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CiSCA condemn attack on Journalists by UPND cadres

General News CiSCA condemn attack on Journalists by UPND cadres

Civil Society Constitution Agenda Vice Chairperson Pamela Chisanga(r) speaking during a Media Briefing on People Driven, popularised Constitutionalism in Zambia at the Zambia Civic Education Association in Lusaka
Civil Society Constitution Agenda Vice Chairperson Pamela Chisanga(r) speaking during a Media Briefing on People Driven, popularised Constitutionalism in Zambia at the Zambia Civic Education Association in Lusaka

The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) has condemned suspected United Party for National Development-UPND cadres who assaulted two journalists from Radio Phoenix and Millennium Radio station.

Addressing journalists at a press briefing, CiSCA Vice Chairperson Pamela Chisanga said her organisation was saddened with continued reports of journalists being brutalised by political cadres.

Mrs Chisanga said all forms of violence against journalists should be condemned.

She urged the ruling Patriotic Front-PF and opposition political parties to restrain their cadres from attacking innocent journalists.

However CiSCA praised the UPND for apologizing to the two journalists who were beaten by the cadres.

Earlier, CiSCA was mute over the beating of journalists as they were quick to condemn the Zambia Police for demanding for a police permit from UPND who were scheduled to hold a press briefing at Chainama motel.

CiSCA only condemned the harassing of journalists after a reporter from ZANIS asked why the CiSCA was quick to condemn the police and not condemn the beating of journalists.

In defence CiSCA Vice Chairperson Pamela Chisanga said the beating of journalists took place after the organization had already written the speech which was presented today at a press briefing.

The response left invited journalists speculating because the police only blocked the UPND press briefing on the same day the journalists were beaten.

Meanwhile, CiSCA says it is concerned with the increasing numbers of people dying in police custody.

CiSCA Vice Chairperson Chisanga said the organization will not seat idle and watch people’s human rights being violated by law enforcers.

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  1. Does it matter whether you condemn or not? For I know these are crocodile tears squeezed by the inquisitive press on your silence on the matter. Down inside it’s the opposite.

  2. HH wants to be a Mandela by getting other people to sacrifice for him. He himself does not have the balls or the thick skin to be a Mandela. Bu donkey nabo awe sure!

  3. According to HH, the cares who beat up journalists are planted PF cadres dressed in UPNDonkey attire, like GBM the ruining mate!

  4. Ba Pamela nabo, an intelligent good looking young lady turning herself into a donkey. The last time I heard of her she was in ActionAid right? Was she offloaded by Action Aid? Became a liability perhaps?
    At least Action Aid is able to take action and weed itself of liabilities which deviate from their mission and embarrass their organisation. Contrast Action Aid with LAZ!

  5. Oh so when mutinta mmembe was been abused by pf police that was OK. When pf cadres chased away post journalists it was OK back then. Please do not waste our time with irrelevancies. I am sure you have a lot more other serious issues to deal with. Until lungu ensures fairness in the system and allows the petition to be heard there will be no order in this country because as things stand we don’t have a legally elected president

    • Without being tribal you sure know that most policemen come from Upnd strong hold. In my opinion (mine) they are doing the evils in order to tarnish the government ‘s name in the eyes of the public. Afterall HH himself said the police were under him, remember?

    • Ndanje I thought you said you never respond to me since I led to your hibernation from 2umfweko. Anyway since it is polite to respond even to empty tins I will do so. Look young man you can’t throw tribal statements like that without any statistics. Please give me the breakdown in figures of police men for each tribe. Failure to which you are just a tribal bigot. Hh has never said the police are under him. How can pf thugs dressed in uniform and given a gun be under Hh? Yes the secret service give Hh information without him asking for it . You seem to be getting things mixed up. Simple things you are failing to comprehend just like your illegal president. Please go on the BBC and American cia website and read what it says about Zambia human rights record then talk to me.

    • Short memory? I’ve been responding to you because you’ve been attacking me even when it’s not necessary.

  6. @NEZ , We all know that ‘pansaka tapabula chipuba’ awe with you its just too much .move on and stop this petition crap. zambians have moved on and i wonder what you people from dundumweshi are still waiting for.

  7. To ndanje and fellow pf monkeys I will share below excerpts from the most recent report from amnesty international on Zambia human rights. Please see below:
    ZAMBIA 2016/2017

    A contested presidential election was marked by increased political violence. The authorities used the Public Order Act to repress the rights to freedom of expression, assembly and association; the police used excessive force to disperse meetings of opposition parties. The authorities cracked down on independent media outlets and harassed journalists. In April, there was a wave of xenophobic violence against foreign nationals.On 21 March, Eric Chanda, leader of the Fourth Revolution political party, was arrested and charged with defaming the President in 2015.

    On 20 June, the printing presses of The Post…

    • Cont

      On 20 June, the printing presses of The Post newspaper were seized by the tax authorities and its operations shut down. On 27 June, police beat and arrested editor-in-chief Fred M’membe and his wife Mutinta Mazoka-M’membe, and deputy managing-editor Joseph Mwenda. The charges against them included breaking into The Post building.

      On 22 August, the Zambian Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) suspended the licences of three independent broadcasters – Muvi TV, Komboni Radio and Radio Itezhi. Four Muvi TV media workers ? John Nyendwa, Mubanga Katyeka, Joe Musakanya and William Mwenge – who had reported for work were arrested and charged with criminal trespass. The licences were subsequently reinstated.

    • Bitter Blogger (nez) has Amnesty International ever condemned the wanton slaughter of blacks by USA police? Just because a white person writes some useless paper it becomes Gospel truth. Do you need an outsider to tell you what’s happening in your country….or your kitchen?

    • Well ndanje when we tell you that Zambia has gone to dogs and that the whole structure is now shambles you are in denial and always arguing. So to show you that even outsiders can see how dirty your kitchen is this might be the way for closed minded people like you to wake up. Wake up Bro

    • Waking up to what? I am free, I can afford food without any restrictions from anyone. I know how you feel. I had the same feeling when Christon Tembo lost to Mwanawasa, but I let go and continued with life. You were there before Upnd and probably you will be there after Upnd goes into oblivion. I move freely anywhere, any time so I don’t know what dogs Zambia has gone to …bulldog, terrier or mongrel?

    • Me me me. It is all about you ndanje. You are just one out of the 14million Zambians. If you are lucky to enjoy life I am here to break the news that majority of Zambians cannot even afford 2 meals a day. You don’t know how I feel because clearly your priorities are only about you. I am here for the voiceless millions who are been taken for mugs by pf. Please ndanje for once think of the wider picture than just your own benefit. Very greedy Bro. Be generous in thought Bro

    • Yes it’s me. I am not greedy. Waking up early in the morning to make money instead of worshiping a politician is not being greedy or being lucky. I’ve done everything on my own with God ‘s guidance. I’ve no connection with anyone to help me get contracts so I’ve ensured that I do the right thing. Yes it’s about me and others can also do what I do without hoping for a politician to do it for them.

  8. My sincere question is who in the tribal party has filed In another petition in the concourt which these tribal agents keep referring to.? Which petition are they waiting to hear? The first one was thrown out and they rushed to high court to seek courts guidelines about their tribal rights been denied. Shod high court rules that their rights were not denied then game over. Concourt decision can never be challenged by any court except mwine mushi.

  9. NEZ kamuhamba! I have just got access to internet again after touring the eastern and northern of zambia. Muli ba yumu? Please keep putting pressure on these pf boys. You are a powerful blogger and I cant wait to meet up with you again.

    • larry ati shani iwe!! kale mune! please when you are in lusaka let me know! you will always have a place at my home. ama tours atishani?

    • Oval head you seem threatened by tongas. Only you see tribe because you are an insecure little man down there. Only dogs think in tribal lines but you my dear are even beneath a dog.

  10. You should mourn the numerous political prisoners in Zambian jails and the thought of how many citizens will be whisked away to Zambia’s secret prisons!

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