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Cabinet approves national strategy for development statistics bill

Economy Cabinet approves national strategy for development statistics bill

National Development Planning Ministry has revealed that Cabinet approved the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics Bill during a meeting in Lusaka.

National Development Planning Public Relations officer Sikabele Chikuba said the bill presented to Cabinet by Minister of National Development Planning Lucky Mulusa seeks to establish an effective and efficient National Statistics System that will be responsive to the information requirements of a modern and smart Zambia.

He explained that the 2017 Statistics Bill was drafted to replace what he termed as the outdated 1964 census and statistics Act, cap 127 of the laws of Zambia and will provide for the establishment of a semi-autonomous statistics Agency of Zambian Government.

Chikuba was hasty to state that the semi-autonomous Statistics institution will improve efficiency in statistics production and perceived impartiality, credibility, and transparency of official statistics.

He also noted the bill will improve coordination of the National Statistics System (NSS) by integrating various statistical programmes across government.

“Cabinet has approved the National Strategy for the Development of Statistics Bill “Mr. Chikuba said


  1. Only talk for benefit of IMF.So that means statistics given by government now are not reliable
    Welcome to UNIP 2 notice the word perceived transparenxy ,means its there for show not actual

  2. The existing Census and Statistics Act, cap 127 (1964) of the laws of Zambia was not totally dysfunctional. It formed a basis for national decisions of public interest and private interest. A new legal framework under a ‘Census and Statistics Act, cap 127 (1964) (as amended in 2017) of the laws of Zambia’ would also serve the same purpose. In actual fact, it is more modest and devoid of verbosity or pomposity. There is need for public scrutiny in all matters of national interest. For instance, the newly proposed National Statistics System in earnest started on the onset of the 3rd Republic. New buildings and other operational items were created, much to the satisfaction of members of the public.

  3. Cabinet approved bra bra ,PF Fools just continue stealing that is how you have established an effective and efficient modern and smart Zambia. There are no statistics in Zambia.The only statistic I read about is just inflation which, even then, has been falsified and grossly understated.

  4. Can we now have the correct statistics on education, health, economic status (low, middle and high income households), mortality rates of all age groups, immunisations, census, race distribution in the country, who owns the means of production, how much land is owned by Zambians and how much by foreigners, etc. This information should be freely available on the Statistics website.

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