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I have enough evidence to prove corruption at Zambia Revenue Authority-Chishimba

General News I have enough evidence to prove corruption at Zambia Revenue Authority-Chishimba

UPP’s Savior Chishimba
UPP’s Savior Chishimba
United Progressive People (UPP) President Saviour Chishimba insists that he has enough evidence to prove his alleged corruption at the Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) regarding k140 million projects involving the Chinese contractors.

Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda said UPP leader Saviour Chishimba’s claims are unfounded and should be dismissed with the contempt they deserve.

Dr. Chishimba explained that the UPP categorically stated that the Chinese proposed to undertake the project at K84 million but the total donor funding allocated to the project was K140 million.

He also noted that the UPP had warned ZRA against choosing a firm known as Inspur, which he said it lamentably failed to deliver in Zimbabwe due to massive corruption and monopolization of the supply of Electronic Fiscal Devices (EFDs)

“We have enough evident on ZRA corruption and we are warning Kingsley Chanda against being a defend of corruption at ZRA” he said

And the UPP leader said ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda should desist from pronouncements that make ZRA look like it is now a political party in Zambia.

He said the UPP does not expect ZRA to denigrate the UPP leadership over a credible matter of national interest, adding that his party will not wait to be in Government to help solve problems Zambians are faced with.

“We want to advise ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda to desist from pronouncements that make ZRA look like it is now a political party in Zambia” Dr. Chishimba said


  1. Way to go Saviour !! You need to make their seats hot the Government of Edward has been to complacent and “chilled”…..while your opposition friends are too preoccupied with Inconsequential Activities like Petitions and others Intra-party wrangles. These Guys are plundering like never before and they need someone to check them otherwise we wont be left with anything 🙁

    • There’s no institution in zambia that’s corruption free including state house.
      It’s sad that corruption is accepted in zambia as normal way to do business.
      We need to strengthen and empower oversight institution to curb the scourge

    • Chishimba should find another way of advancing his cause, he puts in so much, but the result is always equal to zero.

    • Once upon a time there was a boy who threatened to commit suicide whenever he wanted his mother to give him a favour.
      One day the mother was so peeved with his tantrums that the boy found her with a bottle of doom. She calmly told the boy to use the doom to quickly end his life. The boy was so shocked that he never came back again. End of story.

    • These audios are becoming interesting …. But I don’t like Edgar’s voice, no no no, he sounds drunken.

    • Mr Chishimba you warn people that have a conscience. Chagwa’s PF lacks any sliver of decency, they would strip their own mother to get a coin from her knickers.
      If you really have that information bring it out or else you might be harmed for nothing. Anyone might injure you to make it look like its the corrupt clique who have done it.
      I know that Chagwa’s institutions will not listen to you but the people’s (public) court will rule in your favour.
      Stop the threats & come to the people.

    • Who doesn’t know that corruption is the nshima and the beverage in all of Zambia’s institutions?

  2. Even Even my 10 year old nephew knows that every institution under pf is corrupt. Don’t waste your time pursuing it under the courts where lungu has planted his stooges as judges

  3. Lazy is a tool for corruption…no one except junior clerks will be arrested for corruption …simply look at BUFFOON CK up to now no news.

  4. Yah yah yah yah with the rotten judiciary. Judges has made Zambia rotten some judges a cast with they children for what they did.

  5. That’s the problem with anti-corruption in Zambia. It is used as a means for political mileage as well as getting at people you don’t like. This political clown tried to pull this stunt off with the Malawi maizegate scandal but it turned out to be a hoax as it was a Malawian problem and had nothing to do with Zambian government officials. If he has evidence of corruption in ZRA, LET HIM PROCEED TO THE ACC AND THE POLICE AND PRESENT THAT EVIDENCE SO THAT A DOCKET IS OPENED AND INVESTIGATIONS CAN BEGIN RIGHT AWAY!! LT or other media are not prosecuting authorities who can investigate or arrest the alleged culprits (if there is even any corruption to begin with!!) And then to warn of Inspur which he claims had issues in Zimbabwe, I think ZRA and indeed the ZPPA is competent enough when…

    • Are you sure about that? I thought the corruption started here. The Malawians came to negotiate their deals here in Zambia with Zambian ministers and other officials. The president was also involved. So how can you say it was a Malawian thing? Edgar Lungu and Dora Siliya are involved. Corruption started here and we have not acted because Edgar Lungu is an accomplice. So get your facts right.

    • No, no, no…to accuse someone of something, you have to have hard facts or we shall be doing the Mwanawasa anti-corruption all over again: THAT IS THE REASON CHILUBA WAS ACQUITTED!!!!! Officials from Malawi Agric ministry & Grain Marketing created an artificial shortage of maize and advised cabinet to avail funds for maize imports. The officials went ahead and approached Zambian Agric ministry about buying maize. Dora authorised the export as it was from neighbouring country but later Malawian govt officials discovered that Grain marketing had given false figures of maize in rural areas which was adequate!! So how is Dora involved? She was just approached!! Hence the Malawian investigators finding no case in Zambia!!

  6. Dr Chishimba collect as much evidence on corruption as you can and keep it very safe. I know if you went to court this time you will not get any tangeble result. That evidence will be used against all those involved when PF is kicked out of power in 2021.

  7. There he goes again!!! Always Hallucinating!!! If you have evidence don’t even waste time. Take it to the courts of Law.

  8. “We want to advise ZRA Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda to desist from pronouncements that make ZRA look like it is now a political party in Zambia” Dr. Chishimba said

    It’s important head of institutions learn this very quickly

  9. Man has been corrupt since the fall from grace in the days of Adam and Eve. What man can do now is to fully and comprehensively repent and make the Golden Law ‘ Do unto others what you would like them to do unto you’ be part of his DNA in his daily endeavours. There is no institution world over that is corruption free as a matter of absolute fact.

  10. Even gate man at ZRA drives a Mercedes Benze but for me am an executive director for a holy ngo. I bored a minibus every morning and I stay Kwa Mijo in a three roomed house with one window and the front door is a land rover door. I pay K150 rentals…………….Its pays not to be corrupt right. Its total poverty, gate man……a benze………. house in ibex…………………awe ……………..awe can some one please corrupt me am ready for a kick back…..please.

  11. Now its ZRA?? Savoiur, you now are acting like a rabid mongrel! No one will take you seriously,seriously!

  12. Some of these claims please take the information to ACC to prosecute these cases. Just shouting makes no credible sense

  13. Give me a break – who doesn’t know that corruption is always the underwear, wherever you turn in Zambia?

  14. Whenever u see a Public Agency silencing the people then u know its hiding something. ZRA is definitely hiding something. There are big PF fishes involved in these corrupt ZRA deals so ZRA has sought a High Court injunction to protect these big fishes and itself. ZRA we are told was involved In the Malawi Maize Gate Scandal and we know Dora Siliti and Chakolwa are involved. Whenever u see govt blocking a Petition this way then u know they are hiding something. They blocked the Presidential Petition to protect their stolen vote,ECZ and Several Election Riggers. Chishimba has got them where it hurts so they are covering up. The truth will come out eventually.

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