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ZCTU’s accuses Labour Minister of inciting workers

General News ZCTU’s accuses Labour Minister of inciting workers

Zambia Congress of Trade Unions General Secretary Comas Mukuka with Zambia Congress of Trade Unions deputy General Secretary Elaston Njovu during a Press briefing at Zambia Congress of Trade Unions offices
Zambia Congress of Trade Unions General Secretary Comas Mukuka with Zambia Congress of Trade Unions deputy General Secretary Elaston Njovu during a Press briefing at Zambia Congress of Trade Unions offices

The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) has described as regrettable the statement attributed to Labor Minister Joyce Simukoko that the labor movement in Zambia is weak.

ZCTU Secretary General Cosmas Mukuka says contrary to Ms. Nonde’s suggestion the labor movement is in fact working very hard in resolving labor issues in the Country.

Mr. Mukuka states that this explains why Zambia has continued to enjoy industrial harmony.

He says the sense that the ZCTU is however making out of Ms. Simukoko’s suggestion is therefore that she is only trying to make Zambia ungovernable by inciting workers against their employees.

Mr. Mukuka states that his union is disappointed that the Labor Minister has not realized that such careless statements as she recently made have the potential to destabilize industrial harmony.

He has advised Ms. Nonde to avoid using her position as Minister to settle old scores with the current leadership of the labor movement.

Mr. Mukuka is encouraging Ms. Nonde to focus on issues of raising national productivity levels besides on other labor matters requiring her attention.

The ZCTU Secretary General was speaking this morning at a media briefing held in Lusaka.


  1. You are a usless labour union.

    Why have you been quite all this time. You are only making noise now because NUMSA of south African defended the layed off post workers.

  2. The Labour Minister is right and she is even gracious in her words. You don’t exist to represent workers but your stomachs

  3. Kiki you you are useless bought labour movement. While post workers were losing jobs due to pf persecution you were quiet and it had to take the south African movement to stand up for free press and Zambian jobs. Please do us a favour and disband that joke of a union.

  4. MUZ is usually manipulated by Mining companies which will arrange negotiate venues at exotic places. They transported by air.

  5. I agree with statement from the minister this labor movements are very useless and very corrupt thus why we have more fake expatriates with references no qualifications but chewing money for Zambians and l wonder how they get their work permit because is us Zambian who votes we are getting peanuts in our soil for example if one expatriate with trade test in mechanics is getting monthly about $78000, how many Zambian can share that money especially in lumwana, mopani, KCM, Kansanshi and kalumbila mines. If our fore fathers fought for independence we can also fought for equal qualification and equal pay

  6. When you read statements from both Nonde and Mukuka, you get an impression that the two have swapped their roles. Strange how a labour movement official would speak in a government tone.

    • Roles have been swapped for sure.
      Corruption by the Mines is rife. They have corrupted all the following;

      Chamber of Mines. This guy must be investigated by ACC, Nathan. Check his earnings against his work and businesses.

  7. No union representatio in zambia. If we had a way of running away from monthly contributions to these broad day light thieves we would do that. We don’t know whether govt has imposed a wage freeze on the civil service or not. Its a big shame. When you visit their offices you can tell that they are there just to enjoy our money. I think its high time these thugs are held accountable of our hard earned money. These unions are seriously abusing funds and each time you go there you find another position has been created to suit their demands. Most of them have their stomachs threatening to burst. Its time we woke up guys……the money they misappropriate is hard earned.

  8. “Mr. Mukuka states that this explains why Zambia has continued to enjoy industrial harmony.”Mr mukuka you are stupid indeed,the employer are suffering and you deadly inform Zambian that all is well,

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