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State House announces postponement of President Lungu’s visit to Egypt

General News State House announces postponement of President Lungu's visit to Egypt

Amos Chanda
Amos Chanda
State House has announced the postponement of the state visit that President Edgar Lungu was supposed take. In a brief statement released to the media, President Lungu’s special Assistant for Press and Public relations Amos Chanda said that the cancellation is due to due to the security problem in the wake of the bomb attacks yesterday.

The President will undertake the visit later in the year.

Yesterday, Foreign Affairs Harry Kalaba told the press that President Edgar Lungu is this week expected to travel to Egypt for a State visit from 11th to 13th April, 2017 following an invitation from Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sis.

Mr. Kalaba said that the two heads of state woukd discuss a wide range of regional and global issues including ways to mitigate climate change.

The Minister said that other issues to be discussed included cooperation on peace and security and mutually beneficial investment opportunities.

Mr. Kalaba also disclosed that Zambia and Egypt would sign four memorandum of Understanding, in the field of tourism, Sport and Youth, Health and Pharmaceuticals and Radio and Television Union.

Last night, Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah al-Sisi announced a three-month state of emergency after attacks on two Coptic churches that left at least 44 dead.

The measure allows authorities to make arrests without warrants and search people’s homes. It needs to be approved by parliament before it is implemented.
So-called Islamic State (IS) said it was behind the blasts in Tanta and Alexandria on Palm Sunday.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for bombing two Egyptian churches as worshippers gathered to mark Palm Sunday, killing at least 44 people in the deadliest attacks on the Coptic Christian minority in recent memory.

The attacks followed a Cairo church bombing in December and came weeks ahead of a planned visit by Catholic Pope Francis intended to show support for the country’s Christian minority.

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  1. What this article has failed to mention is that this is the second time, EL’s trip to Egypt has been cancelled in recent months. The first was cancelled following a terrorist attack on the Coptic church, the second trip has been cancelled in similar circumstances. State House is hoping for 3rd time lucky in future.

    • It had to take Egyptians to ask them not to proceed with the visit, kalaba announced this trip even when he knew that Egypt was under attack.

    • @POLITICAL FLATULENCE (PF), so what is your point? Don’t know that it is up to the HOSTING/INVITING head of State or Country responsible for the SECURITY of the visiting Head of State? It is up to Egypt to assess the Security situation in their own Country and advise accordingly. If they few the Security conditions in their Country are currently NOT conducive for foreign Heads of State to visit, it is their call to make. And if this was not communicated to Zambia at the time our Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr. Kalaba, was making the announcement how is that Zambia or Mr. Kalaba’s problem?


    • @chosen are you implying that every time PF announces of Christian nation visit, then something happens? What’s your point?

    • Hope this will make the Drunkard, Edgar Lungu, the traveller stay home and at least work and do something sensible!!
      That Ugly Old Sugar Daddy with a Big Nose called Rupiah Banda has taught Lungu the bad habit of travelling aimlessly – when is the mother fcker going to work for our country and earn his money?

    • Ala bakafwila mushila aba Batata nokupitana kwabo. Nangu kufwaya ati ichalo chinjishibe ati uyu ekateka wamu Zambia, awe, teyifi ….

  2. This man called Lungu last time he made a date to visit Egypt a bombing happened and this time again it has happened. But kwena ba president mulenda. Surely such things can also be discussed by phone call. How will your travel help stop climate change issues? Instead why don’t you start educating the charcoal burners on climate change issues. You have all trees burnt down in you country and nothing tangible is happening to help stop this. We need to be talking about technology implementation in the area of energy to completely help us stop charcoal burning.

    • Lungu needs to fall into the hands of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood so that we can see whether his being a moslem will save him.

    • UPND must join ISIS if they really want to rule Zambia, short of that no chance, it will be chikonko for ever! What happened in Mongu is clear testimony that UPND will bring more unrest in ZAmbia never seen before.

    • Oh, shame !!! So sorry your five star hotels will miss you!

      The International Tourist has had his four year holiday travelling around the world at the poor Zambian Taxpayers expense interrupted !!!

      He might even manage a few days of ACTUAL WORK by this cancellation. But knowing him, he will just spend the time drinking and malingering as usual.

  3. Kikiki so they only realised that Egypt was bombed. Who are their intelligence mu pf Kikiki it seems they are not doing their job or just like many Zambians thru want lungu out

    • This is the filaisova culture that dominates PF. There is no thinking in their trips. As long as there’s money to be made from allowances, they will schedule trips to anywhere. Hopefully one of these days on one of their trips they will fall into the hands of Islamic State. IS can solve Zambia’s problems with this corrupt cartel.

    • lol PF… They didn’t even know that HH convoy was ahead of their boss. Always too late.
      I just wonder if all allowances will returned. So abena Dora, kunwina fye local.

  4. For the second it has been postponed due to bombings of Churches..why is this Lazy thing so keen to fly to Cairo? We have a lazy President who is only interested in being a tourist….at least taxpayers funds have been saved the Maggie & Dora night party abroad postponed.

  5. Is it possible there was no invites at all. Both were announced after the attacks. Then cancelled because of attacks.
    Very coincidental

  6. Bigger worry is how long will it take for Amos to suggest declaring a state of emergency in Zambia.
    Look at statements by all ministers condemning “violence”,

  7. After Lungu is no more president he will be drinking coffe with HH while you yapping PF cadres will be left in the cold.

  8. Lungu can impose a State of Emergency in Zambia but will not stop the Petition Hearing Process at ICJ. Lungu is panicking to avoid the Petition Hearing at ICJ becoz he knows that he has a case to answer and will definitely lose the Petition. Evidence to show that Lungu was not Democratically,Legally and Constitutionally elected President of Zambia in overwhelming. At ICJ Lungu will meet his waterloo.# Let the Petition be heard without fail.

  9. Ask Kanganja to investigate how the bomb blew ahead of his boss’ visit so that he can discipline the Egyptian President.

  10. VASCO DA GAMA will one day find himself in the midst of trouble bcoz of traveling too much. He could have found himself in one of the churches bombed in Egypt.

    Just stay home & sort out real problems & challenges the country is facing. Running away every 2 weeks won’t solve these problems.

    – weak economy
    – Load shedding
    – high unemployment
    – unpaid govt suppliers & contractors
    – high interest rates
    – high electricity & fuel prices
    – No bursaries for UNZA CBU students
    – No pensions for retirees
    – No foreign exchange controls.
    – Mine firms externalizing profits. (Switzerland Govt gets more from Zambian copper than ZRA)

  11. Why is everything politicized in this country at the expense of development and national unity? PF for once, grow up and work towards the good of this nation. For the last three years PF has only managed to close down the post newspaper and send over 2000 workers into joblessness, fighting UPND and it’s leader HH and everyone oppossed to their views and political interests. The current PF and it’s leaders have failed to even craft a vision for this country and they will not leave any legacy behind them. Look at the breakdown of the rule of law, lack of respect for the constitution, failure to respect and uphold the separation of power among the three branches of government. What is causing all this confusion in the country? It can only be PF corruption which they are trying to defend at…

  12. About time pipo verbalized their thoughts. UPND would be better off on focusing on how the economy is functioning and how pipo are managing financially.
    All politicians dont suffer like compound pipo.
    Ministers keep talking about zambia being a peaceful country then next day complain zbout violence, stop meetings, .Don’t you think the international community is looking at us and investment is based on political stability.
    We are all blaming HE ECL but pipo behind the scenes are more responsible.

  13. Yaba. This is bad news. The chaps in the entourage were looking to use the allowances for roofing sheets or tiles. Others were hoping to shut up their side chicks with the money, get them a ka Samsung S8 or Vitz and much needed peace from the UNZA bimbos. You think our public servants travel for anything OTHER THAN THEMSELVES?

  14. People read between lines. Sisi does not want to associate with your chakolwa and he has been trying to distance himself from him all along but chakolwa being a mentally retarded PF, he can’t see that he is not needed. Sisi knows that he is not a dictator like chakolwa and is avoiding him by all means. Chakolwa and his foreign minister who are retards cannot understand what is going on and have been frantically pushing for a useless visit.

  15. ….it was Vatican then Jesus tomb now wants pyramids….I wonder what next…..may be Brazil to meet Pele…

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