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South Korea ends Zambia U20 unbeaten run

Sports South Korea ends Zambia U20 unbeaten run

Zambia Under-20 have suffered their first official defeat under Beston Chambeshi.

The 2017 U20 AFCON champions lost 4-1 to hosts South Korea at the ongoing Adidas 4-Nations Under-20 tournament that is running from March 25-30.

Zambia’s defeat comes after a run of 12 successive official victories since the team was constituted last August that saw them win the 2017 U20 AFCON as hosts in February, and before then, the 2016 COSAFA Under-20 Cup in December.

Baek Seung Ho put South Korea ahead in the 32nd minute before Zambia striker Edward Chilufya equalised from a free kick in the 34th minute with his second goal of the tournament.

Lee Seung-woo put Korea back in the lead in the 40th minute to give the hosts a 2-1 halftime lead before completing his brace in the 69th minute.

Lim Min-hyuk fired in the final goal in the 78th minute to see the hosts collect their second win at the tournament.

Zambia, who beat Ecuador 2-0 in their opening game of the round robin tournament on March 25, face Honduras in their final game on March 30.

The tournament is South Korea’s test-run ahead of hosting the 2017 FIFA U20 World Cup from May 20 to June 11.

Zambia are in Group C at next months FIFA U20 World Cup where they will play Portugal, Iran and Costa Rica.

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  1. Hey! Let me be first one to say something on this on this article, the silence is so deathly. Come on guys south Korea is at home.

    Will will meet them and sh*t on them in the world cup final.

    • Go Zambia U-20 GO! this is what this tournament is meant for – to discover your weaknesses and patch up the holes before the tournament. Plus the hosts may be fielding their full strength side whereas some of our boys are not part of the team at this stage! this result may not be entirely wrong about our defence though- I saw some worrying lapses eve during the Africa U-20 Finals. so, let’s polish up Ba Chambeshi. Beston has done well so fa, but is he the right guy at this level??? Kaya….

    • I will bet on Zambia U20 picking up the cup through sportsbet. This loss is good for the boys to open the eyes and work hard. I have $500 to bet and I know Zambia is an under dog and hope they pick this cup. The odds for Zambia will therefore be high and betting will be done just during the beginning of the tournament.

  2. I am glad that the team has lost at this point. It is good to have the team’s weaknesses exposed now, when they still have a chance to work on them before the world cup in a few weeks time. Go team go!

  3. I watched the game.The South Koreans played better football and deserved to win by that margin.We missed some good chances .
    However,our boys are good and Benston Chambeshi is a good Manager.This is the best crop of Zambian U20 players I have ever in a long time.Zambia will be a force to reckon with in the years to come.

  4. Zambia won the AFCON u20 but honestly their defense was not that solid. I saw how they were struggling to keep pace players. Nyondo, sakala were looking like make-shift players for those numbers I hope the coach is looking at solid defense, a defense that will be natural on those two positions. We are sure the coach saw that now. It was nerve racking when the ball falls in Zambia’s own half not sure what a defender will do or fail to do. Expose them further to other big names, the likes of Barca and Madrid again or Germany.

  5. This proves that the players whom “Quick Silver” Chambeshi featured in the game against South korea still need exposure, i am sure our teams weakness was alluded by the same, but all the same keep it up young brothers and make Zambia proud once again.

  6. Of course the loss is ‘swallow-able’ considering there was no Fashion Sakala, Patson Daka and all those prying their trade in Europe – in all, there are four players missing from the Afcon conquering team. Refer LT 21 March.

  7. These U20 boys lost because of AGORAPHOBIA – this is anxiety of being away from home. For most of the U20 Zambia squad this was the first time for them to travel out of the Country. Of course the most advanced technology they saw in South Korea should have made them feel unease.
    It is good they got this exposure and come May they will be in familiar territory and they will play with all their might. I AM VERY HOPEFUL THEY WILL LIFT THE U20 WORLD CUP.

    • @C-General AGORAPHOBIA is extreme or irrational fear of open or public places! The nearest phobia would be Koreaphobia or even xenophobia! Technophobia is”…..Of course the most advanced technology they saw in South Korea” as you say!
      A word of advice, please don’t put Mpombo words here and think you will get away with it!

    • @MB – I like your new word “Koreaphobia”. I think we must add it to the dictionary for the sake of our U20 team.
      I will also follow your advice – I will consult Bwana Mpombo in Masaiti so that he gives me some extra lessons in using these new terminologies correctly and that includes the use of our new word “KOREAPHOBIA”.

    • @C-General I am glad you see the funny side of life unlike some of our own bloggers who take this to be their own and anyone who speaks opposite it their enemy! We should always have fun in whatever you do that’s my take on life! Life is too precious to make our blood boil!
      I suggest our boys must sample “iyamusungu” or “iyamukorean” before the start performing well on the football pitch!

  8. This is a great result and should certainly help the boys to prepare adequately for the World Cup. It is good to keep winning but sometimes it gets to your head especially when you are still quite young. So this loss is timely and should be fully exploited to strengthen the team for more important events and challenges. Go boys, go!!

  9. From watching the highlights, well, for some this game was their first time out the country. Chambeshi should also tell them what “safety first” means one of the goals scored was as a result of failure to use this instinct of safety first. A number 7 player was trying to dribble a striker on the edge of the 18 ring. That Should be Sakulanda or Kalunga. So many chances that were missed to score even point blanks. I am hopeful though they can run!!!!

  10. Beston Chambeshi should just work on his defence, quite porous at present otherwise the team is doing fine!

  11. You can google next time on Zambia U20 Vs Hondurus U20… You will be given a live streaming site and, lo,, you will watch the Match… I did watch the match live as well although there is some delay cos of our internet… otherwise you can watch.. Zambia played well especially in the first half, but they got burnt out in the second half… I think it is due to fatigue and I think the boys are tired a bit… Let them rest at least for two weeks before going into the U20 world cup… otherwise they will run out of energy… Imaging Since November they have been playing… It is not easy… I Salute them…

  12. Remember they are young boys…Under 20yrs… They are not the Ronaldos and Messis of this world!!! Congrats boys!!!

  13. Chambeshi you should have spied on your opponents. 4-1 isnt a good loss. You should have seen how our senior team contained them in the two matches we played against them and used that to prepare. The Koreans are always very fast although they tire as the game progresses.

  14. It is a wonderful experience as the boys are being shown of what they need to work on and the coach to have a full glimpse of what is ahead of him. Losing is not a factor especially that the team has played a lot of football in the recent passed. its good that the coach wants to give every player chance to prove themselves. Nevertheless, the young lads will carry the day and bring the cup with them home.

    Go boys go Zambia with are behind you both in defeat and in Glory young bullets.

  15. our boys were not as bad as the result. two things are were clear. 1. we have to score when a chance comes – utilize chances all or any scoring chance- too many missed goes by Zambia. 2. sprinting/ quickness – we were out sprinted( if you are slow don’t trap the ball just pass it or clear when in dangerous areas) the first go was a good example of slowness, or under estimating the speed opponents. this is a good result in that the boys will learn that at this level one has to score when chance comes. think quicker when not in possession. quickly run into defense when ball is with opposition. too much time to react. even with team which played we can still go far in under 20 WC

  16. Zambias defence was weak but the team played well though they could not utilize their chances of scoring.

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