THE recent implementation of the revised national education curriculum by Government, which introduced teaching of local language syllabus from Pre-School to Grade four level in Primary Schools, is progressing well in Choma district, Southern Province. Above, Grade One pupils at Kalundu Ka Maria Primary School were found cheerfully learning how to construct sentences in Citonga in their classroom.Zambia National Education Coalition (ZANEC) Chairperson Kabika Kakunta has commended Ministry of Education for its planned transfer of all primary schools in Zambia to local.

Government recently announced that it may grant City Councils exclusive rights to manage Educational facilities across the country.

In an interview with Ama FM Radio, Mr. Kakunta said the move is a good one because it will contribute positively to the education sector in Zambia.

However, Mr. Kakunta who also echoed similar sentiments with the National Action for Quality Education (NAQEZ) Executive Director Aaron Chansa suggesting that almost all Local Authorities in Zambia are overwhelmed with huge administrative and financial constraints and may not be able to manage.

Mr. Kakunta was swift to appreciate that Government’s planned devolution deal through Ministry of Education to transfer Primary Schools to city councils was aimed at empowering all Primary Schools in Zambia.

“I would like to recommend this process of devolution and primary schools be transferred to local councils reasons being that the local councils are the ones dealing with land issues, therefore it will be easy for schools to own land”

“The only worrying thing concerned as a labour movement is how ready is our local government to handle the exercise looking that they already have their own challenges and also how adequate is the human resources Kakunta said

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  1. Why not taking one ministry at a time? start with community then other ministry. Who has failed between local govt and other ministries?


  2. It’s OK, but what we want to know is: Has the government put everything in order at the councils?


  3. LT aagain you have removed posts. .can kakunta respond and tell us how this will empower schools. Just a bland statement saying nothing.
    Who will pay salaries



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