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HH’s co-accused were tortured on their private parts and pepper sprayed in their mouths whilst in detention-Lawyers


Hakainde Hichilema as he was being transported to Chimbokaila Correctional Centre
Hakainde Hichilema as he was being transported to Chimbokaila Correctional Centre

The Lusaka Magistrate Court on Tuesday heard how five other people accused alongside UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema of treason were tortured whilst in detention at Lilayi Police College.

And the Prosecutions team has made slight changes to the treason charge slapped on Mr Hichilema and five others by alleging that Mr Hichilema and five others to overthrow the government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu on unknown dates but between 12th October 2016 and 12th April 2017.

Meanwhile, Mr Hichilema and his co-accused have been moved from Lilayi Police Training College to Lusaka Correctional Facility after Lusaka Magistrate Greenwell Malumani ruled that the accused are no longer property of the Zambia Police since they have appeared in court.

And Mr Hichilema who appeared for mention and explanation of the charge looked relaxed and composed and smiled at his supporters told the court that he fully understood the charges slapped on him.
He also the Court that he was attacked like a common prisoner for 15 Hours with his family.

Mr. Hichilema is jointly accused with five others, who include Hamusonde Hamuleka, Muleya Hachinda, Laston Mulilanduba, Pretorius Haloba and Wallace Chakawa for Treason, disobeying lawful instructions and insulting language.

The defence team comprising Vincent Malambo, S.C, Nelly Mutti, Hon. Jack Mwiimbu, Laston Mwana, Martha Mushipe, Chad Muleza, a Dr Mbushi and Keith Mweemba pleaded with the court that Mr Hichilema be allowed access to visitations from family, lawyers and a family doctor.

Hon. Jack Mwiimbu informed the court that those accused besides Mr Hichilema were severely tortured even on their private parts.

He said the accused were forced to open their mouths and pepper sprayed causing unimaginable pain.

Hakainde Hichilema gestures the UPND symbol in the dock
Hakainde Hichilema gestures the UPND symbol in the dock

And Mr. Malambo told the court that Mr. Hichilema was denied access to meet his Lawyers, his friends, his supporters and Doctors further demanding that the State disclose a purported stranger who visited Hichilema in the night on pretext that he was a pastor.

“Your Honour we ask for a forensic investigation as to who this Pastor was and how he was allowed to have access to the accused when the visitors that matter to him like Lawyers, Doctors, friends and family were being blocked?” Mr. Malambo asked.

Mr Malambo also pleaded that the accused should be allowed reading materials and that as a matter of law and humanity, punishment should only be effected after conviction.

He said the lawyers were not allowed in the last two days of Mr Hichilema’s detention at Lilayi and that before that, each lawyer was only given 20 minutes which he said was not enough time.
He said after speaking to the Inspector General of Police, health personnel were sent to him but not a Doctor urging that the Court must intervene to allow his doctor to assess his health.
Mr Malambo demanded that the family doctor examines him especially considering the amount of teargas Mr Hichilema suffered.

He said not even under a one party state which he said were difficult years were for political prisoners treated like this one in decent times.

“He was attacked at his place of residence at night. He was not a danger to police. Teargas was discharged in the room he was with family,” he told the court.

“HH was actually apprehended on 11th April without warrant. The manner of his arrest should cause concern to this court,” Mr. Malambo said.

And another defence lawyer Keith Mweemba also submitted that its unconstitutional for the accused to be incarcerated whilst waiting for charge sheet from the Director of Public Prosecutions Chambers.

Mr Mweemba said the court has jurisdiction to separate the charges so that the accused is not denied speedy justice.

The prosecution submitted that they would like for the matters to be referred to the High Court and a request was also made for the prosecution to give guidance on how to proceed in light of the Treason charge not triable by the Subordinate court.

But Magistrate Malumani quizzed the prosecutions as to what their intention was by combining a felon and a misdemeanour for it to be treason.

In Count One which is Treason, it is alleged that Mr Hichilema and others on unknown dates but between 12th October and 12th April prepared to overthrow the government of President Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

As the Magistrate was reading out the charge on treason, the court room broke into loud mummers.

In Count Two which is on Disobedience of lawful orders, it is alleged that on 8th April 2017 in Western Province, Mr Hichilema disobeyed an order of command that was duly made while in Count Three which is on the Use of insulting language, it is alleged that Mr. Hichilema on 11th April used offensive language towards police officers.

Among the people that were present in court are his wife, Mutinta Hichilema, Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) leader Dr Nevers Mumba, Alliance for Democracy and Development leader Charles Milupi, People’s party President Mike Mulongoti, UPND Members of Parliament and other party officials.

In passing ruling, Magistrate Malumani said the accused was entitled to medical facilities and services as this was a human right.

“I therefore, grant the accused rights to medical services and in case the accused has no personal doctors the state will provide,” he said.

He said the accused person has a right to seek legal representation and access to his lawyers any time he deems fit further stating granting visitation to his wife, children and five other family members whose names must be submitted to the authority.

Magistrate Malumani directed that Hichilema to be transferred to Chimbokaila from Lilayi police camp.

“Since the accused person appeared in court, is no longer a property of the Police as such can never be held from any other cell apart from the Lusaka correctional facility. He should be given access to all necessary things like mattress, food, water, and blanket and any other the accused may need,” he said.

The Magistrate however said state agencies were justified to limit the numbers of people to visit the accused for security reasons.

Mr. Hichilema’s lawyers also raised preliminary matters seeking the court to separate the charges slapped on him.

They told the court that the prosecution should be made to separate the charges as according to them, felony and misdemeanours case had been mixed.

The lawyers contended that Mr. Hichilema would be afforded a speedy trial if the charges were separated.

Magistrate Malumani also directed that Mr Hichilema must be allowed access and visitation by his spouse, children and five other family members.

He also directed that Mr Hichilema must be allowed to interact with his lawyers for at least an hour and not 20 minutes.

The Magistrate also directed that the State should allow Mr Hichilema access to personal medical service from a medical doctor of his choice.

Magistrate Malumani directed that all his rulings be adhered to.

He adjourned the matter to Wednesday, April 19 2017 and proceedings will be held in the morning in Court 12.

Meanwhile, the Lusaka High Court dismissed the application by UPND lawyers compelling the State to present party president Hakainde Hichilema to court following his detention last week.

In a ruling delivered on Tuesday, High Court Judge Gertrude Chawatama said she agreed with the submission of the Attorney General that it is the role of the trial court to establish the validity or otherwise of the charges and the trial court would enquire into the same.

She said the court was of the view that the proper authority at this stage to receive meaningful representations.

“Habeas corpus proceedings are not designed to forestall criminal proceedings. Habeas corpus cannot be used as remedy an internment that is allowed by law. This is not a fit and proper case for a writ to issue,” she said.

Hakainde Hichilema in court
Hakainde Hichilema in court


    • Last picture HH looks like the schizophrenic he is. I would like to say the judge was fair but HH has already been fixed. He looks totally broken, soulless!
      In HH’s warped mind, he thought Zambians will be demonstrating enmasse calling for his release! Serves him right for listening to GBM shinga butter!

    • Hh and his gang of insultants have themselves to blame. Those swinging monkeys hanging on his car pretending they are security were met with real security forces. If you want your husband to disclose were he spent his salary simply grab his balls. Malambo that was normal for police to do and they have done in past and they will continue doing it.

    • I do not support treason but this case is what my grand pa would say WASHAOUT. This charge is going no where as there is no evidence HH tried to overthrow Mr Lungu. Watch this space and yes I am a common citizen and not a lawyer. (2) Yes HH was or could have been in the convoy but there is not really evidence HH was on the the convoy as per the video. So ni WASHAOUT chabe. Making HH popular again continue doing good work ba PF.

    • It’s not like, by torturing them ‘there’ it will deprive them having children. They had already had children. The tortures are synonymous with the crime being carried here.

      I see nothing wrong at all.

      You and I would hate to have a weak police force wouldn’t we ?



    • Sounds gayish. If you can touch amapuli (balls) of somebody else when you are neither a doctor nor a woman then clearly uli ndoshi or gay(homosexual)

    • Waste of time and money by Lungu and his friends, this case is going nowhere. The state will pay HH huge sums of money on this stu.pidi.ty

    • Mushota

      You are a sexually starved woman. Try a black man. It seems that white man is not carrying out his bedroom duties.

    • This is funny. The illegal president is torturing the legal President. Sorry ba President. Everything is Tonga, Tonga chiefs are crying, those accused with HH are tongas and the lawyers fighting for HH are tongas. Ikali. Welcome to the TONGA LAND

    • Was the magistrate doing him a favour by transefering him to Chimbokaila? Liyali Police detention is a much better holding facility compared to Chimbokaila. Anyway I believe the Lawyers asked for that transfer. HH’s Lawyers don’t know their heads from their behinds and have misled their client on too many occassions but this Human Hyena (HH) cretin is also a daft chap to be blindly following them- Chimbokaila is Zambia’s worst prison! If HH can survive 6 months in Chimbokaila he will have my respect!

    • Was the magistrate doing him a favour by transefering him to Chimbokaila? Liyali Police detention is a much better holding facility compared to Chimbokaila. Anyway I believe the Lawyers asked for that transfer. HH’s Lawyers don’t know their heads from their behinds and have misled their client on too many occassions but this Human Hyena cretin is also a daft chap to be blindly following them- Chimbokaila is Zambia’s worst prison! If HH can survive 6 months in Chimbokaila he will have my respect!

    • The st.upidity of PF cadres has reached alarming levels. The courts will expose your du.llness.

    • “Count Three which is on the Use of insulting language, it is alleged that Mr. Hichilema on 11th April used offensive language towards police officers.” Please what insulting language was used against police cadres. The courts normally requires exhibit to analyze the extent of an occurrence from the accused person. I can tell you one thing My president ECL on this one has dented his image. If I were his advisor I wouldnt have arrested HH in that manner because just the way he was arrested it leaves so many questions unanswered. In fact the international community has lebelled Zambia having a dictatorship regime. People who didnt know HH the whole world is searching to find out and thats not good.

    • Defence lawyers, if the police dont touch on sensitive parts of the potential convicts how do you expect them to release sensitive information? The police is right and it is just the beginning of the whole drama.

    • To All PF id1ots.

      PF minions are exactly the stupid id1ots KK was afraid would take over the country and ruin it through lawlessness and thuggery.

      PF id10ts do not even understand simple words like insulting. Some PF dull chaps are insinuating HH wanted to overthrow the government. If that was the case why is he spending a lot of money on fighting for the right to be heard in the high court instead of buying arms with that money?

      Its like all PF sympathisers go to the toilet to sh1t brains and carry sh1t in their heads. How preposterous!

      HH has not insulted any one but merely poked fun at the brutal PF regime for being clueless.This is absolutely true. The problem with PF miscreants is that they belong to dark ages when one had to respected by virtue of being in position of…

    • HH has not insulted any one but merely poked fun at the brutal PF regime for being clueless.This is absolutely true. The problem with PF miscreants is that they belong to dark ages when one had to respected by virtue of being in position of authority without earning the respect.

      Even in them dark ages it can be argued that, when elderly man was caught stealing like what Lungu and his stooges are doing, they lost respect because of their conduct. Respect has to be earned not by force.

      All the mess Lungu is creating is damaging Zambia ‘s reputation as a peaceful country. Does he really deserve any shred of respect? I say NO. Only mad people with shrunk brains should respect the heartless torturer and killer.

      Let people like Mushota and all other PF sympathisers with shrunk brains…

    • Let people like Mushota and all other PF sympathisers with shrunk brains continue to respect this mistake of a president in the name of Chagwa Lungu. Azagwa mange mange no gwelatu for for ever. What ever toxic stuff they used on HH will also kill them dogs.

      Issuing opposing views does not amount to insulting. But it amounts to holding those abusing the public trust to account.

      PF and minions will surely pay for these barbaric acts of torture against the detained UPND supporters on fake charges.

      Sorry for strong language I am really pissed off with the lungu regime.


    • KIKIKI ZP aliko bad, pepper spray in the mouth sure! I hope they have kids already because those privates are done for. Yaba, I hope its that guy in the motorcade video who was disrespecting ELC.

      New UPND slogan, Pepper spray makes you disclose bunker location.

    • @Musonda Kateule

      All those defending the state are Easterners. How interesting but not a good thing to be proud of. Infact its dangerous. Its the East vs South. All Tonga prosecutors have been hounded out by Lungu. Not the tonga ‘s fault here.
      The country needs a leader like HH to bring the country together.

  1. I hope they can prove these torture allegations?? These lawyers seem to always concentrate in unnecessary preliminaries??

  2. The habeas corpus has collapsed. The first donkey trick to fail miserably and first sign of an incompetent defence team. Not surprised at the amendment of the treason charge too, UPNDonkeys and their lawyers think that prosevutors are fools. No they may more information than donkeys could imagine. This guy has done a lot if things since he lost the elections and he dropped his guard because no one would touch him.
    I am very impressed with the prosecution team, keep it up!

  3. Shameful act of desperation by the incompetent criminals pretending to be law enforcers. Torture in 21st Century in a Christian Nation? Shame!!!

    • Exactly my thoughts! This is becoming more interesting maybe the state might have intelligent information not yet in public domain. How else can the they date the case from 12 October 2017? The other issue is why was HH hidding in a locker in his home for more than 14 hours if he knew he was totally clean? You can’t tell me from 21 hours to 11 hours the following day day HH did not know what the police wanted from him. Again, such police presence and display which have never happened before in the past fifteen times that HH has been arrested also suggest something bigger. I suspect there could be more than what meets the eye in this all fiasco; Let us wait and see, as Liwewe would put it.

  4. Our country is being misruled by a despotic -Edgar Lungu- Yoweri Museveni of Zambia who only cites the laws when they suit him.

  5. As for torture, kaya mwe. These donkeys are nufi sana, you will see that preliminaries will take up the rest of this year whike tgey are trying to second guess the prosecution. The prosevutors will lead while tge donkeys just react follow and adjourn.
    On the other hand the end justifies the means. But at least his b.alls were not touched.

  6. I want to earn these retards. Nez @jayjay @chilyanta skeleton wanzele. Remember there was a retard by the name of Jane/Hilda mulenga who busy insulting like you do until the intelligence visited her/him. She is serving her 10years sentence. Don’t think a key board is best place for hiding. You will be picked without warning.

    • @wanka if we follow all records and read through the archives even before some of you baby bloggers appeared on this site there were a handful of pro PF bloggers such as Saulosi, Kudos, nubian princess, yamba, snrcitizen, myself and others – we never insulted – all insults and death wishes started with pro UPND bloggers such as wanzelu, wantanshi, ndobo, dudelove and others (mushota has always been a joker) then we started having you new united dunderhead baby bloggers- the archives do not lie just go through all archives starting 5 years ago and you’ll see! Especially when Sata was ill all UPND bloggers celebrated and wished death with your usual sick insults! Who called someone a CNP (chimbwenoplan)first? It was HH! So we return fire with fire but still most of us have never wished…

    • HH great reminder. I remember her. That is why you never insult the head of state.

      Big brothers are watching.



    • Ctn…Stilll most of us have never wished death or civil war on this forum unlike the majority of UPND )United Party for National Destruction commentators who are so dull not to realise that HH and the rest of his crew do not care for any of you chaps – just for a second think if he did wouldn’t he at least take better care of his own workers who are 95 percent of his own tribe? PF is not a perfect party but they are much better as at least they don’t follow like headless chickens and at least in PF you have opposing points of view! Unlike UPND that are run like a company!

    • Which court was she tried in and which prison are you holding her in, enlighten us more mr hh oval head, are you running secret dark dungeons somewhere?

    • @7.2 blind 2020vision

      Your PF party is a party of thievies being let by MMD. talk of insults and celebrating satas death the same MIND siliya and RB who now lead you were at the forefront. Now they lead PF.

      PF is clueless full of criminals like Kaizer zulu and Davis mwila. Only MMD is helping to bring some sanity to the stealing.

    • Blind 2020vision

      Apart from PF being clueless and being led by the same MMD people who insulted sata, you mentioned Nubian princes. Well this is a lesson you women who want to drop all your woman morals and insult.

      Nubian princess was insulting HH and drew unpalatable insults to her self , she even had her Facebook page unmasked. Now it seems she has deservedly taken cover…

      Same with mumbi phiri who tried insulting GBM and had her urinating on bed revealed to all.

      Only siliti siliya who used to insult sata and PF nonstop. Only lungu realises PF are full of thieves waiting to loot that he had to bring in some MMD.

    • Bufi thats not true Jane is still blogging and what makes her insults so special when almost all of you bloggers insult? KIKIKIKI ilyshi lya mukachasu!

    • To PF minions.

      Thank you very much. Message delivered successfully. I wish you all the best the PF police you whose actions you supporting visit you and ask for a bribe from. When you refuse, they will beat you up and say you were insulting the president. Do you honestly you will win the case under Lungu? Zero chance.

      Ask Tayali and Kambwili who have experienced first hand PF brutality after spending almost ten years shouting from the roof defending PF.

      Saulosi and others are quiet because their jobs in foreign missions are at stake or have already been recalled.

  7. Lawyer’s are getting fat and will drive 2017 models , it’s lawyer’s time , they like adjournments coz they benefit more . To them as long as you have the bucks they want the case to go for decades . See how to get rich quickly in any sociaty

  8. Was the kuomboka from 12 October 2016 to April 2017? Backdating the treason issue to October 2016 is clear sign that the set up was planned from way back in 2016.

    • Done deal. HH said plenty of in Oct 2016,,,,,Bamufwata chi.kala. He and his tonga lawyers should tell the court in their evidence that Ecl is not president but HH….

    • Quote of the day
      JUDGE : ” What was your intention when you combined a felony (treason) and a Misdemeanour?”
      PROSECUTOR : I need more time I seek for adjournment ..
      JUDGE : To tomorrow !!! Meaning today.

  9. Bloggers – all these charges are fake and will not hold. ECL is strategically deviating the attention of the Zambian fools from the economic damage and stealing that himself and his cohorts are doing to mother Zambia.
    The foolish Zambian masses will now focus on HH’s case while ECL, among numerous dubious schemes, continue to loot the nation including withdrawing from ICC and probably getting more loans from China while raising electricity tariffs – next will be water – transport – bunga, etc.
    Zambians, indeed are very interesting people and cursed fools.
    Surely, you can’t see that ECL is just deviating attention from real issues.

  10. Thank you LT, this was very objective reporting which gives the full court proceedings, well done. We look forward to your update after the 9 am reserved ruling by Judge Greenwell.

  11. Torture for what reason? Conversion?
    Why should police torture for conversion when there’s such overwhelming video evidence?
    Why have the opposition not appealed to the President of Turkey for arrest and torture of opponents?

  12. Hatred and even praise for police who are breaking the law.10 years from now they’ll be tried for torture and theft. Some are young no terminal benefits. No government rules forever.ZP has murdered several people including a suspect at Landless Corner Police while under torture. Everyone is in danger,even those praising them,

  13. That is life under dictatorship. If these insecure dogs under pf can be so low as to rear gas children of hh what can stop them from poisoning hh. This is why we have been demanding private medical attention for the Republican president hh. Lungu is as good as dead. We ask pf to now burn state house so that the dead Lungu issues state of emergency.

  14. wwwDOTbloombergDOTcom/news/articles/2017-04-18/zambia-targets-imf-deal-of-as-much-as-1-6-billion-this-month

    PF is a failed Kaloba regime. It’s brought in so much suffering. Now it’s sold us to the IMF.

    Tighten your belts.

    Which is worse? A traffic offence or torture of suspects, squeezing balls & spraying pepper spray in the mouth?

    Christian Nation is very evil nation.

  15. If they let him go free of this charge he will now feel like he is indeed above the law. I am just saying that because if it was me a common citizen i would have been in prison and it would have been past news. This is someone who has openly refused to recognize the President and the government. Can someone please make him understand that his democratic rights have a limit like for everyone else.

  16. The treason charge against HH is not designed to stick…No No No No…to the contrary its concocted to fix HALEYA HALENYA ku Chimbokaila for a long long time till close to 2021….so that he is fixed mentally…well if the State achieves a Conviction then HALEYA HALENYA CHIMBOKAILA ninshi chapwa fye…we told you he is under 5 and did not read that the Motorcade saga was planned to keep him out of the game…DULLARDS!

  17. Zambia Police still using colonial inhumane torture tactics, this in not allowed in modern times, the international court of justice should take note of Kanganja

  18. DPP is having a difficult time pushing it because she is TONGA. Even the judge on this case if he will be Tonga it will be acquittal. Mark my word

  19. @ Pompa Umona,
    Ala mune uleke ukunya amafi all over the show like this! How does fixing HH advance the interests of this country at all? DAon’t you think the same mechanism Lungu is using to fix HH can easily be turned against you in the future? Abena Chipata bebele “Chili panzako lelo mailo chili paiwe”. HH clearly won the last elections and he was cheated of victory through rigging. Now he is being incarcerated for a frevolous treasonable offence punishable by death. Imagine what this can do to a man’s ego and spirit. And for others here they cherish his trials and pain only because he is a Tonga who has the audacity to aspire for president in a country only Bembas and Nyanjas think they have the birth right to aspire for. Anyway, its this forked bigotted way of thinking that will…

  20. I laughed my head off, when did he try to over throw the government. That really childish and waste of resources. I can’t believe it that people support torture.

  21. They don’t torture law abiding citizens like me do they? And they don’t torture the guy that sent you right?

    • That’s what we call self-righteousness, the holier than thou attitude! It was a mistake to declare Zambia Christian. It’s citizens have become unreasonably fanatical! This coupled with the collapsed education system has decimated the number of analytical minds. Animal instincts reign supreme! Sad to see humans operating at the lowest level of intellectual ability. That Study was spot on! Sad!

  22. break this country apart because as the situation stands already, North-Western, Western, most of Central and Southern provinces people do not feel like continuing with a lot who reckon only them have the divine right to rule this country even when they are empty heads like Lungu and Kambwili.

    • Zambia needs to go Federal! See how the folly of centralizing too much power in an individual is working against us! You can’t tell how drunk people will get with state power. When one is in a drunken state, they are unstoppable. Let each province state have a regional governor, with own unique structure. It is clear we can’t have one Zambia. This is the only way of balancing power and putting a stop to the bad contagion from Lusaka! Why should the whole country suffer because of Lusaka?

  23. We were better off as a secular state. Since the declaration, too many religious fanatics committing atrocities in the name of religion! Which investor or tourist would want to risk going to a very unstable country like ours?

  24. So the attention has sucessfully been shifted from hearing the pettion to hearing treason charges..what a clever way of doing can imagine it’s like a cinema hall changing to a movie that was not expected.

    • Attention successfully shifted from Chagwa economic failures! How can a family survive on Kaloba month after month? Aren’t we ashamed as a people to be over 10 billion dollars in debt? How I wish the failing economy was receiving the same attention and zeal. What we are preoccupied with is how to get at each other’s throat instead of getting busy with work like the Chinese do. Our children should inherit a better Zambia but that takes discipline and hard work. Chagwa seems not in control! It seems his subordinates are in charge of sensitive national affairs and that is a very dangerous scenario for our country! The inevitable economic downward spiral is right ahead for those with foresight! It will be the common man to pick the pieces and cost!

  25. Plotting to overthrow Lungu’s government between October 2016 and April 2017 and they were ndwiii…!!!!
    Were they waiting for the bomb to explode? If the prosecution has no case against him, may they please spare us this nonsense!

  26. Plotting to overthrow Lungu’s government between October 2016 and April 2017 and they were ndwiii…!!!!
    Were they waiting for the bomb to explode? If the prosecution has no case against him, may they please spare us this nonsense!

  27. Where the f**k was GBM? I thought the man should be one of the arrested. I feel for hh. anyway whats the way forward for upnd incase its forever leader never made it? Can the southerners allow a northerner to lead them? I feel and believe all people are watching this very closely. GBM do you really think you can be accepted by the southerners to lead them? what is your heart saying? be sincere and follow your heart, otherwise you’re wasting your time following your party blindly.

  28. HH was supposed to be caged with GBM.These chaps thought they were on top of the world and ECL gave them enough rope to hang themselves.Let the Police and courts of law do their work professionally without undue pressure from any body

  29. Eeeeeish…… we are being told that HH and others planned to over-throw the govt.between Oct.2016 and Apr.this year???The question to ask now is WHERE WERE THE SECURITY OPERATIVES ALL THIS TIME,just to bring out such issues after a traffic offence?I think there is need for the president to start getting worried now with these guys.How safe is ECL with this security really???

  30. You social refugees in foreign countries do not mislead us at home. Let the system assess HH.If he is inocent he will be freed

  31. There are lots more charges prosecution can add. HH really pushed the boat out. President Lungu calmly ignored and the state warned UPND time and again in their protests and refusal to acknowledge the will of the people. Now it’s time to understand their folly. It’s not playing out the way they threatened. Because sensible people just want security for their families and selves.

  32. The prosecution should not lose it. HH and his empty tins do not recognise ELC. What do you expect?The can do anything especially with the big drum-GBM.The Tonga introvert has sold all his morals. Makolo bamalesa kusobela na bana osamvela. Its lesson to HH. When you are freed dump GBM


  34. You mean their balls? That’s pretty uncomfortable, I can imagine. I wouldn’t do anything funny for hh, not worth it.

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