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Another Video Footage of the Presidential Motorcade incident in Mongu

Videos and Audios Another Video Footage of the Presidential Motorcade incident in Mongu
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  1. How I wish the suffering and poverty of Zambians was given this much attention. What amazes me is that hh is sacrificing everything in order for Zambians to have a better life. As mutinta hakainde told me after visiting the president she says hh doesn’t want the attention on him but rather wants us to continue fighting for Zambians rights and better living standards. Even lungu only talks about hh now. It seems hh is giving them sleepless nights. Please we don’t want lungu to stress himself and start his kunyu of fainting uncontrollably like a pregnant dog

    • Iwe naiwe don’t be nonsensical, the video footage is there for pipo like you to see. How is HH sacrificing everything in order for Zambians to have a better life by blocking the presidential motorcade? It’s common sense that the presidential motorcade is to be given preference by everyone on the road, including HH. It is such mediocrity as yours, that of blind following to the extent of deliberate omission, that’s bringing this country backwards. We have the future of the nation to care for. Long gone are the days when presidential aspirants had to go through unprecedented hardships to see the light of the day, which apparently HH is forcing himself into but that’s no longer the case, times have changed. Grow up.

    • It is you who lacks any common sense. Hh had a way bigger convoy than lungus 600 army pf thugs due to the wide support. The pf intelligence knew that and if anything decided that Hh leads the way. Whenever that rat is driven to airport they have police officers waiting along great east hours before he is driven. So why did they not plan ahead with over 600 soldiers. When crowds are screaming for Hh you expected us to know that the rat was behind. The left lane was free and common sense means using the left lane to overtake. Stop complicating simple things

    • Rather the right lane to overtake. You can clearly hear all the forward shouts and Zambians showing their distaste for an illegal president. This is what upset lungu so much that he stooped so low as to attack a man’s wife and children in their own home. I am telling you that it won’t end well for lungu. Mark my words.



    • @ Peter, what is treasonable? I think as Zambians, let’s stop being emotional and use facts. Actually if you look at the footage, HH gave way and stopped the vehicles. What we are all forgetting is the lack and failure by the police, very childish and looked excited. The IG should resign on this matter, he failed Zambians. You mean OP has become so useless that they dint know the expected Crowd for HH?
      My concern and observation with our current police force, is the tendency of blame than looking at what went wrong / learn from mistakes. Even breaking in to HH’s home is wrong and questionable. Unless if the man had refused which was not the case. Zambia has to change and it starts with such things, because leadership is not about showing power? but sense of respect for others. Lungu…

    • Oh, that was great! They even gave way when eagle passed and didnt it even fuseki it like the other cop vehicles. That was lots of repect, especially that the police lamentably failed to protect Kateka. Actually, these cops will have lungu killed if he can be expeosed like that very easily. And why did he conviniently has his window open. This guy will be shot!

    • Actually, there is nothing new about this video to make headlines and “Another Footage”. This is the same video, same angles..LT be clever next time!

    • With 60+ vehicle convoy, he has a strange way for not “wanting the attention on himself”. Without saying anything on the giving way kafwafwa, why did they need a 60+ vehicle convoy, were they having a ka mini Kuomboka also? Just asking.

    • Only simple thinking persons would believe this was worthy a treason case.

      They are putting out this video to continue the campaign against HH and as well as justify their believe in a treason case.

    • On the contrally hh is the one talking and personalizing issues on LUNGU. Just a piece of advise, let hh respect the sanctity of the position of presidency which he is eyeing.

    • In the US recently someone was arrested just for scaling the fence of the white house. He probably could have been shot. Can you imagine what would happen if you refuse to give way to Trump’s motorcade? Probably blown off the road. The language some of those chaps were using towards the president and the police in those videos will land them in hot soup. Poor st.upid cadres, they probably will not be able to afford lawyers and HH will be out soon while they will languish in jail for years. Blind followers; look after yourselves and your families. Even if HH becomes president you will not benefit from it. Be smart.

    • This uprising must be nipped in the bud; change must come through the ballot and not through an uprising, as Zambia is not DRC. What was HH thinking before he committed his political suicide? Was this poor finishing!

  2. NEZ that applies to Upnd as well. Since august 2016 they ve only spoken about elections and never focussed to highlight the suffering of the masses. How i wish UPP had numbers in parliament Zambia would have been a greater place. UPP is focussed on the poor but unfortunately he is a one man show

    • This is the problem when an illegal president has restricted freedom information and attacked all forms of independent media. We end up having citizens like this dull chap petrocelli who only watch deadnbc and have been lied to. Please open your mind and watch various sources to see what upnd has been upto. Don’t embarrass yourself

    • UPND are the opposition. They can choose any topic to concentrate on. However, Lungu and PF as rulers should wisely choose what to concentrate on. Instead they have chosen to focus on HH to the detriment of the national agenda. Lungu is not wise. FULL STOP.

    • What president? If you want respect you have to earn it. Have the petition heard and you might gain some respect. However you cannot do that because you know that rat ain’t president and will never be.

    • NEZ just like HH you strive on insults and disregard for the Presidency and yet expect HH to be President one day and receive respect. This is one of the reasons HH is in cells “Insulting the Presidency” which is an offence by law. Secondly masquerading as President which is treason. Things will not be fine for you and your President if the law if enforced. SORRY NO one will VOTE for such disrespectful people and a party of worrying insults.

    • If the secret service did their jobs professionally this would not have happened.
      The planning of the presidential route was but a disaster. This is the end result of enlisting boy scouts to
      do the job of secret service.

  3. NEZ what planet are you on? Definitely not earth! Even though you support HH how can you agree with what happened with the road saga? You write about his wife Mutinta. Do you know that HH has no respect for her? I know this for a fact. Anyway that is besides the point. To continue, HH is not the President of Zambia. He has lost everything he has stood. Look at the MP’S in Zambia who has the majority by far? It’s PF. So does it make sense with him thinking he won? HH lost, let him try again however he will loose again. He has not sacrificed anything for Zambia just irritated many with his arrogance. Mind you its the other way round. EL does not need to talk about ka HH. He won! He only does it when it gets out of hand!

    • It is an inconvenience truth that PF and its PFolice want to ignore. HH’s convoy have easy to Lungu’s. They are just unhappy that Lozis did not respect Lungu and instead respect HH. It’s that simple.

  4. Dangerous attempt to hijack President lUNGU imagine what magnitude of terrorist acts those cadres can do if there attempts could have degenerated into the hijack of president it will be like radicals it can never be entertained even when HH could be president of any for security and protection of presidency seek never to be taken lightly or as a joke never



    • Treason? can you prove those charges in an independent court of law?
      Are you forgetting the incompentence of your police force?
      Are you just one of those blind followers, ignorant, unwise and semi- literate?
      If your elected leader was worth his salt he should focus on the development of the
      country and ignore all his detractors but unfortunately he is no different from any other despots.

    • Nobody was interested in doing any harm to Lungu. That’s why Lungu had his window open to enjoy the scenery. HH could not be responsible for closing Lungu’s window.

  5. @NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.

    Please sober up…rest assured HH shall never run for public office if convicted which is most likely.

    • Even if HH had to try again as President he would loose. The highest office will never go to him because of his hopeless and arrogant character. BYE BYE HH. Rot in jail and when you do emerge later, I hope you have learnt your lesson.

    • That’s what the Boors hoped when they imprisoned Mandela for 27 years for treason. To their credit, they did not kill him. PF is a vile and evil party that will kill HH as soon as possible. Otherwise come 2021, HH will be President of Zambia.

  6. The problem with other ignorant minded Zambians is that you just support issues without facts. Do you surely know the term blocking, Lungus motorcade was overtaking hh motorcade it did not eve last 2 minutes they where gone. Where is blocking there no. Lungu was suppose to go go by chopper, so the op who where at limulunga called to say if hh arrives first he will be given a thunderous welcome like that of a president so hence that rush to use the road to avoid being embarrassed. The truth of the matter is HH commands more than half Zambians ask the intelligence they will tell you. So
    Lungu will be just talking about HH when ever he address Pele. Chiimbwi hyna uyu we are tired with him no plan for this country. Why can’t he just resign he knows he is a failure. Let him go and continue…

    • I assume you don’t own a car and does not know how to drive. Three small police cars with sirens passed that convoy and one actually tried to bump it off the road. The high way code demands that when you hear a siren you get of the road and stop to allow the siren car clear. But the chap clinging on the side of the car was actually directing the driver to get to the middle of the road. I’m not talking of the President here but just a simple high way code. Come to the President, HH would be rotten now if they followed the law how to deal with ignoring sirens especially the Presidential motorcade

    • HH car was actually bumped off the road and eventually stopped. You should remember that this was a convoy. Some of us who drive in Lusaka see this scenario every week from ambulances, military police, funeral convoys, armed police in pursuit of robbers etc. When you see flashing lights you do not stop immediately. You have to find a suitable place to get out of the way – once you understand what is happening behind you. Common sense requires that you get out of the way at a safe place both for yourself and the vehicles following you. I suppose PF thugs don’t have common sense.

  7. That first sweeper police car did not do its job, if they wanted to; that car would have swiftly over-stood the whole convoy then completely slow down to a stop in front of the convoy to stop it. In Urban areas a two wheel police motorcycle would do a far more effective job than that.You have 20 vehicles in the presidential escort that can not do their job and are simply wasting fuel. This is IG showing his incompetence in VIP protection and trying to hide his inefficiencies as the State House security lapses have been greatly exposed to the whole world on social media for example the LAZY FOOOL EDGAR’S bullet proof window being wide open… for what?
    We can also see from the video that the whole convoy comes to a complete halt….anyway PF anticipated HH would do something and have…

    • anticipated HH would do something and have now momentarily distracted them by arresting him on trumped up charges…the whole party is now looking the other way as its run like a one man team – headless!!

    • the thing is that hh balimuteya akapocha mumbwa mumbwa, they anticipated under five to behave that way. am sure before they stated off they must have even argued amongst themselves as whether the foolish goon was going to stop or not. they decided to start off when they were convinced beyond reasonable that kamushi was going to fall in their trap. Poooooobo!

  8. That is why UPND should find another president HH is technically a convicted person and automatically ineligible to run for presidency in Zambia It was a reckless self made situation that was avoidable but educated intelligent Zambia’s has already seen the fake of HH and its time UPND found another leader

    HH is automatically a treason convict and will never run for presidency in Zambia atleast

    • MJB: I am with you. Let’s just wait for sentencing of these thugs then everyone supporting such conduct will know what it really meant to do such a thing. You now want an illegal President to pardon a suspect HH. Let’s wait and see. I am just observing this saga unfold and wait for the final whistle. HH is technically out of UPND presidential candidate. The earlier UPND starts looking for someone to stand in 2021 the better for them. I advise without any malice and those UPND supporters with ears let them hear my advise.

  9. This was very childish behavior from HH. It’s a crime to say the least. How dare he do that to the office of the presidency???. Would he respect the rights of Zambians if he were elected president?? disappointed!!!

    • Thats the point that worries me the most. If you can’t respect the presidency & let alone another human being occupying that office, who else can you respect? I pity the poor people most. Such kind of bad spirit requires Devine intervention from the Lord God Almighty. By His grace we are a Christian nation & I have every hope God will humble this extreme pride & unite us all again. God Bless Zambia!

  10. NEZ you are wasting time defending HH on this blog. It is clear that your HH and GBM are arrogant and have no wisdom. You dont see anything dangerous because to you everything done by HH is correct. Unless you grew up and lived all your life in the village, in Zambia you cant drive along or side by side with the presidents motorcade. I thought you guys are all learned or is it that your leader does not take advise from anyone. This kind of behavior will not take you anywhere.

  11. …and you call this a treason or offence? There is no obstruction in this video clip. HH is in the left side of the road and he passed through ok on the right hand side. Had HH remained in the middle of the road then that would be another issue. For this reason alone, Pf should quit promoting politics of fear and earn some respect. Punishing HH and UPND or any other person with opposing views is not good for Pf. In the long run, the down fall for Pf will be hard. Flexing muscle over trivialities is uncalled for. Police messed this up big time and don’t take Zambians for mugs. Did Lungu plan to use that road at that time and if he did, where were the 600 police officers and why not on the road sweeping to clear the way? Ludicrous!

  12. Let me remind you that this is EASTER ,hence i would like president lungu as the head state to forgive Hakainde Hichilema,lets remain peace as always,zambia became an independent nation 51 years and 4 months today,blood was lost and lives were lost too,ladies and gentlemen lets go back to the history of our nation and see how much damage,struggle,panic,suffering and hopeless zambians were exposed to during the fight for liberation,if you were not there during the struggle of the independence you are enjoying today and the same which you would certainly want your grand children and great grand children and the ones after their generation to enjoy and honor people of your generation for upholding peace and unity ,ask people who were around and i am more than sure you will not be in the…

  13. Nez dont waste your time its the same video with voice. Watch the left hand convoy go onto the gravel. The other convoy passes in the correct manner.
    All parties rezlise this is a nothing issue. Am sur eagle 1 has the best drivers in zambia. So the are mkre than capable of controlling a car on a shoddy road
    Cant everybody wake up and call it as it is …two political parties posturing.
    How does this crap help zambia

  14. Lungu deserved that insult ati stany0k0 kikikiki the rat even had his window open. I was there and the upnd crowd bachimwela. A thunderous welcome

  15. On October 29 2014,ECL chaired an illegal cabinet meeting when Guy Scott had assumed power constitutionally as the Vice President of the Republic.The meeting was brought to halt when the Attorney General Musa Mwenya warned ECL and the rouge ministers that they where committing treason by taking over power illegally.The evidence is there and plenty.
    ECL and PF should pray that they remain in power forever because this issue shall be brought before the courts.ECL can’t escape this one. MULANDU SU BOLA

  16. Yes mulandu si u whola so let them come pin my president., HH is fakeimg illness , plenty people are sick so let him see the doctor and taken back to Court and jail

  17. @Tatwe, I wish to correct you by citing Highway Code 223 which Kanganja failed to see as this may be used by the defence in rebutting the charge of treason based on Code 222 of the High Code. Code 223 states that, “If the police want you to stop your vehicle they will, WHERE POSSIBLE, attract your attention by:
    – Flashing blue lights or headlights or sounding their siren or horn; or
    – directing you to pull over to the side BY POINTING and/or using the left indicator.
    YOU MUST THEN PULL OVER AND STOP AS SOON AS IT IS SAFE TO DO SO. THEN SWITCH OFF YOUR ENGINE.”The above is the law and I ask all bloggers as we argue that there was/there was no offence committed to argue using the facts (video footage) and the law.

    • Those of you that can’t see anything wrong with what transpired in Mongu as evidenced by the video footage need strong prayers. This was a serious violation with impunity that can’t be allowed to be repeated again or go unpunished. Yes without watching the video one would wonder about treason charge. But after watching video the doubts about the charge start to disappear. Whichever outcome of court process lessons need to be learnt from this sad episode. God Bless Zambia!

  18. You UPND you nearly spoiled the Kuomboka that we had missed since 2013 or so There was going to be a state of emergency pressed on mongu had the police reacted to FORECIBLY protect the PRESIDENT

    You motive was to create a confusion for the KUOMBOKA and CANCELLATION of the ONGOING KUOMBOKA events



  19. @ avolatro these were not ordinary police cars asking you to park . These cars are mandated not to stop but to push anything out of the way. Its a a matter of national security . That is why they can shoot should you resist

  20. Please people don’t give this ***** called NEZ any attention, he is in denial and an enemy of truth, STUPID ASSS

  21. You can continue to call Edgar Lungu all sorts of names but at the end of it all you are just aggravating the situation of your Perpetual Election Loser HH. He has run to same. He has run for Redemption to the Courts yet just yesterday he called them Corrupt, Incompetent and PF Aligned. What has changed with the Courts iwe Kalusa. The Convict will never rule Zambia ?? anymore. I see Garry Nkombo, GBM and other UPND Presidential Aspirants in our Tribal Party inwardly rejoicing at HH’s Incarceration. May HH be there long enough for him & his Minions to go begging for Mercy from ECL. And that exactly what will happen when we reality Sinks in. You will insult all like but HH will remain a Prisoner for a long time to come and rightfully so.

  22. After looking at the footage HH wasn’t wrong at all. The road is so bad, I feel pity for you. I think other countries are laughing at you guys. Such Roads in the 21 century and the president is boost taking the opposition leader into cells? It’s a shame. Even my street is far better.

  23. @NEZ (new educated Zambia UPND ) BEST BLOGGER 2016.

    Your English is very bad. Please double check your grammar prior to responding to your critics.

    • I am not English bruv or is it mate. To make matters worse I am not dealing with a formal audience OK Mr or Mrs England?

  24. Its looks like the person recording the video was actually with HH entourage, not knowing that it will be used against their leader and his colleagues.

  25. Did you see the BBC reporter laugh out loudly on the story on their broadcast,” road rage turns into treason charge in Zambia”, very embarrasing. I don’t like UPND but please Police start doing sensible things.

    • Ask that reporter if they can dare to try that when the Queen or prime minister is traveling or if they would regard it as road rage?

  26. There is no difference between Trump supporters and HH supporters. Brain washed opportunist, craving promised fake jobs.

  27. If HH were a mature adult and politician, he would have known better that Zambia only has one President at a time and that President at this moment is, His Excellency Edgar Chagwa Lungu. Whether he hates him, does not recognise him, thinks he has no money and deserving of the seat, he still remains the President of the whole of Zambia and will remain so for the next 4+ years. That behaviour he displayed with his dreaming blind misled supported is uncalled for anywhere in the world. He is lucky, if it was in other countries he would have been in a wheelchair at this moment. Let him rot a bit in detention so that he knows who is in power.

  28. But when trying to stop HH’s Motorcade, I think proffenally the Police where supposed to start from the last vehicle from behind or the first vehicle from the front since HH’s vehicle was the third from the front, they targeted the third vehicle leaving two or three in front why? And why did they allow the opposition or rather HH to start of first if they new that There dictator was going to use the same road? This was a Plan BA bipo no doubt about it. What if the UPND say that HH was not in that vehicle which was almost hit by that traffic vehicle what can happen. HH was in the tenth vehicle from behind. Chapwa.

  29. Let us get our MILITARY POLICE to independently investigate this rubbish incident.
    POLICE messed up big time
    HH and his UPND should have known better
    PF are just a s***wed up batch
    We only have one Country, no dual citizenship
    Let ARMY do its work
    My ARMY brothers and sisters, do your job fairly. You have been all over the world solving other conflicts.

  30. upnd can use this opportunity to present their case in the courts. If indeed they have evidence that ecl did not win the elections, let them now present it and it will be the time for hh to vindicate himself why he doesn’t recognize ecl as president. If he can prove that, then he can ague his case on why the treason case does not arise. This is the time to test their evidence. So ladies and gentlemen grab your seats and pop corns as we watch the court case unfolds.

  31. While you are talking, I was counting number of cars in the presidential entourage: Each one could easily cost £55k easily!! now by about 20; Guys, we are rich people aaai!!

  32. Zambians think with their bums instead of their heads…thats why they are so poor…those who have managed to travel to uk think that eating sausage and driving a Benz Or BMW is an achievement…look at pipo like Mushota…because of poverty talks and brags about her education and the breakfast she had…poverty at its best level…Am based in Uk..but always home twice a year of which you Mushota cant Manage…I ve got American citizenship of which you Mushota cant afford…MBA Mushota…shame?… you Mushota?cause your thinking is that of a sixth grade…SHAME…My foot….smell your ass….Zambia is a sinking nation where law does not apply…economically…fiscal policy and monetary does not apply…Zambians just survive…no hope.Chagwa is making it worse…Democracy is about…

  33. This uprising must be nipped in the bud; change must come through the ballot and not through an uprising, as Zambia is not DRC. What was HH thinking before he committed his political suicide? Was this poor finishing!

  34. On the Highway to The Western Province. develop the infrastructure present government if that was a two dual carriage lane would we be talking about this right now.?

  35. I have an opportunity to watch the footage. I think, a serious crime was committed and some people deserve to be isolated from the community because they are a bad seed. The best way to go is to allow the court process and we should avoid politicking each and every matter that comes on our way. If you perpetually lose elections, do not play a blame game all the time but focus on your weaknesses. I will be very happy to see this case up to its logical conclusion.

  36. After watching this video I have changed my mind. HH was acting like an infant. The president should be respected. HH wouldn’t tolerate that behavior by his motorcade if he was president.

  37. This guys deserves to go to Chimbokaila! He is such an irresponsible leader with his losers – tribal followers! You can even see their reasoning here! Hazaluza Hagain is as unrepentant as his tribal followers on this blog! Please lock up the cult leader before he destroys Zambia!

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