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The British High Commission refutes embassy closure reports on social media

General News The British High Commission refutes embassy closure reports on social media

The British High Commission has refuted reports circulating on social media of an impending closure of its operations in Zambia.

British High Commissioner to Zambia, Fergus Cochrane-Dyet said the strange social media rumours are totally untrue because Zambia and the United Kingdom (UK) enjoy strong historical ties.

Mr. Cochrane-Dyet said there has been no major change to the British High Commission’s operations since the processing of visas was moved to the regional processing centre in Pretoria in 2010.

He stated that his country is committed to further strengthen its relationship with Zambia through boosting economic development, driving investment, creating jobs and poverty eradication.

“Alongside development work, where our department for International Development is providing over $40 million a year, we are also expanding our prosperity and trade relations, which includes the opening of a Department for International Trade Office at our High Commission Office in Lusaka,” he said.

This was contained in statement availed to ZANIS today.


  1. Upnd propaganda to stir despondency among zambians. Pathetic!!. They scatter lies especially on those overseas like Zambia is now like a bush where nothing works with people dying in thousands due to hunger.

    • Whether they close or not, it doesn’t matter. Visas are already done from Pretoria for poor Zambians as there is no electricity in Zambia

    • UPND is becoming useless with each pronouncement. Why can’t the win over people with ethics, works and facts.

    • People overseas should make efforts as I do to visit Zambia in order to see how Zambia is doing well.

      For those who are hard working, as in other prosperous economies, Zambia has improved by miles compared to the tail end of the UNIP era and much of the MMD rule.

      Visit Zambia!

    • Well why not just close Zambia as a whole and lease it to the highest bidder!
      Nothing much going on in here!

    • That how dull you Zambians have become… days when a name showed where you come from are long gone. UK is not a village

  2. UPND must really be grasping for mauzi, Zambia is a part of the common wealth. Great Britain would close their embassy in the US first before Zambia. Plus I also dislike PF.

  3. This man (HH) and dull deputy (GBM) must be watched carefully. Most importantly the people of Zambia must ignore them. But their hooligans must be dealt with squarely when they start these childish and dangerous games. Zambia will not go into flames as this BLIND man insinuates.

  4. This story was started by lungus goons to blame UPND seeing at how their dirty harrasment is working against them.

    All lies.

  5. Kiki it always starts as rumours then it will happen and won’t surprise anyone as the British distaste dictatorship like what we have under pf

    • UPND is now exposing its ugly head even to the UK. The are now sure HH and UPND are crazy!!!!!! This puts UPND into a very bad way internationally. More international support is now on ECL and PF. Thanks to the stupidity of HH.

  6. @Asigai:you are 100% correct.HH’s stupidity is simply pushing him away from state house on daily basis.This rumour on Facebook is from upnd and HH himself.HH’s politics of wishing mother Zambia hell have made him lose 5 elections since 2006 but he has not learnt anything.WHICH NORMAL ZAMBIAN VOTER CAN VOTE FOR A POLITICIAN WHO WISHES US BAD THINGS?ONLY HIS TRIBESMEN CAN VOTE FOR HH.THIS MAN HAS LOST IT NOW.HE IS MOVING LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN!!!UK Embassy has ashamed upnd here.fi kalusa-hung yourselves!!!

    • Where on face book is this rumour started by UPND ?

      Your harassment is backfiring bane. You see you go jumping and me clapping when lungu is harassing individuals.

      For the western loans and investments lungu needs he will have to tax zambians more. Cos no one investing in country with a paranoid schizophrenic as president….

  7. Lungu is suffering bouts of paranoia.

    How can you send in the army for someone who wants at address his followers ??

    Hehehe , no wonder HH is laughing.

    HH and the opposition call for another press conference hehehe let the I.doyot make a foo.l of himself again.

    • HH is simply being told that Lungu is the President of Zambia and he will dance to the tune of President Lungu. When HH laughs at UPND meetings, it is playing to the gallery, when alone in his closet, he is crying and having serious hear ache. He knows he is defeated and no matter what he does or say will remove Lungu from Presidency. The onus is on HH and UPND. Lungu and his government are in total control of the government and are moved. HH and UPND have asked for it, they should never expect to be given a permit by someone they abuse and insult. If HH was president, he would have accepted this behavior either.

  8. The opposition, can you please organise for a press conference to address the many challenges our country is facing.

    Only people who want to attend are invited and will be free to ask any questions you have.

    Advise will be given on how to cope with the high cost of living as well.

  9. Eventually it will close if ba PF does not change the way they are governing the country. Ubupuba muleke especially turning Police into Kantemba. LWe are seeing Police brutality, drunk service men harrasing innocent Zambians. It was an heard off to see drunlken Police men carrying a fire arms whle staggering sure. Don’t politisise everything you see by opposition be objective.

  10. My son who’s based in Maryland was shocked when he came for a visit recently. The impression he got from pro Upnd expatriates and social media were completely different from what’s was on the ground. Of course life has become tough.

  11. This animal farm president (HH) one day he will hung him self. please morons take your president to Chainama before he does that.

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