diplomatic posting, tenders, loans, and positions in quasi government institutions ninshi one time.

  2. Hope he is making repayments on that loan so others can benefit unlike Maggie and her corrupt politician friends who dont pay back!!

  3. Surprisingly,the said milling company proprietor and director names seem to be confusing as to who the real owner is.There is Simaye and now we hear of Mugomba so who is who?

  4. Imwe Mable is wife what’s your problem. Well done sir! Yalako chisakatiwe ntamanyila kumwesu kumbelesi

  5. Are these not the nigroes from new kasama who ride in big American built vehicles for the late Dean Mung’omba?
    what the wrong with this country Dean, Mazoka, these men would have made better presidents for this country.

    Only 20 employed? Come on fellas you can do better and why selling at K90 i thought, that “agreement” was for K85 and below.

    That ain’t good business ethics fellas.

  6. What happened to Madumbo’s Milling Company ? Oops it’s gone burst ! After all the moneys were symphoned into Blood Thirsty egocentric United Ponio Nio Dogs Party campaigns and long lasting petition court fees.

  7. Iwe Mable Mungomba is not Luo’s niece but one of the young sisters. Her husband is or better still her part time husband is Wila Mungomba’s brother, the owner of Cavmont Bank. That husband owns Piziya Farm and Piziya House along Thabo Mbeki Road. He is quite hard working though with a bright wife. As for family names you are right.

  8. Elo the Luo family balilowa bagelo uleumfwfye mudala. Ni tiye nayo mudala. One man cried ati another wonder of the world has been discovered. Try it and it will show in the failure of your wife to satisfy you because the Luo standards of ukupela pela are rather too high. Ask Nsemukila or the Parish Priest at Immaculate Parish.

  9. LT. Be serious and double check the information before publishing it. Mr Willa Mung’omba passed on in 2014 or somewhere there! HSRIP.

  10. Yes Mr. Willa Mung’omba who was the owner of Cavmont Bank the elder brother to Ridah Ming’omba the husband to Mable passed on, unless if the said Wila Mung’omba is the son to Mable and was given his uncle’s name as you know how we Africans are.

  11. Hehehe I like it and now I conquer with the Jewish tradition were they emphasize on good conduct in endeavours of life so that your name can be remembered even if you are gone. Coz they are two partners in this milling company but emphasis is on mungomba because his uncles have made a name in their businesses. Kudos my friend go make your name too.critics will always be there. Others wise tell me who would deny an opportunity?

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