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A Right that is not Treasured nor Fought for and Defended is soon Lost-Miyanda


Bregedier General Godfrey Miyanda
Brigadier General Godfrey Miyanda


[By Brig Gen Godfrey Miyanda – 15th March 2017]

This article has been inspired by a blogger, Lusaka Times Columns 10th March 2017, 19@MyZambia at 4.39 pm, who commented on my article and suggested that I write about the suppression of media freedom and the attributes of a dictator. I have taken liberty to broaden and contextualise the topic and titled it as “A RIGHT THAT IS NOT TREASURED NOR FOUGHT FOR AND DEFENDED IS SOON LOST!” This is because I feel that, while the ongoing debate about media or press freedom in Zambia is the catalyst that has evoked the current passionate and furious debate on media freedom, it is imperative to understand that every right must not only be treasured but must be fought for and be defended. I believe that the loss of one right leads to the loss of other rights since the assailant and/or schemer is emboldened by his or her apparent success and gains an appetite to be even more vicious in his or her schemes.

The ongoing subtle “anti-media frenzy” in Zambia is clearly a well calculated stratagem to silence dissenting voices. Zambians have become vocal and are expressing their strong feelings without let or hindrance about the conduct of politician and other leaders and about corruption levels that have reached epidemic proportions. Thus to develop an efficacious strategy to nip in the bud the assault on the freedom of expression, citizens who are not part of the media fraternity must be won over and be convinced that this is not a war by and for the media practitioners; but that it is a war to defend the purposes of the Independence Struggle; it is about the very heart and soul and survival of the Zambian nation and all its peoples.

In this paper my lazy approach is to use an eminent military historian’s wonderful presentation in one of his books to answer @MyZambia’s request and, in the process, jolt citizens on the side-lines who may not realise that they are not only likely to be affected but are already engaged in this media war, albeit unknowingly. By modifying the question my task has been made that much easier.

I now introduce a stalwart in military history, one who in his lifetime had been articulate and who seemingly was gifted with unending visionary illumination and presented his thoughts simply that all levels of readers of the book will comprehend without a real struggle. My guest today passed on in 1970 but I came across his ‘little’ Big Book in 1974 – “little” because it is only 96 pages; big because the message for the world is Big, VERY BIG! Here he is, the late Captain Sir Basil H. Liddell Hart, speaking to you on dictatorship, through this verbatim excerpt from his book WHY DON’T WE LEARN FROM HISTORY? :

“Pattern of Dictatorship”

“We learn from history that self-made despotic rulers follow a standard pattern:

In gaining power, they exploit, consciously or unconsciously, a state of popular dissatisfaction with the existing regime or of hostility between different sections of the people. They attack the existing regime violently and combine their appeal to discontent with unlimited promises (which, if successful, they fulfil only to a limited extent). They claim that they want absolute power for only a short time (but “find” subsequently that the time to relinquish it never comes). They excite popular sympathy by presenting the picture of a conspiracy against them and use this as a lever to gain a firmer hold at some crucial stage.

On gaining power, they soon begin to get rid of their chief helpers, “discovering” that those who brought about the new order have suddenly become traitors to it. They suppress criticism on one pretext or another and punish anyone who mentions facts which, however true, are unfavourable to their policy. They enlist religion on their side, if possible, or, if its leaders are not compliant, foster a new kind of religion subservient to their ends.

They spend public money lavishly on material works of a striking kind, in compensation for the freedom of spirit and thought of which they have robbed the public. They manipulate the currency to make the economic position of the state appear better than it is in reality. They ultimately make war on some other state as a means of diverting attention from internal conditions and allowing discontent to explode outward.

They use the rallying cry of patriotism as a means of riveting the chains of their personal authority more firmly on the people. They expand the superstructure of the state while undermining its foundations – by breeding sycophants at the expense of self-respecting collaborators, by appealing to the popular taste for the grandiose and sensational instead of true values, and by fostering a romantic instead of a realistic view, thus ensuring the ultimate collapse, under their successors if not themselves, of what they have created. This political confidence trick, itself a familiar string of tricks, has been repeated all down the ages. Yet it rarely fails to take in a fresh generation”. END OF QUOTATION.

Sounds familiar? Indeed why don’t we learn from our own Zambian history: of waging the independence struggle together yet forgetting why? Of the cunning introduction of the One Party State and its aftermath? Of using ethnicity as a weapon while condemning it? Of the successful heroic campaign for the return to a multi-party system, which culminates in the contradictory Third Term Bid? And now, of organised violence against journalists and shutting down a number of media houses while bidding for a Third Term? I say to @MyZambia, I hope you and your group are ready to learn from our own short but tumultuous Zambian history. Start now, educating one another, respecting other people’s views, upgrading the level of debate from partisan and personality quarrels to sharing real life experiences and ideas. Let us all begin to learn from history. I thank you @MyZambia for creating the opportunity for me to share Sir B.H. Liddell Hart’s thoughts in his 1944 classic book, relevant and timely, even 72 years today.

I take off my hat and lift it high to Captain Sir B.H. Liddell Hart posthumously, whose treatise to me is a never-ending prophecy of the folly of ignoring life’s experiences.

Our task, all of us, is to be alert and nip in the bud signs which have been so clearly listed and analysed by Sir B.H. Liddell Hart. They are relevant and applicable to Zambia. Our own late Matty P would have said ‘Don’t argue, you were not there’. The English would quip “forewarned is forearmed”. The Bible reveals succinctly that “The Writing Is On The Wall”. And I say “start learning now and never stop fighting for and defending your rights!!!”

[15TH MARCH 2017]


  1. Martin Niemöller, an outspoken priest said about Adolf Hitler and the Nazi regime during the Second World War. Niemöller perfectly explains why it is our revolutionary duty to defend democracy with all our might everywhere where it is threatened:

    “First they came for the Communists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Communist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
    Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew.
    Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    (NUMSA 2017,Quoted from NUMSA response to E. Mwamba)

  2. “The ongoing subtle “anti-media frenzy” in Zambia is clearly a well calculated stratagem to silence dissenting voices.”

    Then, immediately:

    “Zambians have become vocal and are expressing their strong feelings without let or hindrance about …..”

    This is a contradiction in principle debunking the proposition. It is a highly self defeating statement that introduces doubt in the mind of any keen mind.

    • 3@guliat at 7.08: No contradiction atall. Just because people are resisting a despot does not mean there is no despot; many are cowed into silence. The suppression is being resisted, initially by a few and if it continues more and more who feel the pinch join in but still the suppression and the effects of intimidation are there: MUVI TV is not really the same after being closed; Prime TV is struggling and careful about what and how to present their news.

    • I see it diffrently. They is a healthy environment of debate currently GOING ON not necessarily suppression.

      “MUVI TV is not really the same after being closed; Prime TV is struggling and careful about what and how to present their news.”
      As far as that observation, I see it more of an introspective approach. Government can’t just wake up and start suppressing them without outrage. It is an opportunity for them to be more legally inoculated in their approach. A good media will always be fearless yet give no loop holes for litigation.

  3. Gen Miyanda left out one important attribute -the one tyrants exhibit before they gain power.Tyrants will always stir a war or other disaffection so that the people may require a leader. And Tyrants are seldom free; the cares and the instruments of their tyranny enslave them.

    • 4@Enka at 7.15: pse note paragraph 4 of the Quotation stating “they ultimately make war”; this addresses what you say even though not the exact words or sense.

  4. Just the other day Chilufya Tayali made a statement criticising the State over the Post Newspaper matter, Tayali himself runs an online news outlet. The undertones of most of the anti Govt statements being issued on it’s handling of the media are of “Govt Suppression of the Media”. I challenge those who feel the Govt has deliberately targeted the Post to carry out an investigation on these other (equally crticial) Private media companies’ Tax payments, how much is owed to the State and whether they have been paying. The Post Newspaper case is simple, Fred M’meembe opted not to pay what was due to the State, despite having the funds readily available he opted to acquire more assets both personal and for his company, assets such as real estate and motor vehicles. He had over 5 years…

    • Noted Sir, which is why I would like to refer to the velvet glove approach the State is pursuing in engaging the media. For example the appointment of the current Min of Information and her more embracing engagement with media has shown how sincere the State is. Her predecessor was often labelled as using a more confrontational approach, I think never in Zambia’s history have we had a more free media than we have today, Chiluba’s brutal tactics in trying to suppress the media still resonate and we should rather applaud our achievements than demean them.

  5. Ctn.. He had over 5 years to clear his accumulating debt yet didn’t. I beg to differ Sir on the undertones of your article, the current Govt has infact used a velvet glove as opposed to a hammer in all matters to do with media and freedom of expression- with the mushrooming of so many Media outlets and media platforms that allow exchange of opposing views on the national discourse, this is infact testament to the current Govt’s stance which is to encourage a free and robust media to flourish!

    • 5 and 6@2020vision at7.37 and 7.41 am: u have missed the thrust of the article which is urging “resisting attempts to take away rights, including media freedom and freedom of speech”. Nowhere have I supported in the article have I discussed or supported failure to pay debts. Debts must be paid; but comment on the treatise by Sir Liddell Hart///

  6. The general’s theory lacks merit right from the moment he asserts that Zambians are freely ” expressing their strong feelings without let or hindrance about….”

    Therefore the center is off balance and if scrutinized further will simply crumble to an empty shell. We are no longer in that era when information is a prerogative of a few! On this score alone I could easily say this is a purely political statement with a clear agenda, nothing more.

    • 7@guilat at 7.44 am: If everything I have stated is political may I suggest that at least you take note of and comment on my title “A Right that is not Treasured nor Fought for and Defended is soon Lost”; there are many rights, not just media freedom but they have to be fought for and defended by you if you don’t want to lose them. Public out cry led to the re-opening of Komboni radio and other closed media. There are attempts to close The Mast – the strategy is to shut down any voice that says what they do not like. Read again Sir Liddell Hart’s presentation above. Also see my comment @3.1 above.

    • We all know what happened that led to Komboni radio to be temporarily be closed. It was by any standard unfortunate. But there was a legitimate (debatable though) reason behind the closure. The Mast’s problem are related to assets in use by them that are in fact the defunct Post’s. The idea that you can transfer assets that belong to a liquidated entity without legal repercussion is a falsity. General, for once who will believe that Mrs Mmembe is the one running the Mast?
      However, that is not the point at all. It is impossible to imagine that the Mast is being oppressed squarely for its own sake. There is no media persecution at all!

  7. vote
    General, could you consider writing about the suppression of the free press and what it is an indicator of. Take it from the angle of attributes of a dictator. You don’t need to mention anyone but merely state the results of your research. I am asking you because your seem to have a knack for well researched arguments which I think we would benefit from as a group. Its a request to be refused or agreed.
    End of quote from @my Zambia..request to Godfrey.
    After careful analysis of this request and the response GM gave to @my zambia, it’s clear that GM is the same as @my Zambia. I don’t know why he is trying to hide in another name. I will respond to your trash soon.

    • @Brg Gen Retard oh sorry retired.
      Could you please help me understand the issue of freedom of expression, speech and information. E.g. when you say media rights are been suppressed how does that happen? Also do these medium operates in a vacuum, I mean are there no rules and laws that regulates them? If they are governed by laws and they wilfully disobey them, should their regulators just seat and watch because they have the so called media rights? My last question is how many media houses are currently closed down for no reason.?

    • 8@HH OVAL HEAD at 7.46 am: It is beneath me to hide my identity; I have been contributing using my names, unlike you! Since you have lied your proposed analysis will amount to nought as it is defeated and will be overshadowed by your own lie – I am NOT @MyZambia!!!!

    • HH OVAL HEAD take that challenge like a real man and give us your real name, simple and straight forward. I like this from the General, you only find such kind of responses on Zambian watchdog, yes editors on Zambian watchdog respond to bloggers, something you will never find on LT.

    • 8.1@HH OVAL HEAD at 8.24 am: since you have decided to be personal and insult me by calling me a retard I shall not respond to your comments as I am learning nothing from you. I was right when I posted at 8.2 that your “analysis” will be overshadowed by your lie.It has happened. Byeeeeeeeeeee///

    • The retard part aside (well maybe that’s uncalled for-a simple apology would be in order, my man) HH oval head has asked serious and pertinent questions which you seem to be avoiding, General, Sir!! There is no lie here just plain questions from a citizen who refuses to be mislead but instead know the truth and understands the Laws of the land.

    • @Zambia citizen

      It’s very simple to know the temperament of someone. Simply try to divert from his line of thought and bring in something contra or deliberately step on his toes and the true character will be revealed. I knew the gen argument on his article is below par and I wanted him to learn something but he has resisted. It’s not th÷ insult part but the learning part he is avoiding. He thinks we are retards like the upnds who takes every trash from anyone insulting the govt. However i admire his achievement of becoming a Brg Gen not a politician because he is a dictator. Imagine him in the shoes of Ecl, all these opposition would have been hit back. Thanks to Ecl because he is a true democrat.

    • Okay, will answer 8.0 and 8.1
      Evidence of suppression of the free press is as follows:
      1. State media – TV, radio and newspapers – that are stooges of the ruling party, lack objectivity and balance in reporting on national affairs.
      2. Denial of national licenses to radio stations who have applied (eg Radio Phoenix).
      3. Closure of radio stations on flimsy unsubstantiated grounds.
      4.Closure of the Post newspaper on trumped up tax charges without offering a repayment option or even receivership.
      5. Persecution of journalists and independent media.

    • 8.6@Zambian Citizen at 10.17 am: I am very surprised you have not read the lie in @8HH OVAL HEAD at 7.46!The giant lie is that I am masquerading as @MyZambia which you seem to condone. Instead you should have asked your friend for evidence of my alleged deceitfulness; this lie attacks my integrity and unjustifiably so. In which name should I answer, tell me? If it is a sin by your standard to decline to comment on such diatribe SO BE IT. Curiously @ 8.9 Vision has responded “for me”; read also my comment @8.5 at 9.47 am for a perfect closure!!!

  8. It is often difficult to be objective when one has a political bais that often reeks of a desire to be president

    • @9 afro hh at 7.50: if you disagree with my comments, at least comment on the verbatim above by a great historian. Set the example about being objective by not discussing me. Am not here for any campaign///

    • @9 afro hh at 7.50: if you disagree with my comments, at least comment on the verbatim above by a great historian. Set the example about being objective by not discussing me. Am not here for any campaign///

    • But is there anything wrong with one having aspirations of being a President? Isn’t this the same thing being discussed here? The General is not campaigning for political office here but merely writing on a subject that affects all of us. We need freedom in all circles of life if we are to grow as a nation. Indeed if we don’t fight for our rights then who will? As for me, and if i were serving in a public office, I really would not mind what the media is writing as long as I know that I am doing nothing wrong, and the only way for one not to go wrong is by first respecting the Constitution of this country. This unfortunately is lacking starting from Parliament, Judiciary, and the Executive.

      Now we have in power people who have no respect of the laws of this land, would you…

  9. General, It will obviously have to take you another long article to explain this contradiction you have clearly portrayed here. But I suppose that’s the whole idea! To attract attention in meanderings and musings. No BA General, you are better than that. Think about it.

    • 10@guilat at 8.04. No further article. I have thought about it: yours is a mere Argumentum ad Hominem style. Let us agree to disagree. Byeeeeeeee///

    • It must occur to us that the principle of having, to quote you ” expressing their strong feelings without let or hindrance about….” in the midst of, again to quote you, “Zambians have become vocal and are expressing their strong feelings without let or hindrance about …..” must be a phenomenon other that than your presupposition of media persecution. Otherwise how do you explain these two contradiction notions? The principle of oppressed freedom is what you are inevitably espousing here and it will take longer than an article to elucidate and later on explore.

  10. Brigadier General Miyanda is right……… The best leader does not block his enemy’s expression. He must hear what his worst critics have to say as a way to evaluate or examine his actions. Normally, no one can expect a strong rebuke from his best friend but a critic may use strong words instead.
    Best leaders are best because of the way the treat their enemies. Jesus is our example….
    Jesus never suppressed the Pharisees , saduceees and lawyers….
    Surely , human being who are fallible must exercise power with great restraint, great love……
    Self centeredness is the sin that must be eradicated in our heart. Zambian Leaders especially PF must show christlike leadership…..HH,Miyanda,Nawaki and others do not hold the rein of power….

  11. thats the problem with us zambians,the general has valid points and instead of focusing on his well articulated and referrenced artile we are now attacking him,making it personal,let us be objective because this article is for us all and if no one can see that then we are lost in the abyss of ignorance

  12. Everyone has a position on whether there is media suppression in Zambia or not. But it takes a really magnificent imagination to conclude, on account of one media that has purposefully decided to abrogate tax requirements, that the media in Zambia is being oppressed.

    • @guliat, would you be in a position to ask all media houses in Zambia to release their tax returns? If not then you need to shut up.

    • Good contribution, You and the Chitimukulu (lately) are really adding value to this forum, unlike the majority who are just the big mouth who are here to insult and dishonour others. And such people are on both sides of the isle namely PF and UPND.
      Its good you ignore the distractors.

    • Thanks for the article General. The likes of Gulliat and HH Oval head, these just have to be left the way they are. There is nothing one can do about it. Even if you saw a lion on the way and try to warn them to turn back they will argue with you. Such types only realize when a lion starts harming them. These likes were there even during the time of Hitler fiercely supporting the Nazi criminal.

  13. That is the the problem I have with you Gen (rtd.)-you always want to mislead and as my colleagues have pointed out with hidden interests: @9afro, 8.1oval head. “…Of the successful heroic campaign for the return to a multi-party system, which culminates in the contradictory Third Term Bid? And now, of organised violence against journalists and shutting down a number of media houses while bidding for a Third Term?”-you continuously refer to the ongoing eligibility debate as a third term bid yet you have failed to quote from the Constitution (which you are suppose to as Sunday Chanda previously did) so as to consolidate your argument. I read with extreme pleasure yesterday how the Chitimukulu produces well researched articles that have clear backing. I am sure you can do better…

  14. Then the shutting down of media house-Komboni radio, Muvi TV, the Post clearly violated written down Laws of Zambia yet you fail to highlight these issues and conclude that it is a systematic shutting down of media houses?? If I don’t pay Insurance for my vehicle for example and I support the UPND but then police impound my car, should I say the police is biased and only target those from opposition??

  15. The media must be above bode to be effective – to be truly the fourth estate. They are voice of the people, the conscious of the oppressed. But as soon as anyone of them become compromised AND entangled in agendas trivial to their mandate, of course, their enemies with all due respect to their core mandate have reason to litigatiously, not necessarily oppressive, to strangle them to oblivion. That is a purely civilized and lawful manner in which to move forward.

  16. In short if they had paid their tax obligations what reason would their enemies have had to, note, to take them to court? The enmity between an allegedly oppressive government and the independent media is an healthy enmity that helps keep the balance. As soon as the media put their guard down as to become compromised, in this case, even go to the extent of egoistically refusing a repayment arrangement of undisputed tax obligations, they leave themselves open to due punishment. It is so obvious.

  17. HH Oval Head that is uncalled for behaviour you are exhibiting! Brig General Miyanda is a Statesman and ultimately also an elder! But what is happening here is a curious albeit almost ironic scenario.
    HH Oval Head has asked a question, the manner he has done it is clearly offensive to the General, now the subject we are debating is media suppression so aren’t you Sir equally suppressing free expression by not answering Oval Head’s question as annoying the manner he might have asked it?

    • 22@2020vision at 10.42:sorry I had penned off at 09.53. I am definitely not suppressing free media expression. To suppress is to PREVENT someone from expressing their view. I have not done that. I have my ground rules for my debate, which is that I do not respond the irrelevant matter raised e.g. “you retard”; are you sure I should be responding to such? I am capable of defending my honour but is it worthwhile? My answer is no to quarrels, yes to debating the topic. Remember I said we must cross-pollinate? How can we do that if we call each other names? Let there be a column for insults and let the birds of a feather flock there.

    • @guliat, would you be in a position to ask all media houses in Zambia to release their tax returns? If not then you need to keep quiet.

    • Kikikiki I know @ndanje I sympathise with you for having your freedom of expression been trumped on by the retired General. He wants to sound like he is a democrat and yet he’s real dictator. What he classified as insult by me can not be the same with what Ecl receives everyday but he never retaliate. If he can show such attitude to a simple blogger like me when he holds no political power what more if he was head of state. Say something my man. Don’t be intimidated by the rtd General. This is actually what he is advocating.

    • 23@Ndake Khakis at 10.52: Sorry I had penned off at 09.53. You are free to comment even to disagree. Remember the last time we “talked” you posted a good Lent message for me to forget the past which, though I am not a Catholic, I accepted. And then a little later you declared that you would never engage me. Really it is up to you to comment. Please read my last postings and you will see that it is you who had the last word. I will not stop you but if you veer from the topic I simply will not respond because we are like playing a game of chess and you use the rules of darts. Rgds//

  18. Thank you @General Miyanda for this illuminating article. I have never heard of Captain Sir Basil H. Liddell Hart but he, indeed, had a BIG message for people. His pattern of dictatorship is definitely familiar. I am sure we have experienced that somewhere… This inability to learn from our MISTAKES is why we never develop as a people and country. Where rights have clearly been abrogated, you will find staunch defence and these are educated people who should know better. Examples are aplenty, just look at the comments on this article. The country needs a serious change of mindset. You are right, we need to start somewhere. We need to learn to defend our rights. We can take a leaf from our Asian friends. See how they organize mass peaceful protests that result in change. We can clearly see…

    • We can clearly see media freedom is under threat, women batterers are being shielded, opposition party members are being harassed and individual citizens that dare to say anything remotely critical to government are somehow silenced, but we are sit and do nothing. A right that is not treasured nor fought for and defended is soon lost for sure.

    • 24@MyZambia at 11.45: you have made my day; I was thinking why did I bother to respond? It is a pity other readers are not commenting on the quotation but on me! The book is a gem and though small covers History and Truth, Government and Freedom and War and Peace as subtitles. Rather than invent the wheel I let the author “speak” to the LT family. Listen to this further quote “… freedom means the right to be true to your convictions, to choose your course, and decide whether the course is worth service and sacrifice. That is the difference between the free man and the state slave.” @MyZambia be free to fight for your rights. Gunite///

  19. The freedom of the press or media should be exercised and enjoyed with the responsibility that comes with it.

    There is no place on earth that has ever advocated for irresponsibility in freedom of expression. Being a media organization does not license you to be a law breaker.

    If you are in the media industry and you choose to break the law, you are being like a step child who deliberately acts rude to the parents knowing that the neighbours will defend her thinking the parents are mistreating her because she is not their biological child.

    So this child can lean on that support from the neighbours and use it to mistreat her parents by committing every wrong knowing they will not want to talk for fear of embarrassments from the neighbours who know nothing about the actual conduct…

    • 25@Peace for Zambia at 11.51: I agree with your opening remarks and I emphasise, in agreement, by declaring that to every right there is a corresponding responsibility. E.G. you have a right to protect your property but of you kill an intruder you will be charged with a criminal offence and you will have to prove that you did not use too much force. But even for a suspected murderer the due process of the law has to be followed to the letter///

  20. I hope I have not come out as a ravenous wolf scowling for the last bits of carcass to criticize the General. I hold the general in high esteem for his courage, advocacy for rights, constitutionality etc. He deserves respect and admiration in this regard. However, it is very easy to criticize others which we all, including the General is aware of and often provoke undesired reactions. The balance to be both critical and yet sincere takes a lot of self introspection. We are all, without exception, prone to this failure. Bigger names have been victims to this.

    But as for General, let us keep the balance. My best regards.

  21. I have no understanding of General Miyanda’s motivation in writing some of his articles. I believe he does not need a job from these people and I believe he is not scared of them. I think Miyanda is just a patriot who wants the young people to rise up to the challenge of leadership and make their future better. He sees the people in power currently as reversing the trends of people having the freedom that was fought for and relegating them to the dark ages. That is my analysis, because I am the anaylser. Thanks BOSS, sorry General.

  22. Hardly read a single word……The man should become some columnist in some old magazine. Any fyakwe ifyo…Am outta here. Yawn

    • 28@Timbukutu Siyanga at 12,12 pm: Yawning is a sign of tiredness or boredom. Ala after reading your post at 01.45 na ambula YAWAAAAAAN; thank you bo Siyanga – YAWAAAAAN! Goooooooone///

  23. Thank you general for the article. Your boldness is admirable, so is your intellect. At this juncture, I invite you to post an article regarding the essence of a Fearless and Responsible Press. Highlight consequences of reckless journalism, citing such well-documented cases as the Rwanda genocide et all. Make mention the need for press pundits to exercise restraint or be restrained for the greater good of society. I have no doubt that given your masterly of the pen, you will argue the topic as forcefully as you would the reverse side. As the saying goes: each side of the argument has it’s pros and cons. I eagerly await your favorably consideration of my humble request.

    • Yours is a proper request but believe me you are asking too much from the rtd General. Ask him anything against pf he will answer outrightly.

    • @29 flag Chalo Nkhanza,

      You know, I have observed that Gen. Miyanda and the defunct Post Newspaper have the same characteristics, unfortunately.

      You know this world has two types of people:-
      1) those who take a side (or position) and make it known and clear that they have a position
      2) those who take a side (or position) and pretend they are neutral

      The defunct Post Newspaper used to pretend they were neutral for a long time and deceived many people in the process. but over time people reviewed their behavioral trends and began to realize that they were, after all, not neutral as they portrayed themselves but were deceptive and canning .

      I am more comfortable with open people; people who will not deceive but make clear who they are and what they stand for.

    • 29@Chalo Nkhanza at 1.00 pm: Greetings. I have three outstanding topics lined up. But now I want to address the President’s address to Parliament on 17th march which takes priority. Maybe after that I can have a go at your suggested topic///

  24. I am late to this, why General didn’t you become president in 2001. Again when president mwanawasa asked you to be vice to him? We could have avoided Sata and his ways by now.

  25. He is a pride comrade just like OVAL HEAD. These two are real political comedians we have in zambia. They.don’t know how to read the political clock and mood. OVAL HEAD was equally asked to be MC sata vice and he refused. Now tell me where OVAL HEAD would’ve been now if not state house.

  26. Ala, so Godfoolish Miyandaring is still alive, but I thought someone told me that he died some time back? He was one hell of a lousy soldier with his alleged coup plotting habit.

  27. Thank you for this educative article General,it has reminded us of what we already know but unfortunatey forgotten.Don’t pay attention to these trolls who are trying to debunk the wisdom in your article.Most of them are emissaries of babylon whose aim is to plunder the innocent citizens of Zambia.

  28. Nice write up but but but. But Bwana Miyanda you’re a RETIRED general so lets also respect that rule if you’re gonna expect tyrants to respect the rules of a civilized and law and order society.

    • 34@@Mzambia wa Zamani at 10.47 pm: I am afraid I do not understand what you have posted. Educate me before I respond; I hope you have understood what you have posted///

  29. An educative article ba BGGM. It’s interesting to note that the psychology of Dictatorship has been known for a long time and books on early warning tale-tell signs written “Yet it rarely fails to take in a fresh generation”.

    • 35@BRABUS.. at 11.41: How true. I feel our home work should be to answer this very question! If I was there I would have asked the author to change the title to “Why We Don’t Learn from History” and focus on the “WHY WE DON’T” in order to prepare “THE FRESH GENERATION!” for their journey.

  30. Brig General Sir,
    as the sayings goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I hope I’m not delving into a completely different subject but nontheless it is a rare opportunity one gets to engage with a highly respectable public figure as yourself on social media so I believe best I seize the opportunity. The phenomenon of “fake news” though only recently making headlines has been with us in Zambia for some time now, Zambian Watchdog the pro UPND site has been a source of hate speech bordering on the outright inciting of violence, aren’t such outlets a true danger as they too suppress the real truth and in the crusade to suppress such “fake news” outlets the State runs a risk of being labelled anti-free media?

    • 36@2020vision at 12,21 am: It is not a completely different subject; it is related for I would classify it either as ‘abuse of media’ or ‘exceeding one’s right in the defence of one’s right’. Sorry may be this does not make sense. However there is always “fake news”; news people slant or angle their stories or with hold facts to achieve a pre-determined objective. Sometimes news is actually fake; at other times the facts are slightly tampered with or coloured.. There is no excuse for hate speech whatever the source. In fact the State also participates in this as their editors observe “editorial policy”.

  31. After the 1991 historic elections, there was so much enthusiasm that we were headed in the right direction as a nation, however, I realised we had lost direction when Enoch Percy Kavindele informed the nation on radio live from a function at Kabwe ati: Kuno naikaba! nama Generals balebutuka!

  32. Let me just comment a little. The press must be responsible to the audience because they have the power to build or destroy. This has been proved many times over. And to use the press wrecklessly to deliberately destroy a reputation is what Vernon Mwaanga calls “gutter journalism “(referring to a Post article) . Also government must accept when its wrongs are “responsibly ” reported …praises can be a disguised flattery which does not help development. Mixing failure to full fill obligations with being “victimized ” is to take undue advantage of the unsuspecting readership. In a nutshell situations must be studied before formulating opinions.

    • 38@Ndake Khakis at 2.11 pm: I agree with your comments, especially your phrase “praises can be a disguised flattery”. In my article the author Liddell Hart uses the word SYCOPHANT which means “a person who tries to win favour by flattery”. Another meaning “a person who tries to gain people’s favour by insincere praise or always agreeing with them”. Your comments are spot on; the idea is to take advantage of the ignorant who are usually in the majority whom you have described as ‘unsuspecting readership’. It is a pity that news media and some leaders deliberately mislead their readers/followers by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge///

    • 39@Chibuluma at 2.08: sorry I was just visiting the site and belatedly found your posting (I suspect you have hidden the killer punch of your question by not adding “at your age?!!!”). Am still playing and hope I can continue; recently “court battles” have interfered bcoz of need to research. It is a healthy spot and not so long ago was rated best health sport in the world out of 10. By the way, it is my practice, after posting, to hang around and respond to comments; then later return to see if there are more comments to respond to. But thanks for your interest///

  33. I am a Chibuluma squash product. I have followed you so closely thru your political career. Proud of you.
    We will have a game when I home I pray.

    Stay Blessed

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