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Mutati, Bank of Zambia Governor and others in Washington for IMF and World Bank Spring Meetings

Economy Mutati, Bank of Zambia Governor and others in Washington for IMF and...

Finance Minister Felix Mutati
Finance Minister Felix Mutati
THE 2017 Spring Meetings of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank Group (WBG) open in the United States (US) capital Washington DC next week.

Minister of Finance Felix Mutati and Minister of National Planning and Development Lucky Mulusa will arrive next week leading the Zambian delegation.

The Spring meetings bring together Ministers of Finance, Ministers of Development, governors of Central Banks and civil society organizations to discuss among others global economic affairs.

In a statement, First Secretary for Press and Public Relations Patricia Littiya said the two Ministers are expected to attend the Africa Group 1 Constituency meeting at which the Mr. Mutati sits on the board.

Ms Littiya says several meetings are expected to be held between the Zambian delegation and representatives of cooperating partners.
Among them is the meeting with the IMF Mission Team, IFC Africa Management Team and the African Development Bank (AfDB).

Mr. Mutati is expected to speak at the Spring Meeting Africa Forum that will discuss among other the priorities, opportunities, and challenges of doing business in Africa, including the political environment, economic policy, security, taxation and business regulations.

Mr Mutati is also expected to speak at a seminar on “Revealing the myths and collecting the facts on social protection in Africa”.

“The Minister is expected to speak on the rationale for the expansion of the Social Cash Transfer, Impact of the programme and experiences drawn from the programme,” she said.

Ms Littiya says the Zambian delegation is also expected to meet with financial institutions such as the Citibank Group, Standard Chartered Bank and the Eastern and Southern African Trade and Development Bank (TDB).

The Zambian delegation includes the Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet, Mr. Christopher Mvunga, Secretary to the Treasury Fredson Yamba, Ministry of Finance Permanent Secretary Mukuli Chikuba, Ministry of National Planning Permanent Secretary Chola Chabala and Bank of Zambia Governor Dr Denny Kalyalya.


  1. Zambia and it’s Mutati will have a tough time at the meetings because of what is happening in Zambia and a new condition will be attached.
    So many complaints for gone to these organisations including the ICC Lungu wants to leave,

    Watch the space in the coming weeks if not days.

  2. Thousands of zambians have singed a petition against giving lungu money to brutalise zambias citizens….


  4. Just going there to warm chairs and shop and one of them there has a child in Washington who he is going to visit. Bunch of beggars who will need to kneel down and suck old white man’s dlck to get any loans.

  5. Mutati and his officials are attending a Ritual Meeting and earning themselves huge Travel and Substance Allowances but nothing of benefit to Zambia will come out of these Meetings. By Raiding HH’s home without a search Warrant, vandalising the Home,Teargassing the Occupants, beating, torturing the workers and arresting and slapping him on trumped Treason charges Illegitimate Lungu has demonstrated that Zambia is now a failed Police State. There is no longer Rule of Law, Respect for Human Rights, Good Governance and Constitutionalism. Mutati can go to hell and will not get a cent from IMF and other Multilateral Financial Institutions. Even Aid Donors will walk away from the Illegitimate Lungu Regime. Lungu is naive and has shot himself in the foot.

  6. Deny them! Deny them! PF is so stupid and will reap what they sow. Thought they were clever but let’s see what transpires now. I bet you abena Mutati are just shivering now. Ka Lungu has just destroyed Zambia reputation because of his ignorance and thinks he is God. Well it could not have happened at a better occasion (Easter weekend)!I am sure considering Zambia is a Christian nation, this will raise questions as to how we treat others differently. I hope no donors give aid so these ministers realize the amount of cobwebs in their heads. Ass-holes abusing donor money and use it to build mansions and put their kids in expensive schools to buying expensive vehicles. And to the Zambian’s supporting corruption. what do you have? Does ka swine Lungu pay your bills?

  7. deny them. It happened to Zim when Robert thought he could do without the west. What has happened to that country? It can also happen to us if we violate human rights and be selfish

  8. Arent we embarrassed facing the world media after one zambian, KAIZER ZULU shamed us at an international event which has been viewed worlwide, the lenders and banks must be asking themselves what sort of country are we wnen that behaviour by the presidential political adviser goes un addressed.
    Shame on Zambia

  9. Pleas sign the petition on FB if you are worried that western funds lungu wants will be used to brutalise the opposition…

  10. IMF don’t give funds to Zambia. The govt is spending heavily on stupid items. Guns for police. In the west most countries their police force does not have guns. Zambia police despite being unprofessional and poorly trained, have most expensive armory and drive expensive vehicles for personal use.
    Last government ignored IMF checks on overspending, Zambian govt spent billions of dollars on arming police and ignored health and education system for development. Ignored job creation and road maintaince and water and housing projects.
    Do not give Zambian government money. Not even serviced loans..!

  11. IMF deny Zambia funds. The government has turned the country into a blood shedding nation. They opening the lines of dictatorship.
    Boko Ram is their insight. Deny them funds

  12. The international financial institutions respect the rule of law. The rule of law does not exempt a politician who breaks the law. The IMF officials
    UPNDonkeys, you have been hallucinating and you are comfortable hallucinating forever. That is your birthright, seleniko tubombele icalo cesu.

  13. The international community do not need to be told about HH’s path to treason and prison. They have watched TV, read the newspapers, watched UPNDonkeys on the streets and in videos rioting even at the high court worrying about their money with those thugs on the loose, they have heard or seen HH on Radio and TV offering to go to prison. They have heard and seen it all, and they are amazed at Zambia’s high level of political tolerance not seen in Africa and other parts of the world where IMF has given loans. They have even read and accepted my assessment of HH and his party UPND as donkeys.
    To the world, HH is simply a criminal suspect not a political detainee. Sorry donkeys, the truth hurts.

    • You deserve to die a painful death you worthless piece of Sh!t. I hope you get AIDS and die soon.

  14. Realyl laughable one minute Lazy Lungu is telling diplomats in Zambia not to interfere the next minute you are going to their countries to beg for money from their taxpayers…i think these foools do not relies how small the world is today.

    • That’s the sheer brazzen incompetence of the man.

      Some one should remind him that Zambia can not survive with out had outs from the countries of those diplomats….

  15. Terrible do you have any excuses for the presidential political advisor KAIZER ZULU who has embarrased the president and zambia at an international event shown worldwide. Can you update the current legal status ln this matter or us it a matter for the commandet in chief as it is one of his closest aides

  16. LT is quick at head lines of publicity over IMF visit by Mutati etal to please its master PF government.
    Let Zambians know how much loans the nation will get from IMF or results of this visit.

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