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Precious Longwe to hang for murder of husband


The Lusaka High Court has today sentenced Precious Longwe to death by hanging until pronounced dead for murdering her husband Akakanda Litebele.

High Court Judge Sharon Newa convicted the 30 year old after concluding that that she intentionally killed the husband.

This is in a case in which Longwe of an unknown house number off Buluwe Road in Woodlands Extension is charged with the murder of Mr Litebele.

On May 25, last year, in Lusaka longwe killed Mr Litebele by shooting him five times.

Happier Times-Mr and Mrs Litebele
Happier Times-Mr and Mrs Litebele

The 30 year old banker maintained that she accidentally killed her husband by shooting him five times during a fight.

” It is clear that the accused shot the deceased because he had informed the accused persons parent’s about his non influence on her as seen from the messages exchanged between the two ” she said

Justice Newa condemned Precious for her behaviour decribing the killing as cold bloodied.

She said the court cannot release her saying doing so will be sending a wrong message to society that one can kill when provoked.

Justice Newa dismissed the defence that the accused that said she was drunk when she shot her husband and that she does not remember what transpired.

She also dismissed her defence that she was provoked by the deceased.

” No witness showed how drunk the accused was, no evidence to show that the accused was drunk or that she was in a state to show she was drunk as she booked the tax for her maid, noticed where her brother in laws vehicle was parked and checked on her baby, ” said Justice Newa.

Judge Newa also dismissed the defence that she acted in self defense when she shot the husband stating that as much as issues of Gender Based Violence are considered, the evidence was insufficient to show that the deceased had intention of killing her.

“It is clear that the two led a life of partying and drinking, and it is clear that the accused did not fear disobeying the deceased. It is therefore my finding that the deceased person was not an imment danger and that he wanted to shoot her,” she said.

Justice Newa said by firing the gun three times, it was also clear that Precious had the intentions of shooting the deceased stating that she shot the deceased because he had informed her parents that he was going to declare his non influence on her as seen from the text messages exchanged that night.

“The intention to kill has been established and I therefore find you guilty of murder and convict you accordingly.”


    • A woman’s loss is more precious than a man’s

      I’m worth 2 men lives that’s what I have been told.

      So the judge should spare her.



    • Ladies unless you have a tight murder plan just walk away from abusive relationships. Look at this devastation now. Two orphaned children and two broken families.

      This couple was not happy, even in that picture you can tell by the body language that they were apart emotionally and yet they chose to stay together.

    • before you hang her, lekeni munyegeko gelo uyu. namumona ifimolu efyo filemoneka bwino. it wont take long, am sure muli ba 2 minutes ninshi twa zezeleka kale.

    • “The intention to kill has been established and I therefore find you guilty of murder and convict you accordingly.”

    • Inangu porting! It is therefore my finding that the deceased person was not an imment danger and that he wanted to shoot her,” she said.

    • Some reporting! It is therefore my finding that the deceased person was not an imment danger and that he wanted to shoot her,” she said.
      What are we supposed to get out of that sentence you have thrown at us?

    • @Mushota, you ain’t worth a dime, so don’t kid yourself, but I agree with you that maybe give her 20-30 years in Prison. Death penalty is barbaric and should be abolished.

    • Too beautiful to be hanged. Dear judge give me the privilege of just spending one night with her before her entertainment unit goes to waste.

  1. This is very good these killers male or female this is what is required. Courts help us clean ours society and she should have been hanged by the tongue when it gets cut then we go for the neck….

  2. Those who live by the sword (& booze) shall die by the sword!

    Gender equality shouldn’t mean our women becoming drunkards like too many men are, women need to remember that no matter what modern society may say (and I’m a man), a disciplined woman acts as the glue for her family…

    • I salute Judge Newa for reading the situation correctly. This Longwe biatch was a slimy two timing hule who was robbing her employer. Did she ever think she could get away with it? Too bad she can only die once. Lungu is waiting for the same fate when his own real treason cases start.

  3. I hope she asks for forgiveness from God and the families involved for what she did and the sentence is commuted for the sake of the children. The emotional torture will be with her for the rest of her life.

    • Folly of the highest order …you have been brainwashed to the point where you are out of your minds. Accept white Jesus then what? Your Slave master did the same to you after all that he said its alright to simply ask for forgiveness and all will be well.
      Wake up from your folly and be responsible for your own actions!!

  4. Death sentence should be scrapped off. It’s there in developed countries coz the state can afford to take care of children left behind. Now in zed! That’s the end of those children. Extended family used to take care of their own a long time ago not these days

  5. …robmwale….Ati accept Jesus? My foot! Typical of pipo from the East. Each time they talk about the Bible, Edzekeo, Simon Peter etc., you would think they too originate from Chipata….

  6. She will have to pray to the biggest devil there save her from the the noose and he is the lazy corrupt politician in State House.

  7. Don’t rejoice when others are sentenced to death. Zambians we should feel sad for her though we know she was wrong. It is time to pray for her and not to rejoice.

  8. only under this illegal dictatorship have we seen people sentenced to death. They have taken us back to uncivilised times. It is now embarrasing to be associated with zambia.

  9. I personally don’t like the death sentence. Correct me if I am wrong, doesn’t the Bible say no man shall take another man’s life. Is Zambia not a christian nation where do we the right to take away life? Al life imprisonment I think will be better. In which ever way I look at it, I see pain in all the families involved. life sentence will be the way to go especially we say we are a christian nation.

  10. She was awfully mean. She must have held ideas that she was above the law. What was she thinking? Did she think she would get away with it?

    It was such a savage thing to do. Sorry for her to lose her life but, she took his so all is just. I hope they leave her on death row for years so her kids can see her as they grow into young adults at 17/18, then do the deed. Yikes….it just seems like she took it very lightly, heartless and cold blooded is a fair finding.

    • They made a lovely good looking couple. She’s a banker, surely she could have calculated her sums better than that?

  11. Good riddance, let this serve as a lesson to would be killer husbands, Marriage is sacred whatever differences, you resolve them amicably and not by shedding blood,hope you burn in hell for killing a defenceless man. I’m afraid for my sons who they will marry for there wives, God help us all.

  12. She will appeal to the Supreme Court! Her sentence will be reduced or out rightly she might be acquitted of this.

    Personally I will always side with a woman in these matters! Why did the husband keep a gun? It is highly likely the husband probably used to threaten her! Secondaly the issue of her going out was probably to keep tabs on her hubby as is often the case these days! Though it is a bad habit altogether! The two children should not be made motherless as a result of a very poor judgement!

  13. There is no comfort in taking ones life!

    Death Penalty MUST be scraped!!

    May independence came early for you.


  14. Why must a woman hang at the age of 30? Leaving 2 children behind? The matter is the husband had some doing in his death therefore loosing a life in marriage is a crime of passion and entails no intentions whatsoever…she should be given life only…

  15. If she had an opportunity to have more booze after sentencing she’d remain sober as on pronouncement of the verdict thats when she sobered up! Really blinding anger blocking reasoning even oblivious to the fact that she was a mother of two for the husband! Even maybe with a miracle she survives hanging how does she square up with the children and of course the bapongoshi’s family as ties will run through generations?

  16. Why is capital punishment still a thing in Zambia?
    This woman deserves punishment just not death. There are so many suspicious things regarding this case, I wish LT and other news media would thoroughly and critically cover such stories through investigative journalism. What has been written is not sufficient nor informative. The quoted judge’s words sound incoherent, illogical and biased. We have no idea if she had a fair trial.

    What’s worse is that her kids will become orphaned by the decision of the judge to sentence her to death. Where is the wisdom here? How is she so ‘clear’ on what happened without the deceased person’s testimony?

    Furthermore, whatever happened to George Mpombo’s son??? Was he sentenced to death for the gruesome murder of his girlfriend and unborn…

  17. Mushota all lives are equal… Imagine it’s your brother who was killed all your son, would even utter such?
    How ever the death sentence is very harsh looking at the children involved in all this saga it’s a double trauma. A life sentence would have been OK then the children will choose to love or neglect their mother.

  18. it is a lesson to us men we should never marry a drunker even if how much we love them or the title of job they have please,this has happened many times in zambia,
    how is the court going to decide with children?

  19. she will live….death penalty by hanging in Zambia is there but is never carried out. very sad for the children and both families.

  20. Comment:iyeee that’s sad
    I feel sorry 4 the children 2 loss both parents due 2 their recklessness….
    but precious as a mother she could have thought of her children b4 doing that….its soo sad….???

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