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How to Obtain a Driver’s License in Zambia

Motoring How to Obtain a Driver’s License in Zambia

The process of acquiring a driver’s license in Zambia is one that is very important, as road safety standards cannot be compromised. It is a requirement that everyone who drives a motor vehicle must be in possession of a valid driving license. It cannot be disputed that unlicensed driving is one of the leading cause of road traffic crashes in Zambia and this cannot be left unchecked but we must continue to educate everyone aspiring to be a driver to gain the necessary driving skills and knowledge.


The only institution that is mandated by law to issue driving licenses is the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA). Apart from issuing licenses the agency also has other related functions such as regulation of traffic, road transport management through regulation, registration of motor vehicles and commercial vehicle operators, licensing and registering of driving schools and driving instructors. The agency requires that one has to be eighteen years old and above, in order to apply for a driver’s license. Members of the public must first enroll at an approved and licensed driving school. These schools are dotted around the country and with the minimum time period of 7 days one can be taught how to drive and be eligible to take the theory exams that are set by the agency (RTSA).


Procedures and Requirements for a Driver’s License Identification/Documentation

Candidates should be in possession of the national registration card or Diplomatic passport or Zambian passport or Refugee Card. These national identification cards are very much needed for personal identification and to ascertain the age of the individual applying as the right age to apply for provisional driving license for a motor vehicle is 18 years old and for a motorcycle it’s 16 years of age.

The agency (RTSA) also requires one to be very conversant with the highway codes, traffic signs and laws relating to drivers and passengers in general. These are key areas during oral examinations, as one has to really keep to heart and master everything. Note that a candidate has to at least score 75% and above in order for one to be issued with a Form DL1 which is used for data capturing of personal and image in computerized stations for issuance of a provisional license and a sum of ZMK69.00 has to be paid for the issuance of the same.

What You Need to Know about Provisional License

Note that a provisional license has to be renewed every three months. If the candidate happens not to qualify or passed the practical examinations, which involves the RTSA examiner, taking a test drive, which normally costs about ZMK 52.00, to observe strict adherence to the highway codes, traffic signs and safety and basic rules of vehicle handling. Upon a student driver passing the tests he or she is issued with a “passed” certificate. At this stage the student driver can now apply for a driver’s license at a fee of ZMK 86.60 and upon payment, a temporal driver’s license is issued pending the printing of the original license card. Printings of original cards normally take a bit long as information captured in the system has to be verified and checked for authenticity.

After obtaining your driver’s license, you will be eligible to drive anywhere in the country. If you need a car to drive, visit BE FORWARD.JP, where you can find the best used car with the lowest prices in the market.

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  1. I was expecting to see if all fails u can always buy your license ! Let’s not pretend that it doesn’t happen . Please people don’t buy licenses . Get it genuinely in order to reduce accidents

    • RTSA is very corrupt. They will fail you deliberately so that you can bribe them. That is the norm nowadays.

    • @ Chandar..you went quiet concerning ‘adult connections’ on the other thread (ZNBC Staff strikes)…I even sent you my address for your contact..

  2. How to get Driver’s License in Zambia. The most important thing is to know where the hazard light switch is and misuse it. If you cannot pass your driving test at RTSA there is Matero RTSA in disguise, you can talk to them. if this fails, use sangomas in churches to pray for a miracle, when you wake up the day after fasting and prayers, you will find your driver’s license on your pillow, that is if you have one.

  3. I have never seen this procedure. The common one I know is that you get to have some basic idea on driving. Then you visit RTSA loaded with some cash. You will always find boys (these days and girls) who always hang around RTSA offices. These are agents of the officers who work inside. Speak to these guys; they will give you their own schedule of fees that include “Nichekeloko”. Pay these boys and there will be nothing like queuing up at counters. These boys and girls know who to speak to inside. When you want to check how far, only speak to them and do not flout by going to ask inside. Eventually, they will emerge with your full documents. For these, normally it takes a day and half! If you want to follow other procedures, it will take you six months!

  4. umutima waba RTSA. RATSA partners with be forward to sensitise pipo about how to get driving license to use on their be forwarded vehicle.

  5. Yabaa awe sure you people have cracked my ribs with your comments..I like all your comments I’ve got something to laugh about before I sleep…

  6. This is really a banana republic too much corruption starting from the PRESIDENT of UPND,I doubt he got his licence following this procedure. Where is FREDERICK Mwalusaka ? he was the best Director at RTSA AND NO NONSENSE of corruption.

  7. Accidents are all over Zambia because RTSA instructors are not competent if I take all RTSA officials for test only five can pass out of all in Zambia. What I’m saying is true.

  8. How To Obtain a Driver’s Licence in Zambia.
    Drive at high speed all the time and try to overtake all the 10 cars ahead of you in 2 minutes.Overtake the one immediately ahead of you on the left then the following one on the right and repeat the stunt till all the 10 cars are BEHIND and you are IN FRONT.You may then as “Chilankalipa” has correctly observed, stop on the centre line,if the domestic paint the Chinese/Zambian politically- connected contracter used is still visible, put on your hazard lights.The traffic policeman at the intersection will then wave you through the intersection.Of course you do have the licence you bought at RTSA head offfice!! Mwalusaka was a waste of time and money!!Hehehehe!

  9. IF there is someone from the anti-corruption, transparent Zambia, OP and genuine Political parties who have ready the comments above, kindly look into and address this matter. It’s true have heard a lot of people complain about RTSA’s corruption they fail people deliberately so that they can be bribed.

  10. Cutting corners is the norm in zambia, the above ellaborated procedure is never implemented..We know the procedure is there on paper but perhaps ba RATSA, it is important to devise the whole procedure and make it work…licences are being issued contrary to the lawful procedures!!! It is also important to address those corrupt elements in the system which always give returning residents a hard time to convert foreign licences to zambian ones. It has now become a norm for RATSA officials to be provided with a letter to confirm if one was really driving overseas…why not come up with a clear policy regarding returning residents instead of inconveniencing them…for example, they can be subjected to a simple test to prove that they have competency in driving and not subliminary asking for…

  11. Procedure is not what the problem is.
    1. Put up enough infrastructure with open offices and enough air circulation. This will keep away those agents who have established offices under the trees.

    2. Enough computers and up to date network. In short modernise everything.

    3. Install cctv, cameras and activate rtsa website. Employ IT soecialists to update the web page every few hours. Anti Corruption Commission should be empowered to visit such places as rtsa unidentified, mingle with clients and all the people present, then get first hand information, set up traps and so forth.

  12. All the comments on corruption at ratsa are true but the waste corrupt officers are police traffic officers at Kitwe central police traffic section. They literally ran after vehicles suspected of being defective when not. The police command shud visit this office in room 9. A traffic officer is on daily basis assigned to sit in this office and receive bribes from unsuspecting motorists by inflating charges for various offences without receipts.This officer is not even a govt cashier. According to the officer, once your car keys and a charge statement written a small piece of paper are given to him and you are asked to go to this office, there is no room for postponing payment. Its either you pay in full and a receipt issued or you pay half without receipt. The keys are given back to you…

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