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Police have refused to allow UPND members to visit HH -Kakoma


Charles Kakoma
Charles Kakoma
United Party for National Development (UPND) Information and Publicity Chairperson Charles Kakoma has expressed anxiety over the Police’s decision not to allow anyone to visit Mr. Hichilema at Lilayi today.

Speaking immediately after the media briefing addressed by the party Vice President Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba today, Kakoma said it is worrisome that Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers, elected UPND MPs and his close associates including family members and friends are not allowed to see him today.

Kakoma who explained with anxiety that yesterday lawyers were allowed to visit their client and it is worrying now that the same people who went yesterday are not allowed to see him today and that raises more questions than answers especially that Zambia police is no longer a service but a force now in Zambia.

He noted that the law is very clear that lawyers should have full access to their clients as part of the judicial processes, adding that even the worst condemned prisoner in Zambia are allowed to meet and confer with their clients as well as meeting close associates such as family members.

Kakoma emphasized that the current behavior of the Zambia Police is very strange as they are urging Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers to get permission from the Inspector General of Police at Force Headquarters.

“We are worried about the Police’s decision not to allow anyone to visit Mr. Hichilema at Lilayi today because we don’t know what they have now done to him” Kakoma said


    • Take up arms alone, way do you break the law? besides this time around most of you careless bloggers will be traced (ZICTA) and hunted down (Arrested) and charged for inciting violence or war.

      Timely warning!

    • Take arms alone…. Go ask the late Mapenzi’s father what has become of them or ask Mwaliteta. Politicians use you then leave you to face the law alone…

      Indeed Kakoma, you look smart but incredibly st.upid.
      Nothing new, police have always behaved in the like manner even to the public. If they don’t wanna allow you to see an accused, we let them be so should you. They are police, they will allow a lawyer but not anytime he or she feels like seeing the client. Police are just police. They are what they are. In their domain, they rule. Who knows? Kakoma may have some interests in the accused position in the UPND; HH is police property as we speak. Welcome to the Ministry of Home Affairs.

    • I thought UPND says there is no law in zambia. The same law says that if the Chief Justice swears in the President elect then the country has a President. UPND say there is no president. So which law are they using?


    If HH suffers from some mental disorder, as madame Deputy Secretary General of the ruling party alleged, why harass the poor soul?


    If HH suffers from some mental disorder, as madam Deputy Secretary General of the ruling party alleged, why harass the poor soul?

  3. @zambia police service, who cares. Whether one is traced, we are not hiding from PF. Your Ka Lungu is gonna end badly

  4. The police are right to keep everyone away.

    FACT! Some of the so called UPND cadres and even lawyers could be having an axe to grind with HH. They will poison him and blame it all on state police.


  5. @Fury:please use a word “WE” because you are just alone.take note,i can never ever go to the streets to protest over hh or ECL (any politician)!!!you will just die alone.go and ask Mapenzi’s father about how he feels after losing the daughter.LET POLITICIANS USE THEIR KIDS TO FIGHT FOR THEMSELVES!!!plus recall that today there a lot of chinese IT experts at ZICTA,meaning soon ZP will pick you for inciting violence or insulting the presidency!!MY LONG WEEKEND IS STARTING NOW.BY 19HRS I WILL BE ON THE ROAD GOING TO VISIT MY RELATIVES OUT OF LUSAKA!!HH invited trouble like many of you upnd cadres are doing now,so once arrested dont cry but blame only yourselves!!HH IS NOT IN HOSPITAL WHERE PEOPLE VISIT THE SICK EVERYDAY BUT HE IS IN POLICE CELLS WHERE VISITATION IS RISTRICTED AND ITS FOR…

    • Am not a carder of any political party but a govt worker. Please police do your part,don’t allow commoners to disturb the cells.I second your stance for the good of Zambia’s reputation in the international community and Mr HH himself.Protect the integrity of his excellence by doing your professional part.

  6. They do not want people to how they have poisoned him. They will only give access after he has stopped talking. evil schemes in a country that claim to be a Christian. Zambia should go back to secularism as a nation there is no Christianity at all.

  7. it is a rite of passage for each and every president of zambia to have been arrested for political reasons. Just take a look at the profiles of all our past presidents/ Let me ask you, has lungu ever been arrested for political reasons? The answer to that is a resounding NO.. this then proves that lungu did not genuinly win the elections. The man is a fraud and soon all will be revealed. lungu needs hh to recognize him and will go to extreme measures for this

    • Was Mwanawasa ever arrested for political reason? Was RB ever arrested for political reason? Assuming HH won 2016 as you are trying to imply, has he ever been arrested for political reasons before 2016 elections?

  8. Whoever kills someone with a knife the same shall be killed by the sword. No one will live forever and therefore let us embrance one another and live in harmony. God is watching the unfolding of events in zambia and HH’s life is inHis hands therefore dont think of poisoning him.

  9. After being convinced that he can not get to state house through a ballot he thought of creating anarchy in the country so that the country can become ungovernable. But as peace loving zambias we say no to violence. We know others ve money to go and live in other countries if a war was to erupt but us we dont ve. To u HH please when they release u on Tuesday next week, my prayer is that may the good Lord give u the wisdom to become a good leader and not a good boss. May the good lord be with u. Sleep well

  10. Very good job police, thanks for catching that thief who turned Zambian companies into his own benefit from innocent souls.. You are even waisting your time just hang that foolish man he has no respect for baby boss lungu very smart move don’t play with Mafia law coz hh is never been to places were life is game..

  11. You already have had arms in Namwala! The President o Namwala District, the under 5 deserves to be cages before he destroys Zambia’s peace.

  12. Iwe Kakoma, prison is not HH’s home where you go and come as you wish. When you are charged with an offence and locked up, it means you lose many freedoms and rights, except your right to life.
    Of course you cannot understand these things because you thought that HH became a god.
    And iwe Kakoma, you saw hh on TV acknowledge loss of some of his freedoms and rights by taking off his own shoes at the police station.

  13. I hear that so far hh has learnt to obey lawful instructions from police and security officers, like taking off his shoes. This is a good sign compared to his arrogance on Limulunga road last week.

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