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Late Mapenzi Chibulo’s father sues state for loss of life

Headlines Late Mapenzi Chibulo's father sues state for loss of life

United Party for National Development (UPND) supporter late Mapenzi Chibulo’s father has sued the state claiming damages for loss of life.

Mapenzi was allegedly shot dead at Downtown Shopping Mall during a procession from the United Party for National Development Secretariat to Chawama where the UPND rally was scheduled.

Douglas Chibulo the father to the deceased wants the Lusaka High Court to award him for the loss of life which he termed negligence by the Zambia Police.

In his statement, Mr. Chibulo cited the attorney general as having stated on July 8 2016 that the police in their efforts to disperse people who were peacefully parading in a match past used live ammunition to shoot at unarmed citizens which was a careless act by the state police.

He has since disclosed that his family suffered financial loss at the time his daughter died especially in terms of communication and other funeral expenses.

“As a father I am suing the state claiming damages for loss of life” Mr. Douglas Chibulo


  1. I think by all fairness, HH should compasate the family for duping them into following him blindly!!

  2. HH look what you’ve brought to this family you left Banda in the cold and now you’ve left UPND without a leader. HH please pray for your soul .

    • kubweka – Not recognizing a sitting president, announcing that soon you will be taking over, and then conducting in a manner that puts the President’s life in danger – what would be the charge? Well, see who is calling the shots between the “clueless hyena” and the bright and intelligent saint.

  3. Your daughter was sacrificed by UPND to try and dent the name of the Police and government bad. Mapenzi’s photos appeared in a lot of places taken alone. For what reason. There was a group of people who took photos of Mapenzi all over alive, shot and dead at UTH. Sir, you are looking in wrong places for your daughters killers. Look not too far, you will see blood dripping from a cult tribal leader currently at Lilai Police. Wait for two months and you will hear his confession. Police temunobe pamyakwe! Okeeee!

  4. – If Mark Choonga the ZAF Officer killed by police was not tonga but Nyanja or bemba, a proper inquiry would have been performed. HRC would have taken up the case as abuse of detainees by PF police is brutal & widespread

    – If Mapenzi was not Tonga but a nyanja or bemba a proper inquiry would have been performed.

    LUNGU is bad for Zambian politics & his constant provocation will take 50 – 100 years to correct.

    • maloza – Do you know that Chief Inspector Banda from Chipata Police was shot dead at a roadblock close to the KKIA turnoff by a fellow police officer not too long ago and we haven’t heard anything about that case? Do not be silly.

  5. In all fairness the death must be compensated since the police used live bullets. In the same vein I would advise people not to demonstrate on behalf of politicians. Their families stay at home while you endanger your life for someone who won’t even remember you after achieving their goal.

    • All my blogs are sensible except that you don’t accept facts. You want everyone to believe in what you believe in. I only state facts which may not be accepted by everybody …that’s normal in human life …..diversity is the salt of life. Thanks and stay blessed.

  6. The rally she went to attend was illegal in that police cancelled the permit. Because of the stubbornness of hh he forced his cadres leaving his children and wife at home to go and fight running battles with the cops. You are sueing the people Mr chipenzi. Your late daughter was not killed by police but she was sacrificed by upnd leader.


  7. the father has the right to sue. HH did not own a gun or shoot Mapenzi. The state police committed a misfeasance in law and the state must be held liable for the act

  8. Hunger at play.Where was this man all this time?He should have cited upnd as-well for taking his daughter to an illegal procession.UPNP leaders just came to your funeral,posed for pictures as if there are grieving but only gaining funeral political mirage(FPM) and left you ruing the avoidable loss of life.Its a bitter lesson just ask God for comfort and prayers.

  9. Lungu’s legacy has been blood on his hands. they need to compensate Mapenzi’s family.money wont bring Mapenzi back but will help a little

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