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Dismiss UPND MPs and Greg Mills’s Misplaced Assertions Regarding HH’s Arrest

Columns Dismiss UPND MPs and Greg Mills's Misplaced Assertions Regarding HH’s...

Sunday Chanda
Sunday Chanda

By Sunday Chanda

Lusaka, 15th April 2017 – Firstly, we are calling on Zambians and the International Community to dispel lies being propagated by some UPND MPs and foreign mouthpieces of capital. The UPND Parliamentarians call for the release of opposition leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema claiming that the grounds he is being held on are trumped up charges is nothing but very childish propaganda as it lacks both merit and logic. We call on these UPND MPs to act honourably and not stoop to levels where they lose all objectivity. There is prima facie evidence in the public domain to counter their misplaced justifications. The Video clip from prime TV that went viral on social media and the interview of Mr. Hichilema on the same station is very revealing and quite telling on how much misconduct and deliberate the actions of the UPND leader and his convoy were in daring and disrespecting the Motorcade of the Head of State President Lungu were. Further, the Mast newspaper edition of Sunday reported about HH boasting about sneaking into the arena with his vice President Mr Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba and later walking away on the President because he does not recognise him as the Head of State is further proof of his misconduct and bad judgement because what he did in essence is that he actually walked out on the Litunga as the Host of the ceremony. It is furthermore with much shock that we see them talking about the arrest of HH heightening tension and mistrust and deepening the regional division in the nation. Who can promote tribal politics and regionalism better than Mr Hichilema’s political leadership?

Secondly, let us be clear that the arrest of UPND leader Mr. Hakainde Hichilema has nothing to do with the lack of demise of good governance in the country. It is a fallacy that Mr. Hichilema was arrested because democracy has perished in Zambia. While it is not our intention to delve into the manner the arrest was arrested as that is for the Zambia police to say, his arrest does not even have anything to do with refusing to acknowledge President Edgar Lungu as the duly elected President. It is not even about a challenged election because there is not a petition to challenge the election in any Court of law in Zambia. It’s a notorious fact that President Lungu does not need Mr. Hichilema’s acknowledgement for him to deliver. The arrest and charges that followed are a result of gross criminal misconduct endangering the life of the President and that of ordinary Zambians.

Thirdly, it is therefore unacceptable that some elements with financial arrogance should mislead the world in their attempt to give President Lungu and Zambia a bad name. The Anglo American and Brenthurst Foundation founder, Greg Mills has been linked to supporting opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema with the intention of positioning  and later imposing him as president of Zambia. It was clear the foundation’s motive in Zambia and Africa in general was to fund and support selected opposition leaders, puppets, to oust legitimate political leaders in order to advance their Capitalist Anglo American’s interests before those of the nation. It is deception for Mr. Greg Mills, the head of the Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg, who spent months before the last elections advising UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and later called for civil war in Zambia to have the audacity to mislead the international community regarding the state of governance in Zambia. It is an open secret that Brenthurst Foundation was established by the Oppenheimer family, the multi-billionaire South African dynasty that founded Anglo American. It is an open secret that in the August 11 2016 polls, Brenthurst Foundation backed UPND presidential candidate Hakainde Hichilema. In 2014, Mr Hichilema is reported to have attended a series of secret meetings in South Africa with a number of foreign mining businessmen and arms dealers believed to hold similar grievances against President Lungu and the PF. Let Mr. Mills confirm or deny that such meetings never took place.

Fourthly, as if that was not enough, Brenthurst Foundation through Mr. Mill is on record as having called for civil war in our when he stated that Zambia’s opposition “may well abandon democracy when they realise that violence may be their avenue to protest a stolen election.” This was such an open incitement to violence propagated by a foreigner. It’s understandable when you back a losing horse in a race. But we want to remind Mr. Mills that Zambia is for Zambians and he should quit masquerading as an angel of light to the unsuspecting public. This is the same Mills who encouraged the Zambian opposition to “abandon democracy”, resort to violence and trigger a civil war. He is not Zambian and would not feel the impact of any civil strife. He and his colleagues would be enjoying coffee Brenthurst Foundation in Johannesburg while innocent blood is being spilt just to enthrone a puppet they can control.

On September 5, 2016, a post was published on Brenthurst Foundation’s official Facebook page promoting an article on Zambia’s election. Written by the foundation’s director Greg Mills and issued on an Australian magazine, the article was little more than a reiteration of all Hichilema’s false allegations: “flawed election”, “binned ballots”, “widespread intimidation”, “tampered results”, and so forth. The director of Brenthurst Foundation echoed Hichilema’s obsession that the entire international community conspired to inhibit the UPND leader from being president. African democrats – claimed Mills – can’t rely on international observers who declared the Zambian elections credible and transparent. “They were in Zambia simply to legitimise the result”.

Lastly, Greg Mills concluded his article with a pathetic appeal to the foreign investors in Zambia. According to Mills, PF victory in election “should make investors wary”. Political and commercial partners should abandon Zambia, if Mills’ friend Hakainde Hichilema is not installed as president. https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/zambias-flawed-election-lessons-autocrats-democrats-observers-investors/

The Author is the Media Director of the Ruling Patriotic Front

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  1. There prima facie video evidence of presidential political adviser KAIZER ZULU embarrassing, The President, The Country and him self with outrageous behaviour at an international event screened worldwide and what has happened to this date. Can the commander in chief and or the commander of the police let the nation know what is happening. We are shamed on the world stage yet we go asking for money.
    Zambians are proud what has become of us

    • This is where PF gets it wrong based on the so called footage
      1.HH was in a convoy
      2. He was not the driver
      3.Have you arrested the other drivers for the same offence?
      4.Have you disciplined the police command for not clearing the road?
      5.In a country of civilised people do you have to use brutal force on an unarmed family?
      6. Lungu claimed some ministers have amassed so much wealth in a short period yet only Kambwili has been harassed is he the only corrupt person?
      You see it is these inconsistencies that question the credibility of Lungu’s government.
      The last election has left a divided country it is important for both winners and losers to unite the country not to further antagonise each other.
      This should start with restraining your cadres!

    • @James buga: Spot on and well cited. PF are behaving very childish, its actually embarrassing for Lungu. Zambia is a democratic country and if He truly wants to do well, he needs opposition. The whole case is a joke that a passenger is charged with treason. If a driver hits and kill a person?? Do we also charge passengers? The act is stupid and we should look this case very carefully. Let’s forget HH and EL but what is good for our people. Typical Jokers Full of Emotions

      Treacherous merchants of Death, enemies of progress – if you are driving excessively dangerously, what are you hoping to achieve? To bad you were too blind to notice the presidential motorcade and too bad you do not recognize the head of state yet you pay tax and attend parliament except when he is addressing it.
      That should be your defence in court; that you did not recognize his motorcade, merchants of death; that you live in a country where you think the president does not exist, enemies of progress.

    • Sunday Chanda has masterburted far too many times, and far too long be reasonable. The reason he has massive hair loss and aggressive baldiness. Ignore this ranter. I know him from Kabwe as a failed NGO enterpreneur. He cannot lecturer any sane individual, maybe his fellow wankers like Sydney Mushanga

    • And Chanda, if PF won the recent election, why cant they prove at court? Sometimes shutting up is greater than ranting ignorance to the masses. Zambians are far too clever to be cheated and all they want is peace. Thats why you Chanda and your ECL were able to impose yourselves on the people.

    • When one is speaking from a comfortable point all seems to make sense. This is because he or she is well paid and gets facts wrong. Even she the names are clearly all from two regions only, including his. He decides to ignore.

    • Exchange of views on the matter at hand can go on and on without any side making a compromise on opinion, pray that such security lapse by the presidents security detail does not have a run-in with a locomotive at a rail crossing! I wonder why the presidential security detail will not take blame that communication between traveling parties was not well coordinated either because of some clandestine agenda or plain incompetence!

  2. Very good read. Communications Minister also has to issue strong statements informing the people on the truth. Could Jeremy Corby, UK’s second biggest party act the way this arrogant HH is acting to the Prime Minister of the UK, Theresa May? No way! Zambia has enjoyed peace for decades and now the nonsense shame and pride of this little HH is too much for him. You lost these elections just like all the rest you have stood on. It’s better for you to throw in the towel and give it to someone else who may get UPND elected. BUT we know you can never do that because of your arrogance and pride. By the way, all those feeling sorry for his wife Mutinta should because HH treats her like a door mat and has no respect for her. AND YOU THINK HE CAN EVER BE PRESIDENT? no way.

    • Don’t talk rubbish. The Prime Ministers of the UK are lampooned all the time by, both, the opposition leadership and their own party side but you never see the police go into action arresting anyone who insults PM or the queen for that matter. Your leaders are nothing but mindless men and women who would never develop their own country even if there stayed in power for a hundred years.
      If your president was a wise leader he would fire his police chief and focus on things that matter to his country.
      If Zambian children never dream of becoming somebody some day then your country is doomed.

    • @jo
      Never heard a UK politician refusing to recognise an elected Prime Minster. Please! UPND is a bunch of confused folk.

    • @Patriot Abroad:
      You stink like Mat.uvi or Maz.yu! Your Idi.ocy is in your DNA and there is nothing we can do about it.
      Have you ever heard of rigged elections in the UK! I have never heard of a British Prime minister refusing a court case being heard like your mother fckng undiluted id.iot PF Drunkard President.

  3. Hh this Hh that day in day out. These guys are doing my job for me as we are achieving a lot of international attention. Many people don’t even know who lungu is. The pf are consumed with Hh while they have nothing to show Zambians in terms of achievement and economy since illegal ugly rat took over. Zambia is now an example of a failed African democracy and for that lungu will pay the price

    • Just to see these PF sheep bleating four legs good, two legs bad is a comedy of itself!

      As for this Squealer, a.k.a Amos Chanda, he should know that very soon some roast pork will be eaten on this animal farm that Lungu has turned Zambia into!

  4. “……a series of secret meetings in South Africa with a number of foreign mining businessmen and arms dealers…”

    What a load of trash ! As I have said if it comes from Amos chanda , daily nation send it to the bin. All lies.

    Chanda is this meeting by HH with arms dealers got anything to do with GBM training UPND militia with catapults, golf clubs and boxing gloves to take on the Zambia defence forces ?

    For all readers, you have to pay the openhimehers bags of diamonds for them to even piss in Zambia.

    As for Anglo American, they are closing mines why would they come to Zambia were you have Chinese and Indians taking left overs of copper ?

    Chanda in the age of the internet you will find zambians are more informed then you think.

  5. H.E Edgar C. Lungu? at HEEdgarCLungu1

    Guess who came to meet us?!

    We took time to meet with Mr. Jonathan Oppenheimer, Director of E Oppenheimer & Son… ….

    just Google and you will see who has been begging for meetings.

  6. But you chanda, you were the one telling us that lungu held meetings with the openheimers the same dates you are now accusing HH

    Just Google “lungu meets openheimers.. .”

  7. If you do accept the media videos of the Mongu saga, show the nation the elections videos that have led to this unnecessary misunderstanding. Mwila is Defence Minister despite murdering someone. what sort of Governance is this? You PF have managed to divide the United Zambia and tribal divisions are so apparent now than ever before.
    Simply speaking, now amount of Public Relations will calm the hearts of Zambians as long as you continue on this path of intimidation. We know that you want only two Regions to Rule Zambia but how I wish some kind of integrity could be shown here. There is none at all at Disrespect for the Office of the Presidency starts from the PF itself. How? Every Jim/Jane and Jack/Jean can open their mouth and spray verbal diarrhea all over despite the president having…

  8. What Mr Amos is propounding is propaganda. Who does not know HH has been arrested on tramped up and a non treasonable offence. PF should be squeezed the international community for abrogating the rights of citizens. Zambia does not need a one party state.

  9. Sunday sometimes you have to reason using your brain and not your hands that have written something un sensible.

  10. Cheap propaganda Mr. Chanda. Just let the poor man be to come and fix the economy you have messed up. Be men of honor and admit that all that PF want is jobs and we understand.

  11. But whats wrong with z pf cadres? Others are challenging them on what does or does not constitutes treason, z impunity of pf police raping a citizen’s rights. Now read z wafling from one cadre! Oh zambia! Where did we get this calibre of human beings. Shall wonders never end? Is it just yapping and yapping to justify one’s source of shima?

  12. I pray for a Zambia where everyone of us will live peaceful regardless of political affiliation..we are one people brothers and sisters..we just differ politically but this is our home please let’s live in peace..posting cruel and hate texts won’t help in any way it’s just dividing us..let’s show love to one another

  13. Excellent article AND THERE NEEDS TO BE MORE. it’s a well known fact that Mills and his foundation have their hands on some eminent Zambians to coach them for 2021. It’s important we start exposing them and sensitising citizens on the danger of these groups who want financial gain and control of our resources for their personal purposes.

    • Which western country would be interested in Zambia? After all they let the Chinese and Indians pay toilet value for your mines…

    • @Spaka, in which country does that Indian live in? UK. Chinese are okay, otherwise we’d have to literally give it away to Westerners.

    • Patriot

      NO western country or conglomerate will clamour for Zambia. There simply is not enough to offer…..more trouble then it is worth.

  14. Are you the only stranger in Jerusalem who does not know that Australia,UK are not China and India why only single out these two countries.It is also a well known fact that this Mills guy is a crook who can do anything for money and clearly exposes HH and his shenanigans if this is how he intends to fix Zambian problems then sorry he must think again.Zambia deserves better civil war is not our portion let him fight in SA or is he afraid of Malema and wants to mess about with Zambia let him and HH try.Well written article Mr Chanda.

  15. the truth will remain th truth. All evidence is there to show that what Chanda is saying is correct. Chanda has even given you what to read about what he is alluding to. Unfortunately, UPND supporters have decided to give a blind eye to the bad behaviour of their leader. HH is attempting to sell this country. We the patriotic Zambians should stand and defend this country from selfish elements like HH and UPND who will do anything including auctioning this country to gain power.

    I know UPND supporters want to defend their party and HH, but is is shameful to fight the truth, HH was at fault in Mongu and should be sanctioned according to the law. the best UPND can do is counsel their leaders or else they will end up being defunct. The wise admit their mistakes and are correctable.

  16. Everything is on spot! But upnd supporter will play blind and deaf. But their leader is on record having said he will bring back anglo-america. Which upnd supporter will refute that?

  17. Malabisi oka oka from the shameless spin minion! Anyway it is Sebana wikute! Amazing how uninspiring young leaders of today are. Easily cheated, used and dumped at the end of the day. If you know you have children, speak the truth and do the right things to secure your children’s future! Crime against humanity does not pay! It will only land you at ICC whether you choose to be a member or not!

  18. Shame on PF members. You are now serving under the yoke of MMD. People who used to insult you are now your Masters despite your President being in state house. You PF fellows are a laughable lot. No wonder Sata called you ifipu…ba. He must be turning in his grave.

  19. Cheap propaganda, spured more by the need to scandalise well founded and on the point criticism. Such, it’s deviod of even the slightest aota of credible facts.
    Firstly, the Brenthurst foundation is a philanthropic establishment, whose noble aims can’t be denigrated to a mere conspiracy to prop a Zambian opposition leader. That’s a tragic view to be held by anyone. This group, comprising of eminent person’s that include notable former heads of government drawn from across the continent, has healthy relationships with policy makers in many countries, in an effort to promote Afro-sensitive and indigenous solutions to Africa’s problems; chief among them being crippling poverty. Brenthurst’s coming on board follows earlier attempts that were made by groups far removed from Africa that…

    • Africa, that prescribed textbook solutions.

      It’s therefore unfortunate that an incident that was birthed from the ever embarrassing stain on Zambia’s psyche, petiness, could be undeservingly amplified to entangle respectable institutions like Brenthurst in its irrationality. Without causing further derision on themselves from International Community, Zambians should de-escalate the Mongu snafu and turn their attentions to other more serious matters.

      And surely laughable attempts at spinning a conspiracy theory as has been done in the article above, just serve to further injure Zambia standing and provide a case of the 1001 things that are wrong with Africa.

  20. Presidents of governments and parties are under their protection units and have no say on the selected route and manner of driving so long as that driving is within the law. HH was not in-charge of that convoy and therefore could not have directed his driver and protection unit on what to do.

  21. Now we understand the extent to which the axis of evil is networking in southern Africa. So the Brenthurst Foundation headed by Gregg Mills was established by the Oppenheimer family that founded Anglo American. Mills spent months before the last elections advising HH in Johannesburg. In the August 11 2016 polls, Brenthurst Foundation actually backed UPND presidential candidate. In 2014 HH was even reported to have attended a series of secret meetings in South Africa with a number of foreign mining businessmen and arms dealers believed to hold similar grievances against President Lungu and the PF.

    Yet we know that Mazoka worked for Anglo-American. Recently, HH’s links with Mmembe brought in NUMSA’s Secretary General to weigh in with threats for South Africa to impose an embargo on…

  22. Continued:
    Yet we know that Mazoka worked for Anglo-American. Recently, HH’s links with the arrogant Mmembe brought in NUMSA’s Secretary General to weigh in with threats for South Africa to impose an economic embargo on Zambia when the Post newspaper was closed down. It is interesting to note how bogus politicians and trade unionists serve the interests of the capitalist world. If South Africa and Zambia have alert intelligentsia, these revelations are “Food for Thought”.

  23. Noooo you people in the government have been paid money from lungu to say all good words about Edgar lungu forgeting that what you are doing is bad and pretend as if you are innocent shame and you must think about your childrens future dont just get money. mind you before election who was killing people cutting there private parts and up to now have never heard any reaction from the government because they were the one doing it, anyway alot of things has happened after edgar got the position and in satas governance there were nothing like that may his soul rest in peace. Why do you doing this you people around the pf and wait you will see

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