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Lusaka lawyer, KBF hired to prosecute Nchima Nchito

General News Lusaka lawyer, KBF hired to prosecute Nchima Nchito

PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
PF deputy elections chairperson Kelvin Bwalya Fube
Former Post Newspapers employee, Abel Mboozi has engaged Lusaka lawyer, Kelvin Bwalya, to prosecute Lusaka lawyer, Nchima Nchito on charges of impersonation.

In this matter, Mr. Nchito is accused of having carried out his work as a lawyer for the Post Newspapers in Liquidation, when he was not appointed by the company’s Provisional Liquidator.

But Lusaka Magistrate, Greenwell Malumani adjourned the matter to June 5, 2017, for possible response by the state to the preliminary issues raised by the defense.

This was after Mr. Bwalya had asked for more time to study the case and also to obtain more instructions from his client on the matter.

In this matter, Mr. Nchito has refused to take plea, urging the Lusaka Magistrate court to dismiss the charge, because it is against the law.

Mr. Nchito has argued through his lawyer, Musa Mwenye that Directors of a company in liquidation, are allowed to hire lawyers.


  1. This boy is dull. How do you ask a pf cadre to represent you when their president who claims to be a lawyer is so dull to have any vision for this country. The pf do not respect rule of law and you decide to be represented by one of the clowns kikiki you have money to waste. Wake up Bro

    • Failed lawyers, KBF and Lungu turned cadres and politicians respectively should not be given an audience.

    • Abel Mboozi is a fo.olish broke Tonga boy – I am not even surprised that he doing this. This is a boy who could not even buy himself deodorant and was stinking until M’membe offered him a column in The Post!
      I met Abel in Lusaka in February and the guy is a sorry sight – even his shoes have got big holes. I bought him 2 piece chicken and chips with soft drink and the guy ate it like he had never eaten for a week, even chewed and swallowed the bones!!
      I hope Able is not cursed surely because his fo.olishness knows no bounds. How could he go for a lawyer who has never won a case and is a known crook for that matter! I don’t even think he has a case against The Post because his column ended more than 5 years ago and he would have told me as a family friend.
      I know it is not Mboozi…

    • II know it is not Mboozi paying legal fees because he can’t afford even a lawyer charging K100 at the moment. So it must be Lungu or at least PF paying KBF as a way of appeasing Kevin Fube for the campaigns during the 2016 elections. Lungu’s interest is that the case keeps Mmembe at bay

    • These PF are a bunch of hyenas, hiring a lawyer from Lungu &Associates? And you continue telling them that The Post Newspaper case is not Lungu’s fight?

    • @ Chilyata: That’s typical of Tonga boys. It’s not Mboozi alone – just get a closer look at their dressing in general even after so much cash from stolen cattle.

  2. Mboozi is just being used to fight other people’s battles. The earlier he realises this the better. But if his head is buried in poverty, he might not realise it? I wonder what the wife is doing about this, dirty money is not worthy? But the money we get through sweat is sustainable? I advise Mboozi to go and start rearing chickens or guinea pigs (mbila) in his village

  3. It is Hazaluza Hagain who is dull and his henchmen who are dull! They don’t know they need to concede defeat! Frustrated losers!

  4. The only problem with the Nchitos is that they masquerade as The Post Newspaper lawyers when in fact they share-holders. Musa Mwenye is part of those lawyers they influenced MCS to appoint into GRZ. Musa will be remembered for gifting Guy Scott the illegal presidency, the Cartel. It will take time to clean their infiltration into the system. Even Speaker Matibini was their who won against Kapita by a single vote but he’s clever and a man of integrity who has refused to be influenced by that Mafia. He’s his own person

    • What do you mean “Musa will be remembered for gifting Guy Scott the illegal presidency, the Cartel?” What law do you know? You are so pathetic with your innuendos…who else qualified to be Acting President then? Mbuzi…

  5. Tribal people I knew that is from Eastern province no one else who can do that. Rupia Banda and Lungusha you’ve destroy the country

  6. This is the systematic dismantling and desimation of the once powerful cartel that held the judiciary and the presidency hostage. They infiltrated key areas of government so they could control and threaten anyone who crossed their path and even the president himself. Judges feared this once powerful & merciless clique who controlled them and could have them fired at a drop of a coin-no wonder Fred had the audacity to publish that infamous editorial “Edgar Lungu is no match for me!”. Even if hh had won the presidency, he would have been a puppet to this cartel and would have stood no chance against them. ECL and his supporters have done well to steer clear of this cartel and have put them right where they belong.

  7. I did not know that easteners are this tribal. Look at the shielding of RB, Kaizer Zulu and Dora Siliya from possible prosecution from their criminal activities. Any way, RB said it all “Wako ni wako”……………………………

  8. Interesting! Will wait and see how the former classmates at Law school class of ’85 Nchima and KBF will argue this case.

  9. In general, on the appointment of a liquidator, the powers of a director cease. You should be aware that a company is technically insolvent when it cannot pay it’s debts as they fall due. It is possible to incur personal liability as a director where you continue to let the company trade even though you know it is not in a position to pay it’s debts as they fall due.
    “Mr. Nchito has argued through his lawyer, Musa Mwenye that Directors of a company in liquidation, are allowed to hire lawyers.” HOW IS THIS ACHIEVABLE?

  10. @PK…. The Post never failed to pay its debts tax inclusive. This was just a way of silencing the views of moral upright Zambian citizens. For now the fight has been won but the war still rages on . The truth will one day come out and we will know who did what. To my brothers and sisters who have been badly affected by the happenings at the mighty Post Newspapers soldier on …. The light will soon shine and the monkeys will be caught napping.

  11. This is a case of ‘impersonation’ the directors of the ex-past did not hire this sc as a lawyer for a company in liquidation but rather as the past lawyer…remember this same man escaped when he went in the dead of the night to re-open the past with the fugitive accounts clerk night school lawyer wanna be scribe in the company of his ‘stolen’ wife from a man on his death bed…..dream on about the past that’s a must!

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