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Mwamba ready to be arrested if he committed a crime in Mongu


United Party for National Development (UPND) Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has said he is ready to face arrest over the Mongu motorcade incidence.

Speaking to Journalists in Lusaka , Mwamba dared the Police to arrest him if he and other UPND members committed a crime in Western Province during the Kuomboka ceremony.

Mwamba popularly known as GBM said even if he is jailed for a long period he will still come out and continue with normal life.

The UPND vice President has since described the police’s move to invade Hichilema residence as unfortunate.

Mwamba also insisted that Patriotic Front (PF) led Government is using the Police to fight their political opponents.

“I dare them to arrest me if we committed a crime in Western Province during the Kuomboka ceremony” Mwamba said


    • you see Mwamba you and HH are nothing.. nobody wanted to arrest both of you more especially you. but it looks like you really wanted to be arrested and you badly want it now considering your statement.. you cant live a normal life after being arrested for a wrong time unless you do not have goals. you are supposed to be strategising for 2021 my friends.

    • ‘I dare them to arrest me if we committed a crime in Mongu’ he says. Then he also says that the arrest of HH is unfortunate.
      What do you want?

    • Katubi nalanda…. he is ready for prison.

      But he forgets that the state machinery is not stup1d to act in the manner they have. They have very good reasons to leave out Katubi

  1. Fat Albert shut up. if they wanted to arrest you they would have come for you already. Just hog the limelight temporarily while your boss is detained

  2. So these guys think they will gain political mileage by getting arrested just like Sata or Mandela? The Eaterners say “mwayi wamuzoko siyogonela panja”. Just because someone slept outside and the Hungry Hyenas did not eat him does not mean you should do the same.

    • Iwee you re mad,who is looking for popularity its the way things are under lungu.don’t be excited for nothing time will tell remember wat happened to FTJ

  3. Fat Albert the only charge you can ever be arrested for are battering your wife because she is texting your nephew who has a six pack you have a drum. Once arrested you pleaded with your wife if it was jail time you really wanted you could have stayed inside. Here is what you need to do now that the man who gave you a chance to redeem your finished political fortunes is try and organize his party as Vice but then I guess you have no clue as a form 3 drop out from kamwala you might not have enough know how. Afterall your only credentials are supplying empty bags of kapenta so here is your chance show leadership!

  4. Fatso now that Adolf is inside you suddenly realize you have no political mileage beyond following Adolf from court room to court room. Outside that what do you have? Cash? Well that is fast dwindling because you have never run an honest business in your life. Besides if you wanted to be arrested why did you and maroads scamper from the scene of arrest. Don’t try and be brave infact we can tell you now very few of us trust you or embrace you wholeheartedly. Before you and your corrupt lot switched parties Adolf was a leader not what you have made him. Now see the end results….you will end up were no belong a nobody..well your body is big so nothing….2021 zamfo

  5. nyanja & bemba millennials who never experienced UNIP’s one party dictatorship wish they can experience it through PF. Let visit North Korea & have a feel of what we went thru. bembas & nyanjas supported KK till 1991 & 1995 respectively. Today they want to support lungu’s dictatorial one-party rule

    Best is to split the country so that they can experience it alone without N/W Rhodesia. Water & cooking oil cannot mix.


  7. Reporting reaching some of us is that you ba GBM instigated this whole HH arrest so you can rise to the UPND presidency.

  8. The time for serious reflection has come; Is this the Zambia our forefathers fought for?NO !! How could it come to this, where the majority have been sidelined and now watch in Stupor whilst the scavenging sangwapos decimate the very Soul of the land? This bane is not about Fast ‘n Furious Limulunga Drift – this is the Destination – The Road to Perdition is conquered and no one heeded the warning signs, as Sata was ushered in. It shall be hard ball explaining to posterity why we landed in this…simple really: ALL but for one People arrived in dripping diapers running from Shaka and turmoil in the Congo Basin – Cowards! Peace prevailed at Ngombe Ilede long before bamwisa and munali turned up….Chuundu chaunduka, in the Name of Nyami Nyami stay cursed till Afrika’s rebirth…DOWN WITH…

  9. DOWN WITH ALL Afrikan dictators, the imperial lap-dogs and kleptocratic demagogues..its CALL OF DUTY on the youths and the REAL ZAMBIANS, THE REAL AFRIKANS, THOSE WHOSE FUTURE IS PERILOUSLY AT STAKE HERE – WREST YOUR DESTINY BACK !! Ist no longer about HH,ECL Name them…its about YOU !!

  10. ELC is in-charge until 2021 whether UPND like it or not.You can misbehave in mongu but when you come to lusaka things changes.That’s why its the capital city of Zambia.GMB is just a big hot balloon full of hatred,bitterness and snakes inside who can offer nothing to Zambia.

  11. I think the road rage offensive behaviour by Mr.HH was a dramatic way of sending a message to TRUMP, since he never responded on the talks they previously had with him.

  12. Brave words GBM, my they come true and when they do, please do not complain about the unfairness of Lungu. it is the LAW taking its course. The Govt is in power to create and maintain an “enabling environment” and part of the “enabling environment” is sorting out trouble makers.

  13. fake christian nation i wonder how how this nation managed to have more fools than those that can reason thats why weve got leaders like lungu even the so called learned behave like theyve never been to school, lungu is the one that has been committing treaon by impossing himself on the presidency….

  14. African politics!!! Why invest so much power in ONE man (President?) . A public road is not for a president. Zambians learn to give power to institutions…….and all citizens must abide by the law of the land.

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