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Five Heads of state expected in Zambia

Headlines Five Heads of state expected in Zambia

FOREIGN Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, speaking during an interview with Journalists after the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Council of Ministers held at Swazi Royal Hotel in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Town on Wednesday. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS
FOREIGN Affairs Minister, Harry Kalaba, speaking during an interview with Journalists after the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Council of Ministers held at Swazi Royal Hotel in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Town on Wednesday. PICTURE BY STEPHEN MUKOBEKO/ZANIS
Minister of Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba has disclosed that five Heads of State are expected to visit Zambia between May and August this year.

Mr Kalaba said the Heads of State expected to visit Zambia are from Togo, Madagascar, Rwanda, Ghana and South Africa.

He said the continued visit by various African Heads of States to Zambia is a clear indication of the sound leadership of President Edgar Lungu.

Mr Kalaba said African leaders have seen that Zambia is a strong ally that is committed to promoting peace and democracy in the region.

Mr Kalaba was speaking to journalists at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport this morning after seeing off Ethiopian Prime Minister Hailemariem Desalegn.

Mr Desalegn who left the country after concluding his three days state visit was seen off by his counterpart President Edgar Lungu, Mr Kalaba, Lusaka Province Minister Japhen Mwakalombe, Presidential Affairs Minister Freedom Sikazwe among other senior government officials.

Defence and Security Chiefs were also present to see off the the Ethiopian Prime Minister who is also the leader of the Ethiopian government.

Prior to his departure, Prime Minister Desalegn was accorded a 21 gun salute before inspecting a guard of honour mounted by the Zambia Army.

And Mr Kalaba described Mr Desalegn’s visit to Zambia as monumental.

Mr Kalaba said Mr Desalegn’s visit has opened trade volumes between Ethiopia and Zambia.

He said various trade agreements were discussed and that Ethiopia will soon open its Embassy in Zambia.

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    • Oh I get it. This is your way of justifying someone’s travels all over the place. I have give up on you. You can just do what you want to that country. Not enough energy, people dying scrambling for food, poor health services, poor education, Kabovas in control of everything-no security, partisan police, judiciary in disarray, Kariba complex almost falling apart, elections being rigged, PF not PF any more but turned into MMD and the list is endless. OOOOOOoooooooo!!!!!!!! My weekend is ruined but I go thinking these guys are jerks and no bother.

    • This shows how safe, and sound and perceive Zambia as a worthwhile country to visit.

      Congratulations Kalaba and President Lungu.

      You are making Zambians proud of your work

      Lungu Brought, Will smith, The Bush family, These countries, now, Mugabe, Myself and Hayatou.
      All people that have shaped and changed this world one way or the other



    • @Mushota! Either you deliberately misrepresent or you are just plain a fake sympathiser!
      1. The Bush family family as you call them only brought Mrs and Mrs George W Bush (or @potus43) only came during the Cobra reign! Not even the well travelled Bush twins have been to Zambia let alone the patriarch and more famous matriarch Barbara!
      2. Will Smith only completed his lifelong bucket list
      3. Hayatou that’s why he lost elections meeting up with other losers like Galu, Mushota et al
      4. As you are only know in your growing up compound Mandevu, no one there misses you (good riddance to bad rubbish!)

    • Mushota you are full of silly contradictions. At one point you said Zambia was not worthy going to and that ALL OF THESE CELEBRATIES OF YOURS CANNOT GOT TO ZAMBIA. Now you are saying that it’s the best place in the world. Oh my foot. I will just go for the weekend thinking you are a jerk and not bother about you Mushota and the Zambian government. After all I do not recognize you both; Mushota and Government.

    • MB & Analyser

      MB, I have lost sight of Zambia and have little to inclination of clinging on to anything, there is nothing there for me. I am in the UK, and Glasgow, and I feel its only right to put my neck as a highlight when I visit Zambia, as its monumental for both Zambia and myself. How is that bad again? Yes, George Bush did visit Zambia and I seem to recall was shown painting a School- Sorry who is out of reality between the two of us?

      Even I have been to Pet Graveyards and been petrified, I doesn’t mean I would want to be seen there again. I have been to Zambia, it certainly doesn’t count as a proud moment for me, I like to think of Zambia was lucky I went back for all I care. Hello?



    • “He said the continued visit by various African Heads of States to Zambia is a clear indication of the sound leadership of President Edgar Lungu.”

      Really laughable…state visits are now a barometer for measuring leadership!!

  1. Hehehe kalaba , stop begging people to come and accept lungu…..only an economically strong Zambia will attract people to come.

  2. If Zambians do not recognize u can foreign Heads of State Legitimize your Rule? Genuine Recognition will only come after the Petition is heard and Lungu is declared the Winner of the 2016 Elections and declared duly elected by a Court. A father who is not recognized by his children cannot expect Visitors to the home to legitimize his fatherhood. The only way to prove Fatherhood is to undergo a DNA Test. Lungu Ayopa Chani?# Let the Petition be heard in Court without fail.

    • Iwe Mwape if some children don’t recognise the father doesn’t mean all of them don’t recognise him. In Zambia we are many children and if you ( one of the Zambian sons) doesn’t recognise Lungu we the other sons do recognise him. Just to remind you in case you thought you are the only son.

  3. These Presidents are coming to tell us how good our democracy is so that we can accept, you know who? I ain’t accepting nobody man!

  4. Kaaba should instead tell Zambians what the PF government is doing to reduce the high economic suffering they are undergoing which has been accepted even by Edgar Lungu himself in Parliament a fortnight ago.

  5. They are really trying to hard to be recognized after a stolen election.

    Meanwhile the country has bigger poverty, unemployment, high fuel & electricity prices, no bursaries for 6-point achievers, yet all that the MMD-led PF00Lish Govt can prioritize is inviting presidents, pulling out of ICC, third term for LAZY etc.

    Let me guess, all of them are African Dictators, including Sudan’s Al Bashir.

    I also hope LUNGU won’t embarrass us with his 1diotic dance at the airport.

  6. Minions are trying hard to be on the negative side over a simple matter which they know better the benefits and what triggers such visits. Because of perpetually being negative someone from the cult grouping refused to work on his wife thinking she was his sister.

    • i know right…was thinking the same thing..lol. Must be rough trying to come up with negative narrative every day…. the only topics that get balanced comments on this here platform are those of the Under 20 team otherwise…

      Good luck guys…LOOL

  7. Yaba! It is costly to steal elections. Now Lungu is inviting all these Heads of States hoping to get some semblance of Legitimacy. Well Charity begins at home. No foreign Head of State will force the Petitioners and Right Thinking Zambians to recognize a Vote Thief as Legitimate President of Zambia. That wont happen. Lungu will only be recognized if the Petition is heard in Court and the Court declares him as the Winner of the 2016 Elections and duly elected. Its costly to Zambia to invite these Heads of State to come to Zambia and parrot recognition to Lungu. That will not solve Lungu’s Legitimacy. The Ethiopian PM was in Lusaka for 3 days so how did he confer Legitimacy to Lungu? The Petition remains intact and the only solution is to Hear that Petition in Court. These visiting Heads…

  8. So what if these so called dictators visit Zambia? Kalaba is very trivial. We want food and medical facilities and not foreign dictators coming to our country. Of what value is their visit to Zambia? Shame on Kalaba. You cannot justify the illegitimacy of Lungu by inviting dictators. Let the petition be heard. It is the Zambians, and nobody else, who have the mandate to legitimize Lungu’s presidency. As things stand, he is not recognized as president by the majority of Zambians and no one can change that. So let the courts hear the petition.

  9. Does this mean that Michael Sata didn’t have sound leadership seeing that no heads of state visited during his tenure?

  10. Look give the people headlines saying this is happenning assured investment here there 1 billion in mines, hydro.
    Agriculture. Please see all this is too take pipo off the their suffering. Its like putting a carrot on a stick in front of an animal, the animal never gets it but it distracts the animal from what is reallt happening.
    We are all suffering

  11. The illegitimate Lungu govt is desperate for Recognition. Lungu thinks if 5 Heads of State visit him that amounts to recognition. The strategy is for Lungu to be recognized without the Petition being heard. Lungu knows that the Petition Hearing will prove that he stole the Election Victory from HH and is in State Illegally. Lungu is fighting hard to be recognized as a Legitimate President even though he clearly lost the Election and stole Victory from HH. Lungu Ayopa Chani? #Let the Petition be heard in Court as a matter of urgency. No Petition Hearing. No Legitimacy. No Financial Assistance. Period.

  12. I wonder how much the PF government has used to bribe these heads of State coming here. I am sure that they have been given money by Lungu so that they can come and heap false praises on Lungu, telling all with closed eyes how Zambia has become an oasis of peace, development and love because of Lungu and is entourage!

  13. Bu UPNDonkey nabo awe mwandini! Kusabailafye lyonse nga asosa Kalaba. Mpaka naba HH ifyuma fyabo fyatampoukupwa nomba eishhh!

  14. Basabailapo petition, army worm, stalk borer, boycott ya parliament, rally, ifilifyonse tabasala ba donkey aba!

    • I am just realising something, Terrible: This blog is a total waste of time!! The same negative airheads come with the same i.d.i.otic comments; it’s become so monotonous it is actually a waste of time!! There are a lot of things I can actually use my energy and time on. Instead of analysing issues and giving constructive criticism, THIS FORA HAS BECOME A HIVE OF HATE, BITTERNESS AND NEGATIVITY. How can we have a situation where this group that has everything against PF, the government and ECL say the same thing over and over again with no sense of seeing reason no matter how it is explained with hard facts-ISN’T THAT LUNACY??? So if they feel okay in their comfort zone of hate, denial, bitterness, negativity, intolerance-I WON’T BE PART OF THIS RUBBISH!! THERE ARE A LOT OF THINGS TO…


  15. This government under chakolwa president Lungu only know about travelling, visiting and receiving visitors. That’s all without attracting investment in this country. Useless!

  16. Unfortunately for Lungu and Kalaba these foreign Heads of State did not vote in the Zambian 2016 Disputed and Petitioned Election and so they have no say in the outcome of our Elections. What Zambians want to know is who won freely and fairly the 2016 Elections? The Petition Hearing will reveal the Winner and that Winner will be declared duly elected President. Foreign Heads can come and go but the Petition Hearing will set all Zambians free. Yes the truth will set us all free. #Let the Petition be heard in Court without fail.

  17. This dwarf Kalaba has too much time…you would be mistaking this silly lad for a manager of the only 5 star hotel in Lusaka they were he is rejoicing…really sad!!

  18. I remember the IciBemba Reader book which used to go like……

    Kalaba aleteya umupila, bonse ba leteya umupila!

  19. KALABA, if you can make toursits come to ZAMBIA at that rate then you solve the forex challenges!!.

  20. So Lungu’s Legitimacy is measured by the number of Foreign Heads of State visiting Zambia and not the number of Votes he received during the 2016 Presidential Election? Lungu is fooling himself to think that he can be recognized as the Legitimate President without the Petition being heard in Court. International and Regional Bodies will not recognize Lungu unless the Petition is heard in Court and Lungu is declared the Winner and duly elected President. Lungu should forget the Notion that the International Community will recognize him legitimate even if he stole the Election. Lungu needs to prove that he genuinely and fairly won the August 2016 Presidential Election. # Let the Petition be heard in Court.

  21. What the hell is Mushota smoking this time? Honestly, is she seallowing an old man’s cum that’s dementing her or what? At some point she had started becoming sensible but now “kango nena vabupuba chabe viliye kumuthu!

  22. I knew that His Excellency, Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the long awaited messiah to redeem Zambia from acute poverty. These visits by various heads of state are not in vain as perceived by some nincompoop, but will go a long way in fostering the development of this peaceful nation.

  23. An illegitimate president parading dictators and outcasts to boost his image. That wont work. Zambians know how inept a leader he is. Kalaba will never learn international diplomacy.

    • Stop involving zambians on your tribal regional party. The zambians I know have moved on and care less about your dreams. We the zambians are now serious with working for the development of Zambia not those petty issues of yours. We’ll meet again in 2021. By the way in which court is the petition filed? As far as I can recall it’s only concourt which an handle that case and from the time concourt threw it out no one has dared taking it back. So tell us when another petition was filed?

  24. Mr Kalaba should know that Legitimacy is determined by the Number of votes won on 11th August 2016 Election and not by the Number of Heads of State visiting Zambia. The 2016 Election were Disputed and Petitioned. ECZ claimed that Lungu got 1860877 votes and HH got 1760347 votes. Zambians want to ECZ to verify these Results becoz HH claims that his votes were stolen by Lungu so why is Lungu blocking the Verification of these Votes if he won?Why is Lungu protecting ECZ from being made accountable? The guilty are very.. very afraid. No Petition Hearing. No Legitimacy. No Financial Assistance. Lungu Ayopa Chani? # Let the Petition be heard in Court without fail.

  25. Bushmen Kalaba, tekanya, what are they coming for? Mukubuta, na chagwa? Any way let them come maybe they can pump some sense in his head. Atekeko ama panshi. Wayendele lyoonse, abanobe bena, tabatandala kanshi, umulandu wakufwaya ama change.

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