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Hayatou ousted as CAF president


Issa Hayatou
President of the Confederation of African Football

Issa Hayatou’s 29- year reign as CAF president has ended.

The Cameroonian was beaten by Ahmad Ahmad of Madagascar 34 votes to 20 at the elective CAF congress held in Addis Abba, Ethiopia today.

Hayatou has been in power since 1988.

His departure comes as CAF celebrates 60 years and sees the torch passed from 70-year-old Hayatou to 57-year-old Ahmad who is also CAF executive committee member and president of the Madagascar Football Federation.

Ahmad is CAF’s 7th president since African football’s governing body was formed in 1957.


    • CAF presidents since 1957:
      Abdel Aziz Abdallah Salem (1957-1958)
      Abdel Aziz Moustafa (1958-1968)
      Abdel Halim Muhammad (1968-1972)
      Yidnekatchew Tessema (1972-1987)
      Abdel Halim Muhammad (1987-1988)
      Issa Hayatou (1988-2017)

    • This is a position for a young robust person, kicking the ball around with younsters not Grandpa looking for a nap after nshima, bye!

    • Good riddance to bad rubbish. Galu’s time to go has come as well. Galu will be in for a rude awakening. The un-intelligent Galu thinks he is God’s gift to Zambian football. Young intelligent individuals sich Andrew Kamanga, Liwewe must start readying themselves to compete for executive positions at CAF in 2019 when Galu’s tenure will be up for grabs

  1. Bye bye Mugabe of African soccer! However I must hasten to mention that your achievements speak for themselves and you deserve to big honour!

  2. Lmao,29 year reign,something is very wrong with African so called leaders. Too greedy, the Black continent for sure

    • They kept changing clauses to prolong their stay….Galu was pushing for something similar..imagine 3 decades!!

    • The guy became CAF President at 41 …. now he’s 70! WOW we were almost witnessing a monarchy being birthed! PLEASE LET’S HAVE TERM LIMITS!

  3. OOOh ooo yeaahhh .. A BREATH OF FRESH AIR!! WHY WAIT TILL ONE GETS AN EMBARASING EXIT instead of passing the mantle honorably!! What a BAD CULTURE,..SO BAD INDEED!!

  4. One of the biggest challenges of leadership is knowing when to leave the stage, and especially, if you’re lucky, being able to leave office on your own terms, walking cleanly & easily away into the sunset, not “feet first” like too many world leaders…

  5. Someone remarked how visibly tired he looked during the last U20 CAF tournament. People should learn to leave the stage while the audience is still applauding.

  6. wiyuwiyuwiyuwiyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu. AM SO HAPPY that the long time dictator is gone. Thumps up to cosafa for being bold enough especially the zifa president. Find better sponsors and increase the prize monies for tournoments

  7. Please Mr new President, don’t emulate the old man by clinging to power beyond your usefulness! 2 terms must be enough for everyone!

  8. Its not about someone clinging to power. Its about amending the constitution. It’s just that simple. Unga kane? Remember resigning in most African culture is a sign of admitting failure… talking about constitution, is there one in Zimbabwe?

  9. Yes he just lost. Thanks old man for everything you did right but apologize for all the wrongs including giving less money to the families of the perished Zambian KK 11 as compared to one family of Cameroonian footballer MacVivien Foye’s widow when the footballer died on the pitch playing a FIFA and not a CAF game.

    • In addition, he failed the Zambian people to be represented African in the confederation cup and accepted Italy which did not even come as runners up in European Championship. The Only country to have won the Africa Cup of Nations and has never played the Confederation Cup and yet the old man was there failing to speak for Africa and decided to work with plunderers Blatter and Platini… Brazil.


  11. Good riddance. He has been a crook and thief in the same class as Sepp Blatter and Kalusha Bwalya. Time to have term limits, what good could anyone be 29 years going.

  12. Breaking news:
    It was an landslide triumph for the Nigeria Football Federation president Amaju Pinnick at the just closed 39th CAF General Assembly as he vanquished Beninoise partner Anjorin Moucharafou to win the CAF official Executive Committee west zone B seat
    The Nigerian football overseer pulled 32 votes to edge his rival who had 17 at the decisions on Thursday, March 16, 2017.
    Ajorin Moucharafou had before pledged not to lose to the former Delta state FA manager in the race, yet things betrayed him as he was stunned with a landslide votes.
    Pinnick (Western Africa Zone B) joins Danny Jordaan (South Africa and Southern African zone), Musa Bility (Liberia and Western Africa Zone A), Suleiman Waberi (Djibouti and Central/East African Zone) and Faozi Lekjaa (Morocco and Northern…

  13. Is it not just a week ago at state house he promised ECL that he will consider Zambia to host Afcon? Or ECL could not have any clue that he is appealing to an out going CAF President? some foresight there…

  14. His blue eyed boy Galusha Bwalya sensed danger of being brutally outsted and just withdrew,good day for African football.

  15. As a matter of fact ecl’s proposition should even gather more wind. With cosafa at the head one should expect higher chances for ZED to host the senior challenge. After 29 years at the helm it’s no use for anyone to celebrate Hayato’s departure. African football would benefit from a more serious analysis of his achievements and failures than some of these hollow enchantments

  16. @22 yaba, of course if you think like a donkey you will see ECL’s appeal as being made to the individual who was president of CAF then and NOT to CAF as an organisation. But you are forgiven since yours has never been and will never be President of Zambia. Diplomatic language is not necessary in your case.

  17. UPNDonkey type of diplomatic reasoning was on display recently when hh “informed” the commonwealth that together with their fellow election observer groups they had “stolen” the vote from him and given to Lungu.

  18. @terrible the donkey man has again turned football to politics… Terrible can you use your juju to turn the economy.

    Why always political When we address issues and not digress ijto politics then progress can happen.

  19. 1988- President Kaunda was till President of Zambia. Mugabe had served less than 2 terms of his rule. Zambia beat Italy at the Seoul Olympics. Reagan was president of the USA. The BEAM was on television. I still had my milk teeth. No! this is wrong kikikikiki.

  20. To start with can someone tell me the term of office for this same position. If there is a term of office this man over stayed he exhausted his good ideas its normal to replace him .we need someone to come up with new ideas .thanks for your contribution sir

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