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Fears of a genocide in Zambia are unrealistic- PF

General News Fears of a genocide in Zambia are unrealistic- PF

Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

The ruling PF has dismissed as unrealistic suggestions that Zambia is at the verge of having a genocide.

PF Deputy Spokesperson Frank Bwalya says it is not possible for a Christian nation like Zambia to have genocide as the opposition UPND wants people to fear.

Mr. Bwalya has wondered how possibly a genocide can occur when it has never been a Zambian spirit for people to kill each other based on ethnicity.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Bwalya notes that history confirms it that even at a time when there was a one party state in Zambia none of the over 70 tribes turned against each other.

Mr. Bwalya says the ruling PF does not therefore think that six years of its being in power Zambians can turn against each other in a mass killing because they do not like President Edgar Lungu.

He says this is particularly that what has been achieved in the last six years the PF has been in power is already being compared to what has been achieved by all previous governments.

Mr. Bwalya says as far as he believes a genocide can never therefore occur even if another political party came to power after the ruling PF.

Meanwhile, the opposition UPND has challenged government to tell the nation whether Zambia is still a democratic and safe Country or not.

UPND presidential special advisor Douglas Siakalima has argued that if the Country is not safe for the opposition to hold public rallies it cannot also be safe for foreign visitors.

Mr. Siakalima says he is thus left to wonder whether government has also told the international community that Zambia is not a safe place to come in.

DOUGLAS SIAKALIMAHe wants to know whether government has made this communication to the international community especially with respect the Country’s capitol city Lusaka.

In an interview with QTV News Mr. Siakalima says his concern is that most tourists use Lusaka as their point of entering when they come to Zambia.

Mr. Siakalima thinks it will be fair for government to warn tourists before hand that Lusaka is not safe and therefore they should not come to Zambia through this entry point.

He believes that the concerns that have been raised by the Police that it is currently not safe for political parties to hold rallies in Lusaka should not be taken lightly.

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  1. The only security threat to the people of lusaka is the pf police, they are the ones tear gassing people in their homes in kanyama right now.

    • Bwalya is a numbskull and offers little to PF. His kind is synonymous with what you find in parties such as UPND.

      I wish nothing good for him and don’t like him at all.



    • Genocide is mass killing & not necessarily ethno killing. Can it happen in this “christian nation”. Short answer is yes. With our trigger happy policemen & “leaders” like Kampyongo, we will just need a crowd to defy a POA imposed ban to trigger a mass killing.

    • This careless talk and misuse of words by Frank, Mukwita, Mwamba, Kapyongo and listening to violent Kaiser… Yaaaa something unnecessary can happen.
      Inonge need fire 2 from that list, they are like hyenas, terrible.

    • flag Peter April 2, 2017 at 9:10 pm

      “He is asking me as Minister to allow that permit when he does not recognise my appointing authority… And if he goes on stage and tells people President Lungu is not president how will the many people who voted for President Lungu react…. it will be chaotic, he needs to come down and sober up,”

    • Chilyata is easy to block or trace but the fact that you allow his uncouth language and insults means you either sponsor him or he is one of you ba LT

    • The hatred that Lungu and PF have against Tongas and allowed tribes makes it clear that genocide is being planned in Zambia. Tongas and allied tribes are being systematically ejected from the civil service, they are intimidated at markets and in public spaces. There has never been such systematic hatred and bile against some ethnic groups in Zambian history. Then to top it all, Lungu wants Zambia to leave ICC. Why? Because he wants to do to Tongas what Mugabe did to Ndebeles or what Al Bashir did to the Dafuris. It is clear that genocide is being planned by PF.

    • Chilyata the comments attributed to Frank Bwalya are unpalatable.Imagine the same being attributed to you how would you feel? What ever web are, were made in the image of God (I believe you do believe in Creation). So just discuss the matter at hand. Us the readers will judge your seriousness to contribute objectively. Whether we like it or not we are all Zambians. Let us respect one another. I don’t think you can tell Frank in his face these words, or is it that you know that he may not even be able to see your comments? Come on Mulyata it’s in Zambian to insult.

  2. Frank Bwalya looks as ugly as the the smelly and stale pus.sey that gave birth to him! His mouth looks like a pri.k

  3. But you are fuming it as long as you continue depriving your citizens freedom and using force to maintain law and order, which can never work.

    • It’s sheer stoopidity to claim that genocide does not happen in Christian countries. In Burundi and Rwanda, Tutsis were butchered in churches and some Catholic priests are on trial for assisting and abetting genocide. Kenya which had held itself to be some type of regional power, saw thousands butchered in ethnic violence in 2009. There’s nothing special about Zambia, especially with the vitriol that Lungu and PF are heaping on Tongas and allied tribes. It is clear that PF are planning genocide by victimising and vilifying certain tribes.

  4. These cry babies, always seeking sympathy from the International community. When the commoweath said the elections were free and fair they were busy shouting at them. UPND should be consistent, if they need sympathy from ICC, UN etc they should be pepared for whatever outcome from these organizations.

  5. These UPND chaps will be the first to scamper all over if their leader HH becomes completely mad.

  6. Why don’t you people in the PF argue against HH based on ideas? You only go as far as insulting HH based on who he is and not the sense he has or the vision he has for Zambia. Your leader, the visionless one is busy scampering from country to country looking for, no one knows. Only that he is always telling Zambians to recognize him as president when his brains are empty and full of alcohol. Are you not shocked that your drunk president is busy praising Zambia Breweries for increasing their capacity, so that he can now drink more and more cheaply?

    • I’ve never heard HH himself arguing on ideas. Its either he is inflaming racial or tribal divisions: “ni muzungu opusa” or “I lost because I’m Tonga”

  7. Depending on how long one has been away from Zambia browsing the media on the ongoing happenings is good reason to stay away longer!

    • There is nothing to worry about. Most bloggers here just hide behind the keyboard and are toothless to even show up to cast their vote.

  8. Fatherless bwalya it’s you who is unrealistic. You don’t have children that is why you only care for yourself. In other words you are a greedy mb0l0 who has an item that doesn’t function. We have already lost lives due to pf political violence and we have seen the abuse of tonga people based on the silly assumption that every tonga is upnd. Bwalya you will pay for the blood that you have spilled in Zambia. You and lungu are dead rats walking

    • I wonder why politics should be of insults comrades. In has much we all have a party to support it doesn’t mean you need to insult elderly people. So far UPND you fail to defend your party on issue based politics. All the replies made on the article of MCC Frank Bwalya no one has responded on the story above with more sense,only few of us. This is why UPND will never rule this country because the supporters are full of insults and aggressive approach. Imagine the insults you are altering now goes to your father?

  9. African politics are dirty. Leaders are there to serve themselves and their families and not to serve Zambians. We are living in the last days read 2nd Timothy 3 V 1-4 . I am very disappointed with current leaders shame on you to Pretend that you are a President for all but don’t love your people. I miss Sata though this mess is coming from his Kaponyas.

  10. And Siakalima was a lecturer at UNZA? What a hopeless human being this fellow is – everything he says is handicapped in intellect – ati senior adviser, really laughable.

  11. Buck teeth lungu, your comments are terribly in founded and without statistics. If what you are saying is being done then it’s where you are writing from. Look these politicians starting KK, FTJ, LM, RB, MCS, ECL they got averagely the same behavior. Even the one who will come after ECL will just behave like them. We are citizens, that is our common denominator let’s not rise against each other. All we are doing is fighting for them. Why are we not seeing this? Let us refuse to be dispersed. Nowadays we have names like Nyambe Mulenga, Musonda Hakasenke the list can go on. Please I beg every one not to be Trible, we are killing our selves. Let’s not peddle lies against each other.

    • @George, it’s easy when you think you control all the national resources to victimise other ethnic groups and claim nothing is happening. Mugabe and his Shonas continue to claim that Gukurahundi never took place. Yet tens of thousands of Ndebeles were murdered by their 5th Brigade in early 1980s. PF has been very systematic about oppressing so-called ethnic minorities in Zambia. The levels are unprecedented. And a conspiracy to kill certain tribes by the police is now in trend (Mapenzi, Choongwa etc). South Sudan is already on fire from ethnic cleansing. PF are leading Zambia into the abyss. You will only deny it because your tribe is responsible.

  12. It’s Christian people who kill. Germany was full of Christians in the 1930s up to now. Rwanda too was christian. . I’m not a Christian but I don’t feel any need for bringing everyone else into my path telling them I’m right and they are wrong. That’s what Christians like doing all the time.I also have no need to kill a Bemba, Lozi Tonga just because they’re different from me. Its those who like forcing their beliefs upon others like Chiluba forced Christianity on us who will kill nonconformers

  13. Truth be told, there something our gov are scared of or desperately. I make reference to LPM, he won elections that were viciously disputed by Mazoka, but he had sobber & objective intentions Zambia – he allowed Andy together with Sata to assemble anywhere & anytime so much that Zambians saw a father figure in him (LPM). And he had no problems in winning the next elections to an extent that we saw many migrate from their parties to join Levy.
    I surely have fears with politics of oppression, intollarance, ethinical name calling… How did get here firstly?

    • It is systematic oppression, using all available resources. National resources are used to block, intimidate and kill troublesome tribes. The ruling tribes use radio and social media to vilify the same people. This is how genocide started in Rwanda and Burundi. It is not a joke. That’s why Lungu wants to leave the ICC. Nobody else but Lungu and his henchmen will face the ICC after they commit what they are planning.

    • @BucK: I have never responded to you posts but your untruths have irked my attention today. In Rwanda, it is characters like you through radio, church and other platforms that heightened the genocide. Tutsis and Hutus intermarried and lived in harmony until extremists like you reminded them of their ethnicity. Go to comesa and it is evident that they don’t care whether you are hutu or tutsi, they just marry. Even, you, will you be happy if your child is rejected because of being from a particular tribe?? That is why today, young men and women are marring regardless of tribe; IT IS PEOPLE LIKE YOU WHO TAKE THEM BACK TO THE COLONIAL SYSTEM OF ETHNICITY AND WOULD BE HAPPY TO SEE A GENOCIDE HAPPEN SO AS TO GET YOUR WAY!!!

    • If ECL wants to leave the ICC why is the government holding consultative meetings as we speak?? I am shona by tribe and the behavior of these people is much like the tongas of Zambia, so you cannot lie to me about something that I am and have experienced. You are twisting truths and the bembas and eastern tribes are very flexible compared to what I have experienced with the tonga tribe!! THERE IS NO CONSPIRACY HERE AND GENOCIDE IS ONLY POSSIBLE IN THE BANTUSTANS OF SOUTHERN PROVINCE AS EVIDENCED BY THE VIOLENCE AGAINST OTHER TRIBES IN NAMWALA!!! KK was very right in his controlled measures against certain regions and we thought he was evil. Your bitterness, intolerance, denial and hate will consume you soon and the consequences will be regretful, my brother!!!!!

  14. The scenerio of refusing permits and pushing the upnd in the corner breeds anarchy ba father Bena ba puba

  15. Why does PF continue to deny UPND permits? This is very very unfair. WHY????? I don’t belong to UPND but I really don’t understand what PF is thinking. Perhaps they are really planning a genocide otherwise why are they behaving so strangely like they are trying very hard to create a case to justify a hidden agenda.

  16. There is so much hatred among politicians and tribes which is being preached for the sake of political expendience.
    Such barbaric acts by police and cadres are brewing tension in this country thereby increasing the depth of division in this once united nation. A genuine leader should find answers to these questions going on in the minds of many Zambians; Why now are people divided among tribal, regional and and political lines? A true leader should seek answers to such questions. The sense of patriotism has been lost and one wonders whether the ‘ Love one another and unite slogans’ KK used to preach in his efforts to put the peoples of this great land together. To the cadres whether PF, UPND or indeed non-partan, please put the love for this country above your partisan interest…

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