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HH was teargassed because he refused to come out of his Secret Bunker-Frank Bwalya


Frank Bwalya
Frank Bwalya

Patriotic Front Deputy spokesperson Frank Bwalya has charged that the use of teargas by police to smoke out Mr. Hichilema was the only option available and that the action was justified.

He said there was nothing else police could do to fish out an individual who hid himself in a bunker from 21:00 on Monday to 11: 00 on Tuesday other than the use of teargas to get him out.

Mr. Bwalya said allegations of human rights abuse by the police leading to the arrest of Mr. Hichilema did not suffice because he instigated the throwing of teargas in his house for failing to turn himself up to the police which ended up affecting his family as well.

He said there was no way the police could have entered into the bunker because they did not know what type of weapons he had while hiding there, adding that Mr. Hichilema never had problems with the police in his previous arrests since he turned himself up each time he was summoned but that his failure to do so on this occasion complicated matters.

“What else did people expect the police to do other than break into his house and smoke him out of the bunker in which he was hiding? The issue of human rights abuse by police does not arise here because Mr. Hichilema himself put his family at risk by refusing to cooperate with them when they went there to arrest him. Had he complied, there would have been no problem at all.

“This is not the first time that Mr. Hichilema has been arrested and all these years he has been cooperating with the police. Each time he was summoned, he availed himself. What was different this time that he decided to hide? The police should not be blamed for doing what was right according to the dictates of the situation at hand. No one can dare enter the bunker when you don’t know what sort of weapons the one inside has,” Mr. Bwalya said. While in the banker, Mr. Hichilema is believed to have been communicating with his family members as attested by his wife, Mutinta, who said she advised him not to go outside, fearing that the police would kill him.

Narrating the ordeal the following day, Mrs. Hichilema said police questioned her and the workers, demanding to know where Mr. Hichilema was.

“Police didn’t know where HH was. They beat up all the workers and arrested them and then they started torturing one worker (or son, I cannot remember) who ended up bringing the cops to the bunker entrance. What happened is that they just wanted to kill my husband.

“At first, the workers didn’t want to say but one of them brought them to our room there. They started beating him and the boy was crying. HH then told me ‘my friend, let me go out because these people are going to kill my workers’ but I said ‘you are not going out [because] it’s you they want. Why do they want to pick you up at 22:00 hours?’’ Ms. Hichilema narrated after her husband’s arrest.

According to sources within the police, a secrete bunker in which UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema barricaded himself was the target of the teargas which police threw to smoke him out after he refused to turn himself up to them.

Officers arrived at Mr. Hichilema’s house in New Kasama around 21:00 on Monday last week and asked Mr. Hichilema to come out but that the opposition leader refused, forcing the police to break the gate and storm the building.

When they entered the house, they only found his family and workers as Mr Hichilema hid himself and that in order to force him out, officers threw teargas canisters, aiming at the bunker but that he opted to remain in the bunker until 11:00 hours the following day, even when his family was choked by teargas.


    • The most common situation that comes to mind is when an officer is directing traffic or otherwise conducting business on a roadway. Every state I know of requires drivers to obey the directions of a police officer, even if those directions otherwise conflict with traffic laws.The officer (or, more precisely, his employer) assumes the civil liability for any damage or injury that results from faulty directions.

      Clearly HH was TOLD to move out and he was to be arrested, how do you condone his refusal?

      The Police did the right thing, HH could have been planting an explosive device, we dont know, the police acted quickly and teargassed anyone there.

      Any rule of law , the police here acted EXEMPLARY.

      Police are independent in Zambia, contrary to the nonsensical stuff you are…

    • All said, How will this scheme of gutting markets and learning institutions like Chalimbana resolve a party crisis? This turns an entity into enemy number 1 of the very people craving to serve and their wellbeing. Another diabolical strategy in the playbook of bad politics pipeline.

    • Tear gas is not suppose to be used in an enclosed space, This is only done in Africa where the are not Human rights. There are no human rights in Africa anyway, I forgot.

    • @Mushota ka nio:
      You heap of SH.IT are curse on this earth. You take everything for a joke and think that is being clever. The truth remains, something will happen to you either personally or dearest member of your family that will bring you on earth!! You can’t be making a joke of other people’s unjustified suffering and get away with it. Good luck Ar.sewhore!!

    • The shallow thinking of this childless father never stops so amaze me.

      When was the police call out to HH sent?
      Why did the police go to HH’s house at night?
      When Kanganja send 500 police officers to get one person and not just 2 or 5?
      What offence did HH commit? Being a passenger?

      And FYI, HH was not smocked, he came out from hiding after his lawyers were allowed to enter the house. He came out at 11 hours and the teargassing and stealing of property was at night.

    • Some of comments here are evil! If your think Rwanda went up in flames by chance, think again,,,,,the country is deeply divided, people can not be force to love stup!d lungu, never! And no we won’t be forced to like or love lungu. Frank bwalya sit down your time will come, I will personally make sure you swing by your balls

    • I didn’t read this story but I would say Frank Bwalya and all who think like you are *****ic fools and you are senseless to subject another human being to such acts. Do you think if you had summoned HH to your Police Offices as you have been doing, he would have refused? SADISTS!

    • Frank Bwalya I have difficulties imagining how you think, or maybe you don’t think at all. Why didn’t the police summon HH? Why didn’t they get his family members out the house? Why did the police torture HH’s workers? If HH always corporates, why didn’t you use the same formula? What of the stealing? Do you still believe in God or you believe in pf men? There is no justification for that mess at HH’s place!!! Find a life Frank!!

    • The police breached their professional code of conduct. They did not use reasonable force. The use of tear gas is not acceptable. The whole Lusaka force were ordered to harass HH. Even those who were on leave had to return to work to attack HH. HH was not armed. He did not have any weapons! The whole Lusaka force was sent to murder one man. They tortured his innocent workers! This was police brutality ! The police MUST be prosecuted.

    • I agree Mubanga. The police are not above the law! They must be prosecuted for police brutality! The whole police force attacked an unarmed man, his wife , children and his workers! There were no weapons in the bunker! After being tortured, one of HH’s workers lead the police to the bunker . Why did the police use tear gas! They were given the location of the bunker. They could have broke into the bunker instead of using an expired chemical weapon. The house was surrounded by police. The roads were blocked by police. Lungu is an dictator!

    • PF needs to have a vote of no confidence in Lungu. He has become a liability to the party. He actions against HH are a warning sign that his is a dictator. He will harass anyone who does not agree with him including his cabinet and pf members! A tyrant cannot lead pf and Zambia!

    • Why use poisonous expired teargas? (kaizer Zulu was among the police & wore para uniform & gas mask)
      Why urinate on his bed?
      Why defaecate (sh!t) on HH’s bed?
      Why squeeze the balls of HH’s son & servant torturing them for hours?

      Why are you making HH sleep on a hard floor without a blanket or mattress for all these days?

      Do these animal like behaviour equal a traffic offense?

      Fr. Bwalya, you are a priest & harbouring such hatred for a political opponent is just evil in it’s purest form.

      Today it’s me, tomorrow it’s you.

    • Why did police vandalize, steal food, hard currency, carpets from HH’s house?

      This dictatorial leadership you are creating in lungu will backfire in the next few days. Mark my words

    • What a damn party spokesman, this Bwalya is really…..
      1. Why should he be reporting on behalf of the police, is he now the police spokesperson?
      2. He says HH always cooperated whenever he was summoned. But deliberately or because he is a f.oo.l, he does not mention why the Police this time did not summon HH, and instead went for him at 02 am? I suppose if HH gave in to the police during that night, chances are that he would have been treated terribly. He did well to wait until late morning when the whole world knew what was going on. There was no need to have gone for him at 02 am, they could have as well summoned him to report to the police, had he refused, that’s when force would have been justified. So Bwalya, give us break !!

    • Why go at night to an unarmed man’ house; why tear gas workers and break property; why so many cops when a summon has worked in the past; why????

    • Only the mind of terrorists uses people as shield.

      It follows that they care less about people but themselves.

      If you genuinely love you family, surely it would be unthinkable to use them as human shield.

      To risk your family and hide in the house, as narrated by the wife, when you have committed a serious offense such as hh did which he even knew was a serious offense, is shocking.

      And if he thought he did not commit the said offense, why did he hid in the house risking his family?

      It is a very socking approach to life.

    • They first cut off power to the estate, smash the gates and the house door and it is in the middle of the night. This is akin to sophisticated thieves/ thugs/ etc and not state police. The first thing you do is hide your family and yourself.

      That Mushota is the response of a normal person. Only military people would come out and engage such thugs.
      Mushota if you live in Scotland, your conscience would trouble you cheer leading barbaric behaviour of the Zambian “Police”.
      You see I don’t need anyone from the government to feed me nor do I need HH and so I am fully objective. I have no paymaster to please and continue in their good stead. I have only God to thank and I know God is fair and does not respect people rather He demands fair treatment of all.

    • HH was a passenger for your own information. Why wasn’t GBM who was behind HH on the same road arrested? Common sense is not very common in Zambia.

    • The fact that Lungu is now proving beyond all reasonable doubt to Zambians and the world is that he is NOT the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!

      A REAL President would have immediately suspended all those police involved in this nonsense at HH house and started an investigation into their unprofessional conduct.

      By not doing this, it is very clear to anyone with a brain that Lungu himself ORDERED these thugs to behave like animals, steal whatever they could, hurt innocent women and children in the middle of the night.

      Is this how a “president” behaves? Is this how the one supposed to be the Commander in chief of the police acts? What “LAW” is this? Lungu is just a lying HYPOCRITE!

    • Those who live by the SWORD die by the SWORD.

      – KK persecuted zambians for 27 years via State of Emergency. In 1995 FTJ sent him to mukobeko for treason
      – FTJ declared the same State of Emergency & started victimizing anyone with a divergent view arrest of Dean Mungomba, Fred Mmembe & other opposition leaders. When he left office, the courts were his 2nd home.

      Today it’s me tomorrow it’s you.

      Lungu’s looting through Chinese road contracts is easy to locate. His accounts in Dubai can be located.

      HH worked for an Auditing remember. That’s why lungu is scared of HH coming into state house & will stay in power forever.

    • I thought Priests (Fr. Bwalya & pastor Joshua Banda) are supposed to give wisdom, hope, reconciliation & peace.

      Anyway this is Lusaka, where people drink water from boreholes contaminated by their own septic tanks.


      HH is an experienced Auditor who worked for Cooper & Lybrands.

      HH will track Lungu’s every ill-gotten dollar & property in Lusaka, Virgin Islands, China, Dubai, Mauritius, Singapore, RSA.

    • Mushota stop making sensless comments. Get a life. No wonder your so called Nick does not want to marry a rogue African woman without princples

    • I am suprised that there are Zambians who see a Priest in Frank Njala Yamunyokola Bwalya. But if you ask me I will tell you, he is the devil’s priest.

    • Fr Bwalya the chicken you sacrificed in Lunshya is still crying out. HH is human and we are tired of your ranting Mr preacher. Soon everyone will be held accountable

    • Frank Bwalya, Frank Bwalya, Oh Frank Bwalya! No situation is permanent and this applies across the board! Someday everybody becomes a fool and there are no exceptions! I feel sad that most of the comments are not of intelligent discourse exposing what Zambians, on average, generally are in their views. The police are known to apply law selectively depending where one falls in their spectrum of categorization however police behavior against citizens leaves much to be desired and if anything they in their actions have been good at widening the rift of trust and should the nation experience elevated anarchy the police will have themselves to blame and must be ready to accept the failure! Zambia is fast degenerating into a state of abominable cruelty!

    • If this is not a political arrest, then why is a politician issuing this statement? Or is it just a case of people not knowing their boundaries?

    • This is a truly Christian nation! Today our Lord Jesus went to meet his disciples with holes in his hands after arising from the dead.

      Yet today our “Priests” Father Bwalya & Joshua Banda have been busy promoting their real god, lungu for 30 pieces of silver.

      I suggest we re-declare it from Christian Nation to Hypocrite Nation.

    • Ba Frank Bwalya mwali abapatili pakubala.Do you believe in lies or?You want to applause abantu mufibi?Remember your God and the love of him(God)you had b4 joined amapolitikisi.GOD BE WITH YOU ba Bwalya until mukeluke nokumona ifilechitika muchalo cesu.

  1. Terrible and all other PF thugs you blog on all topics but you still have not answered about the case against the presidential political advisor KAIZER ZULU who digraced his alleged oresident and zambia with his abnoxious behaviour at an international sporting event televised worldwide. What js the current status with this man who has previously caaried a gun an discharged it in a public place. You said in another blog guns are for killing. So ZULU carrying a gun ks, by your definition a killer?
    Pf propogandists can you confirm or deny that Mumbi Phiri has ambitions to be the first female president of zambia with amos chanda as her running mate. Have asked b4 but still no answer. Are you checking or is kambwilli the front runner?

    • These nuisance P.F Cadres have NEVER answered -Why Blockhead Max Chongo is free, despite attacking a Citizen with Fire arms (aggravated robbery) Non bailable offence?
      -Why Samuel Chavula miraculously disappeared from the face of this Planet, after being found in the E.C.Z server room?
      -Why P.F officials have NOT returned Taxpayers cash their Clueless Chagwa advised them to unlawfully siphon.
      -Why (Chimp)yongo has Never been brought to book, but instead got promoted after 2 incidents of attempting to bring down Helicopters?
      -Why Chakolwa had his Lawyers licence revoked?

    • This will teach children including those sired by HH that
      1. Don’t insult the President. its an offence
      2. Don’t block a presidential motorcade
      3. Don’t masquerade as a President
      NEZ what is your take on these crimes committed by your criminal leader

    • Cont;
      -Why Disaster Kambwili’s Corruption case has gone cold.
      -Why Chakolwa NEVER stepped down,& handed the Presidency to the Speaker as stipulated by Zambian Law. By the way Chakolwa should as a Lawyer lead by example.
      Go on Cadres, answers please!!

  2. So you went to HH’s house without a warrant for his arrest and expected him to come out just because Lungu has demanded for his arrest. How do you use tear gas on a private property where you know kids live and other uninvolved zambians work? Bwalya you are a useless dogs backside. Your mother should have swallowed you and not opened her legs for you! It does not surprise me because you are a childless impotent father who does not understand the implications of such behaviour on the mental and physical well being of minors. ****** we! you and lungu can go an phuck yourselves and I hope lungu loses his kids this year

    • How do you know there was no search warrant? HH has been looking for this, as he was hoping that following his arrest the country would go up in flames. Nothing of that sort has happened. With the evidence we have hh will soon be convicted of treason and that will be the end of hh

  3. Father Bwalya. That was total heavy handedness of the police. Why didnt they summon HH via a call out as they have always done? You have said it yourself that HH has always coperated with the police whenever called. The difference here is that, this time they did not call him; rather a whole posey went after him in the night with the intention of harming him. I suggest you go back to the pulpit because right now, you have lost your innocence and have something of the night about you on your face.

    • That is the problem with PF , they think everybody is as thick as their kaponyas.. ……

      so FB why did you not summon HH ???

  4. As an ’employer’, you should hire people who are smarter than you. ECL did you follow this simple rule of thumb? I volunteer to objectively advise you. I’m serious, I can help by objectively advising you on issues that are vital to our country for free.

    • Talk is cheap, HH will learn to walk the talk. If UPND apologise, HH can spend a night with his family. But the arrogance of Kakoma will make man suffer.

  5. Bwalya, Bwalya, Bwalya for a few ngwees, you have sold your soul. If you truly were a ‘Father’ you know that to whom much is given, much is required. You obviously have become the judge and have found HH guilty, remember it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. As he stays his hand of judgement, you Frank and company continue to mock his name because soon and very soon all of you will be in some church pretending to be humble and christians. You will dance pelete one of these days

  6. Who is Frank to speak on behalf of the Police? The chap is PF spokesperson and not govt nor is he Police PRO. PF should distinguish between the party and govt…

    • owizo; very right; this Frank Bwalya is just a party vuvuzela; for sure PF is run by party cadres with their chief vuvuzela the PF slut; Mumbi

  7. So this dude is now also a Police Spokesman? How does he start to explain the tactics of the Police and how is privy to police decisions? When people say this is a political persecution, they will start denying and yet he is here telling the entire world he actually knows the decisions that the police were making.

    He’s contradicting himself when he says HH has always cooperated with police in prior arrests. So then what made the police think he wouldn’t cooperate this time by going to his house at night, armed to the teeth with no judge issues arrest warranty? Why didn’t they just summon him?

    Ridiculous… the more these dudes try to explain themselves, the sillier they look. Why couldn’t the just shut their mouth and pretend it is the work of the not-so-independent police?

  8. Since when did backsliden father bwalwa become a police spokesperson the whole thing stinks of malice from the people whole are full of evil in their heart. so after the mission catch or harm HH the police went to report to pf cadres or were they among the police? Ba Bwalya God who you rejected like Jonnah is watching you and the hottest part of hell is awaiting you unless you repent

  9. Ba pf has never accepted to be wrong. They are ever right even when there are wrong. I don’t understand these kind of people with so much hatred of their own brother. We are all Zambians despite coming from different Provinces. Why kill your own Country man just because of Politics? Who is going to live forever in this world. We should learn from others, like Gaddaffi, Saddam Hussain, Idi Amin the list goes on. No one is greater than God. You can be mistreating someone not knowing that you can die the same day. This life is a borrowed life it belongs to God.

  10. Every stup.id person opens his or her mouth about what the police are doing and it means HH is politically persecuted, it is a planned inhuman treatment to him. You monkeys fu.uk mums, malepe a banyoko

  11. Judas sold Jesus Christ for 30 pieces of silver.this Frank Bwalya is no different. Don’t worry people of God, God himself will sort Lungu, Bwalya and Kanganja and their fellow minions.

  12. what amuses me is the church is quiet, when something wrong is happening on there door step. lets not call Zambia a christian nation.

  13. Animal kingdom, wild animal type of behaviour. How do you expect a person whom you have ambushed in the night to come out? The man was scared for his life. So don’t start justifying the unjustifiable. You are embarrassing us PF members who are civilised. Issue a call out and let the man come during working hours. Not vaupuba ivi, the man has never ever resisted to go to the Police station each time he is summoned

  14. Police should only use teargas to maintain law and order if anyones life is at risk. Abusing police powers any how is a sign of incompetence. They could have used ordinary force to break the door down. Take the issue to the hague this is utter abuse and heavy handedness. At night? 500 officers abuse to its extreme. Those officers could have been better used maintaining law and order in the streets and compounds. As far as i am aware you can only obstruct traffic if you are driving. How could he be guilty if he was not driving.

  15. Am sure Upnd cadres are laughing at hh because they ‘ve breathed teargas and know exactly how it deals with you. It’s like those was the first time hh has breahed teargas. Hope he will now be heeding to police commands when they cancel his public meetings.

  16. HH was never on the run and has always responded to police summons. There is no legal justification for the actions that took place. Frank Bwalya, you one civilised 1d10t who will suffer in the near future for following and promoting anarchy. Number your days with wisdom!

  17. And this is a former CATHOLIC CHURCH Father…he sees nothing wrong in discharging a teargas canister in an enclosed space on and individual who is in the presence of his family….yet these are the first ones in the queue when they hear its time for prayers!!

    • Summons for treason? Which part of the world do you come from? He will have to be brought to court in chains.


    • You f..l, your Priest has rightly stated that HH has always appeared at the Police station whenever he has been summoned.What was different this time?

  19. Shut up father Bwalya! You useless cadre you failed as a father and you failed to manage your own political party. Days are numbered for Pf and president Edgar lungu!

  20. Why is Mr. Frank Bwalya explaining on behalf of police? We Zambians can at times be so blind and dumb by not seeing through this. Police is not PF and I guess the Ministry of Home Affairs should be explaining this instead of Frank Bwalya. Whether HH was wrong or innocent, PF should keep quiet. Anyway it was clear PF pressure forced police to act. PF threatened to substitute police in protecting Edigar after the Mongu incident and that’s when Police went forcefully without an arrest warrant to pick HH. I do not support either HH or Edigar but am a patriotic Zambian.

    • you are in minority in parliament, remember?? You only have 58 mps who are about to be disciplined by the speaker for absconding the head of state’s address of parliament. You don’t have the numbers to impeach a head of state!! While hh is in prison, your mps might not even be allowed to attend parliament because of their brainless actions!!!!!!

  21. Zambians we are so dull and the level of mediocrity I see in the comments explains why as a country we will never develop and our people will continue to suffer. Wake up guys stop being dumb and stand up for our country. Have some of you even noticed that the PF keep releasing statements about HH’s arrest like they are the police public relations and yet they claim they had nothing to do with it lol.

  22. This Chisenga guy must be the dullest human on the planet. He says because HH never responded to sirens in Mongu a man Chisenga knows was not even in charge of a motor vehicle and Chisenga says HH was not going to respond to a call out. Surely how many times has HH refused to respond to call outs. Be civilised for once, that action was unnecessary


    • The real fact is that Lungu is now proving beyond ALL REASONABLE DOUBT to Zambians and the world is that he is NOT the LEGITIMATE PRESIDENT!

      A REAL President would have immediately suspended all those police involved in this nonsense at HH house and started an investigation into their unprofessional conduct.

      By not doing this, it is very clear to anyone with a brain that Lungu himself ORDERED these thugs to behave like animals, steal whatever they could, hurt innocent women and children in the middle of the night.

      Is this how a “president” behaves? Is this how the one supposed to be the Commander in chief of the police acts? What “LAW” is this? Lungu is just a lying thieving HYPOCRITE!

  23. They should have squeezed his balls with malaiti. I am tired of this satanist. He even left the poor workers and ran into the banker. HH committed a crime in Mongu.

  24. Tear gas is a chemical weapon and chemical weapons are prohibited.Where’s Trump to now fire some tomahawk missiles to the Lungu regime?

  25. These fake politicians, let’s ensure that we prosecute them when they are no longer in government. As for the Police, the IG should be meant to answer for this. one day.

  26. why is it that a PF official who is not in any arm of government, commenting on a Police operation.
    let the police spokesperson explain what happened and we ask her questions.

    • Maybe he was one of those coward masked men, who didn’t want to be recognized, when they have been crying for recognition since August 2016.

      How do you cry for recognition when you go to HH’s house you put your mask on.

  27. who is the police spokesperson kanshi ?isnt the father a political operative ?why is he speaking with a lot of authority on the matter?

  28. Father Bwalya the scavenger called Sata Chumbu mushololwa. Now he is in PF and a star in PF.Kambwili said those who stop priesthood go mad, this guy appears normal though but maybe because he was a fake pastor, most people in PF don’t like him. They call him an opportunist but as with all opportunists they say things to advance their own agenda and usually there is no objectivity in what they say, they say to please somebody

  29. People should learn to analyse things with Wisdom even if u support PF,was there any need of sending 600 police officers at night?just that who ever thinks well will condem that.We leave everything to God to judge.

  30. Only the mind of terrorists uses people as shield.

    It follows that they care less about people but themselves.

    If you genuinely love you family, surely it would be unthinkable to use them as human shield.

    To risk your family and hide in the house, as narrated by the wife, when you have committed a serious offense such as hh did which he even knew was a serious offense, is shocking.

    And if he thought he did not commit the said offense, why did he hid in the house risking his family?

    It is a very socking approach to life.

    • @Peace for Zambia mother fcker:
      You think with your An.us you lump of SH.IT! How can a normal person say that no.nsense…you pigheaded pri.k.

    • @No peace for Zambia.

      I am coming to your house.in the middle of the night. With hundreds of men in masks with guns.

      What you going to do?

      You will be Shi.ting in your pants even before I have broken down the door! Pissing in them too while you are trying to hide under the carpet like the rat you are@

  31. And Lungu see nothing wrong by his police raiding a mere home with teargas? FBI should be sent and take Lungu to ICJ to face crime against humanity for abusing his authority in that land called Zambia.

  32. On whose behalf is Frank Bwalya speaking? Is it on his on behalf, on the behalf of Pf, on behalf of the police, or on behalf of the govt? Was he part of those who went to arrest HH? Is he a police spokes person to venture into issues that only the police are given the mandate to highlight.
    You thot ruling is about talking….. everything today is things fall apart.

    • Yes tell your HH, he thought there would be an uprising in Zambia if he was ever arrested. Tell him, that GBM aka fat Abert is prepared to become state witness in hh’s treason trial case. Mambala aza nya oil.

  33. I cant see anything exciting for these PF thugs go continue ululating for the brutal and thuggery conduct on HH!

  34. Bwalya you are another candidate. Not sure if we can trial gay people though. Please keep yourslef well. Jail is coming for you. There was no justification for that police action. Nothing at all. Maybe lets send police to your house and let them teargas you in your house without a permit.

  35. The folly of all this burning of things is that HH himself if ever he wins elections next time, the pressure will be on him to rebuild whatever his thugs will have destroyed. Suffice to say that the PF need to think very carefully what they do to this man (HH). He has lost all elections five or six times so he can drag anybody in the mud with him. There is no more shame on him what you see is just keeping appearances. PF needs real think tanks, not to drag this man into the lime light. Ignore him as much as you can. The police should have planned the Mongu issue a bit better may be!!. Because this man (HH) is already undressed so all he is doing is to undress whoever he can reach and that is a typical behaviour of a disgruntled human being. In doing that he is stealing the sympathy of…

  36. … In doing that he is stealing the sympathy of other people. Be firm but think before you touch him, he is already disgraced!!! and perhaps more confused by the loss he has suffered several times. He still has to feed his ego. He has also learnt from other politicians who have gone before him. The big question , however, is whether or not this will work for him as it did with others who have gone before him??

  37. I wish Miles Sampa had won PF convention elections in 2015.

    This time we would have been talking about constructive policies to address dead economy, high unemployment, not talking about killing your political opponent over a traffic offence.

  38. Fr. Bwalya, you are an *****. Are police spokesman? ****** wee. Who are you trying to lecture? We are as ***** and dull as you are. You Childress person. Chumbu mushololwa. Tell your president
    That he is not a Christian, and do no cheat people that Zambia is a Christian country.
    Nako kamushota, just shut your beak. Don’t defend the the useless PF, now that you have become one. *****.

  39. When the devil has got you, he has got you. look at how fatherless walya has transformed to become vodka rungu’s agent.

    What a shame to the catholic church.

    Remember photos of Pope with Adolf Hitler. Or catholic nuns at ICJ being tried for their role in Rwanda & burundi genocide. Any drop of blood that gets spilled will be on Fr. Bwalya’s hands.

  40. PF is busy fighting opponents when the people are suffering. Go to Zambia and see for yourself. Infrastructure is dead. In Lusaka, drainage system is long gone and rainy season is always flooding. Cry my beloved country and yet people like Lungu are consolidating on power with little service to the masses. Only that Zambians are resilient. Money is only in a few connected guys to government.

  41. Why did they switch off the lights.
    Why tear gas in the dark?
    Did they get a permit?
    Did they summon and he refused?
    Bwalya ulimbwa sana. Period

  42. PF is not ZPS so Frank Bwalya should leave ZPS to speak for itself. PF Officials are defending the Raid becoz it was Lungu who directed the Raid thru the Notorious Kaizer Zulu. The purpose of the Raid was to poison HH or kill him and then blame on HH. They switched off Power to ensure that the operation was done in darkness and the likes of Kaiser Zulu wore Police Uniforms and masks to disguise themselves.Had it not been for Mutinta who blocked her husband not to come out of the Bunker HH certainly would have been short dead by these PF Criminals. Thanks to Mutinta for saving our Hero. Lungu’s aim is to silence the Opposition, kill the Petition and force the Petitioners to recognize him as a Legitimate President without Hearing the Petition. This wont happen and Lungu will remain…

  43. I wonder why upnd cadres are still making noise on this dead issue.HH is simply a suspect and very innocent.so as advised by the state,let us just allow the law to take its course.upnd has great love for courts,therefore here is another chance for you in upnd to start attending HH’s trials in court until this matter shall come to a conclusion.TAKE NOTE,THE POLICE CAN ARREST A TREASON SUSPECT ANYTIME USING ANY POSSIBLE MEANS AS IT IS A VERY SERIOUS OFFENCE CARRYING A DEATH SENTENCE JUDGEMENT!!!

    • @jimbu your comment is a no brainer. My 1 year old child says they are making noise in response to Frank Bwalya’s article. Just as you are.commenting on their “noise.” People could we be at least a bit little intelligent. Just a little bit and most of this noise would go away.

  44. As I have always said; Zambia the mediocre country! To be sacarstic for once; who remembers how anyone who was ever called “mwana wamunsaga, umwana wamumpanga” would always behave? Check the behaviour of the author of this article, u will connect that dot & not get surprised.

    • @jimbu your comment is a no brainer. My 1 year old child says they are making noise in response to Frank Bwalya’s article. Just as you are.commenting on their “noise.” People could we be at least be a little bit intelligent. Just a little bit and most of this noise would go away.

  45. UPND, should concentrate on a convention for new leadership. Why would you break the law with impunity then ‘mock protest,’ that your leader has been arrested. But it’s precisely what you planed as a way to destabilise Zambia.

  46. Where is the Zambia Police spokesperson for Frank Bwalya and Sunday Chanda to be commenting police matters. This is absurd

  47. If you see armed and masked “policemen in the night asking you to come out of your house, you would be a fool to open the door.

    Any masked ‘police officer’ is just a thug committing a crime.

  48. we are were we are because of unresolved election disputes. The truth will one day come out because those hiding it have a troubled concious which cannot be suppressed for long. Our God is also a winess to that truth so that makes two. Thirdly once blood is spilled, the blood of the slain also become witnesses to that truth. Eg To Cain God said the blood of your bro is crying out, Judas broght back the 30 pieces of silver and said I have betrayed innocent blood. So i appeal to all those who truelly know what happened to bring it out and help save the situation and that truth will surely deliver you.

  49. UPNDonkeys and now add their little witches posing as chiefs, will never cease to amaze. Yes HH has been arrested before, many times before for not so serious breaches of the law. On those occassions the police you call unprofessional arrested him by call out. And even allowed him to come in his own requested time. THIS WAS DIFFERENT, IT WAS A CASE OF SUSPECTED TREASON you donkeys, you dont warn a treason suspect because he may run away or prepare himself militarily to kill you. We dont send our men and women in uniform to die when we reasonably suspect armed resistance. We arm them appropriately. Remember that they are father and mothers and sons and daughters of other people. TEARGAS WAS REASONABLE FORCE!
    You tell me how the dangerous terrorist Osama bin Laden was “arrested”, did the…

  50. Father Bwamba, each time he opens his mouth only rubbish comes out. The biggest problem we currently have in Zambia is Lungu concentrating on sorting out the opposition instead of the economy.

  51. Is there sanity in this country? In what context is Bwalya issuing a policing statement. I thought he was in the realm of politics! Ok, does this mean that HH was arrested by PF on political grounds? This is a great country with these great leaders.

  52. Duno why should the President suspend / fire the police when he was with them in Mongu and had first-hand information about what happened? He saw everything happened

  53. NEZ – who is the complainant for KAIZER ZULU to be arrested? Did he assort any one? If so why is that person not taken Kaizer to the police. just stick to the case at hand not ukusabaila pafintu ifya pita kale.

  54. This Prsident of Namwala District is not above the law. He held the country at ransom and continue to disregard the law with an elected President in charge of a nation.

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