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NGOCC commends High Court Judge for acquitting a woman of murder

General News NGOCC commends High Court Judge for acquitting a woman of murder

The Non -governmental Organizations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has welcomed the High Court  ruling in which Judge Betty Mung’omba has acquitted Elizabeth Lungu of Mtendere Compound for alleged murder of  her husband Anthony Nkhoma.


NGOCC Board Chairperson Sara Longwe said the judgment resonates the organisation’s sentiments advanced in earlier statements that most of the women who kill their husbands do so in self defense.

Ms Longwe noted that in many instances where women kill their husbands, investigations have shown that such women would have been victims of domestic violence who act in self defense.


“We further note that in the past, courts have found women in similar circumstances guilty of murder without giving due recognition of the circumstances that would have led to the death,” Ms Longwe said


She, however, said she does mot condone any form of Gender Based Violence (GBV) whether perpetuated by women or men.


Ms Longwe called on the investigative wings to consider the extenuating factors in cases where women have been accused of murdering their spouses.


“We reiterate our calls for families to get involved in resolving family problems in marriages and relationships where there is a serious breakdown of spousal relations for us to arrest the rise in cases of women accused of murdering their partners and vice versa, “she said.


She thanked the judiciary for taking steps in appreciating the extenuating factors surrounding women who find themselves in cases of GBV.


“The rest remains for us as a society to engage couples into counseling and alternative dispute resolution so as to make marriage safe for all,” Ms Longwe noted.


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    • This is the most styopet I have heard from Sarah Longwe. So she says its fine for me to murder my abusive WIFE. Who defines abusive? Then it should equally be fine for me to steal food because I’m hungry.
      Its this fuulysh attitude of US against them that’s destroying this country.
      It’s us against men, it’s us against tongas, it’s us against PF, it’s us against the adults. Where does this end, where does it leaves us as human beings?

    • Poor reporting again LT. How about giving your readers a summary of the judgment? On what basis did the judge acquit the ‘murderer’?? Is there evidence of self-defense? If in self defense, surely the case could have dropped to man-slaughter not outright acquittal. How about investing in journalists at your on-line paper, LT??

    • but ama wholay yamu NGOs yalapapusha. whats there to welcome when life was lost. if the woman saw that her hauband violent, why did she stay? just over a quarrel you can kill your own husband? nalyo iwholay ili ati, ‘we welcome.’
      How many men have killed their wives despite been violent iwe chi longwe. life is so precious for a man to lose it to a promiscuous wife. ama wholay nayo thinking is realy shocking.

  1. Its funny how NGO’S assume that most of these women kill their husbands through self defence this is a fallacy.
    You need to look at each case on an individual basis and the evidence available . Some of the men that have died at the hands of women recently have been under questionable circumstances.
    If what the NGOCC is saying is true then they have a lot of work to do in order to enlighten the womenfolk to come forward and report abuse.

  2. Killing and she expects her children to leave her just like that.Children will want to know how their father died.Immediately they discover that their mum killed their father,hell breaks loose.She should not think that she can hide behind a canopy of bogus judgement and go away with it.She will dearly pay from her own children.Divorce,much as it is painful,is the best option.It is very disgusting how these NGOS behave.They are full of double standards especially if it affects their own.They don’t have well balanced opinion.So a man is there to be killed by a woman.It is not an act of self defense.It is the evil thought that these women have towards their spouses.It is disgusting to support such a diabolical act.

  3. Shame on you iwe ch Longwe!! Did you really understand what would happen if men decide to do the same. matuvi a NGO!!!! stupid!!!

  4. If the judge really acquitted her on grounds that she acted in self-defense it is very unfortunate and it has set a bad precedence in the sense that some women will be getting away with murder.

  5. This is the most stup!d I have heard from Sarah Longwe. So its fine if I kill my abusive wife. It should equally be fine to steal food because I’m hungry.
    This foolysh attitude of US against THEM is what’s destroying this country. PF against UPND, men against women, youth against adults & dog eat dog, where does it end?

  6. Between wife and husband, it is better to leave it to respective families to air their feelings. Normally, any death is one death too many. Or do you have personal interest in the case? From the human point of view, it is clear that killing a spouse is not an appropriate thing to justify easily. Even a suspended sentence seems more reasonable. Excessive force is inappropriate in a dispute. In certain traditions, an eye for an eye is applied in homicide across the board. In the final analysis, provocative behavior does not warrant a death sentence.

  7. Was she acquitted because of extenuating circumstances or just because there was no implicating evidence? This story neglects to inform us of this

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