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PF suspends 8 members over illegal land allocation

General News PF suspends 8 members over illegal land allocation

EIGHT Patriotic Front (PF) members on the Copperbelt, including the Ndola District secretary Benjamin Chitondo, have been suspended for being involved in illegal land allocation in Ndola.

The provincial leadership has also disbanded the PF district security wing and slapped the district secretary, Mr Chitondo with three charges.

Provincial secretary Mike Manda said the members were suspended following investigations which revealed that the eight were allocating land illegally.

The suspended members, led by Mr Chitondo who is believed to be the mastermind of the illegal activities, included Chivas Munenkopa and Mwengula Mushota who were members of the provincial security wing.

Mr Manda said others were Kabushi Constituency vice-treasurer Geoffrey Chulu, Maybin Mutono, Musonda Chola, Chumbu and Chisani.

“We have suspended eight members of the party, among them, the district secretary Benjamin Chitondo over alleged illegal land deals. Mr Chitondo is said to be the mastermind behind all the land deals in Ndola. These names have come out prominent in the matter at hand and have been removed from their positions and all party activities,” Mr Manda said.

He said despite being the district secretary, Mr Chitondo had chosen to disregard the party, by engaging in illegal land allocations, which had brought the name of the party into disrepute.

Mr Manda said Mr Chitondo was slapped with three charges, namely, his involvement in illegal land deals by instructing cadres to engage in the activities.

In the second charge, Mr Chitondo on April 3 incited fights between two illegal camps.

He instructed one camp to go and demarcate land, while instructing the second camp, known as anti-lands grabbing team to apprehend members of the first camp.

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  1. Firstly, it bugs me that, NOT even one single comment here when these are the critical issues Zambians should be concerned with other than GOSSIP in the political arena.
    There is a lot of mediocrity in this leadership sad to say! The whole system is infiltrated by low calibre , power hungry fanatics who can stop at nothing to have their way. In a country where INNOVATION does not pay, you either have to sell your integrity to cadreism to or stoop low
    and WORHSIP the deity of governors just to put a meal on the table. It’s a shame!

    The Zambian Youth is FLAT, absorbed in nonsensical debates that will neither give any life nor bear any fruit.
    Well, we only have ourselves to blame. I will say this once, I it does not matter whether you are PF or UPND the fact is chose your leaders…

  2. Where are the Police? This is more than treason. Land is not something we shud play around with especially in Ndola, a town close to Congo DR neighbours.

  3. I it does not matter whether you are PF or UPND the fact is chose your leaders wisely. Leadership is a reflection of a collective mind-set of a Nation.

  4. You Guys remember Davis Chama’s preaching in Kabwe about the plots. good leader ship a party without laws even the your president is same behavior. According Zambian constitution we don’t have a president until judgment

    • Which Zambia iwe idle kakopo? In Zambia we have a President HE. EC Lungu. Guys swallow tu pride twabupuba mwalafwa bwangu, necikonko. Nangu bukopo sure from schools and u bring them in real life. Even if kulila it’s now too much BA Kongo imwe. Look at now ka pride ka kwa hh kamuletelela n only treason has fited well patumilandu twakwe, bcoz he has reapeted over n over that he is a President , not lungu nowander its not a surprise to me hh not moving out of the road to paveway for Presidential motorcade if lungu died there BA hh ngabalisefya, so ka treason Kali fare. Just now arrest all those in his convoy period.

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