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UPND might just lose the focus and become irrelevant in the next five years-Mumba

General News UPND might just lose the focus and become irrelevant in the next...

HH and GBM gestures during the UPND news conference
HH and GBM gestures during the UPND news conference
PATRIOTIC Front Kantanshi Member of Parliament Anthony Mumba has warned that the continued refusal by UPND leadership to recognize President Edgar Lungu as head of state will take the opposition political party into oblivion.

“They might just lose the focus and become irrelevant in the next five years; so they need to take introspective and check what they believe before they go into oblivion,” Mr Mumba said.

He said in an interview that it was irrelevant for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and his leaders to continue living in denial when every Zambian including the UPND supporters had accepted that President Lungu was the head of state.

Mr Hichilema and his vice Geoffrey Mwamba as well as senior leaders have refused to recognize the election of Mr Lungu on claims that the last year’s elections were rigged.

But Mr Mumba noted that the continued refusal to accept that Mr Lungu was the current president of Zambia had a potential to disturb the peace that the country was enjoying and derail the economic path.

“The Zambian people have spoken and I think the role of the opposition is to provide checks and balances to the ruling party so that we have development for every Zambian,” he said.

“But the stance taken by UPND that they will not recognize the president I think they are just wasting time because everyone has already recognized and the president; I think they should up their game otherwise they will be rendered irrelevant.”

He noted that the opposition political party had been associated with violence and antagonism since last year when it lost the general elections and urged the leadership to resume the role of the opposition party.

The parliamentarians however haled President Lungu for exercising exceptional restrain even when some of the claims by the opposition party bordered on criminality.

Mr Mumba said it was also a myth and misconception for the UPND to suggest that the opposition political party was getting stronger on the Copperbelt.

He warned that becoming a member of parliament had become competitive and opposition parliamentarians would be wasting their time to fulfil their campaign promises because of the current antagonism.


  1. UPND has done the most civilised thing to take the issue to court. It is irrelevant to start forcing them to believe in something that they don’t want to believe. Keep talking Mr Mumba keep pushing, I am sure you will be noticed and a job will come from the President

    • Mumba is a pure munungu, farting utter nonsense. If Lungu won properly, why doesn’t he let the law follow its natural course? What is he afraid of? And why should he worry about the future of UPND when he is in PF. Why isn’t he celebrating his forecast demise of UPND? Clearly UPND’s stance is hurting and infuriating PF. #NeverTakeAdviceFromAnAdversary

  2. How many irrelevant pf cadres have said this. I didn’t know we had so many prophets in pf kikiki. My friend are you sure that is just not what you hope should happen to upnd. It is clear that pf are feeling the pressure. How can you force people to accept an illegal president. It is like raping a woman. Anyway lungu sees nothing wrong with older men forcing themselves on young women for example he pardoned pedophile Clifford dimba

  3. There goes another PF guy having sleepless nights over UPND. They all want to be spokespersons for UPND. They don’t seem to have anything sensible to offer this country.

  4. Last time I checked, Yamfwa Mukanga was the last PF MP for Kantanshi and lost to some independent. Strange to hear that Kantanshi has a PF MP. So, this article falls in the category of fake news

    • …LT is correct to refer Mumba as PF MP only that LT are the champions of editorial blunders…they just forgot to put….’PF’…each time you listen to this Mumba, PF umutuntulu….

  5. I think UPND is already irrelevant with or without then no difference. Talking about them is a waste of time. Let them believe in whatever they believe in until 2021.

  6. This Mumba PF MP has twisted logic. If UPND loses focus then it is an advantage to PF. So why is Mumba complaining? Mumba knows that in an Independent and Competent Court Lungu will lose the Petition. Lungu abrogated the Zambian Constitution in many ways and besides evidence to show that Lungu lost the Election and is illegally in power is overwhelming. Lungu manipulated ECZ and Concourt to rig the Election but he is now blaming them for the mess and yet he was the mastermind behind the Election Rigging. In Court ECZ will reveal what Emmanuel Chavula was doing in the ECZ Server room and how Vote totals were arrived at without the Gen12 Certificates. In Court Lungu has a Case to answer. He stole the Election and is illegally in Power. Illegitimacy is haunting Lungu big time.

  7. PATRIOTIC Front Kantanshi Member of Parliament Anthony Mumba supplied RATSA with machines at Mimosa. A thief not ashamed. INVESTIGATE this boy. these machines do not work.

  8. kikikikiki i wonder who is irrelevant in mongu this is just a sample what zambia really thinks about the winning party.

  9. I pity UPND supporters & sympathizers coz no amount of name-calling or insults on Lungu will ever turn the 2016 in your favour even if you cried blood its immaterial & irrelevant. Why ain’t people protesting if at all they’re not happy – marshal enough support and remove PF if you can. it’s ironic that when they got those huge figures from their strongholds they never complained but when they lost in PF strongholds they cried foul – hypocrites indeed!!!

    • Why would you cry when you get huge figures from your strong hold? Ubututu ba Zambia! Bule nunka no ku nunka.

  10. The more you talk about HH and his boot leakers refusing to accept that Edgar Chagwa Lungu is the President for Zambia, the more you make these pimps grow big headed… Just forget about them and let us see who ever talk about these backward *****s..

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