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Chiefs warn President Lungu over HH’s detention


Traditional leaders during a news briefing
Traditional leaders during a news briefing

Traditional leaders from five provinces of Zambia have issued a strong statement warning President Edgar Lungu that if he will be held personally responsible should anything happen to UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

And the Chiefs were turned away at Lilayi police when they went to visit Mr. Hichilema on Monday.

The Chiefs have since demanded the dropping of all charges against Mr Hichilema and that he must be released immediately and unconditionally saying the charges have no merit at law.
The Chiefs are also demanding that Mr Hichilema be taken to a hospital of his choice as he is unwell.

“Should this not take place and something happens to him, Mr Lungu and his government will bear full responsibility,” they warned.


We the Royal Highnesses wish to express our disappointment and dismay over the raiding of the house and arrest of Mr. Hichilema who we consider as our son.

The raid on his house amounts to aggravated robbery as they first cut off power supply in the whole area, without a search warrant went in, armed and masked and broke in to the house, vandalized it, beat up and tortured members of the family and workers in the house.

They also stole countless personal items and goods such as shoes, bedsheets, under-wears, money etc. What has gone wrong now, that police could raid the house as though Hichilema is a dangerous criminal when they have arrested him more than fifteen times and he has complied.

The Police must take full responsibility for this action. We therefore demand the dropping of all charges against him and that he must be released immediately and unconditionally as these charges have no merit at law. Besides he is now not well and needs to be taken to a hospital of his choice. Should this not take place and something happens to him, Mr Lungu and his government will bear full responsibility.

What we notice is a system of selective justice by the police where the opposition, independent media and other civil society organisations with dissenting views are criminalized while ruling party offenders are left scot free.

We call for an end to intimidation and arrests of all dissenting voices including opposition leaders and their members. The judicial system has failed the people of Zambia and we demand that the ICC must hear the petition case to the satisfaction of all parties.

This is the only way peace can reign our land. We have arrived at these conclusions for the following reasons:

1. In 2012, Known cadres in Ndola attacked Mr. Hichilema who had to flee from the radio station through the roof. Perpetrators of this attack have not been apprehended to date.
2. In 2015, Patriotic Front cadres threw stones at the helicopter carrying Mr. Hichilema’s presidential campaign team in Shiwangandu. The same was repeated in 2016 when the same cadres attempted to burn the helicopter on the ground. The Member of Parliament who led the attack was thereby rewarded with the position of Home Affairs Minister.
3. In 2016, ruling party cadres attempted to kill Mr. Hichilema at Moba Hotel in Kitwe and UPND security disarmed them and reported the matter to police. There has been no police action to date.
4. On 8th July 2016, Davis Chama shot an innocent citizen in Mulobezi and he has since been rewarded with the position of Defense Minister.
5. Boswell Muswani, Officer Commanding, Lusaka Province, shot a UPND member at the high court and has never been reprimanded and now is in charge of most police operations such as the blocking of the UPND press conference at Chainama hotel and the raid at Hichilema’s residence last Sunday.
6. The killers of Mapenzi Chibulo, a UPND member in the 2016 election campaigns have not been apprehended up to now.

As custodians of peace and tradition, and leaders of the 15 million Zambians we are duty bound to call for law and order, peace, unity and stability in the country and we therefore demand that:

1. Our son Mr. Hichilema must be released forthwith and those responsible for aggravated robbery at his residence be brought to book by the police command.
2. We demand that Mr Hichilema be availed urgent medical care and if his health deteriorates any further, Mr Lungu and his government will be held responsible.
3. Let the Petition be heard and moved to ICC so that tensions and regional divisions are thereby resolved
4. Ethnic insults and ridicule as expressed clearly by PF leaders, Davis Chama, Mumbi Phiri, Chishimba Kambwili, Frank Bwalya, Bowman Lusambo and others must be criminalised and ended forthwith.
We are your Royal Highnesses;
Chief Macha
Chief Mukuni
Chief Chikanta
Chief Shakumbila
Chief Hamusonde
Chief Monze
Chief Mukobela
Chieftainess Mwenda
Chief Chona
Chief Ishima
Chief Mwenda
Chief Mwenekandala
Chief Moono
Chief Chibuluma

Chiefs addressing a news conference at HH's residence
Chiefs addressing a news conference at HH’s residence


  1. I think by now we all know that illegal lungu and cronies do not respect the rule of law. The only way to get our country back is either for nature to play its course and for that ugly rat lungu to get kunyu and foam at the mouth fall down and die or just stab the f00l because a bullet is too precious to waste on that dlck lungu

    • Violating hh himself I can understand as we know you are jealous of the rightful president. But to tear gas his family is just the lowest of things one can do. Lungu is not a man. Lungu is a chickens vulva(p.ussey) because men don’t act that way. Lungu is sick and I wish him a very quick death. He looking very pale like an albinos dlck

    • NEZ: you are aware that this country has a fully functional intelligence service that has all the tools and personnel to find you?? Try and take it easy on the insults and ill intentions you are exposing on these blogs. You are seriously exposing yourself!!

    • No wonder this tribe would never rule Zambia, they have this elitist and entitlement mentality. Just because you are Tonga, you can break the law and expect your tribal chiefs to issue threats.

      The best these chiefs can do is to call for the speedy trial ..asking the president to squash all this process make the President a Semi God who can just stop anything at a snap of a finger and that is not right.

      I like Lungu’s stand, let duel process be followed. Give our courts a chance and if they throw HH case out as many believe, this will do a lot of good to our Justice system and democracy. What these chiefs are calling for is wrong and will cement the Powerful president idea who can just stop any process. We will be back to KK days. Give our Justice system a chance to grow and mature…

    • Chiefs stay in your Kraals. These are matters for intelligent and educated people to understand, not Mpezeni and Chiti Mukulu, Bye!

    • When sata was arrested over motorhicle theft where were thse tribal chiefs.

      These are issues that convince beyond doubt this party is tribal . Very immotional chaps.

      These are same chaps that kept misguilding him. Now he is in selo

      Don t spend energies on immortions and insults .

      Look for rational lawyers like sakwiba sikota not martha mushipe and other immotional characters.

      Finally if hh is a liberator let him sacrife his life for zambia and die in jail

    • When sata was arrested over motorhicle theft where were thse tribal chiefs.

      These are issues that convince beyond doubt this party is tribal . Very immotional chaps.

      These are same chaps that kept misguilding him. Now he is in selo

      Don t spend energies on immortions and insults .

      Look for rational lawyers like sakwiba sikota not martha mushipe and other immotional characters.

      Finally if hh is a liberator let him sacrife his life for zambia and die in jail

    • This is a sensitive matter. Some people like katuka went with a gun. Then they want to accuse boma.

      Don t just allow every jin and jack to visit him.

      Why is the church quiete

      Why is SADC quite

      Why are other oppostion quite

      They know he is a problem

      Leave him in selo

    • Trivializing politics is the cheapest ticket to win a disdained stigma that sets the agenda for perennial national rejection in a national constituency. This quartet of tribal cause is a drop in the ocean if you pull the register of chiefs in Zambia. Do they really thinks the country should throw away its constitution, rule of law and start acting on orders from DA Boers party, mercenary Greg Mills, cadres to organized tribal quarters? Allow institutions and laws to adjudicate matters.

    • When a nation lacks vision and purpose be sure violence will be order of the day. Probably we start preparing to divide this country into two.

    • This article is fake and an Impersonation of the said chiefs.

      The message in it is far from being one authored by traditional chiefs.

      This is authored by UPND cadres and not traditional chiefs.

      Traditional chiefs will not take a partisan Santander portrayed in the message.

      Among the many funy statements is the one whicj says for there to be peace, the petition must be heard by the ICC. Hahahahaha – what manner of chiefs would such be?

      Ati PF did this, PF did that, PF what have you?

      The author of this article lacks even the least of basic psychology. What a pitty!!!

    • Its only chiefs fron one province as expected southern province. So this unpd is basically a regional party for southeners. Thats why they are perpetual losers. Stop being tribal. PF is for the entire Zambia while unpd is fir southern province. Come 2021 hakaluza hagain

    • HH is not ilegally being held… and no amount of tribal presure from southern province will override the provisions of the Constitution.

      We are not a.monarch where tradition rules supreme… we are a Republican state with adequate statutes to take care of those breaking the law with impunity..

      The presidential election petition was dismissed by the con court and the ICC has no jurisdiction to hear such a case.. it’s a misplaced understanding by these traditional leaders.

      The demands by these biased traditional rulers are empty and must be dismissed.

      Let the law take its course… we are not going to all lawlessness in our country.

      If HH committed no offense he will set free, but there should be no undue interference from any quarter… traditional leaders included

    • Forgive the ignorant chiefs.Lungu has no power to release suspects. Such a law would have made him a super president.
      He only has powers to release convicts. Please read and understand our constitution.

    • Those here who think police and Lungu are right with their irresponsible barbaric behavior are either paid up by PF, from northern & eastern province or mere ignorant ediots.


      Tongas at play. Are you the only chiefs in Zambia that can speak for him? Help your son to respect the law. Zambia will never develop with people who don’t respect and understand the rule of law. If your son is innocent he will be released but if hes found quilt he must be locked. What’s so especial about him?

      “We the Royal Highnesses wish to express our disappointment and dismay over the raiding of the house and arrest of Mr. Hichilema who we consider as our son”
      The statement is not only tribal but also inflammatory. No doubt, these highlighted traditional leaders are also behind the brutal violence against non-tongas in the Tongaland pre and post August 2016 polls. To all of you including ECL who castigated CHISHIMBA KAMBWILI who by now feels vindicated, on the call that stone labeled Tonga would carry the day at the polls against any righteous Person, have some lessons to learn. Just listen to the demands filled with tribal impunity. This is preposterous!

    • Wow, it is a well known fact that Lungu is sick and it is just a matter of time – and dare I say not even 2 years will pass, the man will ‘kick the bucket ‘! Insult all you want and care but he won’t be there to enjoy the wealth that he is accumulating. As for your PF, it will go in total disarray and eventually oblivion because you have so many ‘wanna be’ cadres thinking that they have leadership qualities. Chaona muzako lelo, mailo chapita chibbwela kwayiwe … Muletola nobwapona pashi bane …

      This is not customary law. You’re are overstepping your jurisdiction. AS a chief, you know your boundary. If you killed today, the state and state LAWS will apply even to you. Let HH be tried. If he is found innocent, he will be set free, otherwise life in prison. Kindly be civil. A person in prison has a right to medical care, and right now we are being told that YOUR SON is receiving medical care and that he is in good condition. YOU’RE FULL OF HATE AND MALICE. Allow the due process of the law to take its course.

    • The best we can do is divide the country. PF and similar on one side and the rest on the other side.

    • Nez, even these chiefs know very well that respect must be accorded to elders. Chiefs are given right of way as they walk around their villages, elders are given the right of way as they walk around. It is not amusing today to see young men/women not giving elders the right of way. Basically this is the same with the sate presindents, all their subjects (citizens) must give them way. Its our heritage which has been adopted in our statutes. Indeed watch out with your mouth a sitting government has the muscle and ability to arrest you over your vulgar language.

  2. Let the Zambian people rise up.
    Back home in West Africa, the army would have intervened already.
    This is shaking investors’ confidence

    • You expect people to abandon their daily activities which brings them income just to support a misguided politician?? Lusaka town was fully open and trading today as people were busy making money to feed their families, not concerning themselves with a law breaker who got caught up by the law!! Lumumba Road was packed full of traders like it was a normal working day. What rising up are you on about??? You wake up and go and challenge the law and they will definitely sort you out by yourself, us and the majority Zambians want to work hard and provide for our children, sir!!!!!!!

    • Country men and women let us tone down we only have this country to live in yes signs of conflicts are looming but let us pray for our nation and leaders remember we declared war with Satan when Zambia was declared a christian nation the devil wants bloodshed and am shocked our leaders are not realising this yet they claim to be Christians let us not undermine our peace am shocked at the way we are taking things lightly yet even our bishops are busy siding warring parties instead of interceding for the country they are castigating others who are talking about looming danger in our country prayer can change circumstances, RB and KK MUST speak out

    • Its only chiefs from southern province. This unpd party is really a regional and tribal grouping. Thats why they keep losing. Stop beibg tribal and be civilised. Be a national party and not a tribal grouping. Change otherwise you will rot in opposition

    • These chiefs should have started their address by clearly stating that “we the members of UPND pretending to be royal highness”
      UPND is a tribal party that wants a tonga to lead zambia and nothing else. Wa

  3. Good move. I wish all well meaning Zambians’ can do the same. Thumbs up.Western, Central and North Western it’s your turn now. Don’t be cowards.

    • Its only chiefs from southern province. This unpd party is really a regional and tribal grouping. Thats why they keep losing. Stop beibg tribal and be civilised. Be a national party and not a tribal grouping. Change otherwise you will rot in opposition

  4. What’s the definition of treason, at least by Zambian standards? Being overtaken by a presidential motorcade?. Won’t the chiefs be arrested and slapped with a treason charge for supporting HH?

  5. The tonga chiefs from the bantustans have spoken!! When leaders fail to call a spade a spade, it is difficult for the followers to agree with them. As with Prof. Ndulo, this bunch should have been in the forefront of advising hh on how to conduct oneself politically not act like wise men when the milk has already spilt. This grouping to start with is too tribal to comment on this issue, why didn’t they do so through the house of chiefs where a more balanced countrywide grouping would have better issued a statement?? They speak of the petition to be moved to ICC?? WHAT A BADLY CONSTRUED MOVE WHICH JUST EXPOSES YOUR TRIBALISM AND INCOMPETENCE!!!

    • @Zambian Citizen cha nio:
      Your mother went to SH.IT and you came out accidentally and was thinking you were a big thick piece of Mat.uvi. These Chiefs are more wise than your ancestor rats like Mpenzeni who can be bought with money!! Why do you think they should follow your foo.lish and idea? House of Chiefs my foot – what a foo.lish idea. They are very Direct, and have TOLD Lungu and his minions that he has been unfair and they have given examples and cases to illustrate their opinion. They dont even have any confidence in Zambian courts and want independent courts to hear the case. As far as our Chiefs are concerned, Lungu is an illegitimate President until independent international courts decide on this issue. Mambilima and her Judges are irrelevant and remain as pieces of SH…

    • @Zambian Citizen cha nio:
      Mambilima and her Judges are irrelevant and remain as pieces of SH.IT to be cleaned off —-so SHE needs to GO…ENOUGH IS ENOUGH….Let Lungu GO to Mpenzeni if he wants or whichever Chief trusts him. LUNGU is a Thieving mother fcker!!

    • I really don’t need to answer your comment because your comments are useless and lack substance. You are a poor excuse of a citizen as you are just full of insults and never talk any sense!! Shame on you. You should realise Zambia is populated by different people from diverse backgrounds who have a better understanding of current affairs not your narrow tribalistic and childish view of the country. I actually feel sorry for you.

    • @Zambian Citizen cha nio:
      I don’t need your sympathies – go and feel sorry sorry for Lungu and Mumbi Phiri, your fellow mother fcking RAT eaters!! Your SH.IT has annoyed even the most reasonable people, our Traditional leaders who have been insulted so much by Lungu and his sycophants – Chama, Mumbwa Phiri, Frank Bwalya, Kambwili, etc. You mother fckers have taken other Zambians for a ride for too long!!
      Enough is Enough – why don’t you id.iots GO back to Chipata or Katete where ever you come from? My mother comes from Chilanga and my father from Mazabuka. We have tolerated so many other tribes living with including thieves, jackals, squirrels, etc and most of them even die and get buried on our land – what is wrong with where you come from? Just leave us in peace and just GO back…

    • What Courts? Lungus rigged and bribed Judges?

      This is about ZAMBIANS! Let the PEOPLE decide! We waited for the Concourt verdict and NONE CAME!

      Lungu has sabotaged every step in the legal process. NOW is the time for the people of Zambia to make their voices heard. WE WANT JUSTICE! WE WANT THE TRUTH! The election petition MUST BE HEARD!

      Anything else will be a stolen election and a disgrace to the people of ZAMBIA!

  6. That is why I am so proud of my chiefs! They are so fair and independent minded. Anyone can see that Lungu has gone too far with his tribalism and has lost the respect of our Traditional Leaders. I hope this message sinks into Lungu’s corrupt mind. We have the blessings of our Traditional Leaders and they have seen how, divisive and selective Lungu’s politics has been.
    Even the Kangaroo courts have NOT been spared the wrath of our wise men – between them, they can hear the Concourt petition fairly BUT they have decided that it should go to the International Judicial systems that are impartial and fair. Imagine, even Chiefs know that Zambian Courts are useless – isn’t that a clear loss of confidence in Mambilima and her courts and worst of all it is clear Loss of Confidence in…

    • Cont’d………
      …..worst of all it is clear Loss of Confidence in Lungu’s leadership. So how can that RAT rule and Unify the country when the chiefs dont trust him? Meanwhile, the OLD men Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda have LOST the respect of a large part of the country. Let us JUST SPLIT THE COUNTRY – THAT WILL BE FAIR!!

    • It took a single fruit vendor to bring down Gaddafi, hosni Mubarak and former Tunisia president, the Arab spring was started by an individual, if you think these Chiefs mean nothing to you, boy you are dead wrong.

    • @Dedan Kimathi:
      Mother fcker! Just GO back wherever you came from and leave our land you thieves. You come all the way from Chipata, Katete, etc and you get buried on our land so why do you insult us. Even Lungu, Rupiah and Kaunda will all be buried in Lusaka, our land – so why do you insult us? Please go back and leave us in peace!

    • Chilyata. When you stop insults your comments become very sensible and rational. You must be intelligent and there is definitely something very good about you my friend but you always lose that good thought process when you resort to insults. Analyze the issues and then put you opinion across without insulting, you may win people to your cause. Insults drive people way Chilyata. I am I making sense?

    • Chiyata, Zambia is not southern or western or Northern. Insult or talk rubbish nothing will change your man HH will still face the law and your chiefs won’t do anything about the situation. The president is above them and if they want to cross the red line ,prisons have got space for them. Zambia is not a chiefdom or Kingdom, it’s a country governed by rule of law which shall be followed. Insults won’t help ,you just hating yourself and all insults you posting are coming back to you,your parents and your great great father and mother with tails.insult just remember they directed to the mentioned. Any single insult you post it’s back to the sender and the sender is you. So respect your parents for once. Next subject please……..

  7. Comment:You are not a Zambian citizen as you claim only evil minded people are rejoicing the inhuman treatment of HH. But God,s fury will be exposed very soon and the evil will be shamed and exposed.

    • 100% son of the soil. Been voting since 1991!! God does not support law breakers as the Bible teaches us, infact God expects us to respect the authorities. hh got what he wanted and there is nothing these tonga chiefs can do about it!!

  8. The message to Lungu is very clear: Release HH unconstitutionally,allow the Petition to be heard at ICJ and only then will Zambians live in peace, unite, reconcile and heal. Lungu needs to leave the Court tumoro to make a Professional Judgment without fear,favour or prejudice. A biased judgment sending HH to prison on trumped up Treason charges will ignite a Civil War in Zambia. We hope Zuma and SADC will force Lungu to leave the Court to make an Independent Judgment on this volatile and emotive issue. The Southen Chiefs have spoken and are right to insist that the Petition must be heard in Court and let that Court declare the Winner of the 2016 Election so that the Country can move forward. Lungu should know that u live by the sword u die by the Sword. ICC and ICJ are now waiting for…


  9. Who is supposed to take the petition to ICC? It’s their son HH and his party. They want the Government to go to ICC when they are not aggrieved . Bad move they should have spoken through noise of chiefs. It was only yesterday that HHs private doctor confirmed that he is well. The problem is they believe everything they read in the papers.

  10. Tell those villagers to just go back to Southern Province and head their cattle. Remind them that we are still dealing with that dick called HH.

    • @MAGWAZA:
      Why dont you tell your mother to wipe her PUS.SEY before saying something nonsensical like that. Yes those Chiefs proudly live in the villages and they lack nothing. In fact some of them can even employ your little corrupt convicted white collar President and thief Lungu. Check our Villager Chief Mukuni’s Bank Account or that of any those Chiefs and you will be surprised….their Bank Accounts are full of money. They are not like Mpenzeni who depends on GRZ hand outs from Lungu.

  11. When will these tonga chiefs stop their tribalism?why are chiefs from other provinces quiet?these are the same people who make HH be labelled as a tribalist!!HH is still innocent and simply a why cant these tonga chiefs allow the law to take its course?Govnt must stop paying all these tonga chiefs because by law all chiefs country wide must work with the Govnt of the day and they should not involve themselves into politics.but these tonga chiefs are known to be HH’s cadres throughout!!HH IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW,SO LET THE LAW TAKE ITS COURSE!!Govnt must not listen to these known tribalists who consider HH to be their tonga god!!

    • Other chiefs are scared that’s why they are quite, just like generals, police, academicians, lawyers, teachers, preachers were scared of Gaddafi. Mubarak and Tunisian former president, it had to take a street vendor to wake them up. By the way it’s not the first time for chiefs to visit their subject who is incarcerated, by the way HH is a village headman, and you don’t want his chief, the one who appointed him to visit him, chief mukonge visit GBM his nephew just a few months ago, this is not new, would you tell me that Chief mukonge’s visit was tribalism? Absolutely NO, but chief visiting his child.

  12. Petition? Which petition? To be heard by ICC? Since when did ICC hear election matters? These tribal donkeys, now that is taking tribalism to a new level. They sound like a statement prepared by their donkey “sons”, no difference, word for word, now we know where the arrogance of HH comes from. These tribal donkeys led by Chief Tribalist, Donkey Mukuni failed in their cultural duty to advise their “son” instead they clearly instigated him to do things, all along it is .them the donkeys preparing the script for HH. No wonder the bembas say “Mumbwe pakulila, pali oko ashintilile”. These cultural donkeys have really exposed themselves and their tribalism, their “son” went too far. Well, I have news for you traditional donkeys, I think that it is right for HH to be charged…

  13. Contd…Well, I have news for you traditional donkeys, I think that it is right for HH to be charged with treason and you will soon find out why. And if that “anything” happens to HH, you the donkey chiefs bear full responsibility, AND NOT our beloved Lungu. Do the upright non tribal Chiefs agree with you? You tribal donkeys are really playing a dangerous game from which you can only emerge losers. Which ICC will listen to a tribal cabal, which AU, which U.N., which ICJ, and of course which Concourt? Did you ever see any law written to exempt tongas from arrest if they break the law? And why didnt you hold your tribal chuundu so called “press briefing” in your southern province to complete the tribalism? Fimoneni ifikulu fyonse ne nsoni tafyakwata, atase! No wisdom in that grey hair…

    • The dug beattle has smelled donkey droppings, roll them up boy, feed on them, you dirt filth eating creature.

    • This wild animal Terrible with rebbies. Cannot even reason. LT please institute a no wild animal policy. This chap has demonstrated to be beyond even a kaponya

    • I HOPE THEY GET YOU AND CHARGE YOU WITH TREASON TOO. If you are such a brave man why not go on tv and say the very thing you have said in hiding on social media? Just so you know, you are not s hidden as you think you are. you can be traced and I guarantee you they will surely find you. think before you type. dunderhead

  14. What can you chiefs do in event HH died in police cells??There are alot of people that have died whilst in police custody ,
    What can you simple chiefs do , who does not know your areas are upnd pro.
    To hell with your shameless threats , now will even cage him more than due coz we want to see what you can do .

  15. Zambian’s wake up you can’t let you follow brother suffer for you all alone while you go on with your poor lives…
    Stand up and show some support….

  16. Oh My God! I thought Chiefs are wise and would let the Law take its course. Kansi nabeve kuwayawaya Chabe. Go back to your Palaces and rule over your tribesmen and leave Lungu to rule Zambia ??. No Arm Teisting Tactics will defeat the Rule of Law. Atase. That’s why you small god will never rule Zambia

  17. these fools calling themselves chifs should shut their pig asssholes and let the government work, the diluted the issue off h arrest the second they mention petition , by the way ICC can not and will not hear petition its not in their jurisdiction please, ati CHIEF vilibe nanzelu vi stupiid

  18. Ati “our son”, if you are real chiefs and not donkeys, even Lungu would be your son, that is what wise chiefs would say. Instead look at what a disgrace these so called “chiefs” are on the culture. Just what is wrong with UPNDonkeys, isnt your tribalism enough, did you have to expose the tribalism in the disgraced so called traditional “leaders”? No wonder your “son” has lost elections six times.
    Take it from me, there is NO tribal shortcut to the presisency of Zambia, it has to be through the national ballot and by wise, strategic, wide appealing, working with ALL Zambians, selfless humble leadership. It is not wished in some village tribal meeting chaired by Mukuni or any other tribal donkey masquerading as a “traditional leader”.

  19. How about Northwestern Chiefs? This is what we wanted. Realise HH and let the petition be head chapwa.

  20. @Nubian fimo fimo. Claiming that these are ‘issues for intelligent’ people – yes, but you are not one of them. You have consistently exhibited your shallowness and bigoted views on this site for a long time. The chiefs have expressed factual concerns and any right thinking person(s) should take heed. But then I forget, there are no right thinking persons among the perpetrators, i.e. Lungu and his cohort of compromised state machinery. It is clear to any sane mind that there are no grounds for a treason charge whatsoever. So this is a witch hunt and abuse of an individual by those who cannot respond articulately and are devoid of any REAL plans for the country.

    • Spot on Harold Muna. This Nubian princess character is actually
      Bwalya Jabulile Chileya as bloggers have revealed. She has real dumb ass comments all the time.

  21. PF this is not funny you need to release HH right now…you are taking us backwards….you think by locking him Up this will scare the people away…I am so tired of your dollness…wait until the people take it to the streets…you will fail to control the situation….Zambian’s tomorrow is a big day…support your fellow brother….

  22. It is disconcerting to read views about ‘letting the law take its course’. Firstly, you misuse the law and then demand that its seen through. Unbelievable!

  23. They are lucky I am not the President, I would have withdrawn recognition to the whole lot that attended that chuundu, they have actually abrogated the constitution by their single act of tribalism, just by saying “our son” and forgetting that ALL Zambians are supposed to be their sons. That is enough tribalism to justify de-recognition. Were you not all recognised by the same man you call Mr Lungu and not President Lungu? I am sure Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, the Litunga, Mwata Kazembe, Gawa Undi, Chieftainess Nawaitwika, even Chieftainess Nkomeshya consider us ALL as their sons as we consider them our parents. SHAME ON TONGAS!

  24. This is so embarrassing,these chiefs even decided to have the press briefing at HHs house and they expect sober minded zambians to side with them? What they were supposed to do is push for dialogue than take sides. For starters they should have advised their so called son to behave himself

    • Luapula chiefs said Luapula is a no go area for HH and UPND.
      This week ,the Northern chiefs said they only recognise Lungu as the legitimate elected president this despite the case before the courts.
      What have you to say about this?
      This is the crack prophesied by Prophet Bushiri.
      We need leader ASAP to unite Zambia

    • @Mapenzi
      Nobody wants your sy,mpath – take it to your fellow mother fcking RAT eaters, Rupiah Banda and Drunkard Lungu.

  25. Very sad that some of you are here to insult. You all need to sober up and ask yourselves if there is need to trade such insults here. Where is the respect for elders? ECL and HH are both elderly family men and none of you here has a right to insult them. These people should be given space to actually talk to each other to resolve this matter. Its a shame that other chiefs have decided to keep quiet on this matter. This calls for unity for all traditional leaders. If this country goes on fire because of a few selfish and misguided individuals, no province will remain standing. We shall all get affected. What happened in Mongu is a traffic offence which the Police themselves must be held accountable. It’s s simple as that. All those who feel they are on cloud nine, the sooner…

    • ‘ ?? : You are very right. The problem is Lungu is NOT behaving like an elderly person – and even Chiefs themselves have been frustrated by the, THE DRUNKARD!

  26. Cont’d….you get back go earth the better for all of us. It’s said pride goes before a fall. I hope ghis is not the case here in Zambia.

  27. Cursed is he who insults rulers of the people and you call yourselves Christians? All bloggers who have insulted above God has taken note unless you repent even if you are hired to insult your and your handlers are truly cursed except you confess your sins

    • Billy that Mukuni needs to be locked up too. He thinks he has more powers than the national leader ,no wonder he sheet in his pants ,am sure he is also under 5 baby.

    Why dont you tell your mother to wipe her PUS.SEY before saying something nonsensical like that. Yes those Chiefs proudly live in the villages and they lack a lot of things. In fact some of them can’t even speak good bemba on behalf your little corrupt convicted white collar President and thief HH. Check our Villager Chief Mukuni’s Bank Account or that of any those Chiefs and you will be surprised….their Bank Accounts are empty. Like Mukuni who depends on witchcraft activities from HH.

    • @MAGWAZA:
      Fuseki!! Lol. Put that SH.IT back in your Mun.yelo,! Thieving is in your DNA and everyone knows that. Which of those Chiefs lack anything? They are NOT your chiefs who only see lights or you call it electricity when they come to town. Each of those Chiefs has MORE than 1,000 heards of cattle and are commercial farmers. They are NOT like your tuma Chiefs that don’t even have descent houses. Our Chiefs are Commercial Farmers and Industrialists and proper Businessmen and above Degree holders. How far did your Mpenzeni go in school? Ask about any of our chiefs?
      Stupidity with you is part of your DNA. Just leave Lusaka and Go back to your villages where there is NOTHING!! You always create Chaos so that you can steal. You are so lazy and cant work BUT envious and jealous of…

  29. @5.3 Zambian citizen, you are correct on Chilyata, the biggest donkey of them all, he does not even know how he was born. He probably thinks that he was fished from a pit latrine.

    • @Terrible ka nio:
      Indeed, your mother Fished you out of the pit Latrine!! She had dropped you in the latrine when she went to SH.IT thinking it was a BIG piece of only to realise it was baby Terrible ka nio. You are troubled sh.itheaded pri.k!!

  30. I can smell the end of the PF administration…..once the chiefs get involved your time is up…this is Zambia

    • Indeed, Lungu must be SH.ITING and he knows his time is up!!
      Imagine even chiefs have ZERO confidence in Mambilima and her st.upid courts because of Lungu’s interference – so how low can Zambia sink?
      Very soon we will be worse than Congo and yet we have never had Civil War!! That Drunkard with Dracula teeth MUST GO!!

  31. What a shameful act. These chiefs should learn from Chitimukulu who never issued any statements when GBM was arrested. Chitimukulu is a steadfast intelligent chief who can teach these backward thinking tongas a thing or two

    • I miss the old school Zambian caliber. The calibre that did not flinch and entertain mediocrity. The calibre of fighting for a common cause and pushing the boundaries to subjugate injustices.
      How else did KK and Unip government fall? How else did Chiluba’s aspirations for third term get squashed?

      Those are the revolutionary Zambians I miss. Zambians who could not condone political mediocrity. Zambians who could not be taken for granted.

  32. This piece of rubbish was written by upnd media team and given to these poor tonga chiefs to read it-amazing!!Can any normal Zambian,President Edgar Lungu included get concerned with this one sided and tribal message?never.if these tonga chiefs are neutral,they could have blamed HH’s bad behaviour in mongu,the burning of houses of none tonga in namwala by upnd cadres,the killing of a PF cadre in kanyama a week ago by upnd,HH’s daily insulting of ECL and PF,etc!!besides,how can these tonga chiefs want the failed upnd petition to be heard beyond 14 days as stated in our constitution?ONLY A F00L CAN RESPECT WHAT THESE TRIBAL CHIEFS SAID TODAY.ANYWAY,LET THESE TONGA CHIEFS KEEP ON PROMOTING TRIBALISM VIA UPND AND THEY WILL SEE IF ANY NONE BANTUSTAN ZAMBIAN IN 6.5 PROVINCES WILL EVER VOTE…

    • Luapula chiefs said Luapula is a no go area for HH and UPND.
      This week ,the Northern chiefs said they only recognise Lungu as the legitimate elected president this despite the case before the courts.
      What do you call this?Is this not tribalism?So tribalism is only observed when Chiefs from NorthWestern Zambia get involved?
      The bible is very clear,Matthew 7:5 Hypocrite! First get rid of the log in your own eye; then you will see well enough to deal with the speck in your friend’s eye.

  33. Lastly for today, these same “chiefs” failed to condemn the actions of those tribesmen in Namwala who post 2016 ballot burned down villages of non tonga Zambians who had settled in their area. Are these “chiefs” confirming that those poor peasants were not their “sons” but scumbags from other tribes? There are many tingas in eastern, northern, luapula and the chiefs there take them as their own sons. Have you heard of any tonga being chased away from Kasama or Chinsali or Chipata or Mbala in revenge? These chiefs are really disgraced! And to copy a favourite tune of UPNDonkeys, the “chiefs” have been bought, because according to the donkeys, no sane person can behave as these “chiefs” unless they have been paid by UPND.

  34. Your HH lost the election in six provinces in spite of the backing from multinationals; chiefs should learn to accept defeat. People can’t a trust a tonga for President because Tongas in positions of power have a history of greed and revenge.

    • ‘Tongas in positions of power have a history of greed and revenge.’
      That typically describes you according to the law of attraction.I don’t know how old you are but find a text book and re read the history of Zambia;Mainza Chona,kk’s trip to UK,The Choma declaration etc and remember the following quotes;
      “A nation that forgets its past can function no better than an individual with amnesia”
      ” A nation that forgets its past has no future”. Winston Churchill
      Good day!

  35. Fortunately its not all the chiefs from southern province, I have counted 14 names, yes 14 DISGRACED “CHIEFS”. There are many.more decent and real chiefs who refused to disgrace themselves in this manner. Imagine even Chief Chona and Chief Chikanta sure mwebantu!

  36. This article is fake and an Impersonation of the said chiefs.

    The message in it is far from being one authored by traditional chiefs.

    This is authored by UPND cadres and not traditional chiefs.

    Traditional chiefs will not take a partisan Santander portrayed in the message.

    Among the many funy statements is the one whicj says for there to be peace, the petition must be heard by the ICC. Hahahahaha – what manner of chiefs would such be?

    Ati PF did this, PF did that, PF what have you?

    The author of this article lacks even the least of basic psychology. What a pitty!!!

    • @Peace for Zambia cha nio:
      What is so special about that article. Most of those Chiefs are Graduates and in fact Chair commercial International companies. Chief Mukuni is a Chairman of many companies and even more educated than Rupiah Banda and Edgar Lungu. Dont even talk of Chief Chona, Chikanta, Haamusonde, etc. Our Chiefs DONT depend on hand outs from Lungu like ka Mpenzeni – they are educated commercial farmers!! That is the difference between you thugs and hyenas and your lumpen Chiefs!!
      By the way, Go back to Chipata or Katete and leave us in Lusaka….that is our land!! What is wrong with wherever you come from? You are overcrowding on our land leaving your lousy Chiefs and villagers!

    • So who told you that if they are educated then they stop to be tribal?

      Who told you that education brings morality?

  37. Which five provinces? All of them came from Bantu botatwe. If they were good chiefs they should have told hh to behalve? Foolishness uko kwine. *****s

  38. Lusaka Times,
    You must make a responsible decision to block NEZ from posting here if you read and moderate these posts.

    You make sure people don’t use words that describe characters such as NEZ, and yet you allow NEZ to post insolence, to advocate terror to the nation, to defame the Presidency and to propose murder of the Head of State.

    As Lusaka Times, you must play your part to encourage a healthy, progressive and morally upright society of law abiding citizens.

    Lusaka Times, if you don’t segregate between right and wrong you will go the way of the Zambian Watchdog.

  39. Lungu send thugs and criminals at night to rob a man, destory his property and almost kill him. You think that is right. Those so called police did not even have uniforms. Clearly anyone would have thought these were robbers. The point here is a wrong is a wrong and Lungu’s evil doings should not be supported. A fraudulent president he has no shame to even be amongst other world leaders that were properly elected.

    • And when did the chiefs see underwares being stolen?

      How did they notice that some of the underwares were missing.

      The UPND writer of this has no psychology. Infact he/she has just amplified the trouble tag which UPND elalready carries.

      How can you have only chiefs from the Tonga, Ila, Linje group listed.

      Indeed UPND cannot change it is a tribal party. It is a traditional party.

    • Peace for Zambia is another wild animal that needs vaccination. Whoever you are. A wrong is a wrong. No justification for it. Lungu knows he abused his authority. Just let him know the law will follow him after he steps out. Numerous international prosecutors are waiting for him. If he wants to be free after loses power let him leave that position he is illegally occupying and abusing

  40. Lungu is going to ICC with or without Zambia been a member. We are looking into international orginaizers. This an abuse of human rights. The aim was to kill another human for defending the truth. The truth is what you need to face Lungu not trying to use violence and criminals to make genuine people recognize you when you clearly manipulated the entire system.

    • Bull$hit – HH will stand in Zambia and will be incarcerated accordingly. ICC is not a fair court, 98% of its convicts are African. Zambian court is fairer than ICC.

    The UPND tribal brand which died with the election of HH as its tribal leader, has finally been confirmed dead today by the 14 tonga chiefs. I dont see how it can breathe again especially that the chiefs even conducted traditional rituals this afternoon after doctors did their postmortem earlier in the morning.

  42. Cry my beloved country Zambia.After 50 years of independence ,here we are a divided nation.
    Social media has made things worse.We insult each other from sunrise to sunset.Even during Easter a time to reflect on our risen saviour.No respite from insulting each other.Where is our consciousness Zambians?
    Are there any sensible and logical people on social media any more?
    May i remind the bloggers that , “That every careless word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of judgment.”Matthew 12:36
    I ask God to forgive me for every idle word that i have posted on social media.
    Am done !

  43. All were sent away and next called Chuundu Chaitwa to demand HH release from his 5* remand. Happy Easter your royal highnesses.


  45. There are 288 gazetted chiefs in Zambia, this statement is from 13. We are waiting to hear from others if indeed it’s a battle for chiefs. In issuing such statements they should also bear in mind that both sides have supporters. They might ignite a fire that may engulf and swallow them. Self restraint is very important. I hope it’s their statement and they are not being used because they might fail to defend what they have said to the people they rule

  46. I don’t five provinces here. In any case their Royal Highnesses should sought an audience with Lungu but since this is not a true story I wait for denials.

  47. If this news is a true reflection of what our royal highness said then it makes me proud to be a Zambian. I have told you that Lungu is surrounded by thugs and i have demanded for Kanganja and others to be fired, We will all hold Lungu to be responsible should something go wrong with HH;Hope the drunk president will listen,Hope our judiciary will rise up and say no to PF thuggary

  48. 2006 HH was arrested but this is not mentioned in the statement? Could with tribe of the arresting president?

    • @Mbanje khakis!
      So what even if it the tribe of the arresting president. Mwanawasa never arrested anyone on trumped up charges – name one if you know any!!
      You see, you are the one always looking for tribes in everything and yet you are quick to accuse of others of the same!! Are you NOT even ashamed of yourself iwe yaka muntu?

    • ,@, chilyata I’ve never answered to your postings because of your insults so even this one I won’t say anything. Thanks and have a good day

  49. Hh misled himself and must pay the price , if the presidency can saccumb to demands by those silly chiefs then we won’t have laws and rules in this country ,
    Cage him till all channels of the court are exhausted .
    If need be and if found wanting give him death penalty and hang him the following day as this will set as an example to would be offenders .
    Am sure he has grown beards in the cells now and he will know that law is law . His behavior was so bad , takwaba every day it’s like Lungu was making mistakes from the day of inurgration till now, HH saw bad , evil in lungus deeds .
    Give him death penalty it will send a warning to future Leaders to behave well and within the confines of the law .
    Maximum sentence will be ok

    • Don’t promote anarchy please. I believe God created us to use our wisdom in times of turbulence so that our actions and purpose are always to ensure that we leave this world a better place than we found it. What we’re experiencing among ourselves does not add up towards building a better Zambia. We rush to judge and our pride leads us to dig in and maintain our positions even when we know there is no truth. We clamor to hear what we want without questioning. We create comfort zones and make perpetual enemies for self preservation. Poor Zambia, Poor Nation!

  50. NEZ, We are on the ground to bring you to book for your sporadic insults and wishing the republican president dead. We have the gadgets that you are using to send your posts and will soon track you. Watch out. This is a world of technology, you will be caught.
    Let us just preach peace in the nation, think of your relatioves, friends etc who can not manage to flee the country in case the worst happens, be right minded people. Always analyse issues without inclination and read in between issues before you pass setiments that can bring chaos.
    Look at what is happening in Syria, when war breaks out in Zambia, you will great Zambians.

    • I have told you many times where I am based such that am getting tired. I have told you to come to the upnd secretariat in Lusaka. I am there right now. What are you scared of. Come get me if you are man enough you silly boy. Tell lungu I don’t recognise him and never will so it’s better if he dies so maybe god can recognise him

  51. I watched the clips, HH, was totally wrong in not giving way to the head of state, it is really sad to witness those thugs hanging from HH vehicle and insulting police, this can only happen in Zambia. In other countries we would have seen dead bodies on the spot, in fact that was the rightful thing to do, the police exposed the head of state by allowing such a thing to happen, they must all be fired instantly and actually arrested all of them, they are not fit to guard the president. The president could have been shot, with thugs at close range like that. However I don’t support tear gassing family members, what have they done??? They were looking for HH not his children and wife. Police commissioner and chief security to the president must be arrested.

  52. What useless ethnically inclined chiefs these are! They are just as hopeless as their subject HH. Where were they when their subject HH was busy fanning violence and disrespecting a democratically elected President? Good for them that the state refused to allow them to see their insolent subject. At least, they have been shown they do not matter at all and cannot load it over the state as if they are presiding over their traditional courts. Let them go back to Southern Province and harvest their crops instead of wasting their time here in town.

  53. Wow 15 times? This must be a lawless man? Oh the helicopter incidence in 2015 involved maureen and nalumango hh was nowhere near there so get your facts right. As for the police looting his house please state how much he lost? Fugitve fred was right uPnd is a bantustan party. Hh is fine just scared and shy

    • @Paul; What point are trying to make here? What is the point of yapping just for the hell of it? Let us use this forum to educate ourselves not to spread hatred.

  54. These clearly tribal rhetorics. These chefs are tribalists and are a danger to Zambia. They are clearly dividing the nation. Why are all of them Tongash – what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. These are clearly tribal rhetorics. These chiefs are tribalist and are a danger to Zambia. They are clearly dividing the nation. Why are all of them Tongash – what a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • NANGUFYE but we are supporting the move coz its not ECL or PF but law muleitilamo ayengi amenshi muma cells acenjele.

  56. I have never known PF cadres to be cultured and mannered. The insults to the chiefs from PF cadres are therefore not surprising. It is the way they are tutored to behave by their leaders. Extremely Sad state of affairs…

    • You tell the chiefs to behave, Makita shame on you . You and your chiefs must show leadership by teaching there son HH manners then we can give respect. Respect is earned and these chiefs ain’t earning any of it. They are playing with fire and for me I can’t respect them cause they are fools. They eat from HH and this nation doesn’t eat from HH so get the hell out of our space.

  57. WARNING to Kampyongo, Frank Bwalya, Mumbi Phiri, Lusambo, Kanganja, Esau Chulu, Priscilla Isaac, and those named above to have committed crimes against innocent Zambians that records of evidence is known countrywide. Time is surely coming when you will be held to account for your crime.
    Lungu and PF will CERTAINLY not be there to defend you.

    • and you whats yo problem sure you wth yo hh planned to take over the state house yo mps all these were signs jst sit back and enjoy yo life the ones suffering are those mundende they deserve to be treated like that BOMA ni BOMA

  58. MIND you even those shallow minded chiefs are not above the law Our President ECL is not the one dealing with that culprit let law prevail ba KALUKULUKU.

  59. Yes when someone has committed a wrong they must be arrested but to deny them the right to be visited by relatives and other well-wishers and the right to medical attention is evil. Let HH be attended to by a medical doctor at a hospital of his choice. If they want they can send armed police to guard him 24/7.Lets uphold the good values and morals of a Christian nation that we have declared ourselves to be. Reverend Sumaili this is the time when you have to come in and guide these leaders that in as much as every crime has to be punished, that humane sympathetic nature should not be discarded.

  60. Our President, our Hero ( ECL) who prevented blood shade in Mongu because if it was not for him by now HH and his minions should have been 5 ft under so you can say whatever you want about him it will not make any difference the whole world saw what happened including your cows in southern. It only takes a brave person to avoid unavoidable.
    By the way why are you asking ECL to drop charges? Who is ECL to them and to HH? ECL is a mere person like any one so why him? The right person to ask should be IG at least him has got a title that Lungu who is a kaponya, thief, with all sorts of names which your HH and you have been calling him.
    That is why HH has been so arrogant (chibwi ukulila) so it is you who has been telling him to do so, that is why you have come out in numbers, but for…

  61. These chiefs are very easy to corrupt. They are all coming from UPND stronghold, given a few drinks and cash. Tomorrow when they visit the President of the Republic of Zambia ECL they will change tune. I think chiefs must also hold degrees or be taken to s special school. These obviously don’t understand the law.

  62. “Our son Mr. Hichilema must be released forthwith and those responsible for aggravated robbery at his residence be brought to book by the police command.”
    which robbery! someone make these people understand the law. Someone is misleading these mwamies!

  63. These So-called-chiefs are forgetting their place. All I see here are a bunch of minions assembled by HH’s shriveled business partner Mukuni. What business do they have issuing such a statement! Let them concentrate on looting their chiefdoms and stop wasting our time, on what planet do we allow the kind of disrespect to the head of state as exhibited by HH. Treason charge aside(yes its far fetched and wont stick), but HH was wrong and now he’s being put in his place. Let HH and UPND stop deceiving themselves and get back on the campaign trail and re-appeal to the Zambian electorate, they have wasted 8 months already with pointless court cases run by incompetent lawyers and arrogant minds. Is it because HH has failed so many times he now thinks he can only get to plot one by causing…

  64. A longtime ago,Chiefs used to be think-tanks and and well respected,giving people balanced views/rulings.Its a shame nowadays we have Chiefs of the belly,corruption,tribal,manipulative,uncivilized,snakes in the green grass who i feel their ascendance to the throne is questionable.They should have done better to use a civilized channel ie seek audience with President ELC.At-least they should have exhausted all avenues.By the way their meeting can be cited for unlawful assembly.


  66. If it were the call from the House of Chiefs perhaps that could be reasonable and am sure they would have used a logical different approach and not handful provincial chiefs. They need to place their priorities on a better stand than in disgrantled manner.
    Laws of the nation are Laws to be observed by all citizens and Chiefs you are not coming in as judges to determine which ones the Tongas could and could not observe.

  67. Lungu is a very bad student of history and a very lousy lawyer too. If he knew even a little bit about how vicious African political chickens are when coming back home to roost, he would have thought twice before arresting HH in such a manner. On 2 March 2009 in Guinea Bissauan, President João Vieira was brutally beaten before being shot dead. He was literally decapitated for onchestrating a a bomb blast that killed his arch-enemy military chief General Batista Tagme Na Waiesince. Vieira was killed by soldiers in apparently retaliation for a bomb blast that killed his political rival. Now, Lungu must know that if anything happens to HH while in jail, the consequences will be horrific for him, personally.

  68. He Will definitely be relased He is just testing, that is the politicians life.
    Well we can’t condemn these chiefs as we know people have their own way of doing things.
    But we are all zambians.

  69. Bembas must stop being siklly by accusing anyone of tribalism. We all know how HH was literally getting zero votes in some places in Muchinga, Northern and Luapula provinces. Zambia is so tribally fragmented today because of the tribal bigotry that Chiluba and Sata engendered and allowed to fester. One has to be blind in the worst extrement to think that Zambia is sustainable as a unitary state, the voting patterns already show a clear fault line.

  70. Where I come from chiefs advise young men to respect those in authourity, where HH comes from chiefs tell him to disregard authority and due to same the man is up the tree. Let the chiefs save him. mind you no one is above the law, even chiefs should be arrested for unlawful assembly. By the way PF loses no votes in HH’s strong holds as no votes come from there.

  71. I have never voted PF neither do I support the insults of Chilyata. @ Chilyata bear in mind that there readers on this blog of different ages. A responsible parent would not want their children to read insults. Please Lusaka Times block Chilyata if he contines with insults

  72. These chiefs are just as insolent as their subject HH. They refer to President Lungu as “Mr. Lungu” in the statement written for them by the UPND. President Lungu should never allow himself to be cowed by these chiefs. Should he have an opportunity to meet them, he should never refer to them by their titles of “royal highnesses” but should refer to them as ladies and gentlemen. They are as disrespectful as HH. So why should anyone respect them as well.

  73. These chiefs? When HH goes around misbehaving, they dont visist him and advise. Look even in the bible, it states that give Caesar what belongs to Caesar. My point is that; if HH does not recognize Lungu at least should give respect. We give respect to motorcarde carrying prisoners to court which will even carry HH as well, ambulance carrying patient and to the Dead Body. what about the president? HH made a big blunder and people should accept that.

  74. Chiefs from Five Provinces
    Province No. 1 ( Chuundu Chaitwa) Southern Province
    Chiefs: Macha, Mukuni, chikanta, Hamusonde, Monze, Mukobela, Mwenda, Choma, Moono
    Province No. 2 Lusaka
    Chiefs: Shakumbila
    Province No. 3: Central
    Chiefs: Chibuluma
    Province No. 4 North Western
    Chiefs: Mwenenkanda
    Province No, 5- Not yet arrived but possibly …..

    The writer of this article is not a joker but a joke

    If UPND leaders were politically matured in the administration of national politics, they should have quietly advised their Traditional Chiefs to take a non-committal stance at this stage. Grounds for the Chiefs protests to Government are shameful and merely accelerate the demise of UPND in Zambia.

    The Chiefs from Southern Province deliberately fail to comment over a number of human atrocities committed by UPND cadres before and after the August Elections in which many lives have been lost. Besides a case to cite UPND for violations of human rights has already been submitted to ICC. The behavior of these Chiefs is endangering the welfare of thousands Tongas who live in outside Southern Provinces. HH’s behavior has actually traumatised many good Tongas who…

  76. Their Royal Highnesses are very correct. Even a very small kid can tell that something is wrong with this government. You cannot have peace in a nation where some are regarded to be above others. The law requires equity in all things. Whether ruling, opposition or non partisan we are all Zambians and must respect each other. HH must be released since the charges were mere calculations by government guys who think they are very intelligent but in the end exposing themselves

  77. HH’s behavior has actually traumatized many urbanised good Tongas who cannot freely interact to share moments of joy and grief with their neighbors wherever they are. This has also inflicted a self-imposed isolation of HH’s family in the New Kasama residential area.

    With such a TRIBAL STANCE displayed by Tonga Chiefs, I am just wondering what is flowing through the minds of GBM, Nevers Mumba and Mrs. Nalumango etc, at this juncture


    • Northern Province chiefs were with Lungu. “TRIBALISM”. Did they say anything about HH to Lungu? nothing. All they did was to shower praises on him. Lets call a spade a spade. This country is already divided. Let’s stop pretending. The line has clearly been drawn.


  80. @Chilyata …I just realized that you need an answer to your allegations that Mwanawasa never arrested anyone on fake charges. So because Sata was not Tonga his incarceration for 90 days was ok. Friend you’re just exposing your motive for wanting HH to be president ….it’s to do with tribe. Even the arrest of FTJ was not a completely “innocent ” one. It was political …FTJ had drawn a list of minister to Mwanawasa which included Chitalu Sampa as vice president. Mwanawasa was not happy and took advantage of the information on how FTJ “abused ” state funds. He had to get rid of the short guy. For it’s ok.

    • @Ndanje khakis:
      Good boy – thanks for responding. It is time for me to Educate you a little. Sata was rightly charged according to the Zambian Laws on the theft of Motor Vehicles – which was unbailable at the time. Your mind is so full tribalism that you NEVER see sense!! Remember it is Sata himself who sponsored the Bill in parliament to make offences for theft of motor vehicles UNBAILABLE to please Chiluba who wanted to fix Ali Matriboy who was Vera Chiluba’s lover!! They fixed Matriboy and (Sata) killed him but that law was later used against Sata himself.
      Sata was keeping an unregistered (OP) Government vehicle after leaving Govt when he formed PF. When Sata realised that the vehicle was under investigation, he quickly parked it at a Garage and never formally handed it back per…

    • Cont……
      back per procedure… In fact Mwanawasa left Sata off lightly on advice Sata was in fact an OP operative (even if people believed he was an ex policeman). These things are on Govt record.
      On FTJ, it is only you that does NOT know that Chiluba was a convicted thief and the High Court judgement is there. In fact only 2 months ago, Buildings that Chiluba bought with looted funds were forfeited by state because Chiluba refused to claim them when he was still alive to avoid implicating himself. Don’t say Chiluba abused funds BECAUSE Chiluba STOLE a lot of money so why are you trying to make it sound light…your thieving in the DNA. Like it or NOT I am a proud Tonga and I don’t care what you think about that. You Bembas always accuse others of being tribal and yet you are the…

  81. This is exactly why development is slow where these people who are posing as serious chiefs hail from when in fact they are just best wizards in their respective chiefdom.They are stumbling blocks to development.Why should the law be changed to suit their”Son”(HH)whether rich or poor the law should be applied equally.

    • These chiefs are HIV positive, there thinking is gone to dogs. Worry not they are sick,ask Mukuni he sheet in his pants.

  82. Rubbish ranting from the chiefs embraced in tribalism. Sata was jailed by Mwanawasa for 45 days I never heard these tribal chiefs raise any concern. Now because it is a Tonga who is feeling what Sata felt they raise their tribal mouths. Shame on you …shame !!!!

    • @Truth Hates:
      Sata had stolen a Govt vehicle which he didn’t want to return to Govt when he left his ministerial post. He later abandoned that vehicle at Garage and didn’t want to claim it and officially return it to Govt. In fact Sata was let off lightly – imagine if it was HH who had done that and Edgar Lungu was the President!!!
      Mind you, it is Sata himself who sponsored the Bill in parliament to make offences for theft of motor vehicles UNBAILABLE out of his own wickedness. Sata wanted to please Chiluba by fixing Ali Matriboy who was Vera Chiluba’s lover!! They fixed Matriboy and (Sata) killed him but that later came to haunt Sata although Manawasa was a kind man and let the THIEF off.

    • @Mbaanje khakis:
      Whatever you take or smoke must be stronger than Cannabis or Cocaine! You cant tell me anything about the UPND Manifesto!
      Tell me who authored it then?

  83. Nothing legal in this hysterical interruption of Judiciary matters by Tribal Chiefs abusing their small positions in Zambian life.

    We are still to our back teeth at these Tribal Racist relics from that region. ‘our Son.’ They call him. Can any parent in Zambia hope their law breaking so. Be released because he is their son? Thus is an abuse of their roles and interfering in state matters. Treason is treason, and HH has been pushing for a while now. There can only be one President not all these side parallel seats of power refusing to obey the workings of the state and judiciary.

  84. Foolish low class chiefs, you’ve no brains and you want our country to be lawlessness because of one selfish cow. Who do you think you are. The president is the leader of zambia and you only represent tribes ,your tribesmen not the nation so go back to your villages and grow up. Mukuni drink your HIV medicine.


  86. Tonga chiefs are just showing there ignorance on this matter what they could have done was to sit down with hh and hh he has to learn to be humble and do the right things.He messed up and now is trying to point out the police to be unfair and judiciary to be delaying this is want hh was asking for.Zambia belongs to 72 plus tribes and not one tribe.Let the law take its course and leave Chagwa Lungu Edgar alone.A wise man changes his mind sometimes,a fool never. As you make your bed so you must lie on it he deserves that bed and he is not a special figure to bleach laws.

  87. I love and pray for our country Zambia. Zambia should be protected against any kind of dispute and Tribe division- one Zambia one nation should be our practical way of life. It is time to check on what has gone wrong in our country. It doesnt need the armed forces at this stage. Zambian Government should be seen addressing issues that affect others the most. We are affected different and different things affect us different. The current leadership should address these issues both at community and personal level. Freedom of speech is given but it seems there is no freedom after speech according the current move by police . We need to talk and dialogue to disagree to agree and progress as loving Zambians. Tribe issues will not help us we are all created in the image of God regardless…

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