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Obasanjo begs Zambian Govt. to follow rule of law in dealing with opposition


HH being transported to Lilayi
HH being transported to Lilayi

Former Nigerian President Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has appealed to the government of Zambia to adhere to the rule of law and human rights principles in dealing with the opposition in the Southern African country of Zambia.

The appeal is coming on the heels of the report, which broke early Tuesday that the house of the main opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, was allegedly broken into by the government police and other para-military agencies with the purpose of arresting him without any warrant.

Obasanjo, in a statement signed by his Media Aide, Kehinde Akinyemi, said it was in the best interest of the country to maintain the rule of law and human rights principles, which he said are recipe for peace, stability and development not only in the Southern African country, but the entire African continent.

According to Obasanjo: “Early this morning, the news broke that the Zambian government police and other para-military agencies broke into the house of the opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, to effect his arrest without any warrant.

“Special appeal is being made to the government of Zambia to ensure that the rule of law is followed without breach of human rights in dealing with the opposition leader of the stature of Hakainde Hichilema.

“It is in the best interest of the country in ensuring that the rule of law and human rights principles are followed to ensure peace, stability and security, which are fundamental basis for development, which all Africans require at this point in time,” Obasanjo was quoted as saying.


    • Jesus was arrested on Wednesday, HH almost too. What did Edgar learn from visiting the tomb of Jesus?What a week for a Catholic Mumbi Phiri, who sold HH ? Kanganja washed his hands!!
      Here you are PF shouting “crucify him crucify!”.
      HH is charged with same case as Jesus of Nazareth.

    • Lungu’s arrest of HH during the Holy Week is symptomatic of thin skinned dictators who crucified Jesus over the flimsiest of excuses.

    • – FTJ arrested KK on christmas day 1995. The end of FTJ who claimed to be a born-again christian was a very shameful.
      – LUNGU also claims to be a humble christian who just last month was at tomb of Jesus, raising his hands & praying in tongues. He’s killed off Post Newspaper so that they can’t did out his dealings.

      Some pipo think they can mock God.

  1. The same obasanjo who the pf relied on as proof that the elections were allegedly fair has now opened up and brought the truth out . He knows deep down that the pf abused state machinery to their advantage. Their autocratic tendencies are now been seem by rest of world. Sad that Zambia is now seen as having poor human rights record. Lungu must go

  2. Zambia is a sovereign state
    Democracy is alien to Zed
    Its people thrive best under dictatorship. This happened under:
    Rule by the chiefs, centuries ago
    Colonialism during the Federal Days
    One party rule by UNIP and KK, and

    • Yes Nail you right. As Africans we are a one party systey by nature and things go well. Democracy really is foreign to Africa. The rulers, ruled, and opposition do not know how to handle democracy.

  3. Lungu is a troubled weak leader who thinks abusing police shows that he is strong. That raid was like robbery and unjustified. HH should sue the police and state for such abuse. Further, UN, EU need to come in because Lungu is out of line. As a president (still questionable) you need to respect each citizens rights even.

    • @True Zambian you are so right. While Lungu is doing all these things that just tarnish the image of the country, the cost of the $1bn Eurobond has gone by 15 basis points to 8.04 % as a result. It appears people do not realize that such acts of unnecessary brutality are costly to the nation!

    • Lungu is just so envious of HH on different levels. It is not only the thunderous welcome in Mongu but also his personal wealth. Lungu trashed HH’s house just to try and reduce HH’s net worth and harass his family. This is not about treason. The charges will come to nought (because a minor traffic infringement cannot be treason) but Lungu will spin the court process for years to come so that HH is kept from the public eye. No wonder Lungu wants Zambia to leave the ICC so that he can kill Zambians at will.

  4. Confusion can be the, rule of law is the issue up here .
    Consider some one wanted to kill the president there a penalty for the case already explained in the laws of the republic.
    In bemba they say umwana ashumfwa ba much fundila kumatako.

  5. Obasanjo has not got the full jist . dont mind him he knows full well what wuld happen if what the zambian opposition did the same in nigeria i begi
    i remember those when wife of former president Jonathan, Patience is attending a function in lagos the number of roads that would be blocked- lagos would come to a standstill and this is just a wife.
    Obasanjo ask us Zambians- ECL has been provoked to the core.
    Do not throw stones if you live in a glass house- Nigeria needs alot of sorting out

    • A president can not be provoked. Only a buffoon would say that. This kind of language comes from mindless dictators.

  6. We equally appeal to former Nigerian President Obasanjo to consult the Nigerian Embassy in Zambia on factual information on how HH and his UPND have been beating up and killing non Tongas or any Tonga that does not support HH. The Nigerian Ambassador in Zambia will better articulate to President Obasanjo as to (a) why non Tongas are unsafe in Southern Province; and (b) how HH and GBM plotted to disrupt the Kuomboka Ceremony in Mongu in order to(i) support the Anti-Barotse Royal Establishment and (ii) planned to humiliate the Republican President. Former President Obasanjo and all Nigerians are well versed on the history of the Biafra in Nigeria.

    • Do you have evidence to support your allegations.
      Talk facts. Your police force is nothing but a toothless dog.
      Your judicial institutions are laughable.
      Your parliament is a club for mindless free loaders.

  7. Human rights must embrace all classes of humanity. We equally appeal to former Nigerian President Obasanjo to consult the Nigerian Embassy in Zambia on factual information on how HH and his UPND have been beating up and killing non Tongas or any Tonga that does not support HH. The Nigerian Ambassador in Zambia will better articulate to President Obasanjo as to (a) why non Tongas are unsafe in Southern Province; and (b) how HH and GBM plotted to disrupt the Kuomboka Ceremony in Mongu in order to(i) support the Anti-Barotse Royal Establishment and (ii) planned to humiliate the Republican President.
    ALL Nigerians are well versed on the history of the divisive Biafra saga in Nigeria.

    • Hey Satan you are a lair where in southern province did you find upnd beating pf cadres and please mention one place and person rubbish you.

  8. Obasanjo, imagine what could have happened had the security personnel disabled anything that was interferring with presidential motorcade? Do not just pass comments, analyse the situation and the repurcations that could have arose from that scenario. Sometimes people need to be neutral and be bold enough to critisize wherever it is required. Do not just condenm / support because you are inclined to a certain political party, read in between lines.

    • Do really know the job of the presidential secret service.
      Mr. Obasanjo knows what he is talking about and you don’t but you make yourself sound like an expert.

  9. Very soon all hell will break losse in Zambia. Every day innocent citizens are being clobbered by brutal drunk police………….

    • Very soon all hell will break loose in Zambia. Every day innocent citizens are being clobbered by brutal drunk police……

    • Continued;
      Brutal Drunk Police, who are sent by an equally Brutal Drunk Dictator masquerading as “President” advised by a Brutal corrupt advisor Kaizer, who should NOT be in that job today.

  10. One thing have lent about Zambia is that the opposition is always right. If today opposition Kills government officials it will be right. Its very much right by opposition not to give way to the head of state, its very much ok for Opposition MPs not to attend the opening of National Assembly. Today Opposition can take law into there own hands and still not see it to be wrong. I really dont know which law opposition follows in Zambia.

    • you are right, most Zambians have a problem and they don’t think most time’s, they are too lazy to think and reason for themselves. what HH and his people did was wrong and they have to arrested and tried. why should there be a problem in disciplining a citizen like HH? he must be arrest and i am behind the government

  11. How and What will Edgar Lungu, Mumbi Phiri, Given Lubinda and PF Government be remembered about by most people in Zambia especially HH and Family, UPND suppoters, Mazhandu Family Bus, Fred Mmembe and Family, Nchito brothers and POST Newspaper employees?

  12. Obasanjo kindly help your leader sort out the problems you are in as country. This man has been preparing his prison bed for some time now i only hope its ready this time. We do not wan’t rebels to be in state house but through the ballot and we have always been ready to vote and we do.

  13. Edgar Lungu has done nothing wrong.. he is a good leader and what is happening is the law doing there job. if a person abstracts a presidential motorcade he or she must be arrested and charged. who is HH that he shouldnt be arrested? Obasanjo must shut his mouth, let him use it for eating no talking.

  14. @ Hyena, Olusegun Obasanjo never ceased power through a military coup. The responsibility of governing the country was bestowed on him by the then SMC (Supreme Military Council) in February, 1976 following the assassination of his boss Gen. Murtala Mohammed. Obasanjo never participated in any coup attempt in Nigeria’s history. Thank you.

  15. Just what makes him issue this statement with Nigerian style of rhetoric? We are Zambia, most peaceful country in Africa.

  16. Obasanjo, which rule of law is in Nigeria? Nigeria is a failed state. Obasanjo should be working tirelessly to make sure that his country pulls out economic recession as well as curbing corruption in Nigeria as a number one corrupt country on earth. We need to bring this boy (HH) to his senses. You cannot start insulting a head of state with impunity. As if that was not enough you even want to kill the Republican president. Lungu has been very very patient. The hyena has been ranting for a long time and now he has gone too far.

  17. I dont see anything wrong in what happend in mongu one would not understand. Zambia is nolonger a christian nation it now a politiciab nation am saying this becouse if yoy provock a true born again christian he or she will find ways to avoid the confusion but he retariats then chrustianty is dean that person.

  18. why didnt the police fire teargas at the alleged inmates who killed a zaf officer???

    why did they have to fire teargas an innocent family, #hey baume aba

    is edgar lungu the chief in command of armed forces???
    this illegal government che!!!

  19. i thought the police should have cleared the way like always before allowing the head of state to proceed and the way i understand it HH was also under police escort if not so then i suspect the police didnt do their job unless u tell me that the opposition were the ones that overtook the presidential motorcade ok lets take for instance that maybe on the road which the president is about to use theres a broken down truck blocking the access obviously the police will communicate to those with the president as to give them time to clear the road, i cant see wait type of treason this maybe, lets be open minded.

  20. I don’t know which human rights UPNDonkeys are talking about. I am enjoying a cool beer with my colleagues free like fresh air. You mean human rights are broken when a si.lly individual is arrested for breaking the law? If that is the case then release all the murder suspects like Benos. We cannot have one law for HH and another for Benos. Who does he think he is? HH may be something to his fellow donkeys but to the rest of us he is the perfect example of an idoit.

  21. Kwena… Well done ZP for curbing indiscipline. Let whoever is arrested prove their innocence in Courts of Law or indeed the accuser prove the guilty of the accused. Otherwise, all are innocent till proved guilty right? Ok, like expected someone wanted to create news and divert people’s attention from important national issues and focus on non-value adding issues. The 4 basis point increase in the Eurobond cost is as a result of a speculated increased political risk in the country arising from the unreasonable behaviour of a few selfish and unpatriotic citizens of Zambia. Has anyone wondered how much this translates into value deprivation from the most needy areas of our economy? Can those that aspire for public office take an introspection to evaluate the bigger picture of the…

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