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The Speaker should seriously deal with UPND MPs over boycott-Frank Bwalya

General News The Speaker should seriously deal with UPND MPs over boycott-Frank Bwalya

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya
Patriotic Front (PF) Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya has called upon the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini and the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges to handle the case of the UPND MPs boycotting Parliament during President Edgar Lungu’s address to Parliament seriously especially that the entire UPND leadership declared that nothing will force them to recognize Mr. Lungu as Republican President.

Pan African Radio Journalist Hermit Hachilonde reports that Bwalya said in statement unveiled to the media yesterday that the quick and seemingly sincere apology that the same MPs rendered after shunning President Lungu’s official opening of Parliament last year was a mockery.

He has however stated that the future apologies from UPND MPs should be taken as another gimmick to get off the hook and then continue with the same illegal conduct going by their own declaration they will never recognize President Lungu.

Bwalya has since described the action of United Party for National Development (UPND) members of parliament to shun the address of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu to Parliament on March 17, 2017 as unique and grave action.

He said it is in the public domain that the UPND leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema was declared winner of the August 11, 2016 presidential election by their party national chairperson Ms. Mutale Nalumango.

Bwalya noted that the declaration through their party Chairperson Mutale Nalumango was done before the announcement of the final presidential results by the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), a body with the legal mandate to declare the winner of a presidential election.

The PF Deputy spokesperson also noted that the boycott of UPND members of parliament with the exception of Chilanga lawmaker Mr Keith Mukata was within the context of the words of Katuba UPND MP Patricia Mwashingwele published in the Mast Newspaper of Wednesday, March 22, 2017 on page 3 where she said no one will force the UPND to recognize Edgar Lungu as President until the UPND presidential (petition) election is heard.

“We called upon the Speaker of the National Assembly Hon Dr Patrick Matibini SC and the Parliamentary Committee on Privileges to handle the case of the UPND MPs boycotting Parliament during President Edgar Chagwa Lung’s address to Parliament seriously” Father Bwalya said


  1. Fact: Scavenger Frank Bwalya has to survive. As PF we will never forgive you for the insults that you hurled at our founding President Sata. You conveniently came back in the PF through the back door and we will NEVER accept you. You are only realised by two people in the party, 99.99% feel you are just a parasite in our party…Zwaaa!

    • Apart from the boycott, what was the content in the so called State of the Nation Address by Chagwa? For me the speech itself was worse than the boycott. Frank is cursed with a curse no wonder i consider him to be an empty tin

  2. Hold on change is coming. Ignore these POLITICAL FARTS who have turned this country’s political system into a POLITICAL FISTULA, were everything related to governance has systematically collapsed, and POLITICAL FEACES like Fulanki are running out from all manner of orifices.

  3. Good afternoon morning and evening to all Zambians around the world. I would like to confirm that we are relieved that we have not lost any lives from our upnd team in London following the terrorist attacks in Westminster yesterday . We are also glad that no Zambian lives have been lost. It is sad that the pf government in conjunction with their cadre high commission in London have not issued a statement as we have many Zambian economic refugees in UK who have been forced there due to pf failures. Rip to the four that have lost their lives. Meanwhile here the pf of are persecuting people for exercising their rights to not attend a meeting with an illegal president

    Chief strategist of the upnd

  4. State of the nation address, I am still as hungry as I was before the state of the nation address. You use vulgar language that you will break people like a tonne of bricks, you yourself and then you complain of moral decay in the country. “Do as I say not as I do” .Yaba, Zambia the real Africa

  5. I agree with the guy who has posted that both PF and UPND are missed calls. PF has failed, not in dispute at all. As for UPND under Mazoka they even used to put up a parallel development plan. As for other parties, kuwaya waya fye. #Bring back the whites to rule Zambia on agreed win win terms

  6. Nez sasebenza.blogging nakuzuking’a cane.HH is not a solution but part of the problem. Privatisation and hakinde!he can’t be forgiven

    • gentle HH was not the president to allow privatisation but was done by Fredrick Chiluba get your facts straight instead of aping campaigne sayings; hope you are clear on this now,

  7. PF MEMBERS please be serious with national issues stop taking people 4 granted,you stole the elections and instead of being serious with issues benefiting the zambian people,you are just bize talking about boycorting of UPND MPS and yet nothing was important in your PRESIDENTS SPEACH.tukamimona mu 2021.

  8. The biggest problem in Zambia is that we think that politician will solve our problems. My visit in Livingstone revealed the bridge across the Victoria falls was built by an English engineer in 1905.The bridge is still strong as the train, vehicles uses it to cross over to Zimbabwe.
    However, Zambians we have nothing to be proud of… Look at the constitution, road, school and type of contractors we engage. Worse still the debate in Parliament are very shallow to say the least… Even the money we borrow it has no proper recouping cash inflow to guarantee redemption time…
    FDI is skewed to foreigner with heavy tax concession. Surely, Do we expect much from Father Bwalya. To him it is politics and slaughtering chickens…I don’t support UPND or PF because what is PF is bad for UPND and…

  9. What is UPND is bad for PF…
    Zambians let us develop ourselves and never trust this politicians. If you are teacher , be committed to your work, a farmers work hard and diversify your crop without gvt support….A civil servant must be committed to his work and give his best for your country for this politicians will come and go

  10. Iwe Father Frank Bwalya leka ubushiku bobe…stop the sh*#t otherwise ine nabena Zambia bonse bakumona kwati tawakwata mano pantu wabakwati uliule.Ukabwelele kubupatili nangu ka party kobe ka ABC nensoni teti ukwate yet niwewaletuka ba SATA apa nomba ulelya uleitonaisha at the expense of founder members including Edgar Chavwa Lungu namasilu yanobe ba MMD.Elyo wishibe ati ukayapya kuli LESA wembushi wee

  11. The State of the Nation Address in parliament is unconstitutional in Zambia. Article 9(2) of the Amendment Act no 2 of 2016 refers to the President reporting to the National Assembly which is done by the Leader of Government business (the Veep) in the manner described under article 86(2). Otherwise the President’s address (in person) to the National Assembly is instructive (setting the agenda for the session).

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