Wynter Kabimba challenges Chinese Embassy over K200,000 cash donation to Esther Lungu Foundation

Ambassador Yang Youming wife talks to First Lady Esther Lungu at State House on Tuesday, April 4th 2017
Ambassador Yang Youming wife talks to First Lady Esther Lungu at State House on Tuesday, April 4th 2017

Ambassador Yang Youming wife talks to First Lady Esther Lungu at State House on Tuesday, April 4th 2017
Ambassador Yang Youming wife talks to First Lady Esther Lungu at State House on Tuesday, April 4th 2017

Rainbow Party Secretary General Wynter Kabimba has written to the Chinese Embassy in Zambia raising objection over its recent donation of K200,000 cash to the Esther Lungu Foundation.

Mr Kabimba wants the Chinese Embassy to withdraw the donation saying the act of donating such an astronomical amount of money to the spouse of the President amounts to corruption.

He said it is wrong and against diplomatic convention practice for the Chinese Ambassador’s wife to donate K200,000 to First Lady Esther Lungu.

In a letter addressed to Ambassador Yang Youming, Kabimba described the donation as improper, unethical and corrupt.
“On Tuesday 04th April, 2017, during the ZNBC main news at 19:00 hours, I saw a clip in which your spouse was presenting a cheque in excess of K200,000 as a donation to the First Lady, Mrs Esther Lungu’s foundation on behalf of the embassy. The said donation, according to your spouse was the first of the annual installments to the foundation. Whereas Zambian laws do not prohibit such donations as per se, a donation coming from a foreign embassy and/or government to a personal charity led by a First Lady is not only wrong, improper and unethical, but wholly outside the purview of the normal diplomatic conversions and practices,” Mr. Kabimba wrote.

He also wondered what criteria was used to pick First Lady Esther’s foundation as the recipient.

“Our position as the Rainbow Party is that the act undertaken by the embassy through your wife is tantamount to corruption. As you are very well aware, Mrs Lungu is and has been a principal and active campaigner of the Patriotic Front, a role which has a thin line with her purported foundation. In this vein, we view the donation as Rainbow Party as nothing but the financing of PF as a political party by your government through this foundation which is not accountable to any established board of trustees or subject to any rules and regulations,” wrote Mr. Kabimba.

“This is, therefore, political interference by your government in the domestic affairs of another sovereign state. In this regard, we demand that you furnish us with the criteria you used to make the donation in question to Mrs Lungu’s foundation out of the many existing old charities in the country. We also demand that the donation be withdrawn immediately. Yours faithfully, Wynter Kabimba.”

And appearing on Hot FM Hot Seat radio programme, Mr Kabimba said there are many deserving charities such as SOS and Cheshire Homes who can have received that donation.

“If the Chinese really cared for this country, they could have donated that money to resolving the situation at UNZA, maybe build UNZA library which is collapsing,” he said.

Mr Kabimba demanded that the Chinese Embassy discloses the source of that K200,000.

“Was the money from Chinese Government or the Chinese business community in Zambia? I want them to tell us the sources.
They money was handed over by the Ambassador’s wife. There is everything wrong. Mrs Xi Jinping can never receive money in that manner. It is never allowed in other countries by international conventions. We shall not allow any foreign company or mission to come and interfere in the internal affairs of this country by financing one political party against the other. We won’t allow this mischievousness. We shall unearth the truth about this matter,” he said.


    • Have an independent ACC led by a qualified Civilian with a tenure slightly longer than a serving president will wipe no sense like this. #Shame!!

    • They are a hand that recieveth, blessed are the hands that giveth.

      Bravo my president HH and veep GBM for the more than 20 herds of cattle and bags of mealie meal for the kuomboka ceremony. While benangu have given lozis hordes of brutal police men. For a ceremony which everyone should be merry and enjoy.

    • Kabimba the problem is that you have not given anyone anything unless in exchange for your political mileage. If u want donate to UNZA since you also have money we payed you and u store while in government but please don’t feel jealous they have donated.

    • Kabimba is loud and clear this time, and he is right.
      However, the Ester Lungu Foundation has just lead money to Edgar Lungu to buy a bus for Real Nakonde football club.

    • @Mushota You seem to trivialise the hard facts that Kabimba brings up. He like you may not be my fans but I have clearly given you a thumbs up if and when you make valid points. Unfortunately, you brought the same “shoot down the messenger” attitude when you blogged with gen Miyanda.
      As for Mrs Lungu, she now wears spectacles she couldn’t afford before and I note she has put her own portrait in her office (instead of the elected husband! Perhaps she doesn’t realise she doesn’t have immunity!

    • Wynter, Wynter, Wynter, didn’t you start corruption in the PF? Didn’t you tag along vicious looking PF Cadres to the ACC offices at Kulima Tower when you were summoned to appear before the Commission? That’s when you have realised what real Politicians have been saying? Do you know that even this Mukula timber saga, this lady is one of the culprits? Wait, you will hear more.

    • I am reminded of KK whose practice was that anything received by him on his visits and from well wishers while serving on plot one was not taken to be personal but became government property under state house inventory! This is a rule among most world leaders therefore Kabimba is very correct on this one otherwise its time that a system that accounts for such “donations” started operating. It would create a running account where all such donations are deposited to support first ladies charities even carrying on from where a predecessor left or channel to other deserving NGO’s and not the silly organizations we have witnessed each first lady coming into state house forms and soon dies after leaving state house! All those that have “donated” to first ladies understand its ethically…

    • The donation is wrong but I won’t have this lecture from Kabimba who was justifying similar stupi.d money being given to Dr Kaseba when he was SG and that money then came from our merger funds. So what has changed in his mind. Look at yourself Kabimba then go away.

  1. Good call state counsel..why should these First Ladies be running charitable organization that die after their hubbies exit from state house…it is not acceptable..and surely there are other deserving NGOs that can disburse those monies with proper accountability…

    • To launder money that’s why…the oldest trick in the book, in all honesty who would question $1million going to administration expenditure when everything is paid for her by the taxpayer.

  2. Kabimba has now come back to his senses, we have said it time and again that this union is awash with corruption, nepotism, thuggery and nothing to write home about. Imagine in China this XI receiving that amount, she would be executed for corruption. Here Lungu and his minions are flaunting our laws with impunity and engaging in corrupt activities in broad daylight. There are so many orphanages that deserve help and not this front set up as a conduit for embezzlement and corruption. I don not know how many time the word corruption has come out from the visionless one. To him this word is a like a prick in the skin.

    • Actually, in this case, Mrs Youming will be trouble, am sure this has sent strong waves to China. Knowing how loyal Chinese are expected to be.
      The Youming will be re-called back. China doesn’t tolerate such, especially that this case has been made public.

    • My advice to the Chinese Embassy Staff is to ignore Mr. Kabimba and not to respond to his letter. Dr. Kaseba Sata used to receive donations from all over the world to support her organisation and Mr Kabimba was quiet because he was Minister and according to the hierarchy of PF he was third from the President. He didn’t see anything wrong that time until this time when he’s heading a political party. Advise him to go to court.

  3. Akaaso, Mr Kabimba, how do you challenge a donor or tell the donor to give UNZA who never requested for the money other than the one who asked for the money…

    • Lest we forget, This the man the Supreme Leader HH of the UPND once said he would not hire as a Lawyer even if he was the only Lawyer left in the country…

    • @Zakeyo,
      Kabimba is not my cup of tea either. But your elaborate attempt to defend Mrs Lungu’s ‘gift’ by trying to deflect attention from the valid point Kabimba has raised is noted. This attempt strongly suggests you are an entrenched beneficiary of what Kabimba raised.

    • @BRABUS.. Let me remind you that all the First ladies from Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Banda,Sata and the current one have all received donations and others where not even disclosing… where was Kabimba to not have condemned them…

  4. Kabimba was in a fast lane when king cobra was in power..he started campaigning when there was a sitting president..shame on him he could have been president by now..one step at a time ba Kabimba was all you needed..King cobra did well to show you the exit door because you became pompous and thought you were untouchable..

  5. Mr Summer please, spare us. You can not dictate a donor the way you used to bulldoze when you were at your highest pick. People have been donating to charities managed y first ladies. We had Hope Foundation, MM Foundation and even to Madam Thandiwe, we saw people donating. What is wrong with this one? Jealousy, Mr Summer. Is it now that your eyes have opened up? Come-one, do not be so petty. I have learnt that Hechi Hechi has donated Heads of cattle and other food stuffs, is that corruption or not? Mr Summer, please, spare us for God’s sake.

  6. Next Easter donate to Mrs Mike Mulongoti in 2019 Mrs Godfrey Miyanda and so on, the wives of the opposition leaders should also benefit from such donations.

  7. At this rate, I really don’t know what corruption is in this country. Everybody except the Shoprite cashier is swimming in deals and backhanders.

  8. Why no one is donating to Vera or Mpundu trust any more? This issue of first ladies having Charity organisations has to end as its simply a tool for laundering bribes. If i wife of a President wants to assist let her work with NGOs..

  9. “Mr Kabimba said there are many deserving charities such as SOS and Cheshire Homes who could have received that donation”. Did they write to ask for donations?

  10. that is total corruption..wher is she going to take the money?the refurbishing of UNZa Library is a good move..

  11. LUNGU has received bigger “donations” from Chinese. That’s how Zambia has been auctioned to the Chinese.

    Just go to LT pictures of the week. Its delegation after delegation of tu-ma-Choncholee at State House.

    LUNGU’s mistakes will take 150 years to correct.

  12. I hope that donation is not a smokescreen meant to show that the First Lady does not get money from government coffers but from ‘well wishers’

    • Small change. In any case we should focus on how this money will be used. Is Esther going to Zoona this money to mum or it will be used to help the vulnerable.?

  13. The Chinese are very good at corrupting other people. Mrs Lungu wont account for this money anywhere and they are not worried

  14. Kabimba is very right. Its a pity corruption is now legalized by Lungu. Ubwafya tukwete bakaponya mu pf bafulisha icakuti naba Edgar nomba nibakaponya na law balilaba. Bakaponya mulefulunganya icalo. Lesa Akamikanda.

  15. @1.7 you mean she doesnt have the official portrait of her husband in her office? This only means one thing, she does not recognize him as President of this country like UPND!! Waal

  16. This is the same reason the head of Samsung is in court for donations to charities connected to president or presidents friends. And the Korean president was impeached and will be in jail soon.

  17. The money was don’t ed ti a charity not Ester per say. That Charity has a board and is run by employees. They surely have to account for the monies they receive. We all know she dies not use this money for personal benefits but helps the vulnerable. If I had money I would donate through her too. Majelasi mu Zambia.

  18. Chamubaba Winter Maize Kabimba! When he was in the system it suited him now he has no one one to fund his party he cries loudest. Esther runs an NGO organisation which requires funding from who ever wants to give a hand. My advise to Winter maize quit politics and start an NGO.

  19. I bet the best option that donation would ha e been so much of use are UNZA and UTH. With the deplorable states of the above mentioned, those funds would have utilised to the fullest. I do not believe in these first lady foundation things either.

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