Wednesday, May 22, 2024

LAZ Suspends Three Lawyers


THE Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) has suspended three legal practitioners from practising.

Those suspended are Nicholas Chanda, who has represented several high-profile clients such as the suspected ritual killers and traditional healer and politician Chilufya Chileya commonly known as Kalonga Kanono.

Other lawyers who have been suspended are Bwalya Luo of Messrs Palan and George advocates and Cheelo Mwiinga of Messrs Mak & Partners.

“Take notice that the above practitioners has been suspended from practising law with immediate effect” read parts of the individual notices for Mr Chanda, Mr Mwiinga and Mr Luo.

According to the notices, dated February 27, 2017, the legal practitioners are not supposed to appear in any court of law/tribunal and should not file court process of whatever nature until further notice.


  1. ECL must learn from LAZ. Any member of your entity MUST be above board. LAZ MUST also learn to disclose what evils the suspended lawyers have done. After all there MUST be victims out there who MUST know typical misdeeds laywers do against their clients which could lead to LAZ disciplining them. This is a serious problem with us in Zambia. Wrongs are not broadcasted but buried under carpets. This is poor handling of ills. All ills MUST be broadcasted loudly to all citizens so that each one of us is able to lookout for misconducts and poor handling of our problems in the country.

    • Like they did by telling us that the current president Edgar Chagwa Lungu stole from a widow and hence his practising certificate was withdrawn. Please tell us their sins so we know not to hire them!

  2. Laz has a code of conduct for its members. There is a procedure followed to suspend and de-register their Members. Even when Edgar Lungu was de-registered as a practicing Lawyer the same disciplinary procedures were followed. The 3 lawyers have only been suspended for now. They will be called to appear b4 a LAZ appointed Tribunal. That Tribunal will listen to evidence and decide whether or not they should be de-registered in terms of the Code. LAZ cannot de-register their members without first investigating and suspending and Hearing the Members. If it were Concourt the 3 Members would have been expelled without investigations,suspension and a Proper Hearing. Concourt can learn a few things from LAZ in as far as Legal Processes are concerned.

    • But ZICA was quick to comment on attack of LAZ offices but not misconduct of KITWE CITY COUNCIL DIRECTOR OF FINANCE what has happened ACCOUNTANTS members are freely misconduct themselves

  3. Lol…… Telling us what sins they have committed i think will be of help and those who hire them will be awear of their dirty deeds.hence it will help a number of people who go to them to be on safe side so tell us so dat we dnt judge them.

  4. Concourt judges are useless pepets of appointing authority so called hence can make objective decisions on their own but being directed.Brave LAZ and its President Linda Kasonde

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