(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda
(FDD) vice president Chifumu Banda

The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) has expelled its Party Vice president Chifumu Banda from the party.

Mr. Banda was suspended in December awaiting final determination of his fate by the party’s disciplinary committee.

FDD National Chairperson Potipher Chungu however says if Mr. Banda is not happy with the decision he should appeal to the convention due anytime soon.

Mr. Chungu dismissed claims there is a split in the opposition party.

He said the party will not engage any members who have not shown commitment to the Party’s values.

Mr. Chungu has also confirmed that the party has mobilised resources required for the convention which will be held on a date to be announced.

He was speaking during a media briefing in Lusaka.

But Mr. Banda says he does not recognize his expulsion because the decision has been reached without following the party’s constitution requirements.

He has told ZNBC News in an interview that only the National Convention is supposed to expel him adding that any other party organ can only recommend.

Mr. Banda says a statement of his expulsion from the FDD is baseless.

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  1. HH should fire JBM for being fat and Bemba since the PF Bemba police are killing Tonga ZAF officers.


  2. Democracy in Zambian political parties does not exist. Every leader fights so hard to hold on to power.


  3. Chifumu Banda. Join a real party. Sometimes things happen for a reason. We have always known that FDD is an NGO wholly owned by Nawakwi for personal gain masquerading as a Political Party. FDD is not different from Chifumu Banda Party consisting of you at the helm with your wife, children and extended family as members. Jokes aside you are better than pretending to be VP of FDD.


  4. Madam Nawakwi, I thought you were the Anti Third Choir Master in MMD and Chiluba, now what has suddenly made you U-turn and go for a third term in FDD, or have you just realised that you will soon lose the sweet chair or being President for muyayaya if you follow your constitution.



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