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President Lungu delivers his State of the Nation Address as UPND MPs boycott again

Headlines President Lungu delivers his State of the Nation Address as UPND...

UPND MP's seats unoccupied in Parliament this morning
UPND MP’s seats unoccupied in Parliament this morning

President Edgar Lungu delivered his second State of the Nation Address in six months during a special session of Parliament on Friday morning.

The Head of State who spoke for slightly over 30 minutes spent the most time lamenting about the break down in family and national values and high poverty levels among Zambians.

The speech was littered with lamentations about the lack of patriotism and national pride among citizens but did little to provide solutions.

President Lungu did not state any new and concrete steps to realising his vision for Zambia.

He condemned the use of Afrikaans on the mines on the Copperbelt and the De-Zambianisation programme where Zambian miners are being replaced with South Africans.

President Lungu directed the Ministries of Mines and Labour and Social Securities to investigate such reports.

He also condemned what he called isolated attacks on Albinos and the growing incidents of ritual killings.

President Lungu spoke of the growing abuse of alcohol and condemned the coming back of Tujilijili which he said are now called Junta.

He has since directed the Secretary to the Cabinet to develop a framework for the application of the country’s national values and operationalisation of Zambia as a Christian Nation.

“We should not be a Christian Nation on paper but in deed and words,” he said.

On the issue of the enhanced Bill of Rights, President Lungu reiterated that the country has no money to run a referendum to deal with the Bill of Rights.

“Let us continue to dialogue over this issue bearing the costs after two costly elections. Let’s find a cheaper way of enhancing Bill of Rights. The demand from CSOs to have a new Bill of Rights now is untenable,” President Lungu stated.

He also directed the Secretary to the Cabinet to work with the Ministry of Education to ensure that sensitization on national emblems and symbols among citizens is undertaken.

President Lungu directed that the Secretary to the Cabinet must with the Ministry of Education to circulate hymn sheet of the National Anthem so that those that don’t know the words can learn.

He also condemned the illegal export of the Mukula tree, the quoting of foreign currency, false accounting, children indulging in Bonanza machines and citizens lack of interest in learning about Zambia’s history.

President Lungu has since encouraged Zambians to familiarise themselves with national heritage sites saying people should visit Chilenje House, the former home for founding President Kenneth Kaunda.

He also condemned some Chiefs who are in the habit of selling land to foreigners cheaply saying he does not want to see Zambians become squatters in their own land.

The Head of State directed that the Ministry of National Planning should ensure that the 7th NDP contains strategies on national land use plan and condemned the political cadres who are involved in illegal land allocation.

President Lungu’s address did not however touch on the state of the economy and the impending IMF economic recovery programme.

President Edgar Lungu shake hands with the Vice President Inonge Wina after the Nation address on the application of Constitutional Values and Principles whilst other Ministers looks on
President Edgar Lungu shake hands with the Vice President Inonge Wina after the Nation address on the application of Constitutional Values and Principles whilst other Ministers looks on

Meanwhile, UPND Members of Parliament have again boycotted President Lungu’s address to Parliament.

The seats where the UPND MPs normally sit were unoccupied with only Chilanga Keith Mukata attending the sessions.

As Mr Mukata walked into the House, PF MPs cheered him on and celebrated his entrance.

This is the second time that UPND MPs are staging a boycott of President Lungu’s appearance in the House saying they will continue doing so until the Constitutional Court hears the presidential petition.


  1. They will never win an election. They don’t understand Zambians. When Matibini tells them to behave they call him names. If their heads are functioning properly, they should never enter parliament again unless ni bana bamuchigololo cha HH

    • United Dunderhead Mps at their usual donkey tricks! When they are not visiting guesthouses with their supporters wives they are boycotting Parley!
      Hopeless, uninspiring cretins!

    • PF convention at parliament buildings, that’s what i only saw, there was nothing national about that gathering.

    • LT you have become crap. You just have to report without putting your opinions in your articles. Opinions belongs to features articles. Grow up bane and be professional. We dont need your opinion. The opinions are up to us the readers or like i said in features article.

    • It’s a very dull uninspiring speech. it has no theme and no focus. He has to blame the South Africans for high unemployment on the Copperbelt.
      His leadership is uninspiring, he has to pass responsibility by issuing directives.
      He needs to stay in Zambia( stop cruising around the world) and be a hands on leader.
      I know he has heard about the poverty and the unemployment but I doubt he has any emotions to feel for the people.
      All talk and no actions.

    • UPND has chartered a self annihiration cruize to doom. I doubt the political science education and antics of one Daglous Siakalima in the party president advisory office. Any emerging party with a character of maturity, strategy and national posture could easily relegate UPND to the history of failed utopia that killed UPND from potency to impotency.

    • Can’t believe they fail see that such aberant behavior is self innihilation in liberal politics of choices.

    • Those of you who are supporting the action of UPND ought to reexamine your patriotism and dedication to the country. This is petty for HH to keep manipulating his MPs to try and get back at ECL. This country is bigger than one individual or one ethnic group. It is disheartening to see that after several months UPND is stuck wishing they are in power. After the elections we must get together and rally behind our president, we don’t have to agree with everything he stands for. But if we are to move this beautiful nation forward, we can’t afford to lose time by politicking for 4 years for the sake of one individual. As the main opposition, you should be keeping the government in check not by boycotting national ceremonies or presidential speeches, but by participating and giving your…

    • Well done UPND! UPND can not sink so law to be addressed by Kaizer Zulu s hostage.

      Lungu is 150% controlled by Kaizer Zulu because Kaiser was instrumental in the rigging process. Thats why Kaiser is the new Fidel Chiluba but a dangerous one.
      Kaiser can rape Lungu s wife and daughter without any recourse. Lungu is so afraid of Kaiser that every time he wants to talk to him RB must present. Kaiser has beaten Lungu several times before.

      l personally would not like to be addressed by an illegal president who is spending all his time and money to frustrate the court proceedings.

      Their is Kaizer Zulu behaving as though he is above the law. I think Kaizer s pants are proving to big for him.

      Can some with real balls sort this id10t out.

      VIVA UPND.


    • Rubbish if what is reported here as State of the Nation address is all that the president addressed! Just as well that those who stayed away had sixth sense the speech would be useless and those that attended did it out of courtesy or party affiliation! Nothing strange about UPND MP’s staying away as such action still takes place in nations where Zambia’s copycat governance originates from!

    • Just one UPND MP made ECL feel so good that he even went to greet him, two more MP’s would have surely made him feel like a President.

    • LT, your reporter is either biased or misinformed. This address mandated by Art.8,9 & 86 of the constitution focused on national values & principles. It has nothing to do with IMF or economic achievements or direction but entrenching the very foundation of what holds the nation together to drive policy including economic policy. Reading full speech that you’ve kindly availed subsequently, I must say I’m very impressed with the direction this country is taking. It’s one of best speeches I’ve read from any politician & I hope govt will implement this important aspect of national identity, unity, value system & bedrock for development. God Bless Zambia!

  2. Hollow and uninspiring speech, its not for the current Zambia.
    Of course the absence of UPND is a clear demonstration that unless TRUTH is ascertained over the last presidential elections through the courts, Lungu remains an illegitimate president not worth attending his visionless speech in parliament.

    • Ba ndanje khakis ndimwe chingubu cha chibuku chabe, the guy was left out the adoption process, after that he never participated in the campaigns for party, he was mp from 2006 to 2016.info reaching us that a carrot has been dangled in front of him. You will soon see him been sworn in by the ever swearing in pf president.

      Viva UPND MPs

      For standing up for your rights.

      For not supporting irregularities and illegality
      For reminding pf’s chagwa that all the rights in our Constitution should be adhered to.

      The petition should be heard, because we have a right to be heard.

      Liberta! Liberta! Liberta

      Viva UPND.

    • @Munadhekane if ECL is an illegitimate president why do your useless MPs draw allowances from the government headed by a president they don’t recognize? Simply say these morons are cowards, just because their under 5 president threatened them with suspensions, they all coiled their tails between their legs when deep down their hearts they know that under 5 is wrong. Even learned ones like Lungwangwa who was the other day welcoming president Lungus speech also followed suit.What a bunch of Idy.ots they are!

    • Chovix they don’t draw allowances from the account for lungu’s father, but the national treasury, we pay taxes.

  3. They can stay away as many times as they can it makes no difference whether they are there or not. If they want they can stay away for G.

    • Clearly their staying away is hurting. That’s why PF don’t brag about what Lungu said in Parliament and his plan going forward. These boycotts are hitting to the core!

    • They will seek permission in 2021. That’s how it works in Zambia. The constituents are stuck and only have a say once in 5 years.

  4. He is complaining about Afrikaans!!! What about Chinese taking our jobs in every aspect of labour. Is it because Chinese are more corrupt that Afrikaans

    • No one has taken anybody’s JOB! There is WORK everywhere but Zambians can’t see the work because they are preoccupied with JOB hunting! The Chinese and Afrikaans are some of the most hardworking people I have known, able to convert bush into business! They convert work into jobs and yet some funny characters come and want to reap jobs they have not created! Sad that the entire president can sink so low to peddle such irrelevancies! Nebo nadambwa! Fili uko tuleya! I wish 1KZ can just spill the beans so that we open a new chapter! This is the wrong hire for this job!

  5. I was thinking that the presido would lay a serious visionally agenda for the development of this nation through his address to the nation in parliament on how he intends to fight corruption, break down in the rule of law and other vices. Am now wondering on the seriousness of the pipo running the affairs of this country

    • He’s disconnected from reality on the ground, He’s never around enough to have a grasp of reality.
      Being president is a honeymoon for him, it’s just time to make money for himself.
      The shallow speech has no set targets, no attainable goes.
      He runs away from personal responsibility by issuing directives he may not even follow up.
      It’s annoying to say the least.
      How did we end up with this mess of a leader?

  6. These guys are clever! It will be very difficult for the speaker to say UPND boycotted. Keith Mukata attended. There could have been one or two PF MPs who may have not made it. How many MPs of a political party should be absent to make a boycott? It should certainly be all.

  7. Truely our Leader His Excellency One ECL has delivered a thought provoking speech!

    All the major subjects have been covered!

    The abuse of alcohol is a very important subject as alcohol deestroys lives and homes!

    Expatriates from South Africa at the expense of hard working Zambians taking jobs is another issue he has touched on!

    The subject of Land for all Zambians has been touched on as well! (Ba Emmanual Mwamba I hope you’ve taken note! – don’t bring those boers here!)

    Many thanks Mr President Sir!

  8. He is making a fool of himself. Lies after lies.Fake news and no alternative facts.No end to stupidity.Why?
    This man is not a presidential material and i now support Fred M’meembe when he said that he is only fit to be councilor in monze.
    He should come to reality that people have moved on.
    Even during the 2015 by -elections,it was the same story.
    The chair lady of ECZ ireen Malimba had to summon his team and PF team and scrutinized all the results from one constituency to another and every body was satisfied with what Ireen Malimba did.
    What happened after this nobble exercise?He went on to say that PF has stole my votes.That is the reason why the chair lady said that if HH is saying they have stolen his votes,then we have stolen together with him.Some body can tell me why the…

  9. It is their democratic liberty to shun presidential speech in parliament though it is a cost on tax payers money should they be paid for absenteeism.I feel,even the presidential speech,should not be circulated among opposition members of parliament.What are they going to debate on when they abandoned listening to it?

  10. Of course the speech today was hollow. But normally whether the speech is good or hollow, nothing goes on on the ground. Many People are still jobless, people still go hungry. Though I am not in support of UPND MPs staying away, I still feel the Presidents address to parliament does not add value to the many Zambians who remain unemployed and hungry

  11. How can a sovereign nation allow itself to be taken over by racist boers ….Afrikaans!! This should be stopped dead in its tracks. The SA mine owners that doing this should be sent back to their country. Don’t allow them to import apartheid to Zambia.

    • You are sick, go buy yourself a mine and employ Zambians. They have a right to employ anyone as long as its within Zambian Law and the Afrikaans have a right to speak to each other in Afrikaans.

    • Gringo you are sounding sounding like a spineless chalatan. They need to seat their behinds in SA. Only allow the few to come to Zambia as per law requirements.

  12. People I think its time so stop using insults and name calling. In the interest of nation building let us uphold and respect each other. One Zambia….

    • Let Lungu start practicing what he says first. Why is he firing Tongas, Lozis and NWPersons from govt? What type of national unity is that?

    • This is a biased analysis of the president’s speech by a partisan reporter. Very fuulish reporting.

  13. Ask Edgar Lungu about that speech he read in parliament now (after 3 hours), he wont remember what he said! He says things that he does not believe in and that he cannot do. he is just a ceremonial president.

    • Him and his old wife Ester are the same just good and reading…even from his nice handwriting one can tell that the chap has too much time on his hands!!

  14. Lungu should realise that Respect and Recognition are earned. They are not forced or demanded. Addressing UPND MPs will not give the Legitimacy that he is yearning for. A proper Hearing of the Petition would restore his Legitimacy. We understand why Lungu wont allow the Zambian Courts becoz they will convict him for stealing Elections and illegally cling to State House. The guilty are very afraid..very afraid. Eventually the Petition will be heard whether Lungu likes it or not.


  16. useless speech just becouse people have been calling him chakolwa now he wants to pretend has if he bdoesnt drink tujilijili..rubish!

  17. It’s a very dull uninspiring speech. it has no theme and no focus. He has to blame the South Africans for high unemployment on the Copperbelt.
    His leadership is uninspiring, he has to pass responsibility by issuing directives.
    He needs to stay in Zambia( stop cruising around the world) and be a hands on leader.
    I know he has heard about the poverty and the unemployment but I doubt he has any emotions to feel for the people.
    All talk and no actions.

  18. UPND is a tribal party.its bantustan mps will ever behave like this until 2021.but what do they (upnd mps) achieve by behaving this way?nothing.ECL will be president of all Zambians (Kainde included) up to 2021!!!i just wonder what kind of politics HH is practicing.this man has divided Zambia badly and ECZ must not alllow Kainde to stand in 2021 for mother Zambia to unite.BRAVO ECL AND KEEP IT UP!!LET HATERS(UPND) LIVE IN F00LS PARADISE AS WE DONT CARE!!

  19. UPND is the worst political party Zambia ever had. They are too week, cowards, they have failed to win the popular mandate and think they can get to state house through false claims. Such acts as potential to divide the nation on ethnic grounds. They are promoting division instead of unity. GBV, is completely lost now. True patriotic Zambians are watching such acts. I WILL ASSURE YOU FOR THE LAST TIME THAT THIS PARTY WILL NEVER EVER FORM GORVERNMENT. Just as I stated prior to 2016 general elections.

  20. “The Head of State who spoke for slightly over 30 minutes spent the most time lamenting about the break down in family and national values and high poverty levels among Zambians”.

    This does not speak well for this administration.

    Only PF can get away with this kind of report to the Zambian people.

    I hope other dignitary where invited.

  21. tantwe I think you are just dull. You better go back to school for you to understand the political climate
    in the nation.

  22. That’s what happens when you belong to a Personal to holder Party. When Blood Thirsty egocentric Satanist farts all the followers jumps or else one would be sidelined like Dr CB.

  23. Kitwe Police, another road block mounted at St Johns convent. I want to warn motorists to avoid using that road because they will be inconvenienced. All they want is money from people. The ka road block strategically hidden from the Public so that the Minister may not know that they are still mounting roadblocks here in Kitwe

  24. What political climate namwe a Mbala? may be in Southern P. when 3/4s of Zambians voted for ECL. nothing will happen or let me say it like this UPND will do nothing no matter what they do or behave. Life goes on as usual unless to those who are still waiting for their HH to rule who has even stopped breathing, eating, working etc. that they can’t even think of their children and grand children busy dividing the country for getting that their sisters and brothers are in inter-marries.

  25. Ba LT respect your audience! Give us a polished product! What the hell is this:
    President Edgar Lungu shake hands with the UPND on Member in the National Assembly Kaith Mukata after the Nation address on the application of Constitutional Values and Principles whilst other Minister Rolnard Chitotela looks on

  26. When I say Lazy iscan utter waste of space this is what I mean. This is clearly a visionless id.oit next we will read about blocked drainage…we are all to blame!!

  27. I was hoping that he would deal with:
    1. Measures Govt is taking on ECZ is it true that some officials have left? And why?
    2. The barostse land issue is heating up, what Gov. is doing about it after PF promising to restore the agreement.
    3. While talking about corruption, I was hoping that he could have unleashed independent auditors on RDA, and give us an update on the Ndola stadium land issue were the Veep went to visit. What about the maize gate scandal?
    4. He spoke about teenagers patronizing bars and nite clubs and puts the responsibility on parents (I agree) but did not speak about action being taken against all the illegal bars that are being opened at every corner in the township.
    5. He spoke about leaders that they should have high moral integrity – really! Remember Sir the…

  28. contin
    5. He spoke about leaders that they should have high moral integrity – really! Remember Sir the Bill Clinton was almost impeached because of an indecent relationship with Monica? Look at your cabinet do you some who are openly having affairs with other peoples wives or husbands? Look carefully sir!
    6. I was hoping that he would eulogies Dr Savoiur Chishimba and offer his support for being courageous and zealous in the fight against corruption and assure him of protection.
    7. I was hoping that he will say something about the world bank bail out package

  29. He is the president of the country, albeit a fake one, so why just condemn the use of Afrikaans on the mines on the Copperbelt and the De-Zambianisation programme where Zambian miners are being replaced with South Africans when he can put an end to the nonsence pronto! You bet maybe he is busy teaching his children Bbunu language too, you can imagine the laugh Julius Lamema is now having out there in SA where the Boars are not tolerated.

  30. The only way to solve this is to allow the court hear the petition and allow the citizens to listen to the court proceedings rather than the 14 days issue.
    what did the president say which is new?
    Which christian country and government will still peoples money through corruption like the malawi maize scandal upto now the ministers have not returned our money which they got illegally.
    Actions speaks lounder than words.
    Well done UPND MPs it is a share wastage of time to listen to the same words every day without solutions.

  31. This is utter nonsense and childish, when do they accept, forgive themselves and others, then ,move on.

  32. Not moving on is what keeps PF supporters incensed and that is why they will keep winning elections. It is no secret that this is regional politics. You have to move on. You are in the legislature and not the executive. The people who voted for you need development and representation. At the rate this is going, I can guarantee you that the election in 2021 will follow the same cycle as 2016. UPND will again come out “a few tribes short”.

    • I see the same thing happening in 2021 as well – all this is doing is UPND accelerating the promotion of regionalism.


  34. Bravo to Hon Keith Mukata, even shaking the hands of His Excellent…..you are indeed your own man. You have proved that the term “UPNDonkey MPs” does not include yourself. It only applies to Hon Donkey Nkombo and the rest of the donkeys….
    I would have been shocked if today UPNDonkeys like Gary would have used their heads as humans do.

  35. Lungu signed the Amended Constitution with his eyes closed but the Petition clauses have come to haunt him. Lungu talks about things he knows nothing about. Lungu talked about introducing and legislating the expanded Bill of Rights. Until the Petitioners pointed out to the AG and Lungu’s Personal Legal Adviser, Lungu did not know that the current and limited Bill of Rights and under the High Court’s jurisdiction Exists. The AG didn’t know that current Bill of Rights enshrines the Rights to be heard in Court, the Right to protest an injustice, the Right to marry a woman of yr choice etc. Whats the point of introducing more Rights when the Illegitimate Lungu govt does not respect and accept current Human Rights enahrined in the Current Billl of Rights? Lungu is all talk but no Action.

  36. Actually if you look at the parliamentary chamber and think deeply, you will quickly realise that it looks better as it is than when those seats are filled with donkeys. I mean it literary, just imagine donkey heads on those nice seats and just imagine them trying to use the microphones.

  37. Zambia is a good country even fools like hh can head a political party,it’s six or so months since President Lungu opened Parliament and give a long speech and vision of what he he thinks we should archive as a nation in next one or five years,ministries are still presenting their first quarterly reports,and some of you think he Should have given a new vision ,I’m surprised that some people just like hh.

  38. What UPND are doing are showing bad example to the future MP it will be difficult for you to control the MP when you are in power. May God bless mother Zambia.

  39. Useless president! You can’t see that you are an illegitimate president that goes to show you that people don’t want you just resign and pave way for H.H. who is recognized president.

  40. “And offering an apology on behalf of the 54 MPs, Mazabuka MP and Upnd chief Whip Garry Nkombo said boycotting the President’s address was a breach of Parliament privileges and procedures.
    Mr Nkombo said in future, the Upnd MPs will abide by rules and procedures of the House”.
    reads part of the statement the first time UPND walked out of parliament.Balaba shani apapene less than a year???????

  41. It must have been excruciatingly painful for those who attended to listen to another boring empty speech! Surely the president must fire whoever wrote that speech! Or was it Kaizer? I think those who chose not to attend made the wise choice! This was another impromptu and miserable attempt to divert people’s attention from reality! It’s Good that people are beginning to see through the emperor’s clothes! What a word salad of a speech! Waste of time! ?

  42. with what upnd are doing, I don’t see them winning any pf cadres at all. they are, infact, annoying them further and as such I see the 2021 results coming exactly as they were last year.

    • It will actually be worse because other regions will actually turn up. All the UPND is doing is simply promoting regionalism.

  43. Just one UPND MP made ECL feel so good to the extent of even greeting him, two more MP’s would have surely made him feel like a President.

  44. “President Lungu spoke of the growing abuse of alcohol and condemned the coming back of Tujilijili which he said are now called Junta.” EL himself drinks a lot of Junta. I’m sure he took some before giving that speech.

  45. Lungu is complaining as though he is not president of half Zambia.
    What will ordinary Zambians do if the head of state complains about Afrkaans, alcoholism, lack of knowing national anthem the list goes on, but leaves Kaiser Zulu embarrassing the whole nation.
    Lungu keeps morning for lack of solution in sight to difficulties he will continue to encounter. Ignoring the national problems which he has done so far is equally giving him sleepless nights. More to come.

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