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Police Arrest Pastor for repeatedly defiling his daughters

General News Police Arrest Pastor for repeatedly defiling his daughters

POLICE in Chisamba have arrested a 49-year-old Pastor of Zambia Assemblies of God Africa ( ZAOGA) for allegedly defiling five girls aged between 10 and 14 years, two who are his own daughters.

Central Province Police Commissioner Lombe Kamukoshi confirmed the arrest of Pastor Daniel Mbewe when he allegedly defiled his latest girl, a 14 years old grade six pupil of Mwayasunka Primary school.

Commissioner Kamukoshi said the incidents occurred between January 2017and February 2017 at Kelly compound of Chisamba which is manly occupied by Zambeef workers where Mbewe is employed.

“I can confirm an arrest was made for Daniel Mbewe for alleged defilement and the first reported victim sustained painful injuries on her private parts,” Ms Kamukoshi said.

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  1. Ni nyere ya bwanji sure? Needs more than prison. Needs SERIOUS prayers from his fellow but “real” pastors.

  2. These are the Pastors you allow to preach to you on buses and at the end of the day you give them a K5! Stupid cretins should not be allowed to enter buses, they should not be allowed to address people in any kind of gathering! More serious vetting is required – not everyone should be allowed to become a Pastor etc- better screening and background checks must be in place!

  3. Lungu pardoned a defiler called Clifford dimba. So Lungu will soon pardon this man because Lungu himself touches little kids.

  4. Kamba tells Police not to give UPND a permit for a rally in Lusaka, Police Oblige. Mumbi Phiri castigates Police for not doing anything to HH in Mongu for a motorcade incidence, in which HH was not even the driver and Police go all over HH’s home releasing tear gas which tear gas HH has helped to buy through payment of taxes. I am PF but I confess that this is a finished country. It is not necessary anymore in this century for Police to be using stone age colonial methods to silence opponents of the government. What are courts for if one has offended? You failed to do your job in Mongu and now you should try to make up to your masters. How cheap? Was HH the driver in Mongu?

  5. Please lock that so called pastor behind bars, he is a disgrace to Christianity. If he is truly called in the ministry let him preach to prisoners like Apostle Paul of the Bible.

  6. There is very little”Christianity” in Zambia.The people are blindly following the late president Chiluba’s personal wishes.Zambians are basically backward, tribal aligned,partially enlightened, unsophisticated, socially and religiously lost people, led, no-RULED by clever politically -savvy thugs.They have no idea of how modern government, management of a country is all about.That is why they cannot organise themselves against abusive governments and learn the ordinary tenets of modern society,which include the protection of minors from abuse, including police raids and tear- gassing of children who are securely asleep in their parents homes at night. For a change read Sunday (9 April) “Mast” speech in Johannesburg by,surprise-Dr Nevers Mumba. What he said is very true.

  7. Mwayasunka Primary school my former school, Jesus, kutali mwamfumya. May your name be glorified. Chisamba my hood

  8. Please do not bring politics in this issues. The President has no hand in the matter. Equally HH does not it. The pastor needs our prayers

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