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NGOs Welcome readiness to dialogue by Political parties

General News NGOs Welcome readiness to dialogue by Political parties

SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
SACCORD executive director Boniface Cheembe
A number of stakeholders have welcomed President Edgar Lungu’s commitment to dialogue.

SACCORD Executive Director Boniface Cheembe says President Lungu should go further by creating a day of national dialogue.

Mr. Cheembe has told ZNBC news that the call is timely and interested stakeholders should take advantage and engage the Head of State on various issues of national importance.

And UNZA Political analyst Dr Alex Ng’oma said President Lungu’s call should be taken seriously and used as a platform to advance dialogue.

Dr Ng’oma also said the Head of State should not waste time entertaining political parties which are not willing to respect his authority.

He said all those with complaints of the elections should approach the Electoral Commission of Zambia.

Meanwhile, PF Lusaka province youth chairperson Kennedy Kamba said the opposition UPND should find a way of moving forward because they will be missing out on opportunities like the forth coming dialogue.

Mr. Kamba said opposition political parties should come together and engage government on national issues.

And the Zambia Association of MusicianS of has pleaded with political party leaders to dialogue and make peace with each other for the sake of unity and the country’s development.

ZAM president Njoya Tembo is concerned that the country has continued to record cases of political violence eight months after going to the polls.

Mr Tembo says political party leaders should act in a way that will draw their supporters together.
He has further challenged political leaders to respect human life and act in the interest of the people and the nation.

Mr Tembo states that musicians will try to play their role in preaching the message of unity and peace to the nation for the sake of the country’s development and prosperity.

Yesterday, President Lungu said he is ready to dialogue with anybody on issues of national importance.


    • I am one that does not see logic with those urging political parties to dialogue for I can’t envision how the stage of this dialogue will be set! The platform to dialogue between political parties is parliament by reaching out across the divisions and applying logic on issues resulting in cross-pollinated decisions. Political parties have come together before to dialogue but has anyone experienced anything good that has come about out of such previous meetings to dialogue? In their unique set ups the variety of existing parties understand that they all have a common denominator in pledging to the country and uplifting lives of all Zambians! There is no need for any more photo sessions just need for civility and dignity in language being used especially with regards to disagreements!

  1. He has failed to dialogue with millers, what important national issues are you talking about? Where is the K45 per 25kg meali meal bag from your solar milling plants.

    • in 1991 we voted for free market policies and removed the controlist regime of KK that had price controls. Meaning the govt. shall not interfere in economic activities by companies. Zambians like you and me go to the rural areas and convince the villagers to sell us maize at our set prices and in turn supply the millers at a very handsome profit for ourselves. All the while there are no taxes govt. charges us in these transactions and govt. doesn’t charge VAT on mealie meal!! So how can the president be dialoguing with millers?? In advanced countries, citizens form consumer groups to pressure companies-WHY CAN’T YOU INSTEAD PROTEST TO THE MILLERS INSTEAD OF EXPECTING THE SAME PRESIDENT YOU DON’T RECOGNISE TO DO THAT FOR YOU??? It is the millers that set the price, not the government.

  2. ECL should allow the petition to be heard before he can call for any meaningful dialogue. As things stand he considered an impostor president.
    Only those on PF payroll like this so called saccord director Boniface Cheembe will support such a call. Zambia needs a president who will respect the rule of law.

    • @HH Oval Head: These people are sick!! How can you claim a girl’s love after she denies and rejects you? She accepts another man and even announces she is getting married to him? she even invites your best friend to her wedding? Then you even go on record that you can overturn the marriage in the courts?? TOTAL MADNESS!!! It really is getting out of hand.

  3. The dialogue will only be meaningful if UPND will be engaged. Without UNPD is share waste of time and resources. Unless dialogue will be based on why PF is called a Panga Family

  4. Which national unit are you people talking about? National unit based on lies. National unit of horse and rider relationship? You impose yourselves and then talk of national unit just to silence the aggrieved. 2001 chiluba rigged hoping that he would continue indirectly as president. The fool dribbled himself, fortunately. Chief justice Sakala then connived with thieves to deny justice to the rightful winner. 2015, elections were rigged and mambilima was an accomplice. 2016 the same thing happened and you hypocrites are talking of national unit. God help us. You want the accursed dictator to do the same thing in 2021.

  5. There is only one opposition party in Zambia. The only meaningful dialogue would be between ECL and HH. The only issue at hand is the 2016 election and it should be on the agenda. If not, the dialogue is worthless.

  6. Right now, the PF and ECL shouldn’t waste their time dialoging with upnd: they are in denial and will not talk any national or progressive issue. If you hear Andiford Banda talk, Elias Chipimo, Wright Musoma-I really think such characters can bring up issues of national concern. How can you continually blame the govt. and judges for your own failed petition and even the supporters and mps without using their brains continually deny their own stu.p.i.dity and call the elections rigged??? DIALOGUE WITH UPND IS A TOTAL WASTE OF TIME AS WE ALL KNOW WHAT THEY WILL BRING UP. Zambia’s opposition clearly goes beyond hh and his tribal bantustans and young upstarts like Andiford Banda are a joy to listen to, please!!!

    • @Zambian Citizen kanio:
      You are talking about fake political parties with a single MP – so what will be use of talking to them? In any case why doesn’t your Drunkard Alcoholic talk to them at the moment because they recognise him? People like you think with an Ar.se – so try and use your fo.olish head next time. Pr.ikhead!!

    • I have said this and will say it again: small brains overheat when pounded with facts and when they overheat, the just produce insults!! I have recommended counselling at chainama for your fellow zombies as this program includes mental evaluation. Then see a powerful pastor who can cast out the demons of BITTERNESS, DENIAL AND HATE-It really works. EDGAR CHAGWA LUNGU IS THE PRESIDENT OF ZAMBIA UNTIL 2021, MY POOR FELLOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. The SH.IT UNZA Lecturer Dr Alex Ng’oma is the most hopeless witchdoctor I have ever heard. What is he trying to achieve by saying “the Head of State should not waste time entertaining political parties which are not willing to respect his authority.” The nutty Witchdoctor’s head must be full of Rats, Caterpillars and SH.IT.
    It is a fact that Lungu has been trying to ignore the fact that UPND does NOT recognise him as president for stealing the votes AND this is now getting to Lungu’s inner conscious. That is why Lungu is now publicly talking about his recognition – he is suffering alone the shame and GUILTY for stealing the election. The study of psychosis tells us that the next stage if he is not careful is that Lungu will soon start hearing voices and go mad. That GUILTY feeling…

    • Continued………. That GUILTY feeling is quite dangerous!! So does the FAKE Dokota Ngoma think we will forget about Chavula ; An election without Forms G12 in Lusaka; Fake Judge Essau announcing fake results in Chadiza, etc. So what politics did Witchdoctor Ngoma study at UNZA and what for if he can NOT apply the theories to such practical situations – ANYWAY, that is the problem with people who always think with their tribes. I will call him Doctor Ar.sewhore Ngoma!

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