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Luano District Deputy Council want Health Post construction speeded up


Chief Chikupili of Luano
Chief Chikupili of Luano
Luano District Deputy Council Chairperson Benford Katiti has urged Health authorities to consider speeding up the construction of Health posts in various parts of this District.

Mr. Katiti told ZANIS that his office is aware that 4 health posts were earmarked to be constructed in Luano as part of the 650 health facilities that were to be constructed countrywide.

He said that the need for health post has been a long standing aspiration in communities of areas such as the valley Chiefdoms of Chembe, Mboroma and Mboshya.

He observed that in Chief Chembe’s Liteta area, the Contractor for the earmarked health post has not even come on site, adding that the situation is causing worry amongst residents as well as Civic Leadership.

Mr. Katiti also took this opportunity to commend President Edgar Lungu’s decision to involve the security wings such as Zambia Army as well as Zambia National Service in civil construction works such as roads and other infrastructure.

Meanwhile, data obtained from Luano District Health Office showed that only Copper Mine health post had been completed over the past 12 Months.

Other health posts yet to be constructed in this District are Liteta and Chembe posts in Chief Chembe, as well as Mulembo in Senior Chief Mboroma’s domain.


    • You can clearly see the difference here. The chief has apple watch and a good shoe while his subject, and not only subject but a person who knows the secret this chief hides from his wife, looks poor and miserable. Can we please stop this nonsense as a country mwe. I really don’t like it.
      I know a chief represents a tribal group but Zambians today have inter-married and have mixed children of different tribes. Ikuchula uku sure awe mwe. Please let us stop this id!ocy left by the British colonists.
      Also the mayor/PS/Minister/District administrator should not have kapasozi (security), this is daylight abuse of individual liberty. I know it is a job, but I am 100% these dudes have no happiness in their jobs. It is a very bad job look no strength.

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