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FDD’s Chifumu Banda calls for convention to elect new Party leaders


Expelled Party Vice President Chifumu Banda
Expelled Party Vice President Chifumu Banda

Save Forum for democracy and development-FDD committee chairperson Chifumu Banda has called for dialogue with the current party president Edith Nawakwa in order to resolve the current challenges that the opposition political party is facing.

Mr. BANDA pointed out that if the current divisions that have hit the party are not resolved, FDD may be heading for doom.

He also called for the national convention to elect new leaders adding that party members are ready to mobilize money for such gathering.

And Save FDD committee national coordinator Lawrence Mwelwa says members will ensure that the party is saved from being destroyed by a few individuals.

Dr. Mwelwa added that it is clear that the party has failed leadership because it does not want to be governed by its constitution.


Save FDD committee national coordinator Lawrence Mwelwa
Save FDD committee national coordinator Lawrence Mwelwa

And FDD Spokesperson Antonio Mwanza Issued the following statement

Following a press briefing by Mr Chifumu Banda and his cohorts purporting to be a Save FDD Committee we as FDD would like to inform our members and the general public as follows:

1. That the so called Save FDD Committee is an illegal Committee and has mandated whatsoever. The FDD Constitution clearly outlines the Committees of the Party and the so called Save FDD Committee is not one of them hence all its pronouncements and activities are null and void and must be treated with the contempt they deserve.

2. That Mr Chifumu Banda remains expelled from the Party and has no locus standi to comment on the activities and decisions of the Party hence we will not waste our time responding to him.

3. That the FDD remains united and is firmly behind the leadership of President Edith Nawakwi.

4. That all bonafide members of the Party are encouraged to continue making contributions towards the hosting of the hosting of the Convention.


  1. Good afternoon morning and evening to all Zambians around the world. I would like to confirm that we are relieved that we have not lost any lives from our upnd team in London following the terrorist attacks in Westminster today. We are also glad that no Zambian lives have been lost. It is sad that the pf government in conjunction with their cadre high commission in London have not issued a statement as we have many Zambian economic refugees in UK who have been forced there due to pf failures. Rip to the four that have lost their lives.

    Chief strategist of the upnd

    • You are such an insensitive pigheaded ignorant naive and diabolical piece of creation.

      You have a corrupt conscience and lack compassion for families of members of our British public who have lost their families and you have no sympathy for the victims of this evil done against our country.

    • The former MP for Chasefu and highly learned Mr. Chifumu Banda, with all due respect, should not pursue that course of action. He would better serve this country by becoming statesman and advising the young and upcoming leaders and lawyers. He can make a better contribution to society by writing papers / journals which will be read by generations to come

  2. Daft really. Why not just form your own political party than try to destroy a respected and operating Party, which contributes fruitfully in our gov’t system.

    There are too many greedy individuals in our political system looking for a short cut to high political office.

  3. Zambia opposition parties wow to many internal wrangles EXCEPT UPND , so iam attempted to support and like UPND now the ONLY PROBLEM i cant imagine myself a Tonga in statehouse, press conferences he will be speaking Tonga, which is a very primitive and backward language also one has to speak with so much stress ,i imagine also all the green grass shall be eaten by the cows as a chief kachema can be in statehouse, then talk about mabisi in statehouse to many flies , then talk about women , we need a president with one wife not a tongaman who can have 20 wives aiya, the list is endless

    • I am as sure as hell that you are serious with what you have written. You needed people to know that Anyoko exists and now we do. Thank you

  4. Never give chance from the people of eastern province to rule this country again it’ll be desert Kaunda,Lupia did it and Lungu is doing the same thing and make matters worse the tribe is selfish even in work places. (a) Easterners are generally 20 good people and easy to dominate since they like boot-licking their bosses and always trying to be goodie-goodie to their bosses, and reporting on their friends every time. As a result, Easterners were known to make very good servants and security guards during the colonial days. However, Easterners are also known to be very vindictive and they never forget if offended, waiting for the right time to hit back vigorously. Their women are “well taught”, and they are very popular among Zambian men. In the olden days, a number of Eastern women…

  5. As I said earlier, Antonio Mwanza is just a worthless vuvuzela who has no business talking about Justice Maambilima or the president. He has no morals of an upright politician who can inspire people to vote for him at any level. That’s why he was rejected in Munali constituency. In my view what Chifumu Banda is fighting for is correct and needs the support of the public as this is undemocratic dictatorial behavior by Ms. Nawakwi.

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