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Government excited with women taking up engineering


President Edgar Lungu(l) swears in Matthew Nkhuwa as Minister of Works and Supply during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House
President Edgar Lungu(l) swears in Matthew Nkhuwa as Minister of
Works and Supply during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House
Government has observed that Zambian women are rising to the challenge of becoming engineers to work alongside their menfolk in an effort to contribute to national development.

Mr. Nkhuwa noted that women must be encouraged to take up engineering courses as they have an inborn fine finish to products.

ZANIS reports that Minister of Works and Supply Matthew Nkhuwa said this when he officiated at the second annual Women in Engineering conference in Ndola today whose theme is “accelerating the participation of women and girls in engineering.”

He said women will help in setting up highest standards of profession in Zambia and support the drive towards high quality and responsive solutions to the nation’s engineering challenges.

He explained that engineering is the bedrock of technology and has the potential to propel an economy.

Mr. Nkhuwa has since called on the Engineering Institute of Zambia to take a lead in facilitating and promoting women in the country to become engineers in different fields.

He said government has paid attention to the development of economic zones across the country to facilitate and attract investments which have strong engineering components.

He added that this will enable the transfer of skills and technologies to the people and provide for diversification of the economy towards sustainable industries which will be dependent on primary raw materials.


  1. Pleas advise our mothers and sisters to avoid anything to do with law enforcement incase they get abused and assaulted in public by lungus best friend and political advisor…..while lungu whatches…

  2. & we call that special speech?….common.i thought it was a praise for new engineering or woman so long such was issue at hand.thats garbage talk speechs.we still parade(waste time) with such matters? Let those same funds being wasted for such garbage talks be used by same women in labs to research for engineering solutions.its utter folly to praise engineering entry positions by name only than getting solutions.

  3. Mr. Nkuwa chingola is a disastor,we don’t even need to debate chingola……we work very hard here and get nothing from government………this hurts very much…..

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