NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
NGOCC Executive Director Engwase Mwale
Non-Governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) Executive Director Engwase Mwale has expressed suddenness by the acquittal and setting free of the two men accused of killing the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) student Ruth Mbandu, reports Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde.

In a statement unveiled to the media today, Ms. Mwale noted with regret that it is a fact that Ruth Mbandu, a young lady with potential to have contributed immensely to the development of Zambia was gruesomely murdered by someone.

She stated that the women movement had hope that the assassins of the young lady would be known by the Zambians and sentenced by the courts as required by the law.

The NGOCC Executive Director said the ruling and acquittal of the two allegedly accused clearly points to a failure of investigative mechanisms to produce concrete evidence on the case and off course on the accused.

She stated that in the absence of the eyewitnesses to the murder NGOCC expected thorough investigation and safeguard of evidence at the disposal of the team tasked with the responsibility.

Ms. Mwale noted that NGOCC has followed the Ruth Mbandu case with keen interest since July 2012, affirming that a number of persons connected to the murder case were acquitted earlier and now the last two are set free.

She grumbled and said it is very disheartening and disappointing that five years down the line Ruth’s ruthless killer or killers are still walking freely on the Zambian streets because the people entrusted to let justice take its course did not adequately carry out their work. .

Ms. Mwale further noted that justice on Ruth Mbandu case has been deliberately denied to a young woman, her family, close friends and the people of Zambia at large.

She has since appealed for reconsideration to re-open the case for a thorough investigation for justice to prevail.

“The Ruth Mbandu case should be reopened for justice to prevail because the entrusted did not do thorough investigations, in fact justice was deliberately denied on this case” Ms. Mwale said

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  1. Good afternoon morning and evening to all Zambians around the world. I would like to confirm that we are relieved that we have not lost any lives from our upnd team in London following the terrorist attacks in Westminster today. We are also glad that no Zambian lives have been lost. It is sad that the pf government in conjunction with their cadre high commission in London have not issued a statement as we have many Zambian economic refugees in UK who have been forced there due to pf failures. Rip to the four that have lost their lives. Meanwhile here the pf police are busy covering up deaths. Life is precious. I really wonder the confusion that would reign if Zambia had terrorist attack

    Chief strategist of the upnd


  2. The excuse of resources lacking for them to carry out thorough forensic tests is not valid by ZP! The Luxury Suvs their top brass are driving is a shame and an insult- a provincial commissionar has 2 extra vehicles in some cases as part of their convey just to travel say from Lusaka to Chisamba! Dear Lord how much funds are spent on that simple exercise of moving a cop boss is a real shame! Those funds could be used to better equip the forensic dept. Let’s be serious! As a state we earn so much money from different source eg VAT, PAYE, Toll gates, Duty, council fees, rates etc let us stop wasteful expenditure and prioritise!



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